Cool Fire IV Plus Kit

This powerful and compact Cool Fire IV Plus & iSub APEX Kit is the successor & upgrade to the internationally bestselling Cool Fire IV advanced personal vaporizer.

General Details
This powerful and compact Cool Fire IV Plus® & iSub APEX Kit is the successor & upgrade to the internationally bestselling CoolFireIV advanced personal vaporizer.

Packed with 70Watts of precise output and a real long lasting 3300mAh battery, the Cool Fire IV Plus is designed to be the top of the line compact all day vape.

Curved to fit perfectly into your hand, with an ergonomically placed power button, this device is a true pleasure to vape.

All important information is clearly displayed on the big bright OLED so you can easily set the perfect output for your favorite flavors.

Conveniently charged via microUSB with proven onboard advanced safety features

The included iSub-APEX tank matches this Cool Fire IV Plus and the quick & clean top-fill with PRISM Flavor+ design, creates perfect vapor, better.

The iSub-APEX is built with top quality Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass with a durable 510 connection for maximum compatibility.

Find the vape that you are looking for and try the full range of iSub coils from cool enjoyable flavors to huge flavorful high wattage clouds.

Compact, powerful, durable, beautiful and much more, the Cool Fire IV Plus sets the new standard in vaping excellence.

To download the CoolFire IV Plus Complete Vaping System Pictures , Click here

  • 70Watts of Real Vaping Power!
  • Long lasting 3300mAh Battery
  • Big, Bright OLED Screen
  • Beautiful Case with a durable finish
  • Large Ergonomic Power button
  • Tri-Color LED Battery Level Indicator
  • Convenient Micro USB Charging
  • Advanced onboard safety features
  • Overheat and Over discharge Protections
  • High Quality Stainless Steel 510 Thread
  • Spring loaded, gold plated positive pin
  • Fires coil resistances from 0.1 Ω to 3.5 Ω
  • iSub Coil Compatible – Two 0.5 Ohm Coils Inside

  1. I live in the UK and I would really love to know where I can get hold of this. I’m a massive innokin fan and been waiting and hoping for something like this ever since buying my 2 innokin cool fire 4’s.
    I would love to know where I can buy a black one of these from.
    It looks superb and its features also look amazing. Going to be a great Christmas if I can buy one of these.

    • Hi djs ,

      Here is part of Innokin vendors and Distributors have the CoolFire IV Plus in stock .

      Triple Eight Vape
      14 Farm Road.Street. Somerset. BA16 0BJ England United Kingdom
      1458 898224

      Vapour Shack Ltd
      Ford Green Mill, Ford Green Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 1NG, United Kingdom
      07817 246 513

      Myepack Ltd
      Unit 65.3 Sienna Park, White Hart Avenue, London, SE28 0GW UK

      I love vapour ltd.
      119 luton Market hall The Mall Luton Beds LU1 2TP UK

      Luxury Vaping Ltd
      76 whalley banks Blackburn bb2 1nu, premier flooring, United Kingdom

      Thirdside Ltd
      23 The Triangle Bournemouth BH2 5SE UK
      01202 319239

      Up in Smoke
      97 Church St, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1RN, UK
      020 8715 9402

      City bargain uk ltd
      23 overbridge road,Salford Manchester,M7 1SL,UK
      0044 7460501050

      Vapour Wise Ltd.
      18 High street Thatcham Berkshire RG19 3JD UK

      Foundry Lane, Ditton Court, Unit 1b (rear of unit 1), Widnes, WA8 8WL, UK
      151 4206467

      Moore Vape ltd
      3 St Peters St, Northampton NN1 1PT, United Kingdom
      1604 633221

      Purple Haze
      Churchill Crossing,
      Churchill Road, Kingham Chipping Norton, OX7 6TB, UK

      Vampire Vape
      T/A Vampire Vape Unit 2 Sett End Road North Shadsworth Business Park Blackburn Lancashire BB1 2NW, UK
      07960 264170

