Endura T20-S

You're going to love the long lasting & beautiful colored finishes! The Endura T20-S is initially available in Standard Black and Stainless Steel finishes.

General Details
Innokin Endura T20-S Complete Kit

You’re going to love the long lasting & beautiful colored finishes! The Endura T20-S is initially available in Standard Black and Stainless Steel finishes. In addition we have new rubberized texture in beautifully finished Red, Grey, Navy Blue and Purple.

The Endura T20-S kit comes with a 1,500mAh internal Li-Po battery. It has integrated safety protection and features ‘Vape while charging’ technology. The tri-color LED power indicator clearly shows remaining power levels and charging status. It stands 132mm tall with an optimized 18 watt output and high-quality 510 connector.

(Individual batteries are sold separately and is available in 1,500mAh & 2,000mAh)


The evolution of the Prism tank continues! The Prism-S is the next generation tank and coil system. Focused on pure flavor and throat hit, this MTL tank provides an exceptional experience in how it vaporizes e-liquid.

The Prism-S coil will let you taste flavors like never before! Just unscrew the cap and fill from the top. Enjoy the optimized draw for just the right amount of airflow and precision vaporization. The Ultimate Flavor Experience, available now!

Battery Capacity: REAL1500mAH/2000mAH
Maximum Output Wattage:18W
Maximum Output Current:6A
Maximum Output Voltage: 3.85V
Clearomizer Resistance: 0.6 Ohm (min.)
Charging: Micro USB DC 5V/0.5A

1x Endura T20S
1x Prism T20S Tank (0.8ohm)
1x Spare Prism S Coil (0.8ohm)
1x Spare Drip Tip
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x User Packet
Colors Available: Black, Stainless Steel, Blue, Red, Purple, Gray

  1. My T20 is charging perfectly yet does not work when i press the button to use it can you help please?

  2. 1. Can I use the T20 S coils on my T20 device?

    2. Can I use my T20 Battery on the T20 S Device?

  3. It seems like every time I buy a new e-cigarette, it leaks. All the invoking products, in the beginning it is fine, then after a few weeks it starts again. I change the filter and it is ok for a few days, then bingo there it is again I start to get the oil in my mouth, it is very gross. Do you make a new one that does not have that problem? I prefer the thin ones. Please let me know. Thank You. Sincerely A desperate vaper. I will not go back to cigarettes.

    • Hi Betsy,

      What kind of e-liquid are you using? Thinner juice (lower PG percentages) can cause leakage more often than thicker juices with high VG percentages. It’s not uncommon to replace your coil every week or so, but you can get more life out of them without leaks if you use a thicker juice.

      • hi I also comment on your idea of a different v juice well I’m using a PG 20 to a VG 80 blend I’ve had my endurance T20 s now for about a week and its started leaking now I shouldn’t have to change any coil or rings as of yet so can you explain why mine would be leaking out the air holes and I fill my tank to not even half way on the tank.

        • Hey Elizabeth,

          Pressure and ambient temperature changes can cause leakage in atomizers, which is likely the reason you’re experiencing a leak without much use. Take the tank apart and reassemble it, or replace the coil.

  4. Are the T20 coils compatible with the T22 Prism tank?

  5. I got mine in the mail, authorized it and went thru all the info. I filled it and charged it and I love it!
    So simple and this red is just beautiful.

  6. I bought the T-20s tank on its own and as a mouth to lung vaper I have to say, you guys are on to something with this tank. I shelved my Nautilus 2 in favor of the T-20S.

    It’s so smooth and flavorful. You guys need to run with this thing. Make a 22mm version with an airflow control and pair it with an Atheon chip device and I will be in vape heaven. 😀

    Thanks for keeping us mouth to lung vapers in mind when making new products.

  7. I have one of the original T20’s and it has a cap on it. Does it still come with the cap? I love it!

    • Hey Cathy,

      The new T20-S models do not come with a cap, as they were prone to cracking. The T20-S has an all new coil design, improving upon the previous version in both flavor and vapor production, as well as slightly more airflow.

  8. Hi two questiona.
    When t20s arrives to Portugal.
    Where i van buy it?

  9. Upgrated from t20 to t20s and I have to say i love the t20s, much better airflow and flavor and the finish is perfect. The best mtl divice on the market in my opinion, well done innokin.

  10. I’ve used Innokin products before and love them – but am curious that this is touted as a MTL device but has a 0.6 Ohm (sub-ohm?) coil. Should MTLers be purchasing the 1.5 Ohm coil or can you MTL with the included one?

  11. Are the T20 coils compatible with the T20s? I can’t find T20s coils anywhere

  12. hi, do you have authorised Amazon seller in the UK?

  13. I purchased the t20 s today and assebled it as advised by the guy in the store all its done is leak from the air holes! It’s driving me insane! Can someone help please?

