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Cool Fire IV Kit

Our teams of expert engineers and designers have packed the Cool Fire 4 with the most advanced integrated vaping technologies to create the perfect compact Sub Ohm E-cigarette.

General Details

Cool Fire® IV Vape Mod profile

The Cool Fire® IV Vape Mod is the newest and most compact, intelligent and powerful Vape from Innokin Technology.

Our teams of expert engineers and designers have packed the Cool Fire 4 with the most advanced integrated vaping technologies to create the perfect compact Sub Ohm E-cigarette.

With 40W of vaping power, the CoolFire IV fires a full range of tank resistances and each is made with the highest quality materials to create a vaporizer that you can rely on!

The compact power, bright OLED display, long lasting battery capacity and easy to use menu system makes the Innokin CoolFire IV the ultimate compact vaporizer for 2015.

The CoolFire IV vapes perfectly with the Innokin iSub Apex & iSub-G Sub Ohm tanks.

Cool Fire IV:
  • Powerful! Fires 6 – 40W! / 3 – 7.5 V with a Maximum Output of 14.5Amp!
  • Compact: Only 86mm / 3.93” Tall!
  • Long lasting: 2000mAh hour battery!
  • Beautiful: Initially available in 6 vibrant and lasting finishes.
  • Intelligent: Vape Timer, Puff Counter, Integrated Short Circuit protection, Left/Right Screen Orientation, 15 Second cutoff & more.
  • Precise: RMS DC current accurate to a power deviation of 0.5W and fires resistances from 0.2 – 3.1Ohm.
  • Easy to use: 3 Buttons for Total, Precise, and Comfortable Control.
  • Always Ready: Charge the CoolFire IV with a standard Micro USB cable and vape at the same time with Innokin’s ‘Vape while charging’ technology.
  • The Cool Fire IV features a greater range of Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage, advanced safety features, portable electronics charging capacity and also ‘Vape while charging’ Technology.

The Cool Fire IV has a flush 510 connection with a spring loaded positive pin,
durable stainless steel threading, an included ego adaptor.

The Cool Fire IV has a variable voltage range of 3.0 – 7.5 volts adjustable in .1 volt increments and a variable wattage range of 6.0 – 40.0 Watts, adjustable in .5 watts increments.

The Cool Fire IV uses Vrms DC current and is very accurate with a power deviation of 0.1Watt. The full 40 Watts is precisely maintained between resistances of 0.3 to 2.5 Ohms. There is no wasted power and exact accuracy means you are always vaping the power level that you choose. Vrms provides superior precision in delivering the exact wattage Ohm’s Law requires and stable power means better vapor.

The high quality OLED screen looks great and clearly displays the resistance of the attached tank & coil, voltage, wattage and also accurately shows the remaining battery charge.

The Primary Features of The Cool Fire IV

  • Battery Level Indicator:
    The Cool Fire IV battery capacity is displayed via green, yellow and red LED lights.
    Green = Almost fully Charged. When the Cool Fire4 is fully recharged the LED light will power off.
    Yellow = Half Power.
    Red = Low Power. Charge the Cool Fire IV
  • Variable Voltage:
    Voltage can be adjusted from 3.0 – 7.5 volts in .1 volt increments.
  • Variable Wattage:
    Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 40.0 Watts in .5 watts increments
  • ON/OFF Battery Switch
  • SAFETY :15 second cutoff
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • ‘Vape while charging’ Technology
  • Remembers last Voltage or Wattage setting
  • Overheat Protection

Pwerqwpore Review

To download the CoolFire IV  Vaping System Pictures , Click here

Technical Info
  • Operating Voltage: 3.0V-7.5 V
  • Operating Wattage: 6.0W-40W
  • Battery: 2000mAh (Internal high drain polymer li-ion rechargeable 18650 size battery ,prefer declare the accurate mAh instead of 2200mAh)
  • Standby current: 100uA max
  • Maximum output Wattage: 40W
  • Maximum output Current: 12A
  • Maximum output Voltage: 7.5 V
  • Clearomizer Resistance: 0.3 Ohm (Recommend)
  • Charging: Micro USB DC5V/1A