      Timeworld UK Ltd
      Unit 7 Grand Union Way Bridge Road Southall UB2 4EX

      BKS Tradeline Ltd
      Unit 5 Commerce Way, White Hall Industrial Estate Colchester, Essex, CO2 8HR, UK
      01206 868999

      bargains 4 all
      147 cowick street exeter devon ex41as uk

      Paradox Limited
      169 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 1JU United Kingdom

      50 bury new road – Manchester UK M88EL

  2. Anyone knows what distributor has in Montreal ?

    Thank you

  3. Just received mine three days ago, this thing is awesome!

    Perfect vape every time.

  4. I have a question! I do want to buy this mod separately, without the tank that comes with it (got plenty of tanks already). Will that be possible anytime soon? Will you sell the cool fire iv plus as a stand alone battery mod? Thanks.

  5. I just got my Cool Fire IV Plus yesterday and I absolutely love it. Its a huge improvement over my 50w Istick and out produces it in every way. It roars out great flavor and dense vapor. I’m relatively new to APV’s and after my recent eleaf experiences I can safely say that the feel, quality of materials and craftsmanship are ten times better than any of my isticks ever were. Having two 50W isticks go out within five days of each other at such a young age the first being just over one month old, out of warranty and auto-firing like crazy to the point fried coils and complete destruction, then having 50w istick number two last me a mere five days and one charge before ceasing to do anything at all after its second charge. I was beginning to think that APV’s weren’t worth the hassle and I’d just stick with my 650mah egos. Fortunately for me Chris aka Indoorsmokers just did a review on this bad mother and I trust his opinion and his honesty and give Innokin a shot. And boy am I glad I did. My Cool Fire IV Plus has single handedly renewed my faith in APV’s! I can’t wait for the Cortex to come out so I can experience the world through temperature control. Thanks Innokin you’ve gained a new loyal customer

    • Dear J. Weston
      Thanks for your letter.
      We are so appriciated that you like Cool Fire 4 plus and you affirm it’s feel, quality and craftsmanship.
      Innokin also love you.
      And we will continue work hard in the future so that Innokin can become a better brand.
      Innokin is still have too many deficiencies.
      But we are working hard everyday.
      Hopefully, the Cortex also can be popular with more customers.
      Thank you so much.
      Merry Christmas.

  6. Question one feature your other cool fire had that i think is the absolute best feature i have ever
    had on a mod was the physical on off switch does this version have on as well?

  7. I got my Coolfire IV Plus a week ago and already I love it. It lasts all day, feels great in the hand and rolls out the vapor every time. Thanks Innokin for another awesome mod.

  8. I’ve just received my Coolfire IV Plus from Amazon and I just had to write a comment. This is the first time I’ve EVER written a comment like this – but I am so impressed I had to do it!
    I’ve been vaping for many years and have used a shed load of equipment – always looking for an elusive pleasurable vape that I had in my head but never quite experienced.
    I started this year using a Svoemesto and Kayfun, then an E-leaf with Kanger tank and a few months ago went for a ProVari 3. Although all are very good, in fact excellent, none really gave me that vape I still sought in my head.
    I found that vape today with the Coolfire IV Plus and the iSub Apex :-)
    Thank you Innokin – my search is over!!

    • Hello Paul,

      Thank you for your comment! Innokin has been working very hard to provide our customers with devices that will give maximum satisfaction. We are very glad that you are pleased with the Cool Fire IV Plus! We appreciate and thank you for your interest in Innokin. We will continue our work to provide the best vaporizers. Thank you once again and Happy New Year!

  9. Hi,
    My brother got one of your e-cigs and he will only speak wonders of it. Now I would like to get my own. Are there any distributors of your brand in Spain?
    Thanks in advance and happy new year!

