The Cortex TC Vape integrates new Innokin temperature technology and is powered by the IKARNO S1 chip. Packed with 80Watts of precise output and a real long lasting 3300mAh battery, the Cortex TC Vape is designed to be the top of the line compact all day vape.

General Details

Cortex® TC Vape profile

The Cortex TC Vape integrates new Innokin temperature technology and is powered by the IKARNO S1 chip. Packed with 80Watts of precise output and a real long lasting 3300mAh battery, the Cortex TC vape mod is designed to be the top of the line compact all day best TC vape mod.
The Cortex TC Vape is able to utilize Fast 2Amp Charging and features a greater range of Temperature Control & Variable Wattage, advanced safety protections and ‘Vape while charging’ Technology.
The Cortex TC Vape has a flush 510 connection with a spring loaded gold-plated positive pin and durable stainless steel threading. Operated via three durable buttons with a large, bright OLED screen on the base, it is easy to use, stylish and powerful.

Operating Temperature Range:
150-315 ℃ 5℃ increments
300-600 °F 5°F increments

The Cortex Celsius Temperature Range can be adjusted from between 150-315 ℃ in 5℃ increments by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons. Hold the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button down to quickly increase or decrease the set Celsius Temperature. If the ℃ is decreased below 150℃ it will cycle up to 315℃. If the temperature is increased above 315 ℃ it will cycle down to 150 ℃. Press the “pressbuttom” button to lock the set temperature and activate the Cortex.
The Cortex Fahrenheit Temperature Range can be adjusted from 300-600 °F in 5°F increments by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons. Hold the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button down to quickly increase or decrease the set Fahrenheit. If the °F is decreased below 300°F it will cycle up to 600°F. If the temperature is increased above 600 °F it will cycle down to 300°F. Press the “pressbuttom” button to lock the set temperature and activate the device.

Operating Wattage: 6.0 – 80W .5 watt increments
Precision Temperature Control: ±5 ℃
High Efficiency
Direct Current – Steady Power Output
Balanced Even Coil Heat-Up
Ultra-low External Heat Generation
Dry Hit Detection & Prevention
Ultra Low Standby Power Consumption
5V/2A Fast Charging Supported. (Wall Charger sold separately.)

Temperature Control Functions are only for use with T.C. compatible coils
The Cortex TC Vape will only fire Temperature Control or variable wattage depending on the last setting chosen; it will not fire both. You must choose either Temperature Control or Variable Wattage.

To download the Cortex TC Vape Pictures , Click here

To download the Cortex real-time working temperature curve  , Click here

Technical Info

Technnical detail for Cortex TC Vape

Dimension: 24mm × 46mm × 95 mm
Battery: 3300mAh
Standby current: 100uA max
Maximum output Wattage: 80W
Maximum Working Current: 30A
Maximum output Voltage: 7.5V
Clearomizer Resistance: 0.1Ohm (Minimum)
Charging: Maximum 5V/2A Supported. (Wall Charger sold separately)


Cortex TC Vape review

  1. Why is this not available….I need to get one! Now! Looks good!!!1

    • Hi Paul, thank you for your interest in Cortex. We are doing our best to deliver products to our customers ASAP. In the mean time, you can check with our authorized vendors ( more are being added to the list).
      Thank you and wish you a nice day.

      • Hello! Where can I find a silicone type case for my coretx battery? So I don’t scruff it up ! Thank you !

        • Hi Katie! Will have to check with my team as I remember hearing mention of silicone Cortex cases but don’t know if they’re in stores yet.

          • Hi Frank, I got the cortex with a silicone case.

            While calibrating the cortex it showed “ss” mode in addition Ni, Ti & W…I thought that the cortex did not have ss mode. Can I do temp control using ss coils? Tks.

            • Hi Pavan.

              You got the updated, latest version of the Cortex. Yes, it supports TC in SS mode.

              Thank you.

              • Super. Tks for the reply Frank.

                Btw what temp range do you suggest for the ss coils. I also picked up the Isub s clouds and flavour edition. Can I swap the coils in it with ni, ti or ss and use it with my cortex in tc mode?


      • Hey William,

        I haven’t had much luck finding the Cortex TC through the outlets that link leads to. I’m also replying nearly 2 years later, so I figured I’d check to see if there are any updates. Is this product still available?

  2. I am interested in testing this device and doing a review. I also purchase for 3 local stores and an online store as well. Please let me know how I can test this product

  3. I thought this thing was supposed to be able to do temp control with Kanthal?

    • Hi Tony ,

      Thank you for posting comments .

