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Endura T20 Kit

It’s easy to vape great! Simply pop the protective top cap off and pop it on the bottom. Click the high quality power button three times to power on and the amazing PRISM T20 coils will create incredibly delicious clouds of flavors for you to savor & enjoy.

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The Endura T20 – Next generation Flavor Chasing Vaporizer

It’s easy to vape great! Simply pop the protective top cap off and pop it on the bottom. Click the high quality power button three times to power on and the amazing PRISM T20 coils will create incredibly delicious clouds of flavors for you to savor & enjoy.

Vape the Endura T20 for a smoother, more open draw than the Endura T18 and the flavor focused PRISM T20 coils are designed and tested to wick high VG eliquids.

The Delrin cap is easy to twist open and fill and the 2ml Prism T20 tank is TPD compliant and registered.

The Endura T20 is charged via microUSB, has integrated high quality safety and charging protections and is available in 1500mAh and 1000mAh.

Powered by the Innokin A1 Chipset, the Endura T20 is small in size and big in performance!

Initially available in four beautiful and durable finishes (Black, Silver, Red and Blue) the Endura T20 is the ultimate, compact flavor chasing kit!

Incredible flavors at the touch of a button. Experience vaping bliss with the Innokin Endura T20.

The Innokin Endura T20. Flavor. Redefined.

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  1. Hi, where can i purchase the new t20, thanks

  2. Richard Margott May 8, 2017 at 5:36 pm Reply

    I am looking for a place to buy an endura T20 black, 1000mah and 5 replacement coils. I would like to upgrade from my T18 to this model. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello, Do you offer wholesale for the Endura t20 ?

  4. Hi,

    Can I buy one to test it please ?

    Thanks for reply


  5. I just purchase to Endura T20 because I so enjoy the 2 T18s and T22 that I have. The flavor is great, however I find that the T20 keep leaking, which not only wastes my ejuice, but is most annoying and messy. Can you please tell me what is wrong, as I am very disappointed about this and so looked forward to enjoying this vaporizer?

  6. Really disappointed in the protective cap on this device. Only had the kit for 48 hours and the cap is cracked and no longer stays on! Such a shame and apparently not covered in the warranty.

    • Hi Laura,

      Could you please run me through how the cap got cracked? I can forward your feedback directly to our engineering team.

      • I actually had the same issue with my cap. i don’t know how it happened, but i just got up one morning and it would not stay on when i laid it on the table. when i looked at it it was cracked from top to bottom of the cap, just in front of the holes in the cap.

        • Would just like to report that my cap, too, has cracked, 48 hours after purchase. As well, my e-liquid tank is leaking profusely and there is a new, silver gap between the battery and the tank. I figured maybe I lost a piece, such as the rubber bands that came with the unit’s box. So I put those two over the gap and it’s still leaking. I see no visible cracks in the tank. What the heck is going on here??

          • Hi Clark.

            It sounds to me like the coil was improperly installed. Please make sure the coil is properly aligned- the flat sides should line up together so that the coil sits flush when everything is screwed together.

            • Hey there! I’m back again just to update the situation. The rubber bands in the crack was definitely a bad idea. You are right. I’ve had the issue a few more times since and it’s something to do with that push and turn child-lock mechanism on the coil. When it happens I lose all the oil in the tank as well which creates a bit of a sticky mess. But that all seems to be more human error (on my behalf!) than that of the vape.

              BTW my vape is still working correctly and serving me great :)
              However, if there’s a new version coming out, please make the mechanism I mentioned more simple, if possible? I have a very love/hate relationship with this vape over this issue. It’s definitely the smoothest vape I’ve had. And I rarely, if ever, experience dry burn, unlike a few other popular brands I’ve tried.

              Thanks for replying either way =)
              Other then that one issue I’d say this things pretty perfect

    • Same only had it 2 days and then I noticed the cap is cracked. Are replacement caps available?

  7. I love the T20, however I would like to be able to purchase replacement caps and screw caps as these seem to be brittle and break easily. A few of my friends have had the same issue.

    • Hi Moira,

      The feedback is definitely appreciated. Can you summarize how the caps have been breaking in your experience?