  10. Hee i cant see hoe Much à cool fire plus is

    Can you give me THE prices

  11. I received my Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus Blue a week before Christmas from My Vapor Store and I absolutely love it! I already have the original Cool Fire IV In red with the Innokin sub ohm tanks and have enjoyed it as well. The Cool Fire IV Plus last for days before having to recharge and sub ohm vaping with the Apex tank produces great clouds & flavor!!! I absolutely recomend the Cool Fire IV Plus with the Apex tank vaping system. Way to go Innokin…Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us next!

  12. This is the second msg I send regarding my blacked out screen 2 days after purchasing the product. Please don’t just delete my comment and not respond to my email. I loved using the product for the 2 days it worked I just need to know is the a faulty Mod.

  13. Will the Cool Fire IV Plus come in a pink color like the Cool Fire IV does? I love my pink Cool Fire IV but kill the battery all the time and would love the bigger battery of the new model but would love it to be a pinkish color.

  14. Hello,
    Does anyone know how to do the updates, my screen has gone of for some reason and the shop i brought it from said to put it into your computer and do the updates which will sort out all the glitches, however it is currently not doing anything?
    should i just take it back to the shop i brought it from?

    • Hi Kirstie.

      The Cool Fire IV Plus does not have firmware upgradability, so I am not sure what you’ve done or what your shop told you to do.

      It is probably best to return it to your vendor.

  15. Does the cool fire 4 plus work with the mini nautilus or is it only for sub ohm vaping? As I wanted to upgrade my mod n am looking at this and the cool fire 4 but still want the option to use my mini nautilus sometimes and the cool fire 4 can use both so wondered if this did too?

  16. I just wanted to give thanks to Innokin for ALWAYS keeping the customer first. This CF4+ is another example of Innokin leading the way in the vaping industry. George and Dwayne, You guys rock. Keep up the great work

  17. Hi, I pre-ordered the cool fire 4 plus kit from at the end of December. Any ideas how long it will take to be in stock so It can get sent out to me in New York. I really hope soon. Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Adam! It’s probably worth it to send an email to breazy’s customer service to check in with them. If they have made an order with us, it should have arrived by now.


  18. I love the cool fire IV, I have had many brands and this one is awesome but the thing I haven’t learned what to operate is watts and voltage. I burn my coils often because I can’t figure this part out. The store employee is great and has helped me with everything I have asked but because I have had so many, I feel like I should already know what it is and which one does what, so I am embarrassed and refuse to ask something so simple. Can you explain each one and tell me what to set it on to get a lot of flavor and puff without burning my coils so much? I really am mechanically challenged is why I rather just know and email my answer to me because I am going to do more checking on other sites. I really would like to keep one that actually works with out me messing it up. Thank you.

    • Hi Tanya! It depends on the coils you are using in your atomizer. Let me know what you’re using and I’ll be able to give you an ideal wattage and voltage range, so you can get a good vape experience rather than burning your coils.

  19. I use 0.5 Omh when I put it up to the flavor and smoke I like it gets hot as well, so I have to turn back down.

  20. What should the volts be on?

  21. Wow, thank you so much for your help. I can’t thank you enough. I would recommend this to anyone and the site that is beyond helpful!!!

  22. Brought the coolie in today, wow what a vapour experience. Keep up with the technology. Well recommended, just love the cool vape

  23. I got my CoolFire Plus the day it released in my area. My first vapor box and it’s awesome! I was wondering if I could use the .2ohm coils with this device (because it allows you to operate at 50 watts max) instead of the 35 watts for the .5 coil. If so, what difference will it make?

    • Hey Brandon! You can absolutely use our .2 ohm coils on the CF4 Plus. At a higher wattage, you will find the vape to be hotter and more dense. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for the advice I order the .2 ohm coils today! Looking forward to making more clouds. I was a pack and a half (a day) smoker since I was 15….quit smoking cigarettes day one and that was 3 months ago. Haven’t looked back and I picked up a new hobby too!

