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Cool Fire IV Plus Kit

The new White Cool Fire IV Plus Storm Edition was announced to a huge reception with thousands of vapers immediately writing and asking where they could buy these sleek & powerful new kits.

General Details
The new White CF4+ Storm Edition was announced to a huge reception with thousands of vapers immediately writing and asking where they could buy these sleek & powerful new kits.

Packed with 70Watts of precise output that can fire down to 0.1 Ohm and a long lasting real 3300mAh battery, the Cool Fire IV Plus is designed to be the top of the line compact all day vape.

Curved to fit perfectly into your hand, with an ergonomically placed power button, these devices are a true pleasure to vape.

Charge faster! The Cool Fire IV Plus is the first Innokin vaporizer to feature 2amp Quick-Charge when using the included high quality microUSB cable and a certified 2amp power source

The big bright OLED clearly displays all important information so you can easily and accurately set the perfect output to maximize your favorite flavors.

  • 70Watts of Real Vaping Power!
  • Long lasting 3300mAh Battery
  • Big, Bright OLED Screen
  • Beautiful Case with a durable finish
  • Large Ergonomic Power button
  • Tri-Color LED Battery Level Indicator
  • Convenient Micro USB Charging
  • Advanced onboard safety features
  • Overheat and Over discharge Protections
  • High Quality Stainless Steel 510 Thread
  • Spring loaded, gold plated positive pin
  • Fires coil resistances from 0.1 Ohm to 3.5 Ohm

  1. Sexiest Non TC device to date. I cant wait till I get my hands on it.

    • My first mod was a red cool fire 4. Paid 80 for it a few years ago. Three years later i upgraded to a coil fire 4 plus storm edition thanks to a friend. Absolutely am a big big fan of the cool fire line. A friend who recently gave up smoking went out and bought the storm edition.
      Cant t to see the next one.

  2. I want!!!!!

  3. I would love to review this mod for you
    It looks awesome the storm trooper of Vapes

  4. Beautiful mod. If this had TC I would buy one.

  5. How will these differ from the PLUS? Temp control? Battery strength ? Design ?

  6. The reviews I read was impressive I love to have one this could be my number one

  7. Paul fox, 51foxy YouTube January 2, 2016 at 9:46 pm Reply

    Need one of these, please let me know when they are available, I will show it on my YouTube channel

  8. HOW LONG!!!!!!!

  9. Can i have it for free???

  10. I”m generally not a fan of white but I so want one of these.

  11. Cant wait for my Christmas giveaway to arrive :)

  12. How can I get one of this? I’m from Brazil, I’m looking for a vap for dry herbs.

  13. It’s absolutely brilliant! I would love to have me one of those!

  14. Can I purchase direct from innokin as I live in England?.

  15. Hey i was wondering if i should buy this mod off of, i don’t know if you guys know if it is completely legit or not, saying i know this product is newer! Thanks!

  16. I have some technical questions! Is it safe and ok to use the ni .20 coils! In the cool fire plus? And when I am drawing on it if I release the button and hit it again immediately for some reason the reading on the coil meter goes up and hit with twice the kick! Such I like but what is it actually doing is it ok! Is because I have a ni coil in it or what! It actually reads .40 with that upside down horse shoe sign! Please educate me!

    • Hi Mike.

      No, it is not safe- the Cool Fire IV Plus is NOT a temperature control device- please do NOT use Nickel wire on our device, only Kanthal or Stainless Steel.

    • Mike, it is your responsibility to educate yourself BEFORE you start vaping !
      You are vaping a nickel coil in a non temperature control mod and having troubles doing so,
      Almost every review on youtube or anywhere tells you this is a NO-NO, OFF-LIMITS, VERBOTEN, UNSAFE ! This is the kind of issues that create unnecessary problems and then the goverment steps in and creates unnecessary laws !

  17. The Cool Fire lV is great – one of my two favourites – so the new ‘Plus’ looks & sounds truly exciting. I Vape at 0.5 ohms, using 6mg juice & either a KangerTech or Uwell Crown tank. RBA coils. Hard to imagine anything could be better, but I’m willing to try. I’m Canadian & Canvape is my (online) store of choice. Best prices & good service.

  18. i want this vape combo wonderful !!

  19. I really like the looks of the Storm edition. I also like the looks of your t-18 & t-22 I like the clean looking style of the CF IV Storm edition. I am looking forward when I can afford to get one. I will be adding these to my vap board. When I do finally get one I will be doing an honest review. But from what I’ve seen so far The reviews have been pretty high.