      • François Casteleyn September 1, 2017 at 10:24 am Reply

        Hello Frank,

        My T20 arrived exactly a week ago and I am very happy with the product. I have been careful with the cap because of reports of fragility in reviews on YouTube and Reddit. Nevertheless, I noticed today that it has a crack already.

        I tweeted at you guys today to find out about replacement caps since this is a very good feature for the traveling vaper. The only alternative is top coil if you want to avoid leakage in planes. The Joyetech eGo AIO is perfect from that prospective but the T20 beats it in terms of taste and drag tightness.

        Thanks in advance for your feedback.


  8. Shannon Wormleighton June 29, 2017 at 2:45 pm Reply

    Had this a couple of weeks with light use. It’s having its first charge today. Seems to be leaking an awful lot between the coil and the battery. Had a look at the Reddit feed and have no idea what is meant by ‘blowout’ the tank to stop the leak but other (more experienced) users have had this issue

    Other than that it’s a really great unit and the taste is superior. I’ve not really craved a cigarette since I started using it so it’s fulfilling its purpose.
    The leak lets it down and means i’m uneasy storing it anything other than upright and am constantly having to check its not making a mess.
    Not only that but it’s literally wasting my liquid.

  9. Mine leaks like crazy, and no longer charging. Only owned this vape for 8 days.

    • Hi Steve,

      I am sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with your Endura T20. To start a warranty claim and get your device replaced, please contact us at support@innokin.com with a summary of the issues you’re having as well as proof of purchase. Our support team will get back to you with more instructions.

  10. My brother got me mine yesterday afternoon and I have to say it’s great although I know I’m not going to stop smoking straight away I can definitely feel the difference it has had on me today. Definitely worth getting saves quite a bit of money lol

  11. I got my T20 today, and even though I’ve left the efluid in for hours, I’m getting a harsh draw and a taste that seems like the coil is burning. (I have used this flavour fluid in other vaper’s vapes)

    • Hi Nick,

      The T20 is designed to be a tight, warm draw similar to a cigarette. If you feel that your vape is too harsh, I would recommend lowering your nicotine percentage, or increasing the VG percentage of your eliquid. Thank you!

  12. Hi, does the Endura T20 Model have temperature control?

    • Hello Michelle,

      The Endura T20 is designed to work perfectly with the T20 tank and coil system. As such, it does not have adjustable temperature control, and do NOT use any nickel or titanium coils with the T20. Thanks for your support!

  13. Hi There,
    Can you tell me how often do i need to change the coil on T20? I have noticed the liquid colour has changed and looks darker and was wondering if the coil needs changing?
    i have had my T20 for 10 days and have not changed the coil since purchase.

    Please advise.

    • Hi Kevan,

      Eliquid naturally darkens as it ages. It’s nothing to be concerned about unless we’re talking over a years’ worth of time.

      Coils however will degrade in quality if left in a full tank for a few weeks. Depending on the eliquid, it can become harsher and tighter. 10 days is still fine, but a good rule of thumb is to change your coil at least once every two weeks. Hope this helps!

  14. Decent product for the price but it does leak especially when in your hand luggage on a plane!!!!
    Protective cap also very prone to breaking.
    Good product but does have its’ faults, the leaking is very very disappointing

  15. Hi I bought the T20 from Amazon, arrived about 15 mins ago cap is cracked straight from the box, zero damage to packaging also is it supposed to make so much noise when on, lots of crackling and popping ??

  16. I purchased the T20 today and used once, I left it standing up on my desk and 15 mins later all the liquid had leaked out. The liquid used is the one the guy at the shop said to use and is the brand Vampire Vape, could it be faulty? Should they leak?

  17. Hi.
    Enjoy using the T20 but just like other people the cap cracked from top to bottom and fell off after a few days. Also have some issues with the button. On occasions it will only work if pressed a certain way, which can be really annoying. Other times it’s fine. Considering sending it back.

    • Hi Rob,

      Try using a can of compressed air to blow the fire button. There may be lint, debris, or dirt stuck behind it that’s cause the finicky button issue. As for the cap, please contact us at support@innokin.com and ask our support team for a replacement. Thank you for supporting Innokin!