    • Hi Renae,

      The simplest fix would be to replace the coil. Check and make sure the coil is tightly secured in place and that you don’t overprime the coil when first filling the tank.

  14. Hi

    Just bought a T20s. I was wondering, once it’s fully charged (but still plugged into the power source) will the green light show, or will the light go off?



    • Hey Ben,

      Typical operation will cause the light to turn off once fully charged. However, if it doesn’t turn off on it’s own, it’s fine to take it off of the charger while the light is still green. Thanks and hope this helps you!

  15. Could you please tell me where I can get the 2000mah battery for th t20s in the UK.


  16. Hey Innokin! I’ve been doing a lot of research into your products and I really want to buy one of your products because of it’s FLAVOR. I have two DTL devices and they’re great but I wanted to get something that is inconspicuous and concentrates on flavor.

    I’ve boiled it down to the T20 since everyone says that its flavor is much better than the T18. So here’s my question. What exactly differentiates the T20 from the T20-S? The T20-S comes with a sub-ohm coil but I’m confused as to how that improves its flavor. All in all, which is better in flavor?


    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your interest! To answer your question, it’s primarily subjective on which has the better flavor. The T20-S offers a slightly warmer vape with a tad more airflow, which in my opinion makes for a better overall experience. Opinions vary wildly however so the only way you can know for yourself is to test both devices.

      Thank you!

  17. Can you use the T20 coils with the T20s?

  18. Can i use Prism S 1.5ohm Coil with T20-s ?

  19. i’ve just started to vape and have a T20. i would like to know the difference between direcct lung hit and ordinary vaping (sorry, i don’t have the correct terminology yet!) I don’t know anything about coils, mahp(?) or batteries that you need which are different from ordinary vaping.
    Can you please shed some light for me??

    • Hi Wendy,

      Direct lung hits are typically coupled with large amounts of airflow from the atomizer as well as high wattage from the mod. It delivers a warm condensed vape that is more intense than a standard mouth to lung drag. To direct lung vape, you’ll need a mod and atomizer that are compatible with high wattage and big airflow. Take a look at the Innokin Oceanus and Scion kit!

  20. My base is stuck, how can I get it off?

    • Hi Jasmyne,

      It’s likely just overtightened. There are a few simple ways to handle this.

      First, let it sit in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Then, using rubber latex gloves, grip the base of the tank and unscrew (counter clockwise) it.

  21. How do I know when it is fully charged? How long to charge it for?

    • Hi Con,

      When the Endura T20-S is fully charged, the green battery indicator should switch off. If it doesn’t switch off, it’s safe to assume that your mod is fully charged after the light has been green for 2 hours or more. Thanks!

  22. I just got my beautiful purple pen and some oil today. My problem is I cannot get the top cap unscrewed to fill it. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Julie,

      Try wearing a rubber latex glove while unscrewing the top section. This will give you some extra torque.

      Make sure you are twisting counter-clockwise to unscrew!

      Hope this helps.

  23. Is this device regulated? Any safety protection against the battery?

  24. I have had my T20S for two days and am having problems.
    After I turn the device on (once fully charged) and I go to hit it about 90% of the time when I press the button it flashes green and the device doesn’t fire the coil.

    Why is this?

    • Hi Jeff,

      It sounds like something is wrong with your coil. The LED indicator flashing green indicates a short is present between the connection of your tank and mod. Please replace the coil and see if the issue persists. Let me know if you need follow up support. Thank you!

  25. I am 100percent not happy with my Innokin product. And the authorized dealer I purchased from will not do anything about it, other than saying I got what I paid for.

  26. This thing has tasted like burnt cardboard from the moment I purchased it, I have replaced the coil multiple times and I am using the highest of quality e-liquid on the market.

    • Hi Kerry,

      Sorry to hear that. The Endura T20-S typically has a rich and warm flavor. It’s possible you got a batch of defective coils, or your battery is outputting too much voltage. I would return it to the vendor you purchased it from and have it exchanged for a new one.

  27. Hi,

    I’m using T20 for a while now and was wondering about upgrading to T20S. I do have few questions though.

    1) I noticed that T20S has both 0.8ohm and 1.5ohm coils available. So it’s possible to use T20S with 1.5ohm coils in the same Prism S tank, right?

    2) Is 2000mah battery readily available for T20S?

  28. I’m confused as regards the 1.5 ohm prism s coils which are supposed to work with the T20s. The coils are suggested to be fired at13w to 14w but the mod fires at a constant 18w. This cannot be safe? Please advise.

  29. despite being Fully Charged when the fire button is pressed the debice does not fire.
    Instead the fire button flashes 3 times pauses then flashes 3 more times

    I know the device is charged because the fire button turns green then goes out
    Tried two 0.8 atomizers did not help
    Oddly Innokin included two .8 attomizers in tje box instead of an 1.5 and one 0.8.