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  1. Valerie Dinkgirl Stroud January 28, 2015 at 2:51 am Reply

    Innokin Technology, will the Cool Fire 4 be available to the public in green and gold? I have the pink and blue Cool Fire 4’s currently and am planning on purchasing the red one next. But, I would love to have the green and gold to add to my Innokin collection which includes MVP, MVP 2’s and Cool Fire 4’s. Thank you for your continued supply of amazing products. Also can’t wait to get a Disrupter in multiple color combination.

  2. My new Cool Fire 4 :) Great device and a really cool idea with the eye for a lanyard. :) (Y)

  3. Thats why Innokin is my favorite MOD dealer. They may take longer to come out with newer stuff but thats because they take the time to test things out.
    I don’t mind the size of the MVP 3 at all. Thinking about getting a Coolfire 4 for my purse carry case.

  4. Hello all, I just got the Cool Fire 4 and absolutely love it and it’s been a great buy!!!! If I have my WAY about it I won’t ever use anything different so with that said thanks for marketing a all around great vape mod you guys Rock!!!!!

  5. Ive had my cool fire for around 2 months. I got home yesterday and tried to use it and it smelled really funny. When i tried to use it it actes really funny and didnt fire. So i trued to charge it to no aval. All it did was the red. Yellow and green took turns flashing ans the screen kept flashing innokin tech and then to what voltage i had it set to. Will not charge at all or fire

  6. Got an Innokin IV for Christmas, wanted to try it so bad, plugged it in to charge it, and it won’t even charge or turn on. I tried contacting the place we ordered it from and they never answer the phone, but their message said we have to contact the MFR directly. Now the search begins to find out how to get this fixed or exchanged for a new one. Bummed :(

  7. Just brought the Cool Fire Iv 5 days ago and i must admit its been brilliant, ive not smoked now for 5 days and feeling good. The only thing i will say is it does tend to leak slightly when in my bag etc, not sure if this is right or not? might pop back to the shop to ask there advice!
    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try to give up smoking….

    Does anyone else find the liquid goes quite quickly?

  8. I can’t find where I change the wattage. Only the volts are changeable I dobt want to mess it up can you help please

  9. My cool fire 4 just stopped charging andisnotworking. I tried to bring it back to smokers choice to exchange it but they gave me the run around.

  10. I just purchased the Cool Fire 4 in red. I am very impressed with the mod. This mod is more user friendly than the MVP. The MVP is bulkier than the Cool Fire 4 and for me was better for use at home. The Cool Fire 4 fits great in my hand and I can slip in my handbag whenever I go somewhere. Thanks guys!

  11. Got this for my wife, it only lasted 33 days, she loved it while it worked, took back to the vendor, said warranty only 30 days!!!!! Hers was well taken care off, wont come on at all now.. whats the warranty policy threw you?

  12. This is my 4th mod I absolutely love it vapes very nice and simple to use. Very terrific job innokin! I use it with my kangertech subtank very good match!!

  13. I have the coolfire IV I wanna run the artic turbo tank what would be good settings to run..?
    Also is there any firmware upgrades to maybe run my box up to 60 watts or more or possibly an upgrade coming in the future without spending more money for a new mod?

  14. I just purchased the cool fire 4 and mine is making a loud popping sound and shoots drops of hot liquid onto my tongue. The pop is like a firecracker and shocks/burns my lips. What’s going on?!?

  15. Love my cool fire 4!! Best thing to help help my fiancee and me stop smoking. I never realized till friends pointed it out that the hits are hot/warm. Is that normal with subohm? I also notice my juice leaks from the air holes. I run it with the iSubG tank with a .5 coil.

