Disrupter & Innokincell Kit

The Innokin Disrupter is the latest high powered advanced personal vaporizer and is the first device to utilize Innokin’s revolutionary InnokinCell Vaping Power System LiPo replaceable battery technology.

General Details
The Innokin Disrupter & Innokincell is the latest high powered advanced personal vaporizer and is the first device to utilize Innokin’s revolutionary InnokinCell Vaping Power System LiPo replaceable battery technology. The Disrupter is a compact 50W Vaporizer than can fire down to 0.2ohm. The ultra-durable Japanese buttons have been tested to over 100,000 clicks and the strainless steel 510 connection with gold plated spring loaded positive pin deliver maximum connectivity.
The InnokinCell LiPo Vaping power system has been engineered specifically to power advanced personal vaporizers and is safer, smarter, and lasts longer than current power solutions like the 18650.
The InnokinCell delivers Real power and maintains the full 2000 mah capacity over 300 full charge cycles. With a max continuous output of 20Amp (even at 50Watt output), the InnokinCell lasts longer and packs more real power.
The InnokinCell has an integrated smart-PCB which provides advanced safety features including overcharge protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, auto-shutoff and each and every InnokinCell e cigarette has a unique ID number which can verified online for real authenticity and security.
Choose your own Color Combo from 3 long lasting Disrupter finishes and 7 beautiful InnokinCells for a total of 21 possible Color combinations!
Charged via a standard MicroUSB the InnokinCell also features a Tri-LED touch power indicator so you’ll always know how much power remains and when you want to swap out the InnokinCell for a new one, the Slide- n’Lock system is quick, convenient and secure!
Our dedicated teams continue to strive to lead the way in making the best advanced personal vaporizers available in world today and we appreciate all of the support from our friends, associates and valued customers around the world. With the launch of the Innokin Disrupter and the new InnokinCell LiPo battery we are proud that Innokin once again introduces a new vaporizer technology with the goal of building a better future.

The Innokin Disrupter:

* Operating Voltage: 3.0V-7.5V
* Operating Wattage: 6.0W-50W
* Clearomizer Resistance: 0.2Ohm (minimum)
* Charging: Micro USB DC5V/1A
* Large Bright OLED Screen
* Left/Right Screen Flip
* Large Durable buttons
* InnokinCell Slide n’ Lock System
* 15 second cutoff
* Remembers last Voltage or Wattage setting Ohms Meter & Battery Level Indicator & Puff Counter
InnokinCell Vaping Power :
* Engineered for Superior Vaping
* Real Power
* 300 Full Charge Cycles
* Real 2000mah Capacity
* Tri-LED Touch Power Indicator
* 20Amp Max Continuous Output
* Standard MircoUSB Charging Port
* Vape While Charging Technology
* Overcharge Protection
* Overheat Protection
* Auto Shutoff
* Short Circuit Protection
* Unique Identification Number with Online Verification
* Color Customize your mod 21 beautiful and long lasting color combinations!

To download the Disrupter & InnokinCell Vaping Power System Pictures , Click here  http://imgur.com/a/tjxhe

  1. Innokin is my favorite brand! Thanks for being so generous and good luck everyone!

  2. Working for a company such as yours is and would be a dream come true for me vaping is my passion my hobby it has saved my life from cancer and innokin gives us the tools for our success in the fight against The cancer stix
    Legal Green NY I have to say after a horrible experience with the Kanger 7ml tank and some other of their products, their customer service and refusal of any warranty for the piece, we switched to Innokin Technology Products. We have several tanks and have been much happier with the experiences. No leaking and they actually honor their warranty, what a crazy notion! Would love to get our hands on the new tank!! Keep up the good work Innokin!

  3. Thank you Innokin for this awesome prize! The Innocell is smart, forward thinking, beautiful, innovative, and sure to be an industry leading game changer!

    I am so grateful to you not only for this wonderful prize, but in all seriousness, for all of the care, safety, design and engineering that you put into all of your outstanding products.

    Two years ago this month I purchased my first quality device, an Innokin iTaste vv. I believe it was the first iteration of the vv that you made. I got the full kit with the super quality charger and 20 of the little 10S square atomizers. It was your product that showed me how great vaping could be and that it could really work to finally, finally release me from the hold of a 40+ year PAD addiction that I truly believed would be the death of me.

    My vv is no longer operable, but I treasure it as a reminder of how far I have come. I have never been without an Innokin device since then. I have 11 of them in my current rotation and I love them all. They are rock solid, unique, well made, and beautiful each in their own way!

    I am especially excited for the ECF engraving on the Disrupter, because along with your fine devices, the guidance given to me by the members of that forum have been key to my success! When I had quit smoking for one year, my (grown) children got me an engraved trophy to commemorate my accomplishment. This year, to commemorate my second smoke free year, it seems only fitting that I will have a “trophy” from the company that made my accomplishment possible, engraved with the ECF logo!