    Sent unit back
    Innokin. What does 3 red flashes pauae then 3 more red flashes meen???

    • Hi Kp,

      It is good that you’ve sent the device back, sounds like it was defective and needs replacement.

      To answer your question, it likely meant either an internal short within the device, or a critical error in the chip.

      Apologies for the inconvenience and hope you get back to vaping as soon as possible.

      Happy holidays!

  30. Bought the Endura T20-S for a Xmas present for myself. Its a whole new vaping experience, i use to have a standard starter kit. This endura is so amazing, the tastes. Wow.

    • Hey Alan,

      Thanks so much for the great feedback! I hope the T20-S brings you a great vaping experience for a long time, and hope you had a great Christmas! Happy belated holidays!

  31. Are you able to use both the 0.8ohm and 1.5ohm 20-S coils in the Endura T-20S device?

    • Hey Justin,

      You can, but the 1.5ohm coils might be a bit hot. For best use of both coils, I recommend the EZ.WATT, as the wattage is adjustable and can be better suited for both coils. Thanks!

  32. Will the T20-S tank be available by itself?

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your interest in the T20-S! Currently, the tank is only offered in T20-S and EZ.WATT kits. I suggest either kit, they are a great mouth to lung experience for not a lot of cash!

  33. Hi,

    Can I buy replacement t20 prism tanks as mine is damaged and also can I buy a replacement cap as this is also damaged?

  34. I got the T20S a few weeks ago and it gives a very nice smooth vape- the smoothest I’ve ever had on any device so far and I’ve tried a few. It’s a nice warm vape too that doesn’t get too hot. I gave up smoking last April using the Innokin T18. i went to sub Ohm as I like flavours and got an Aspire but the batteries are not as well made as Innokin ( but like the Cleito coils as they last quite a long time) and I’ve had 2 go on me since then – the usb ports are large and the charger stops fitting. Innokins are very well made- snug usb slots, and no leaking! Great button too and beautiful comfortable mouthpiece. Really love this e -cig!

    • Hey Matilda,

      Thanks so much for the glowing review and kind words. I’m really happy to hear that the T18 helped you quit smoking and that you are pleased with the vaping experience from your T20-S. Aspire is a respectable and good manufacturer as well. Appreciate the support and happy vaping!

  35. Hi.. im from the Wales and all the local vape shops only have the t20 not the t20s and wont order any in, where is a safe place to purchase this product online with the coils? Also what are the best recommended e liquid to purchase with this devise? thank you! :)

    • Hi Jason,

      I cannot personally recommend a dealer to ship to Wales. Check our authorized dealer page and contact them regarding their policy on international shipping.

      As far as eliquid goes, it’s entirely preference :) I personally like anything from Lenola Cream and Twelve Monkeys. Thanks!

  36. Hi as Luke had with his T20 mine is fully charged the light indicates that it is ready to use but there is no contact to make it vape. very frustrated as had to resort to old vape

  37. I have prepackaged cartridges as well not just juice. Can they be used with the t20 s?

  38. I got on to vaporizing just 4 days ago with the T20S and I’m already having issues with it.
    When I press the button to vapour, it goes green but it’s not heating up the oil. The light is green but nothing.
    I charge it thinking it might be low in battery but it still doesn’t work. I’ve been trying for the last half hour but it only worked once and then stopped. I even tried to press it 3 times quickly just in case it’s off. It blinks through the 3 colours but still nothing.
    What should I do? I’ve only filled it up 9 times so I can’t imagine it being the coil need changing. Do I have a faulty one?

    • Hi Tee,

      In a situation such like the one you are describing, the problem is usually found in the coil. Either the insulator is defective or something happened to one of the coil leads. I’d replace it, your T20-s should work just fine afterwards.


    Just want to post this in for others facing the same issues after I was facing problems with my juice leaking out all over my fingers after a refill. Avoid with 2 simple steps:

    1. Keep the screw on tank cap close by and replace ASAP to keep negative pressure in the tank.
    2. Invert the whole thing. Yes, just turn it upside-down, it won’t leak out. Leave for a minute or two.

    This has virtually solved all my problems and now I get next to zero leakage except on occasions. This may increase over time as the wick degrades – I’m not sure haven’t had the opportunity to test that long.

    After reading on the blurb page that the coil was designed to handle high VG liquids, I suspect the cause of leaking to be from using much lower viscosity, high PG ratio juice. I can’t confirm this as I only vape at 65/35 PG/VG myself, but perhaps this is not a problem faced by users of higher VG ratios.

    A side note to Innokin:
    I have begun to have issues recently with the unit turning on by itself sometimes after a vape. I have dropped it a couple of times, but nothing crazy – just from hip-height or less from my desk onto the wooden floorboards – and only a few times.