  18. A very solid, reliable and long lasting battery. Coils are very good, good amount of vape, great flavour and last for ever at moderate use and with various vg/pg ratios. Tank is leaking and overheating and is too airy for a proper MTL vaping. The mouthpiece is weird, too short and uncomfortable, as well too airy for MTL use. Looks like too many sacrifices were made to accommodate the protective cap – which looked like a great idea by itself. However, the protective cap has cracked after only two days of normal use. Nice and versatile little pen to carry in your pocket for all day vape – but need a few improvements to be perfect, in particular for MTL users, as expected from someone with Innokin’s reputation so far.

    • Hi Aleks,

      Thank you for your short review! We are constantly striving to improve our devices and every point of consumer feedback is good for us. Much appreciated and thank you for your support.

  19. Hi i need to get a new cap for my T20 as mine got a crack only had it 5 days. can i buy a replacment

    • Hi Ryan,

      Give our support email a message (support@innokin.com) and request for a replacement cap. Alternatively, you could try contacting the vendor you purchased it from for a replacement. Thank you!

  20. Here’s my review of this product:
    Bought a T20 pretty much exactly a month ago. Had tried e-cigs before but without success. Bought this one without great expectations. However since buying it I haven’t touched a single cigarette so really pleased with it! Used to be a 7-15 cigs/day smoker. Got into it really easily, I enjoy the variety of flavors and had pretty much no cravings, using 5mg/ml juice 3-4 times a day for about 5min per session. Didn’t have to recharge it for a whole week on this usage, and a tank full of liquid lasts near enough 2 days. I am only now finishing my tank before changing the coil as the taste has changed.
    Did have some minor issues however:
    – The base is very wobbly, being slightly narrower than the rest of the vape, making it very easy to topple over on any surface. When it does fall over, it always sounds like the glass is about to break (although it hasn’t). In its defence, I have once dropped it from waist height onto the pavement and nothing broke so it’s probably tougher than it looks/sounds!
    – The cap fitted to the base is a great idea, and does help reduce the chances of it falling over when stood up. But the cap is so brittle that it broke within 2 days of having the device, without any noticeable drops or knocks. Using a different material would probably be a better idea. I have given up on the cap now.
    – My vape started leaking after a knock, making a sticky mess of anything in contact with it (not overfilled nor old coil). After blowing into the mouthpiece (from a few cm away) with the vape firing, no more leaks detected!

    I have looked for silicone cases for this vape without finding any. Are there actually some that would fit the T20? I would really like one as I am paranoid the glass is going to break every time anything knocks it or it falls over from standing.

    All in all a great piece of kit that’s allowed me to stop smoking instantly, without even trying that hard.

  21. Generally pleased with this product so far. One question however – the latest pack of coils I received appeared to be a modified design (i.e. the holes revealing the cotton appear to be bigger). Is this some sort of upgrade? Just wondered as I can’t find any information on it, but they do seem to be performing a bit better.

  22. I would just like to throw in my bit, as I love everything about this pen. Well, almost everything…

    I think the protective cap is a fantastic idea, saving my handbag from wayward juice while keeping the tip dirt free when it’s in my handbag. It’s also a place to rest the top upside down when you’re filling the tank.

    HOWEVER… the reality is that something is VERY wrong with this feature.

    9 out of the 42 comments on this page talk about the brittle easily fractured nature of the caps.
    Something is wrong with the manufacturing process or the design.
    The plastic used in the construction of the cap is too brittle for the purpose of its intended design. Ie. to clip on and off. Additionally, I noted that when clipping it onto the base, the tolerance was much lower than the top, so a far greater force had to be applied in order to get it to snap on. Whether this is the case of the majority of these breaks, I don’t know but I don’t think it would be helping. I would suggest that you guys get your battery base dimensions machined a might smaller – for starters.

    Either the plastic or the manufacturing process behind it is at the center of this problem, as can be attested by the number of reports here of caps that are already cracked upon opening a T20 kit new or very soon after.

    I myself have had 2 caps. One that broke after a day of use from ordinary use (including placing it on the battery end once) and a second replacement cap from my authorised vendor that was already fractured upon arrival Both were broken in exactly the same location – a crack starting at the lip on the front side, running up through the raised ridge or clip on the inside, above the lip (that provides the secure “snap” into place) then up to the top, bisecting the plastic collar completely underneath the left “nostril”. I would wager most caps have broken in the same place.