    All of this means more to me than I can adequately express! In closing, thank you again for making such creative, quality devices. I am eagerly looking forward to the Disrupter Innocell and to whatever new things you have in store for us! Oh! I nearly forgot!!

    I would love to have the black Disruptor with a purple Innocell. They are ALL beautiful though!

  4. Mindy Thompson-Coffey November 3, 2015 at 2:33 am Reply

    The troops deserve this! AND instead of smoking they are vaping, you guys at Innokin Technology are saving lives & helping the troops do their job saving/protecting lives (& freedom) by helping them have vape gear! you rock #Innokin & thank u to our troops! \m/

  5. Nice product, will there be more powerful cells coming out and one that you could put your own IMR 18650’s in it, so in theory you could but 3000mAh battery in.

    I know they be bigger in size but hell it be worth it.

    • Hi Eric ,

      Thanks for your comments .

      The Innokin authorized vendors have the InnokinCell 3300mAh in stock , if you in the area , please check out .

  6. Hello
    I have just purchased an Innokin Disrupter, I have been vaping with an Itastevv and find it great I use the iclear 16 cartomizer on the itaste and was wondering if there is some kind of adapter to go on the disrupter so that I cant vape the iclear 16 on the disrupter?
    If not which cartomizer do you recommend to use on the disrupter?
    Thanks in advance and thanks for great safe products

  7. I have been trying for 2 days to find the 3300MAH battery for the Disrupter. I cannot find!
    I have been buying Innokin products for years. They are the best!!!

  8. I love my disrupter and my Isub g (want a black one now). Keep up the great work Innokin.

    • Thank you Ed!

      We are constantly looking for ways to improve and upgrade our products.
      We are very glad that you are satisfied with the disrupter!
      We look forward to having you as our customer and will work hard to produce products of great quality!
      Thank you once again!

  9. So does this feature the atc with kanthal temp control???? Why is it not listed in the details

  10. I saw a few things on this box and everyone had nothing but great things to say about it. I have only had mine for about 2 months now and it works wonderfully. The only issue that I have is that the battery and the battery gauge on the LCD don’t match up at all. While charging it will go to green and the LCD will only show that it is about half way charged. Also, while using the box it shows that I will have about a quarter battery left on the LCD, but then shut down saying it has no charge. Other than those 2 issues, this is rock solid. Great vape mixed with the Sense Herakles sub ohm tank.

  11. I am a great fan of the disruptor.
    I wish there were more colors for the batteries namely a gold one to pair with my gold Box Mod and the Silver, also to pair with my Silver box mod. Don’t get me wrong I have more batteries than Mods but besides assembling them with different colors, I would also like to do it with the same color as the mod. So far only the black one is possible to pair Mod and battery. Right now I have all colors except the pink but I have room for more and other color on the mod would also be welcome.

  12. I cant get my innokincell d50 come on idk what I’m doing wrong kinda disappointed

    • Hi Tonya.

      The InnokinCell should have grooves that fit into the railing of the Disrupter’s back. Align the grooves with the rails and gently slide the battery down onto the device until it fully clicks into place.

      Thank you!

  13. Hi , I have been using Innokin products for over a year now , so far they have took me off cigarettes completely and I having smoked at all since buying an Innokin itaste . My wife thought I would never give up cigarettes as I was a very heavy smoker but since buying innokin products I have never looked back and I feel a lot better health wise too , my wife still can’t believe I actually quit smoking lol . My last purchase was the Innokin itaste mvp pro which is a very good device but battery life could be extended and it is pretty bulky too .
    Now I’m looking at this Disrupter and wondering if it’s any better ? It certainly looks great with its mix and match colours and the idea is a break through it seems . But does it really perform ?
    Anyway I have a lot of thanks to give Innokin both from myself and from my wife and hope you all continue to improve and find new and better ways to help us folks stay off the smoke . One huge improvement would be on a far better battery life , I’m sure you are working on that lol .

    Big innokin fan

    • Hey John!

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words- the Disrupter does indeed perform, however the main advantage it would have over your MVP 3.0 PRO would be the swappable battery system.

  14. hello dear Sirs/Madams

    Many of my VapeBuddies and I have been patiently waiting for the arrival
    of the DisrupterTC. Can’t you at least give us (over 80 people) an estimate
    for the release date or has the whole project been canceled?? Pls, to what
    purpose does it serve the great Innokin to keep us mere mortals in the dark,
    such as it is?
    thanks , your loyal vaping fans

    • Hi Steve.

      The DisrupterTC project has not been canned. It is currently still within final testing and development stages. We hope to release it within Q1 or Q2 of 2016. Hope this helps!