    This problem doesn’t always happen, but occasionally after I release the vape button, it will suddenly activate by itself again – as though the button was stuck down; I don’t think this is the cause, however, as I can press it again and it will turn off, but then a second later it may turn back on again, continuing until it decides not to.

    I also think that sometimes it is locking itself, and I’ve experienced troubles where unlocking it takes a few tries. Initially, I thought it was me, accidentally p-p-pressing the button 3 times, but now I think that perhaps the internal connection might have come loose or something and this is also the cause of my other problem, what do you guys think?

  40. In the few hours since writing my last comment, my T20 has gone from occasionally turning itself on to becoming virtually unusable. It has already burnt out a new coil I put in when I was posting that comment. I am required to unscrew the battery to prevent it from continuously turning itself on.

    As I scroll back up, reading the comments, I can’t but help notice there appear to be a number of other people having issues with the button. Considering my unit is only a few months old, and some of the people here are reporting similar issues with brand new units, I suggest that you look into the matter further Innokin, as clearly there appears to be some kind of trouble in manufacturing or engineering land, especially following the debacle with the black plastic caps.

    – Dannii

  41. I purchased the T20 S 2 weeks ago and am really happy with the product. I decided to try the alternate top cap with the built-in tip and discovered that it does not seal against the top of the coil head despite the o-ring being there. The result is a lot of spit back to the point where a good amount of liquid shoots out and ends up on my tongue. I’ve tried this with 2 different coils and get the same issue. However, both coils seal fine against the default top cap with the removable drip tip. Is there a way to get a properly working top cap with built-in tip? This is the one that I prefer.

  42. I love my Endura T20 for the most part but I have noticed some of the same challenges other users are speaking of. If I fill my tank more than 1/2 way it leaks. I have tried everything you have suggested in your answers to others but it still leaks. If I fill less than 1/2 it is fine. I can cope with that, it’s just an inconvenience. Also, I had another Innokin vape that I really loved, but it just plain wore out and you don’t offer that style anymore so I went with the Endura. My other complaint about the Endura is that it doesn’t have a very long battery life, unlike my old vape. It does not make it through the day for me which poses a challenge. Can you please tell me the suggested battery life and how long should the battery take to recharge? Thanks for your response!

    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your comments and feedback. Sounds like you have a pressure issue in your atomizer. Do you ever fully empty it before refilling? That could alleviate your leakage.

      With moderate use, the T20-S should last you a full day of vaping. For heavy users, recharging it once throughout the day is normal. The battery should take around 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. Hope this helps!

  43. My son bought the T20S for me for Christmas. Has worked amazing. Changed the coil once, no issues. Changed the coil 2 days ago, and now it is leaking non stop. Can’t set it down, because everything leaks out I have gone through almost a 1/2 bottle of vape juice in 2 days. Can someone tell me where the o rings go? could that be an issue?

  44. I bought the T20 it’s leaks most times now it didn’t when I first got it it’s driving me mad I have change coil I don’t know how many times juice is what I have always used not happy at all

    • Hi Michelle,

      I recommend taking the tank apart and checking that all of your o-rings and gaskets are properly in place and are not damaged in any way. It’s possible one of them is missing or damaged which can cause leak issues. We offer replacement o-ring kits on our website http://www.innokinstore.com if you need a kit. Let me know if you need more assistance.

  45. I recently purchased one of your products with a T20S tank. Unfortunatley this has now cracked and I’m looking to buy a seperate tank to replace the damaged one. Are these tanks sold seperately and if so, where in UK can I order one from.

    Thank you for your help..


  46. I bought the T20 Endura yesterday and I put it on charge today. No light came on once I plugged the USB in to charge it (using a plug to charge in the wall). Is a light supposed to come on to show that it’s charging?

    • Hi Aideen,

      Yes, typically the LED indicator around the button should turn on and show the respective charge status (Green for high battery charge, yellow for medium, red for low). Please check your USB connection, cable, or charging adapter. Try a different outlet or USB port. The T20-S should only be charged through USB2.0 ports.

  47. Hi my wife has just brought the ENDURA T20 S, but it keeps leaking from the two tiny holes on the ring section piece that sits on top of the main body I have taken it apart a few times but it keeps doing it, so can you help.

    • Hi Tim,

      Make sure all of the o-rings are in their proper place and aren’t damaged. A thicker juice can prevent leaking issues. If your o-rings are in place and you’re using thick juice, try replacing the coil, and don’t overprime new coils as that can lead to leakage.

  48. i have a problem/question, when i vape some of the vapor fills up the tank and its not easy to inhale, it seems almost as if theres no air flow. how would i be able to fix this? thank you

    • Hi Joely,

      Check your airflow holes and make sure there are no obstructions. Using a small needle, poke a hole into the cotton juice port on your coil. This should help open up the draw. If not, replace your coil. Hope this helps.

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