    Anway I hope my detailed explanation of the problem help resolve the issue on a more permanent basis. Whilst sending us caps via support is better than nothing – a cap that lasts 2-3 days isn’t much of a replacement and what I would like to see is a better made cap otherwise it’s essentially useless feature.

    Otherwise I found it to be very nice. Very small compared to most other pens, especially with the 1,000 mAh battery. Tasty and clean with an enjoyable draw, without heating up at the tip or the battery and a mouthpiece that I enjoyed the feel on my lips. I did note my juice consumption rate was upped a considerably over my K-3 Aspire that I was using previously. Flavours were definitely comparable, if not better – although it’s hard to tell as I broke the tank on that and had been dripping down the neck with an old coil for so many weeks I’ve probably forgotten what it was like working.

    Compared to the K3 (and others?) I love the short 3 button presses to lock & unlock as well as the rapid notification blinks. 5 presses and 5 blinking flashes with the K3 were slow. The T20 is locked with 2 green flashes or unlocked with the circle colour swirl. Nice touch.

    If like me you get one and find that the air holes aren’t aligned when the coil is tightened in properly, before filling it up with juice, turn it upside down and try flipping the coil 180 or failing that check the coil seating to make sure it’s properly flush.

    So much good stuff that it’s a shame the cap is so obviously flawed. I really hope you guys fix it (and send me a Cap 2.0)

    TLDR; Endura T20 very good, Cap very, very bad.

  23. I discovered I had a leaking problem as well, and at closer inspection, all that was needed was to tighten everything! I cleaned everywhere the e-liquid had spread as best as I can with super absorbent material. No leaks so far for the past 8 hours. So before using, even from the box, inspect every component is tightened properly to prevent leakage! The Endura T20 works so awesomely, and the flavor! I thought I had bought a bum e-liquid, Mokuoyatsu brand, but the T20 has proven that my selection is a great one. Thanks!

  24. I am so sad. I have been using this vape for 3 weeks weaning down to quit cigarettes. After just three weeks it stopped charging. I took it back to the store and they gave me a refund but they did not have anymore in stock. So running all over town to find another one I finally just got a pack of cigarettes. 3 weeks and it doesnt work anymore…kind of sad.

  25. Only owned my endura t20 for a couple of days now and no leaks or bad caps! Working great! Simple and probably noob question, should there be a constant light when charging battery? Love this so far!!

    • Hi Thomas,

      That’s excellent! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your T20. Yes, it’s perfectly normal to see a light while charging; that is your LED battery level/charging indicator. Hope this helps!

  26. Hi There, i bought one T20 1500mAh a week ago but, lost the cap :( can i find one

  27. I was so blown away by this device I had to post some feedback for you guys. I LOVE this thing and am super excited about it! Totally speechless. I was a big fan of the t18, so as soon as I heard there was a “sequel” (I got the news a little late), I picked up the T20 in black, 1500mah battery, and just ordered the 1000mah battery also. In my opinion this blows away the t18. The design is so much sleeker and more enjoyable overall, lots of very nice improvements. The slightly smaller size gives this a stealthier feel. I actually love the smaller tank size because I switch flavors fairly often. The flavor is INCREDIBLE IMO compared to the t18 and just about any other MTL device I’ve tried.Every single hit is consistent and full of flavor. 13W is perfect! The cap is a beautiful idea, and sadly mine did crack also. I used a tiny bit of black tape and the cap fits perfectly now, so really not a huge issue. All in all you guys have created a masterpiece! Very happy with this device and wanted to pass this along.

  28. Bought my T20 yesterday. Is it normal to have constant popping and crackling when in use? One vape came very hot from the device I thought I burned my lip!

  29. Hi, I have just bought the T20, I have had leaking problems but fingers crossed it will be ok now, my question is you click the button 3 times to power on the device then it tells you to always power off after use, How do you power off?

    • Hello Anne,

      Powering off the T20 is as easy as turning it on :) When the T20 is on, just click the fire button 3 times and it’ll be powered off. Let me know if you need any further assistance and thanks for supporting Innokin.