  15. My disrupter fired itself last night. Looked over to see it firing. Fortunately I was awake and it wasn’t in my pocket. I had to slide battery off to stop it. Happened again later last night and this morning it is displaying OFF click 3 times. Mutation vx4 at .2 ohm

    • Hi Jeff, that is terrible news! Please discontinue use immediately and visit http://www.innokin.com/support/ and fill out the form to get your mod replaced if it has been purchased within 90 days.

      A personal recommendation from me would be to slightly ease up on the ohm load. .2ohms is the Disrupter’s maximum lower limit and it pushes the battery extremely hard.

  16. This is the 2nd time I purchased an Innokin device, I “thought” I was upgrading when I went and bought a different brand device,well,well, I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to vapes,something always happens,the last issue was the charging port went bad,on this other name brand unit. I wanted to go for the battery powered unit, But something about this vape caught my attention,and wouldn’t you know,the first Innokin device I sold to a friend is STILL working,just fine….and mine,not so much, Wish me luck on my brand new Innokin “Disrupter”!! So far…so good!! i’ll keep ya posted!! THANKS INNOKIN!!!

  17. Hi Guys,
    I purchased your Disrupter recently, and bought a rainbow of colored batteries!! I LOVE IT, BUT just this week it has started to show as “low resistance” on the led screen, and when it does that the only way I can get it to work is to loosen and then tighten back my tank.(Aspire Tritons) I moved two weeks ago, and am now 800 miles from the shop where I purchased them, so I decided to reach out to you guys!! I have always been really impressed by your integrity, and your products…so here I am. Can you tell me how to fix this issue please…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY VAPES!!!
    Thanks so much!!

  18. Hello,

    would you please let us know when we can expect TC version of the Disrupter mod?

    Thank you


    • Hi Tomas.

      No ETA yet on the DTC- however, a TC enabled coolfire is coming quite soon. Come check back to our site and subscribe to our newsletter to know as soon as new products launch!

      • Oh man this is disappointing. I have always used Innokin mods. Started on the VV then to the MVP 2.0 and now the Disrupter With a 3300mah and two 2000mah batteries. The Disrupter had spoiled me, I can’t go back to a mod without changeable batteries.

        But all the new temp control mods are getting tempting. Since there will be no tc disrupter I guess this means no Innokin tc with replaceable batteries. Ugh guess I’ll have to jump ship and get a non innokin mod for the first time.

  19. I upgrade about a month ago to the Innokin! I love, love ,love it! The vape I get off of this is great and I love the battery life and the fact I can vape while charging! Thank you so much for such a great product! It feels sturdy and heavy, I’m not afraid of dropping it and breaking it. I just love the whole design!

  20. Will the disrupter TC have higher than a 50W limit? With my Apex 5 tank I like the .5 kanthal at 30W and the BVC Clapton at 60.

  21. 3641 4th ave s I have been vaping for over 2yrs. In all this time except the first month experimented on store bought ecigs but I found a local vapology vape within a month we had clk 1280 VW /VV MODS . After 3 mths we bought 2 more. Then for about ayear enjoyed these. 2 of the clk are stil in use for my wife. Then I found internet vape shop since then have ordered 4 disrupter mods 1 black,1silver &2gold . Also bought all original innocells 2purple &1of each of the other 6 colors, also have 1 each of the 3300mah innocells I adore all of my disrupters. And friends & family have purchased Innokin products. NO MAJOR COMPLAINTS. I now have 2 coolfire 4 1gold,1purple and 2coolfire 4 plus 1black,1 storm just resently I deceided to try TC so bought cortex in black. But I am still very impatiently wanting the disrupter Tc do you have any idea when? Lastly I still having trouble finding all the different coils, replacement o-rings, drip tips can you place send me how to get from INNOKIN with prices. Thank you I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS

  22. Is this device still in development with the new FDA regulations coming into play, and if so, will there be any foreseeable delays in the release date?

  23. Just received my new TC75, worked great for an hour, now the display doesn’t turn on. Is there a “display off” function that I enabled? I don’t see it in the manual.

  24. My innokin disrupter says “shorted” after 1 second of hitting it and I have no idea why help me!!

  25. My Innokin Disrupted TC75 switched from Wattage to Farenheit/Celcius, how do I get it to return to Wattage?

  26. Natalie Schriver April 28, 2018 at 5:21 pm Reply

    I have the innokincell vaping power system D50 and it won’t hit for more than 1 second. It’s fully charged and has a brand new coil and juice in it. What could be causing this problem?

    • Hi Natalie,

      Make sure the D50 battery cell is fully locked into place and seated firmly. Also make sure that your 510 connector is clean and undamaged. Changing the coil could help as well if it’s a short issue.

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