    • Hi Amanda! Yes, generally subohm hits are dense and warm. To minimize leaking from the air holes, use a high VG % eliquid and close your airflow slots when filling the tank.

      Thank you!

  16. Good Morning. My cool fire 4 says sorted it will hit sometimes and others it will not any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thank You in advance

    • Good morning Amber!

      It’s likely there’s something wrong with your 510 pin or connector. First, try to gently and slowly pry the 510 pin on your device up a bit. It may help get a solid connection with your atomizer.

      Second, check the 510 threaded end on your atomizer. If it’s adjustable, extend the pin so it comes in contact with the pin on the coolfire 4. Thanks Amber.

      • Hi Frank Thank You it worked. However I just received my new cool fire 4 now it’s showing shorted. How do I fix this issue. I just got my Green on Friday. Thank You in advance. I love the cool fire by the way. I guess that’s why now I have two.

  17. Sorry if this appears to be a dumb question for you, but does this come with the tank, mouth piece, etc, or do we have to buy those separately??

  18. Im quite enjoying vaping my coolfire IV. Its a good product. battery lasts all day.

    Im using an isub g tank and find 6.8v delivers a very satisfying vape.

    But its a bit large and quite heavy for a suit pocket. Im looking for something a little more discreet that I can keep in my jacket/trouser pocket when at work, but performs similarly as far as vape quality is concerned. What model would you recommend?

    Also have you guys considered making carry cases for you products? it would be great to know that any occasional leeks would be contained. lets face it plastic bags aren’t very classy! Nor is getting eliquid stains on your clothes :) there seems to be an opportunity to fill a gap in the market here 😉

  19. I have had the IV for a little over a month now. It has personally been my favorite vape I have used so far.. Everything was great until I got a new tank for it. Once I put that on I used it for about an hour, an it just stopped working. The Display now says check atomizer… Can anyone help me with this problem I have.?

    • Hi there Darius.

      What tank was it that caused the problem? It sounds to be like the tank’s 510 connection protrudes too much, pushing the 510 connector on the Cool Fire IV down until it doesn’t contact with the tank anymore. Try gently pulling up the 510 pin on your Cool Fire IV and see if it helps.

  20. I brought a cool fire 4 and it was great but now I have a problem where the watts just flash and it doesn’t fire at all can someone help me? I can’t find a thing online and no email back from innokin

  21. My cool fire iv keeps crackling and popping is this normal

  22. I have loved mine until today. I’ve had it for about three months and today the battery died and I plugged it in waited a few minutes and tried to use the use will charging as I always did. Well it wouldn’t fire it kept giving me a pic of just the battery with the Lightning charging sign. Well I held the power and adjustment buttons down and got a error code(at least I think that’s what it was). The code was
    Anybody ever had this happen?
    If so what’s the fox or is it fried?

  23. I have the coolfire 4 and it’s great! I want to get a wall charger. I’m confused as to which one to get. Should it say 5v 500mA or 5v 1A….thanks for a great product!

  24. I have had the cool fire 4 for about a month and a half, the other day it just stopped working no LEDs whould come on it wouldn’t light up when plugged in to charge….??? Really disappointed because its been the best pen I have ever used just a shame it lasted a short time for the price ??

  25. Been using it for 2 days now and haven’t touched a smoke… Do they tend to use a lot of liquid? I’m on 3v and 23.5w which is perfect for me but find topping up liquid often… Maybe not help in puffing away a fair bit being new to it all… The liquid is witchcraft if that makes any difference? #Newbee

  26. Loved my cool fire 4 until today. Battery got low so plugged it in to charge it. Check on it about 5-6 hours later and the green charge light was off so I figured it was done. Put my tank on and tried with but nothing happened. The lights keep flashing red, yellow, and green over and over. The display is saying 0.00w and 4.0v. This is not even close to my normal settings. I’m well passed the 90 day warranty so I know I can’t return it. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Angela,

      try a complete reset of the device. Press the power button 3 times to turn it off, switch the physical on/off switch on the bottom to “off”, and then do the process in reverse.