  30. Hi I have a t20 I would just like to say since having the t20 I have only had a total of 15 tabs within the 2weeks of having this. My question is it a common thing having the coils go just I think I need a new coil for mine just can’t work out how to do it again and can the coil be changed when liquid is still in ?

    • Hi Roberto,

      Coils need to be replaced every now and then depending on how often you vape. For most people, it’s around one to two weeks per coil. The coil can be changed while e-liquid is inside but the liquid will spill out of the drip tip. I recommend draining and cleaning the tank, then removing the coil and replacing it.

  31. I am really struggling with my Endura T20. The Coil is jammed in the Threading and I cannot remove it. I am unable to use it as the Tank does not fit securely and the liquid is dripping. I have only had this for one week and was refilling the liquid. Not sure what I should do.

    • Hi Dee,

      It sounds like your tank was overtightened. You’ll have to unscrew it to fix your issue. Try wearing rubber latex gloves, it can assist your grip when trying to unscrew the tank from your T20.

  32. Hi,
    I don’t quite understand what the coils are for. Thinking about buying this.


    • Hi Richard,

      Coils are a very vital component to a vaporizer. They contain a heating element, typically a wire of kanthal or stainless steel, wrapped in a coil chape and stuffed with cotton that is used to wick e-liquid. The wire heats up which vaporizers the e-liquid.

      Coils need to be replaced as the cotton will get singed over time.

  33. Hi there, loving the t20 only thing is I’ve had it on charge for over 2 hours now with no use and the green led is still on. Instructions say it should turn off when charged. How long do they take to fully charge? Thanks

    • Hi Kieron,

      A full charge should take around 3 hours. If the device does not turn off and it’s stayed on green for a while, just remove the device from the charger and power cycle it by turning it off and then on again. Hope this helps.

  34. Samantha Fernihough October 15, 2017 at 11:01 pm Reply

    Hi my t20 is flashing green when i press the button and has stopped working. What does this mean? Also my cap has broken ?

    • Hey Samantha,

      When your T20 flashes green, that means the coil connection is incomplete. I recommend replacing the coil and fully recharging your T20, it should work just fine afterwards. Let me know if you need more help.

  35. I upgraded from the T18E to the T20 as I have horses and so my pockets are always full of all sorts of junk and I was fed up of getting stuff in the mouthpiece so I thought the cap was a great idea. Unfortunately I’ve had it only a couple of days and the cap is cracked and won’t stay on. Where can I get a replacement as this was my main reason for purchase.

  36. I have T18 and I want to buy T20 as well but before I would like to know at what Watts it is optimized

  37. T20 does not show any light whilst charging. Triple press of button doesn’t turn it on or off reliably. Only had for one day. Very aggravated with this. Should I just return it to seller and look into alternative?

    • Hi Jane,

      It sounds like you’ve received a faulty T20 unit. Fear not! Our warranty covers all manufacturer defects within the first 90 days of purchase to the original owner. Bring it back to your vendor and they should exchange it for a brand new one without any hassle. If they won’t, please contact us at support@innokin.com with proof of purchase attached and we’ll guide you through the warranty process. I very much apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

  38. Hi Frank,

    have the coils for the T20 changed recently? I bought a box of 5 yesterday from a vendor and the holes on the side are now much larger, also it takes longer now for the coil to be usable after filling for first time. With the smaller holes you could just fill and vape, now if you dont wait a good 10 mins you will be vaping burnt wick…yuck
    Bring back the old coils!!

    • Hey Frank,

      Yes, the T20 coils have been updated. The idea is to have bigger wicking holes to keep up with chain vaping as well as providing better flavor. Give them more of a chance before you write them off :)

  39. Hello,
    is already a new version of the cap available? As with the new coils? The new coils are great. :)

    I love the Endura T20 the taste is great and with the cup I can transport it well.
    I’ve already bought 10 replacement cups, but they creaked the same way. The price of replacement cups is expensive because after 2 weeks they creaked and I need another one again.
    I use 4 Enduras T20. They are my favorite.

    Greetings from Germany.