  24. Hi, I just got the cool fire iv plus kit with the isub Apex tank. Previously I had another Isub apex tank and it had adjustable vents where the tips are inserted, but the new tank that came with the kit does not have air vents where the tip is inserted. Although the glass tip included has vents. Was there a redesign or is one of my tanks a knock off?

  25. Hi there, I have the original fire4 and love it over the rest of my past mods. I am a keen vaper using a 7ml tank though I have been looking to upgrade and I was excited to see the newer plus kit with the amazing isub apex tank however a little disapointed to see it only comes with a 3ml now you have released the glorious 5ml will you be introducing this into the kit? If so how long will I have to wait?!

  26. Can you please advise me how long you would expect to have to fully charge the CoolFire IV Plus using the recommended wall charger ?

  27. Absolutely love this product… I would recommend to anyone that wants to stop smoking. Feels great in the hand and is a great product. Thank you so much! Cant wait for wait the future has to hold with this product!

  28. Hi!

    I just received my first Cool Fire 4+ kit yesterday and absolutely love it except for a single predicament I’m experiencing. I have sent a message about this to the vendor (24-48 hr response time), to (received auto response their on holiday through the 14th and provided additional emails based on location) and also to Maybe someone here will be able to help quickly.

    My device does not seem to be going into standby mode, but instead is turning itself off. I’ve watched a dozen or so reviews and in each one of them the devices which have been turned on and subsequently go into standby mode are reactivated with a single fire of the power button and the display instantly shows the set wattage and is ready for use. This is not the case with the one which I received.

    I am having to turn the device on by firing the power button once and “Innokin Technology” displays and the power button cycles through the colors. I then have to do that again and hold the power button before “Innokin Technology” disappears from the display. This second attempt will give me the prompt “Off Click 3x ON”. I give it 3 clicks, it again displays “Innokin Technology”, cycles through the colors and then it’s on. I quickly get a few puffs and life is grand! However, if I’m not quick enough, or I let it sit between vapes for about 30 seconds, the display goes off and it is not reactivated with a single click. I have to go through the entire process again. I have also verified that the puff counter is reset to zero each time. The device works splendidly when it’s on, I just can’t seem to get it to stay on via standby mode and it’s proving to be rather frustrating.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to locate any mention of this in any reviews and Google doesn’t seem to recognize that this is a problem anyone has experienced. Please let me know if you are aware of a simple self help fix I can implement to resolve this nuisance, I’d rather not have to go through an exchange with the vendor if I can avoid it.

    Thanks in advance, I look forward to working with you toward a resolution.

    • Hi Willow.

      Very strange issue indeed! It’s best you have it replaced as soon as possible. Hopefully your vendor already sorted that out for you, but if they didn’t and you’re still experiencing issues, please go to and fill out the form to begin your warranty process. Thanks for supporting Innokin and I apologize for the issue.

  29. Will the plus be coming out purple? (or pink) I have the 4 in purple and would love this in the same colour

  30. Why is it that the warranty people have not gotten back to me yet? i can’t use my coolfire 4 plus the ohm’s keep jumping around every time i hit the fire button with any tank. please help me Frank.

    • Hey Eddie.

      Innokin was on holiday for the Chinese New Year from Jan 31st to Feb 15th.

      See if your 510 pin is depressed too far down. Take a small, flat tool and gently pry up the 510 pin of your device so that it sits higher up in the threading. This should help ensure a solid connection and (hopefully) resolve your resistance jumping issues.

      If that doesn’t help, please wait for our support to get back to you. We are swamped with support requests over the holiday and will do our best to get your issue resolved as quickly as we can.

      Thank you for supporting Innokin.