  20. 3641 4th ave s I am a 58 year old man who smoked for about 40 years (1 1/2 to 2 packs aday). I started vapes on a e cig friend gave me about 2 years but I was not able to untill about 20 months ago when I bought a itaste CLK1280 in black. Also bought one in silver for my wife they lasted about a year so bought new one. Now I have a disrupter in all 3 control mods plus all 7 innocells I have now got my son in law a disrupter also. He is soke free for 4 weeks I everyone is very pleased with your products. I recomend innokin to everyone I know. I THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR VAPING PEOPLE! Lastly when is the temp control disrupter coming out wont buy anything else till then. Thanks

  21. My battery on cool fire IV only stays charged for 1/2 a day, if that. I only use charging cord that came with unit. I do turn it off whe it is in my purse or when I am not using it. Is this normal?
    how long do the coil last? I was told where I purchased the vapesystem that it should last a month? Please let me know if anyone else had this problem? Spent a lot of money and not too happy that I have to keep charging all day.

    • Hi Diana. If you are referring to the original Cool Fire IV device, that has a 2000mAh capacity battery. For some heavy users, half a day of use is normal.

      Coil lifespans vary depending on use. Light usage can have a coil last for up to a month, whereas heavy usage can kill a coil within 7 days. Hope this helps!

  22. I never had one of innokin products. So, I can not judge, but I have few questions about battry. Is it replaceable, if it have any charging problems? Or is it totally internal, can not even open it?
    I used to have one of the Kanger battery, and it stopped charging, and it was internal so could not even replace it. Planning to buy one of your innokin products, was just worried about battery issue
    Thank you

  23. This looks great :-)

    Does this come with a wall socket power plug? You know one of those 3 pin to USB plugs?

  24. I just recently purchased the clk 1280, and have been smoke free since I bought it. I am still new to vaping and have been doing my research. I just ordered my CFiv plus storm edition on MVS.COM I Ordered two (2) extra clapton .5 BVC COILS, a .2 ohm coil, and a 2.0 ohm coil which all should be safe to use with the isub G, correct? Also what are the safe operating volts/wattage range for these COILS. Thank you for your quality products. When purchasing from MVS.COM is the internal battery on the mod covered by and type of warranty through innoken?

    • Hey there Thomas!

      For the claptons, we recommend between 30 and 70 watts. The 2.0 ohm coils vape great around 13 watts. They’re all safe to use in our iSub G tank.

      You are covered by a 90 day manufacturer warranty. If you have any issues with your personal vaporizer, please feel free to contact us at Thanks Thomas!

  25. Is the Storm version only available with the iSub G tank as a kit? I love the storm look, but am also interested in the top fill iSub Apex? I don’t sub ohm but I assume the 2.0 ohm coils work with the Apex as well?

  26. I just ordered my Storm, have not actually received it yet. Can someone tell me what is the best atomizer head to use with the storm? From many of the reviews I watched, I decided to go with the Clapton .5 ohm – would this be the best choice for this system?

  27. Just want to say i love my cf4+SE/vaporium decal i rock this mod on the daily…its my grab n go mod

  28. Where do I buy the certified 2amp wall charger to use with the storm edition?

  29. I bought the full kit along with a 5 pack of clapton coils about a week and a half ago and absolutely love it. Great battery life,

    Tonight, the threads at the bottom of the tank sheared completely off after replacing the 0.5 coil with a clapton coil. Luckily, I was able to spare the mod by removing the broken threads and I’m currently utilizing a backup my 1st gen iSub for the interim.

    I’ve had numerous Innokin products and all have been high quality and definitely live up to reviews.

    • Hi Alex.

      As our iSub line uses 510 threads that are a part of the coil, all you have to do is simply replace your coil and you’ll have brand new 510 threads for your atomizer.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks for the response Frank! I’ve swapped out the coil and I’m back up and running. That’s a great design for a simple fix when the threads get worn or sheared off. This is def a company I’ll be buying from in the future.

  30. this is fantastic I got the I sub s tank and Clapton coil and so far no problem running 60 watts all day

  31. Who’s the most reliable vendor for this and the
    Kangerb tank aero tank V2

  32. I purchased a black coolfire IV plus at the end of December as a present for my birthday on February 19th so I started using it for the past week it’s been great. Then yesterday Saturday 20th February the lcd screen is no longer working I am so upset it suited my hand just well due to me being disabled with arthritis all in my bones.. I have recommended you to many of my friends and family I wondering if I’ve done the wrong thing I hope you can help please get my product fixed

  33. By the time I’m able to save up. These will be gone.
    I’ll probably have to be a non-vapor
    I wish I could buy mods and tanks like most buy them. As soon as something new releases. But unfortunately it’s not in my budget. I have/had one mod. And one tank. And don’t build coils. So buying coils and juice was all I could afford and barely that.
    My coolfire 4 no longer works. (Yes I checked bottom switch) it’s not reading ohms, therefore not firing.
    And my apex was in need of a replacing. (actually I do have an iSub G as well. Which I lent to my friend to help her quit. But no sense in asking for it back when I can’t afford a mod) when kids and orthodontics are 5k a pop and I have 2 right now I’m paying for. One that just got braces off. That’s 15k! And no room for extras….