    • Hello Kerstin,

      Thanks for the love from Germany!

      If you really desire the cap function in your vape, give our new Pocketmod a try. It sounds like it would suit your needs very well!

      • Hello Frank,
        I will give it a try if all my T20’s are faulty 😉

        But until I would like unbreakable caps for all of my t20.

        There will be new caps?

  40. Have had for a few days and it is giving a burnt taste like plastic burning each time after a few draws. Am soooooo disappointed!!!

    • Hi Sharon,

      Try replacing your coil. It sounds like the coil insulator is failing and needs to be replaced. This should give you better flavor and no burnt taste.

      Also, make sure you prime your coil before vaping by dripping a few drops of e-liquid onto the coil before filling the tank up.

  41. Absolute garbage. My wife and I bought T20’s about 3 months ago and now both are useless. They keep switching themselves off and refuse to work. Total waste of money.

  42. Can you use any other coil in the endura t20. Was thinking of try direct lung inhale but didn’t want to buy new device unless I have to.

    • Hi James,

      No, the T20 only takes T20 coils. Also, the Endura T20 battery is not equipped to provide power to sub-ohm tanks for direct lung inhales. I’d recommend taking a look at the Oceanus and Scion bundle if you want to try out direct lung vaping.

  43. can you please put me right between coils/mahps/batteries and liquids for direct lung and ordinary vaping? please.

    • Sure Wendy!

      For a standard mouth to lung vape, try our Endura T20 with default settings and coils. For a direct lung hit, try out the Innokin Scion with an Oceanus at 80W with standard Scion coils. I hope you decide to pick up either kit! The T20 makes for a great stocking stuffer as well.

  44. Hi there
    Just bought my T20 today
    It was working in the shop but when I got home, when I tried to use it’ I pressed the button and it made a cracking sizzling sound and some smoke came out. Doesn’t seem normal’ is it?
    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Sam,

      This is normal. The cracking sizzling sound is from e-liquid drying on your cotton wick. Once you’ve vaped it a few times the noise will stop. Keep in mind that this will happen every time you stop using your vaporizer for a few hours- it’s harmless and part of vaping.

      Make sure you start inhaling slightly before you activate the firing button, this way the coil doesn’t overheat from a lack of airflow and the flavor is best.

      Hope this helps :)

  45. I have bought 2 of these over the past couple months and both of the batteries have stayed yellow and when you let it cycle through and die and recharge, the batteries will not work.

  46. hello
    Myself & my wife both started vaping about 3-4 weeks ago
    we have both been using the T20 which we both like but like about 30/40 other people we have had Cap Problems
    i have just e-mailed support.uk@innokin.com to be told there is nothing can be done about this !!!

  47. Bought the t20 a week ago, some of the issues i have faced

    a. it leaks a lot, i fix it and think oh that was the issue now it should be okay, and it leaks again the next day
    b. the cap is fine for me
    c. the t20 didnt come with a charging adopter so using my USB port of the laptop. dont know if its safe.
    d. and can anyone tell me how long i should charge it?

    Hope to hear from you guys

    • Hi Malik,

      The T20 is safe to charge via your computer as long as the USB port is USB 2.0.

      Leaking can be a number of issues. Your juice may be too thin, your coil might need replacement, you may be missing an o-ring, or drastic temperature gauges may be messing with your tank’s internal pressure.

  48. Hey!
    I buy 2 x Endura T20 on Helsinki shop called FinnVape.
    But on first day i lost my protective top cap! I pop it on Enduras bottom when i was walk on bus and when i tried to put cap back top of enduro,its has fallen somewhere :( I think earlier that cap aint gonna keep on bottom very long time,because,its was loose (just mine,not my boyfriend,his cap keeps tight!)…
    I buy two of endura 20,another is girft to my man and he like it too,but i wonder where i can buy/get a new protective cap,because i cant allways use my mans cap and whitout cap its very difficult to open tank…
    Thaks for answering!
    T. Sanna Aaltonen

  49. hi, I must say since buying the T20,, I have not needed to buy tobacco at all. love the ease of use and the flavours u can buy. my only question, is why in the instruction book it says do not charge by car? I have usb sockets that charge mobile phones etc, and with us travelling in our motorhome this year was wondering how I’m going to charge these up, as I wont be connected to mains hook up.
    look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Chris,

      Happy to hear the T20 is working out well for you! We don’t recommend car charging because there is a lot of variance in amperage and cable quality. High amperage can kill a mod’s chip. We have had many complaints of car chargers bricking our devices, so we do not recommend them and do not cover devices bricked by car charges under warranty. A portable charging solution can be any portable charger that has a charging port with an amp rating compatible with your device. Refer to your product manual for recommended charging amperage. Hope this helps.