  31. Hello. I’m Cláudia, from Portugal.
    I bought a Cool Fire 4 plus, but i’m having some problems whith it.
    Everytime i hit the powet button, my coil ohm jumps. It goes from 0.55 to 1.24, sometimes only from 0.48 to 0.69.
    And that hapens with all the tanks. Not just the Apex. The coils ohms just keeps going completly nuts.
    I have tried the Apex in a Sigelei and it works fine.
    And another thing. No matter what tank i put in it, it kind of shakes… Even with the tank completly thight.
    I don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Claudia.

      It sounds like your 510 pin in your mod is depressed too far, causing a loose connection with your tanks.

      Take a small, flat tool and gently pry up the 510 pin so that it sits higher up in the threading. It should ensure you have a solid connection and no wobbling. If this fixes the issue, please make sure not to overly tighten atomizers on your device in the future to avoid the issue again.

      If this doesn’t help, please visit to begin your warranty process!

  32. i really want to buy one of these! what is the difference between the tanks i really need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Can I use a Vaporesso ccell .9 ohm ceramic coil with this product? And if so, what wattage range would you recommend?

  34. Just curious if they’ll be making a purple or pink in the Coolfire IV plus?

    • Hello! Thanks for the question!

      At this time, it has been brought up, but we are not sure if it will happen. Rest assured that I personally would love to see it offered in more colors, so I hope for it myself. Thank you for supporting Innokin :)

  35. I am thinking of buying a CF4+ but have a question regarding a 3 pin wall plug charger. Can I use a 5v 2amp charger plug or does it have to be a 5v 1amp charger plug?

  36. Is this a LiPo pack? I see reviewers saying it is but you don’t. Could you clear this up?

  37. Had mine for two days, and I’m in love with it. My previous vape pen never produced the quality or quantity of vapor that my new Cool Fire IV Plus does. My old setup cost more to maintain too. The Cool Fire’s battery life lasts me all day, I used to have multiple vape pens so I could vape while the other charged. No need for that now! Admittedly, I’m still kind of a novice, so I don’t fully understand all the customizable settings yet, but I’m savvy enough to know that having them will make my long term vaping experience more satisfying. I wish that I had found the Cool Fire IV Plus before I had found my last setup, I wouldn’t have started smoking again!

  38. My Cool Fire IV Plus Storm Edition arrived today and I absolutely love it! The materials feel quality and both the vapor production and flavour are pretty impressive. My only negative, and this is very slight, is that it is very thirsty, you can almost see the liquid level go down when you take a vape.

    But all round, would highly recommend :)

  39. Can I use this with an Aspire Triton 2 and/or an Aspire Mini Nautilus?

  40. hi there,
    I have a innokin cool fire 4 plus and I was wondering if a innokin I sub will be compatible and I would like to know what to run it at what is the best watt to fire the I sub at and what you would suggest?

    • Hi Julie!

      Yes, the combination would be compatible. Depending on your coil used, the wattage would differ.

      2ohm: 10-16W
      .5 ohm: 18-30W
      .5 ohm clapton: 40-60W
      .2 ohm: 28-40W

      These are my personal ranges, so I hope they help!

  41. I have the Cool Fire IV Plus and I love it! Finally put down the real cigarettes for good two weeks ago after 40 years of smoking, and the Cool Fire has kept me from going back to them. Just wondering – where can I get replacement drip tips for my Apex tank that came with mine? Thanks!

    • Hey there Karyn! I don’t believe we actually sell replacement drip tips however it is 510 drip tip compatible. You might have some luck emailing our support staff and seeing if they’d be willing to mail you out some spares (or sell you some!).

      Thank you :)

  42. I just rec’d a pack of 5 coils of the iSub SS BVC Coils. Can I use them with my Cool Fire IV+ or do they have to be used with a TC device?

    • Hi Tricia.

      Stainless Steel has the benefit in that it can not only be used in Temperature Control, but wattage mode as well. You should be able to use your SS coils with your CoolFire IV+.

  43. I bought the Cool Fire IV Plus around November of 2015 and I just want to say that this thing is a beast! I have been using it with no problems and love the size of the unit and love the way the aesthetics are so f’in smooth.