    So it looks like I’m gonna be vape free. Not by choice.
    The original MVP is what got me to be smoke free finally after trying cig a likes and even ego style ecigs but the MVP did it for me. So my loyalty always lied with innokin. I used that MVP until I got the coolfire 4, which I got as soon as it released. And vaping at now 40w. I was due for a new one. But it’s not in my budget.
    When my financial circumstances were different. I would even buy the iTaste VV 3, and 4 to give to people to help them quit smoking. (Ironic how they now are smoke free and forget who helped them! When they have a ton of mods! And not one has offered to lend me one!)
    Anyway- if I come back to my vaping journey. I hope there’s something as cool as this. I’m bummed I can’t try out the iSub S for Flavor & Clouds.
    But I’m working on putting together an online forum/group where we can help vapors stay vapors. Seeing we fight to keep vaping going.
    Let’s ban together and fight to vapors vaping! Not everyone can afford to buy a set up. And then some people have like 50 set ups they don’t use! We all fall on hard times. Lord knows I have. And it’s taken will power to not go buy cheap cigs. But I’ve managed to not go there.
    I can say a majority of the people who went back to smoking that I know of said vaping was too expensive to keep up with.
    And I eventually just vaped for pleasure. The whole hand mouth thing and still having that feeling of not blowing smoke! But vape!

    Anyway when I have some extra money which is never lol. Seeing as my kids get older. Their expenses do as well. They come first. Always.
    But if I’m able to buy a new mod. I hope there’s something this cool available! I love how innokin made special ones for IndoorSmokers and TiaVapes! So awesome!!!!
    Another awesome product by innokin. The only one I will buy when I can!

  34. What is the max W you can Vape at when you take it straight out of the box?
    Also amazing design

  35. Can you Vape at 70W with the tank and coil that comes with it?

    • Hi Joe.

      I would only recommend vaping at 70w with our kanthal clapton coil. For our standard .5 ohm kanthal coil, I would recommend no higher than 35 watts for a warm, dense vaping experience. Thank you!

  36. Hey I have a cool fire 4 plus storm edition and I want to get into building I just purchased an rda and I was wondering how well does the cf4+ work with rda’s and what ohms range should I keep it in

  37. I have just bought a 2.0 coil by mistake for my isubG tank instead of a 0.5 for my Cool Fire IV vaporiser… is this safe to use?

    • Hi David!

      It’s absolutely safe to use, just make sure you dial your wattage down accordingly. I would suggest no more than 17 watts on those coils for a comfortable vape. Thanks.

  38. Columbus Jeffrey March 24, 2016 at 1:41 pm Reply

    I bought my Cool Fire IV about 30 days ago and 2 of my screws fell out of the bottom and the 3rd one is loose. I cant figure out how to get it fixed or how to contact the company by phone to get it fixed.

  39. want one right now. where do I buy one ?

  40. My cool fire iv plus stopped working. Can’t get led screen to light

  41. Do you think you guys will ever produce an iSub Apex tank to match the CF4+ Storm Edition? I feel like most owners of the Storm Edition would purchase one.

  42. This mod was giving to me by a friend that turned out to have allergies to the juice.. Have to say this is the best one I have had yet.. Since my last one fried after 3 months.. Sleek.. Easy to use.. And smooth as hell..

  43. I had cool fire 4 using it from almost a year is still working great never a single issue. I like the new storm edition but i don’t know if is plastic or is it steel like the cool fire 4 if it is plastic and not heavy i would buy it.
    but the real problem is that my old mod is still in great condition i am using it all day long and it make no sense to replace it ….
    Coventry, UK

  44. just received my coolfire 4 plus and love the unit itself but don’t really like the draw on the apex 5 tank.
    would it be safe to use my wismec amor plus tank with it’s 0.3ohm (kanthal) atomiser head?

  45. Hey Innokin. For me aesthetics are very important for my device and the Cool Fire IV Storm edition is the best looking I have seen from any brand. However, trying to find a supplier is difficult. I used the store locator and contact the one store in my city. They said they only have one black cool fire IV left and they are not restocking cool fires. Is there an alternative way to purchase one? Also if you have contact with the development I recommend making future models with the same color scheme as this one.

    • Hi Ed,

      The Storm edition was a limited edition release, so you’ll have to find one second hand or search online to find one in stock. White and black is a great color combo and rest assured from the success of the CF Plus Storm that we’ll be revisiting the color scheme in the future on other devices. Thanks for your support!

  46. I was enjoying it, had mine 2 months but now the battery has stalled for some reason, light comes on but just doesn’t charge. Quite annoying.

    • Hi Scott,

      Sorry to hear about the issue! Luckily, your product is covered under a 90 day limited manufacturers warranty. Please contact our support email at to begin a warranty claim. Provide a brief description of the issue as well as attached proof of purchase and if necessary any pictures that you think would help our support staff resolve your issue. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can get the issue sorted out as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting Innokin.

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