  51. I bought the T20 a couple days ago. However, I wasn’t thinking and jumped the gun and tried to take a hit before letting the liquid sit in the tank. However, now it is filled, as well as having a burned taste as expected, it also burns the back of my throat? Will a new coil fix the burning issue?

  52. I just want to reassure that I can use an Intellicharger like “Xtar U1 six-U 6-Port USB 9A 45W AC” for charging the T20. The seller says that it can be used with any electronic cigarette. Thank you!

    • Hi Anna,

      That charger should work fine. The only worry would be if it provides more amperage than the T20 can handle, but it looks like the charger has features that step-down the current to an appropriate level for the device it charges.

  53. Just to be sure:
    Can I use an intellicharger like “U1 SIX-U 45W 6-Kanal USB-Netzteil” to charge the T20?

  54. My device isn’t working. Bought it a week ago. Charged it yesterday for the first time and when I try to use it light flashes a few times (green) and doesn’t work. Is there something I can do on my end or do I need to replace the device?

    • Hi Y,

      I would recommend trying a different charging cable and adapter before replacing the device. If other cables and adapters don’t fix the issue, it needs to be replaced. We offer a 90 day limited warranty on our products to ensure they are free of manufacturer defect or we’ll replace your purchase. Contact the vendor you purchased it from or email us at support@innokin.com with proof of purchase and a brief description of the issue. Sorry for the trouble, hopefully it’s just a cable issue.

  55. Absolutely love this. It is an excellent pen vape. I bought as a spare to my main mod but I love this little T20. Check out my YouTube review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtaAvIGarWs.

    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks for the kind words and great review! We hope you pick up more of our products in the future and review them as well! Thanks for supporting Innokin and happy vaping!

  56. Hi,

    I recently changed the coil in my T20 device, it’s the first time I’ve changed the coil, and I’m now getting a horrible, burnt taste whenever I use the device. Is this normal? I changed the coil as per the instruction manual and the taste is definitely not from the liquid.

    Is this maybe a defective coil?


    • Hi Lynne,

      It’s possible you have a defective coil, but I’d also like to point out that it’s quite important to wash your hands when you handle any of your coils as the dirt, oil, and grime from your hands can alter the flavor of your coil severely.

  57. Not sure why, but I had left a message/query on here about a week ago and it was being “moderated” for some reason, and then it was never posted, nor did I get any kind of response from your company. I must say I am quite disappointed with the deficiency of customer service that Innokin provides. However, I am going to try one more time. My question is what is the highest %age of VG that the Prism T20 coils are capable of wicking?

    • Hi Brett,

      I do not see any prior comments left by your IP address, possibly it was never submitted? Anyway, in regards to your question, the T20 can handle fairly high VG content e-liquid, up to max VG in most cases. I’d recommend 70% VG for best performance. Make sure to avoid juices with lots of artificial sweetener as they will significantly decrease the lifespan of your coils. Thank you!

  58. Arup Chakraborty May 3, 2018 at 8:43 am Reply

    I purchased 3 kits of Innokin Endura t20 device from litejoy, first one’s cap was broken from the cap top wholes within 7 days & now after 26 days old device leaking from under the coil & liquid fill in the battery screw whole, after that coil was not working & device battery after start up only blinked with green lights. What is the issue & what is the resolution please tale me, also I want to know that are your products use and through or have you any service support.

    • Hi Arup,

      Our after sales support can be reached at support@innokin.com via email. I would suggest contacting them as soon as you can in regards to your issue. We offer a 30 day warranty on the Endura line of our products. Please get in touch asap! So sorry for the issues.