      The new Innokin Cortex will feature materials Temperature Control technology ( Ti, Ni, coils )and will be available for sale at authorized Innokin vendors December 18th 2015 .

      The DisrupterTC with Sensor Temperature Control technology ( any standard wire including the Kanthal , Nichrome coils etc ) is being sent out to top reviewers and customers early 2016

  4. Thank you Marinir :-)!

  5. What types of wire (and grades) will the Cortex be able to use in temperature control. Also, will there be provision to adjust temperature coefficients of the various wire used?

  6. Would you recommend this for rebuildable attomizers I know it’s a silly question but this it be the perfect 80 watts for my custom designed coils in my dripper

  7. Hi there!

    You should make an RBA head for the APEX TANK.Sold separatly or in kit, it doesn’t matter. Everybody is waiting for that product.
    This CORTEX mod looks good.But should be a diferent product.Sould come with 18650 replaceable single battery, not internal one, ’cause Innokin does’t have a product in this line of demand.

    If you send me the CORTEX for review i’ll do it in english and in portuguese.

  8. I can’t wait to get mine. I ordered mine yesterday. I was stoked about the temp control before I ordered it then I found out it comes with the new iSub S tank that made it irresistible.

  9. When will this be released? I’ve been waiting for so long and my box mod just broke and I’ve preordered this amazing product but haven’t gotten it yet

  10. Nice mod but upset it didn’t come with the 2amp wall chager and this charger is not available online so you cant get it. I even called 10 innokin dealers and they didn’t even know about the cortex let alone the 2 amp wall charger. If this is supposed to be a separate purchase why is it so difficult to obtain? All the reviewers on YouTube got one sent to them with the cortex to review but is unable to purchase. So where can a person purchase this 2 amp wall charger? Contacted innokin support two times over a week and got zero reply which doesn’t say much for the customer support. Understand support may be busy but nice to get an email saying we got your message and will get back to you in a few days, but nope got nothing…

  11. Great mod but I was wondering if it’s upgradable

  12. I was wondering can this mod vape stainless steal coils.

  13. Hi, I received my cortex in the post today. Very happy with the product apart from the display screen, it’s slightly wonky, not straight when you look at it when changing temp etc

  14. I just paid for mine yesterday from VaporDNA. I just read on vaping with vic that you have halted new orders for an update? So now I’ve wasted my money because you didn’t let the public know about this. Will my unit I just ordered be able to be updated or am I just out of luck???

  15. Picked up the CORTEX a few days ago and I absolutely love it! I was vaping with the cool fire IV but I started to have some issues with it ( shorting out maybe, when power button was pushed it made a clicking sound and reset it self with no vape) but I love INNOKIN and the products they bring to the vape community so I invested in them again. I am very impressed with the CORTEX and how well it preforms! THANKS INNOKIN!

  16. Just got two CORTEX for my wife and I. Love the feel and look. Only issue we are having is with Ti coils on Temp Mode, after 3-4 second puff, no liquid is displayed. Both of us are using the ISub Apex 5ml black tanks, and tanks are full, coils are primed. Noticed more of thin e- juice coming up the air intake (glass) instead of fogging up a little (big improvement over the Apex 3ml). Getting to hot from not having bottom air flow ( ie. ISub S tank)? Seems to give 8-10 second puff after I calibrate coil again. Working as designed or got some bad one? Love Innokin… The Coolfre 4 with Isub got us off of tobacco.. then got two of the Isub G tanks.. then got two of the Isub Apex 3ml… then two Apex 5ml Stainless.. then two black CORTEX TC mods, plus two black Isub Apex 5ml tanks, plus Clapton, Ni, Ti coils. Keep up the good work and Vape on !

    • Hi, I had the exact same problem, bought mine from Amazon and the re-seller was very helpful, they sent me a new battery, I had the same issue “no liquid” displayed after a few seconds in TC mode, this also happened with Ni200 coils on mine. The supplier got in touch with Innokin and we all came to the conclusion this would need to be resolved with a software update which you would have to get from your local Innokin supplier. As I bought this on-line and UK shops don’t have them yet they will not be able to help so I had no choice but to request a full refund from Amazon. This is a fantastic mod and a real shame as I had high hopes for it.

      I would buy again if I could be assured that the latest software had been applied to the new one. I hope this is made available soon and can be downloaded from Innokin for those of us that purchase products on-line. For now I will have to keep my refund until a new version is released. Fingers crossed, loving the ISub S tank by the way, shame it had to go back with the kit but will be buying one again, I would also be interested in buying the mod on it’s own if this becomes available.