    **About 2 weeks ago….I actually had a cup of soda in my car one night in the cup holder and accidentally set the (Cool Fire IV Plus) unit down into the cup of drink…..fully submerged the box. 5 minutes later I tried to see if it would still fire up and guess what??? It fired up and I’m still using it today.

    **Love the product, it’s ease of use and nice flavorful thick clouds (really thick to be a 70 watt unit)

    **For you guys that want the big clouds, but not a 10lb box mod….you should buy the Cool Fire Plus. My wife doesn’t even smoke cigarettes and she likes vaping my coolfire so much that she wants me to buy her one of her own!!!

    **One more comment, the unit comes with (2) .5 ohm coils. They work just fine, but I hated that I could only use them up to like 20-35 watts. So, I opted for the .2 ohm coils and WOW this thing will blow out vapor like crazy. The wattage range for the .2 ohm coils is like 20-50watts I think. I actually find that anywhere from 33 watts to 41 watts with the (.2 ohm mod) actually gives you the best performance with this unit and offers the best flavor too.

    Hurrah Innokin!!!

  44. Hi I am getting a cool fire plus next week what nicotine level would you recommend I have 2 t18s at moment that I am using 1.8mg in they r a great little device for anybody wanting to stop smoking but want a bigger Vape

  45. Hi , I just got the Cool Fire IV Plus with Clapton BVC coil 0.5 ohm and overall things are well , except when I vape is making a loud popping sound and the pop is kind a like firecracker some times and also it shoots a bit of liquid onto my tongue , so why is that ?

    And my second question is what would you recommend for wattage ? because in the coil box it recommended 30-70W and I’m using WTF 6 mg nicotine E liquid.

    • Hi Michael.

      It’s perfectly normal for a coil to “pop”, especially after it’s been sitting unused for a few hours (or using it after you wake up).

      I would recommend 40W with your eliquid, however if you find 6mg too harsh, it’s probably worth stepping down to 3mg. Thanks!

  46. ive been using my iv plus since feb 2016 and love it im starting to vape alot at the mo and im wondering if you guys have ever thought of an external charging kit like you get with phones as i have been out and thought i could do with a battery boost till i get home and get the mod on charge as a smoker it always worries me to run out of battery my only other option is to get a mod with a battery and carry a spare which i dont want to do by the way if this is a new thought dont forget me

  47. Hi there,
    2 questions please! I am purchasing my Cool Fire IV Plus today (had been waiting on the shipment) @ my favorite local vape shop called “Genesis Vape” in Virginia, USA. I have been vaping with my Cool Fire IV 40W for about 8 months now and an making the upgrade purchase but also due to my Cool Fire IV Mod just stopped charging one day and I can no longer charge it to use it. I do want to be clear real quick that it didn’t stop cgarging/working due to misuse or manufacturer error, nor distributor. It’s the one and only Mod I’ve used all day, every day for 8 months straight with 3 slightly different brand and size tanks, although all compatible with this Mod. I believe this Mod served me well. While it may seem like a silly question and I’m not sure if it’s distributor choice or retailer, here goes, lol. The price of my origional Cool Fire IV was $57. Then I had to buy a tank and the isub that comes with the new Cool Fire IV Plus is $43 at my particular store. Now you can get this new Mod + the same isub tank together for $71. Does this seem correct? Is this a promotional sale possibly? I do know the price can vary by store and location, but this is just odd to me and wondering if you guys there at the company had just any thoughts on this and I do know they would only be that, not facts I’m sure and I cant hold anyone to ideas stated in this answer should I receive a response. My 2nd question, (as I have not been able to find the answer on your site, excuse me if it’s there somewhere) is does your company make a Mod with a removable battery? If so, which one? And if not, is it in the near or distant future? Kangertech does have a Mod with removable battery that my mother owns and if in the same predicament as I, can just buy a new battery for it, instead of a new Mod in it’s entirety. I ask because I do not want to buy a different brand or from a different company/manufacturer. I am very loyal to good service (my local vape store “Genesis Vape”) and to a good manufacturer (innokin?). Sorry so long, I’m a newby to this comment/question thing here. Thanks so much for any ideas, advice, and/or help. Have a fantastic day!!