  59. My t20’s light keeps flashing green when i press the button but no vape is coming out. I tried taking the tank apart as if i’m changing coil and putting back together but it’s still flashing. I just changed the coil so i don’t think it needs changed again.

    • Hi James,

      Your 510 connector or threading may be dirty. I’d suggest gently cleaning your tank and mod’s 510 connectors with a cotton swab lightly soaked in rubbing alcohol. Then, dry both connections and try again.

  60. Hi guys,

    Could you please tell me what material are the coils and atomiser made of ?
    Nickel, Kanthal, Stainless Steel ?

    Best Regards,

  61. Hi,

    Have the endurance t20 and it has recently started to leak and the part with the tank doesn’t seem to scew down to the next piece… it has a tiny gap…
    please help as I don’t know why it has now just started to leak

    • Hi Tia,

      I assume you’re referring to the coil.

      The T20 has a push in slotted coil. You need to make sure the coil is aligned properly at the bottom of the atomizer. There are 2 slots that will line up with the coil to ensure it sits flush. Once it’s flush, the leak should stop.

  62. My girlfriends vape keeps leaking, cleaned out the coil etc but still leaking. Do I need to change it? Also how do I get a cap in the UK?

    • Hi Jack,

      The coil might just need to be outright replaced. It’s not uncommon for that to happen once the coil is fairly well used.

      As far as replacement parts in the UK goes, please email our support team at support@innokin.com for this matter. They’ll point you in the right direction. Thank you!

  63. Hi, I recently bought the t20 and 5 could off the internet. I really like this product apart from the coils are lasting less than a week each, would you know a reason why?

    • Hi Claire,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! The coil lifespan heavily depends on overall usage and juice recipe. The more sweetener a juice uses, the faster a coil will taste burnt. Try using a juice with less sweetener (or none at all) for the best coil lifespan. Thank you!

  64. This product was so perfect when my wife and I were quitting smoking. I have been using the t20 since January. However have you developed a more reliable battery? I have bought 6 now since January. And once again the newest pipe burned out again. I love the temperature of the burn, the aesthetics are great, but a replacement battery would be great.

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you for your support and happy to hear the T20 has helped you and your wife quit smoking! We’ve updated it a bit with the T20-S, and have more down the pipeline. As they are introductory mouth to lung products designed to help quit smoking, they are engineered with affordability in mind. If you’re looking for a longer lasting solution, I’d suggest getting a Proton kit and pairing it with the Zenith atomizer for a wonderful mouth to lung vape!

  65. The t20 is not charging and won’t turn on

  66. Very disappointed as I contacted the customer care email address as advised on this page to see about getting replacement caps and received a reply saying no they are not covered by the warranty and sorry they can’t be of any help!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Sorry to hear you are unhappy about the support you received via our email line.

      We offer replacement drip tips and top caps via our webstore, http://www.innokinstore.com. If support is not willing to send you replacements, I’d recommend looking at our webstore and purchasing replacements. They are very low cost.

      Sorry for the inconvenience!

  67. I commented on this page and you won’t post it. I have had 2 of these and they both quit tacking a charge the local retailers told me it was over 90 days nothing they can do. Less than 4 months and both quit working. Now they want me to buy another one.

    • Hey William,

      I apologize for your T20s not working properly after the warranty period. Unfortunately, as your shops have advised, our warranty period only covers the initial 90 days since purchase. I am really sorry about that. I hope you can get another vaporizer and start vaping again asap.

      All the best.

  68. Just bought two Endura T20’s today. I have been reading through comments about tanks, coils and all the rest. Where can I buy these replacement parts when needed?

  69. I love this pen, but after using it less than a month the battery started to die. I hate that happened because I love this pen i do recommend it.

    • Hi Tafne,

      I’m sorry to hear about the battery dying in your T20. Have you tried replacing the coil, and also tried multiple different battery chargers and cables?

      We offer a 90 day warranty for all defective products. Please email us at your earliest convenience at support@innokin.com to open a warranty claim. Please keep in mind that as the Chinese New Year holiday draws near, response times will be much slower than usual.

      Thank you and apologies again for the trouble.

  70. Is it possible to use the T18e coils with the T20? I have a few packs to use.

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