      • Have no dry hit issues in Wattage mode. Just got new SS Coils and taste great and produce great vapor in Wattage mode. Have had the battery last for two days with .50 coils running around 36 watts.
        Get about a full day when running the Clapton .50 around 40 watts. In my opinion the Apex 5ml is still my favorite tank, no leaks, great flavor/ vape. Find it does flood more often if you top off the tank, or fill with the air flow open. Have had best luck filling to the air flow line with the air flow closed off. Thanks again Innokin you are all we use in my house.

  17. Hello,I would like to know what tanks is this compatible with? will tanks from other brands fit?

  18. is this safe for me to use an rda of around 2.4ohm on this?

  19. Very interested in this product but I want to know if the firmware is upgradeable?

  20. Hi guys had my cortex for a week or so just wondering if there any news on the update that coming to these as mentioned on the 17 January by yourself on here as I have been told some new models already have the update installed,

    • Hi Andrew,

      If you take your Cortex to a local B&M that stocks them, they should be able to upgrade your Cortex for you. We supplied out Authorized Dealers with an upgrade cable so they can upgrade their older stock to the newer firmware. Thanks!

      • still no news on the update to stainless steel. now sick and tied off waiting, been told 3 different stories now, you said updates at B&M store but everyone I ask says no, support said update not available yet sign up for newsletter which I done but no new info, youtube review says he got a email saying send into innokin and they will change it and that was back in feburary, WHATS THE DEAL INNOKIN , CAN YOU UPDATE , CANT YOU UPDATE, INFO please not a good service at the moment,

  21. I am currently trying to get into promoting vapes & such would you be willing to let me look over & use this to see which brand is best for me to promote. People have recommended me this brand.

  22. I keep getting a dry hit how do I solve this?

    • Hi Bracken. Need some info from you to help.

      What coil are you using, and in what mode?

      What wattage/temperature are you using?

      What ratio of PG and VG eliquid are you using?

  23. I bought the Cortex about a week ago and everything is great aside from battery life. Battery life is extremely short. I can barely get half a day out of it on (subjectively) moderate vaping (2-3 ml of juice). I expected at least a full day of heavy chain vaping out of it. I used 0.1 ohm Ni200 at 200-220 C and 0.5 ohm BVC at 50W. Is that normal or I have a faulty unit? Can someone please reply so I can request a replacement if faulty. Thank you!

    • Hi Edmond.

      Since the battery is 3300mAh, it should definitely last you longer than 2-3mL of juice. If your vendor is authorized with us, check in with them to see if the battery is faulty and you need a replacement device. If they won’t help, send us an email to Thank you Edmond!

  24. Will there be an update for, the stainless steel coils, for temp control? What is new with the KAL BVC coils? I
    see that My Vapor Store now sells 10 different coils styles for the Isub tanks. I love the Isub line, have pairs of
    every tanks from Isub to Isub APEX 5ML. Love the top airflow design the best, prevents leaks from the coil
    flooding out. Cortex and Coolfire 4 are awesome and so is Innokin.

  25. I just received my Cortex today, but it doesn’t have ss mode. Is this correct?

    • Hi Jason. Sounds like you got one of the original Cortex models.

      You will need to visit a local authorized Innokin vendor to have it upgraded.

      More info will be coming soon on what vendors will be capable of the upgrade.

      Thank you!

      • Hi frank,

        I have left a message but haven’t received a reply.. Have you ever dealt with a problem like the one I have with my cortex?

  26. Hi, I bought a cortex at the beginning of this year and have kept it in good condition but when I woke up this morning and went to use it I noticed the screen had moved down.. I pressed the fire button again and the screen completely blacked out! I can’t get it to work. What could cause this and is there any way I can repair it?

  27. Hi,
    I have an Innokin Cortex that I’ve used about 2 years. Just recently it was fully charged but wouldn’t turn on. Just showed “off” on the screen. Now, it only shows JTF1FNA ATKC00I and still won’t turn on. Not sure what this means.

    • Hi Christian,

      I believe the internal battery has died. Our rechargeable internal battery devices are rated for roughly 250-350 charge cycles. As you’ve owned and used your Cortex for about two years, it’s likely the battery has reached the end of it’s life. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :( I am glad to hear it worked well for you while you had it however.

  28. I’ve had my cortex since 11.05.17, all I get from it now is check atomizer, I’ve checked the spring, clean it and am only using innokin products with it. Very disappointed with the product.

    • Hi Alison,

      I am sorry to hear about the issue with your Cortex. As it’s only been a few weeks past our 3 month warranty period, you should contact our support email to see if they’ll grant you a courtesy warranty extension. Our support email is Hopefully they’ll accept your request and get your Cortex replaced.

  29. Good morning I have a lot of new customers for you. can i contact by phone?

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