      Hope this helps!

  27. Hi, just got my 4 today and love the look and feel of it. Can I get recommendations on liquids to use, best settings, etc from other users? I smoke regular cigs, up to 20 a day, and hope theverything cool fire 4 will help cut that right down. Thanks in advance for your help. X

  28. Hi absalutly love this thing had it about 8weeks now not a thing has gone wrong. I just have one question if you can answer can I charge it over night while I sleep oh is that a bad idea Iv not charged it while Iv not been near it just wondered can you over charge it thanks :)

    • Hi Jamie.

      Many people will tell you it’s safe, but personally I always like to be awake while I’m charging any product with a battery. Note that this is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Innokin.

      Hope this helps.

  29. I sent an inquiry January 31st in Innokin’s website about my problem with my Innokin Cool Fire 4 that I purchased last November 7 at SKCigs located at Downsview Flea Market.I purchased this as recommended by my friend who said this is a company who takes care of their customer anbought this although I am an Istick fan and I have 2 Eleaf 30w and 1 Eleaf 50w and looking for another spare too as my wife also vape.January 21 this year when my Cool Fire stopped working and it is only January 24 where I had the chance to bring it back to where I bought it and they told me that they will bring it to their office to asses what happened to my battery.The following week,I went back to SKCigs and was told that I have to contact the manufacturer which I did.I just want an answer or advise on what to do as I spent my money on this.By the way,I already checked the authenticity of the battery and indeed it was from Innokin.Also,as I bought this on the flea market and everyone knows that it is cash only there,I got no reciept.I am so disappointed right now.Thank you.

    • Hi Alberto.

      Apologies for the late response, Innokin was on holiday for the Chinese New Year from Jan 31st to Feb 15th.

      In regards to your issue, we only offer warranty and replacement services when purchased from an authorized vendor. Flea markets could be selling counterfeit and fake devices. Please make sure when you buy another of our products in the future, you purchase it from an Authorized vendor so you can be eligible for our warranty service if an issue arises. You can find authorized dealers near you with this tool:

  30. I am thinking about purchasing a cool fire IV but I’m unsure whether I can use 1.8 ohm bdc coils for the tank? They are easily accessible for me rather than the recommended coils so are there any tanks that go with this mod that I can use with the 1.8 coils with? Thanks.

    • Hi James,

      any 510 threaded atomizer will work a Cool Fire IV mod, so long as the coil is above .2 ohms.

      Make sure when you buy your atomizer, you also get replacement coils that are compatible.

  31. I bought the cool fire iv yesterday. They showed me how to fill it with e liquid but I don’t think I’m doing it right.are there any pictures showing you step by step how to take it apart and fill and put back together.

  32. Hi, I just bought the Cool Five IV today and find that it makes a loud buzzing noise that the previous model didn’t make. Does this suggest there’s an issue with the unit? I don’t want to be stuck with it when it’s out of warranty and malfunctions.
    Otherwise, like the design and performance very much so far.

  33. I love the product but I am not 100% sure how to utilize it to its full effect. I am NOT getting the flavor out of my juice as much as I’d like. I’m not sure if I need to change the wattage or the voltage or both. Is there anybody out there that can help me set up my unit so that it works the way it was designed to? I bought a kit so I am using the I Sub ohm G clearomizer. If anybody can help me I would really appreciate it thank you.

  34. Hi there.
    I have the cool fire 4. Surely the battery should last longer than a day while vaping on 25 watts. Any advice. Thanks

    • Hi Shaun.

      Battery life depends on the user, ultimately. If you vape often, that battery won’t last you very long. For the average moderate user, it should last fine throughout a day.