    • Hi there Tricia! Thank you for supporting us!

      To answer your first question, prices will vary wildly from store to store, and you will generally find that brick and mortar stores are more expensive than shopping online. But those prices do not sound strange, they seem close to what most places are selling those products for.

      Secondly, we currently do not have a removable battery mod available, however we are working to release one in the very near future! Keep your eyes peeled on our website and email newsletter :)

  48. Hi I’ve got the cool fire IV plus and I’m having problems with it, I get a burnt horrible taste when I cape, it was vamping fine for about a month’ then I brought a high vg juice and the taste was burnt, I assumed I must of burnt out the coil as the vg most of been too high,,, so changed juice to a lower vg and changed coil, but still burnt taste, I’m using a 70/30 ejuice which I’ve found out is recommended as the highest for this device,,, the taste is awful, and burns my throat, is there anything I can do?

  49. After switching from a CE4 with no real control of anything this is like a quantum leap in vaping, and I’m very happy i went for this as my first proper kit.

  50. I have a cool fire 4 plus, and it keeps shutting off. Isn’t that a safety feature to prevent bigger issues.

    I have only had this a short time.

  51. I would love to get one of these and do a review on it on my you tube channel JO Jo Vapes! I love the red one! nice mod all in one

  52. hello i have just received a new cool fire iv plus from amazon it looks amazing but unfortunately it has not come with a tank can you please let me know which tanks will fit on the cool fire as this is all new to this and have no idea many thanks.

  53. Love my cool fire. How do I know when its time to change coils ?

    • Hey Matt,

      Great to hear you’re loving your Cool Fire! The best time to replace your coil is when you notice a degradation in flavor than usual. It will typically taste slightly burnt.

  54. can i use this device safely on a 2.4A Charger to fast charge it or should i stick with using a 1A output to charge it from?

  55. Hi.I have your fantastic cool fire 4 and have enjoyed using it for a couple of years but it’s started to need recharging more often,I have to charge it every night but it used to last 3 or 4 days.
    I’m not into making clouds of smoke so it’s never been hammered so I’d really like to keep so Is it possible I could change the battery and if so what battery should I use ?

    Thanks for your help

    • Hey there John,

      The CoolFire IV comes with an internal li-on battery that has a finite lifespan. A few years is typically when they start to fail. Unfortunately, the battery in the CF4 is not designed to be replaceable and as such if you are not satisfied with the performance of your battery I would recommend you purchase a brand new CoolFire IV to replace your old one. I’m glad to hear it’s treated you well for all this time.

  56. Ive had the Cool Fire IV Plus for a little over a year now and now the digital screen is not coming on, any thoughts?

    • Hi Paul,

      Make sure the on-off switch on the bottom of the device is set to “on”, then press the fire button rapidly 3 times to turn the device on. Make sure it’s got enough charge. If it won’t hold a charge, try using a different charging cable and adapter.

  57. Hi there,

    I just purchased this device a week ago and am loving it.

    One (newbie) question though – the manual refers to a vape while charging feature.

    How does this work?

    While I am charging the unit, pressing the usual button just shows the charging indicator. It does not allow me to vape.

    Probably missing something really obvious here.

    Thanks :)

    • Hey Rob,

      The device should allow you to vape while charging, but the issue you’re encountering can happen when the battery is very low. When the battery is low while charging, the device will not allow itself to be fired while charging to avoid damaging the battery. Once the battery has charged up a bit more, it should allow usage of the vape-while-charging feature. Hope this helps!

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