  35. I bought this device had it 31 days (1 day) past Warranty. .the company said sorry nothing we can do I said screw it and bought a new one purple in color ..and 44 days later the same thing happened plug it in and about 5 min the red orange and green lights flash power to it at all ..can I please get some help…

  36. I have owned my cool fire 4 since beginning of Jan. Have had issues with mouth piece coming loose and falling out. I have managed with that as the shop I bought it from say I needed to buy a new tank but thought no way as it’s Beauly 8weeks old..That to 1 side it’s now I can’t even use it as all it says is check atonimizer over and over. Really frustrating and can’t find my receipt to take it back. Any advice please.

    • Hi Jonathan.

      What atomizer are you using with the device?

      Try using a small, flat tool and gently prying up the 510 connection pin located within the Cool Fire IV’s stainless steel threading. This should hopefully get rid of the check atomizer error and ensure a solid connection between your mod and atomizer.

  37. Hi, my husband and i have just bought 2 x Cool Fire IV units. We have never done this before and have not had the greatest first experience of vaping. We have adjusted the voltage to 3.0 and the unfortunate results are that we are coughing and spluttering with each try. We have both read the instructions and cannot figure out how to adjust the units. It feels like the vape is far too powerful. Can you advise us on how to turn them down a bit. Sorry for the silly question but we are both quite heavy smokers and wanting to change our ways. At the moment though it feels like we are first time smokers! Thank you

    • Hi Lori!

      For first time users, it can feel very harsh. It all depends on your nicotine level and PG/VG ratio for your e-liquid. What mg nicotine are you using, and at what ratio? I would recommend 6mg nicotine e-liquid and at 30PG/70VG blend since you’re trying to quit smoking.

  38. Hi does anybody know whether the cool fire 4 with isub g atomizer tank can take 100% VG e liquid? I have read that some do not deal with VG liquid so well.

  39. Hi

    had my cool fire for a little over a month now and I love it, but just wondering what is the best Watt and voltage should I have it on, I know its down to taste but I would like a start and end thought, I had a MVP and I used to use that like a soother, so I am not sure what and where I should start. Also is there a juice mg limit I was advised not above 6mg but after two years of vaping I like 11-18mg.

    thank you

  40. I purchased my Innokin Cool Fire IV about 2/3 months ago and been loving it but I recently dropped it and the tank smashed… Gutted! But I wanted to know if you can only use Innokins tanks on them or does it not matter what you use.

  41. I have a cool fire IV only had it 4mo and already dead will not work if not plug in. When plug in you can see that the batt. is fully charge, yet when you unplug it, the LED go’s out. When you hit the power button when its plugged in all you get is a blinking Innokin Technology. any ideas what’s wrong.

  42. Luv this device really helped to get of the cigs.very well made pure quality will be upgrading to the plus when I can .you can never go wrong with a innokin product.

  43. Hello,
    I bought the COOLFIRE 4 about 6 months ago and having the same problem as everyone else with it not charging anymore – Shame because was good when working.
    I live in the UK so I don’t know how I stand as the retailer said I would have to send it back.
    Is there anything that can be done?

    Thanks, Martyn

    • Hi there Martyn.

      Very sorry to hear that! Was it showing any other abnormalities before it stopped taking a charge? Have you tried cleaning the micro USB port?

      Unfortunately, since it’s 6 months old it’s out of warranty. In future devices, we’ll be including a piece of literature that will have lots of useful information on battery safety, health, and care, which will hopefully prevent some of these cases of battery failure.

      We recommend to always charge the device before or as soon as the LED turns red.

      Sorry Martyn. :(

  44. i have a problem with my cool fire it ran out of battery and started too charge so i left it too charge i come back and its completely black screen i have tried multiply chargers and no sign of life it has been on and off charge for about 3 days now is this a known issue i can solve myself or do i need to purchase a new mod?

    • Hi Tom.

      It sounds as if the battery reached a critically low level of voltage and now won’t accept a recharge.

      How old is the device? If you purchased it within 3 months, you can take it back to your vendor and have it exchanged via our 90 day warranty as long as they’re and Authorized Innokin Dealer.

      You can also contact our customer support at

      Sorry Tom :(

  45. My cool fire IV won’t turn on, won’t charge either. It’s as if it’s dead. I haven’t had it long and not used it a great amount yet …. Help

  46. Hi, bought a new cool fire 4, when I plug it to the charger all what I an see on the screen is the sign of battery getting charged and nothing else, it doesn’t fire up while charging, could you please help? Though when I unplug it, every thing works perfectly.

    • Hi there Kamel.

      How old is your device? If it was purchased recently through an authorized vendor, you are eligible for our 90 day limited warranty service. You should be able to passthrough vape while the device is charging.

      In the meantime, since it works fine while it’s not charging, I would refrain from attempting to vape while charging until you get a replacement unit. If it starts to act erroneously, please discontinue use immediately.

      If your vendor doesn’t respond, please visit this link and our support team will help you:

      Thank you!

  47. Is the coolfire 4 compatible with the Clapton bvc coils in my isub g tank

  48. hi ive had my cool fire 4 for about 9 months now and i love it not had any problems with it fingers cross i love it my sister has just go the cool fire 4 storm i find that when i have to change the coil in the iclear 30s that i get a burning taste and also i have a question when i use it the e-juice goes a darker colour is that normal thanks in advance

    • Hi Donna.

      The burning taste is normal. That’s generally when the coil needs to be replaced.

      The ejuice gets darker due to oxidization of the nicotine. Also perfectly normal :)

      Hope this helps.

  49. HI there
    I bought my cool fire IV from a supplier here in Australia 5 days ago. It will not charge and my supplier suggested to contact the manufacturer directly – How do I get my CF4 replaced please.
    thanks for your support

  50. I lost the charger of cool fire IV 2000mAh

    and got a USP charger and it worked

    is it dangerous to use the unoriginal charger ?

  51. Hi, I have CF IV…it works perfectly fine except there is no LCD display at all. I just wondered if I have inadvertently pressed a button sequence and switched it off or it’s just failed ?

  52. Hi

    Have a Coolfire IV TC100 and it was the bomb and was really happy but after buying the same one again i experienced after exactly 90day’s that despite everythign is on i can’t click 3 times to get it to work

    if i hit minus the screen goes on with the message click 3x on but when i click 3 times it doesn’t go on
    so switched back to my old one again ( reason i bought a new one is that the blue paint of the old battery goes off after a while)

    Anything you guy’s can do to help me as when i contact the e-smoker shop i bought it from they don’t even pick up the phone .

    • Hi Arn,

      I recommend you contact our support team for a warranty claim. Since it’s just over 90 days, they may be willing to extend our warranty service for you out of courtesy. Send them an email at with proof of purchase and a brief description of your issue and Cindy and the rest of our support team will help you. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you get a replacement soon.

  53. just charged my cool fire lv turned it on and all it says is shorted any one help me

    • Hi Pete,

      Check the coil of your atomizer. Make sure the atomizer is screwed on snugly and is reading Ohms on your LCD screen. If you could tell me what atomizer you’re using, I can provide more in-depth assistance.

  54. I love my cool fire iv. I use it in wattage mode and have never had any issues during the approx 18 months that I have owned it until yesterday. The wattage value keeps flashing and it won’t fire. Is there a fix to get it going again?

    • Hi Emma,

      Try using the manual on/off switch to reset the mod. Using the switch, set the mod to off, and wait 10 minutes. Then, turn it back on with the switch. Hope this helps- if not, the mod may be on it’s last legs.

  55. Have had this for 19 days! Red and green lights on. Will not come on!!

    • Hi Veronica,

      Soft-reset the device by switching the manual power button to off. This button is found on the bottom of the device. Then, switch it back to on, and press the firing button 3 times rapidly. This should return the device to normal operation. Please also make sure it is properly charged!

  56. Does it come with a tank

  57. My Cool Fire IV died the other day.. one minute using it quite happily, the next absolutely nothing :( GUTTED
    …the amber & red led’s permanently on (green led stopped working a while back, occasionally flickers on & back off). Left it on the side.. Next morning I noticed the screen glowing “INNOKIN TECHNOLOGY” & still the red & amber led’s on ? Nothing happens when pressing buttons & strangely when you flick the switch over on its base, no change ?! Very odd!
    Has anyone else had this happen ?
    Has it gone to vaping heaven ?
    I can’t really complain as it’s been well used. I’ve had it just over a year & a half, been very happy with it.

    So.. My new Cool Fire IV TC100 should arrive tomorrow (not quite climbing the walls, but really missing vaping).
    I have bought the mod on its own as have two iSub G tanks raring to go.. also bought a box of SS 0,5 coils (only discovered today the SS stands for Stainless Steel). Am presuming my old 0.5 coils will work fine as still have around ten of them.

    A reply about my failing Cool Fire IV would be nice.
    Could it be simply that the battery needs replacing ?
    Would be handy to have as a spare, better than it heading to the bin lol..

    Many thanks in advance :)) Happy Vaping ((:

    • Hey Nick,

      Thanks for picking up a TC100! I’m very sorry to hear about your Cool Fire IV. It sounds to me like there’s an issue with the chip.. potentially from physical damage? Do you remember if it was dropped or something happened to it back when the green light stopped working?

      Unfortunately it’s likely beyond saving besides replacing the chip, which isn’t possible as we don’t offer them as replacement.

      As for the iSub G with SS coils they will work just fine with the TC100.

      Thanks for supporting us!

  58. I just got my cool fire iv about two months ago and I went to charge it this morning as my mom with blood clots and other major health issues has been using it religiously as a way to quit smoking and has been doing amazing with it unfortunately it wouldn’t charge like it isn’t even showing me the screen unless I hold it in a certain spot then it blinks all colors for a second shows me a little voltage sign then guess back off then nothing… Any suggestions on what I can do to get this working for us again we loved this thing!

    • Hi Brittany,

      Sorry to hear about your CF4 giving you trouble. It sounds like there’s either a chip or battery cell issue. Unfortunately, neither of those issues are easily repairable, so I would recommend to purchase a replacement or bring it to a local vape store for repair. Very sorry about the issue.

  59. I have had my Cool Fire IV for well over a year and it’s still going strong even in the wake of a couple big time “oops and #%|\£<£*!!!”. At the beginning of summer I dropped it in my pool and did some cussing but as luck would have it, it still worked perfectly! Of course, I immediately dried it and didn’t touch it for a couple hours. I did it again today and I’ll be damned it is still working. Unbelievable! Not for one minute did I think I was going to get lucky twice but alas, y’all have designed one well made device! Thanks much!

  60. I have got two CF4s. One of them always stops working after 0.1S when I press fire button. It just restarts with an “innocin technology ” welcome screen. I have tried several tanks and the same thing happens although all of those tanks work fine with another CF4

    • Hello Andrius,

      How old is the device? This sounds like either a chip issue or 510 connector issue. Make sure the threading of the 510 connector is fully clean and that the brass colored 510 pin isn’t damaged in any way. Reset the device via the manual on/off switch on the bottom- turn it to off, wait 10 minutes, then switch it back to on. If this doesn’t help, you may need a replacement. If it’s within 90 days of purchase, you can have it replaced via our warranty service. Please contact at your earliest convenience if you need to open a warranty claim. Apologies for the trouble and have a good day!

  61. Can I use endura t22 tank with this?

    • Hi Owen,

      You certainly can, although the drag will be a bit more airy than it is with the T22 battery. Set the wattage to 14W for a perfect vape! Thanks for your support and happy vaping.

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