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Endura T22 Kit

Crafted with top quality materials, the Innokin ENDURA T22 is a 1 button, easy to fill & easy to use compact personal vaporizer that is long lasting and available in three great looking finishes.

General Details

Endura T22 Vape Mod profile

Crafted with top quality materials, the Innokin Endura T22 Vape mod is a 1 button, easy to fill & easy to use compact personal vaporizer that is long lasting and available in three great looking finishes.

Right out of the box, the Endura T22 Vape mod is intuitive to use and it packs a powerhouse of flavors that deliver a great, natural, mouth to lung vape experience.

The replaceable ENDURA T22 coils have been designed to deliver consistently deep and amazing flavors. Choice Japanese Organic cotton wicking draws the eliquid up to the dual top coils which create delicious clouds of flavors. The T22 tank is made of Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass and is quick & easy to fill and easy to clean.

The Endura T22 Vape tank is a 4.5ml which will last a day of vaping and it’s easy to refill just by turning the top and adding your favorite eliquid. Optimized at 14 Watts with specially designed 1.5 Ohm coils, the ENDURA T22 brings everything good that we’ve learned about vaping and combines it into on Complete Vaping System.

With real 2000mAh of real battery capacity, the ENDURA can be conveniently charged via standard Micro USB cable and features Innokin’s ‘Vape While Charging’ technology for a daily vaporizer that you can rely on.

Advanced integrated safety protections guard against overheating and over discharge and greatly improve charging safety and overall reliability.

The Innokin ENDURA T22 is the ultimate smoking alternative that delivers a superior experience in a compact, durable and long lasting all in one kit.

Real 2000 mAh Capacity with a coil optimized output of 14Watts at 1.5 Ohm, ENDURA T18 Coil Compatible.

100% Japanese Organic Cotton delivers rich flavors and full satisfying clouds.

4.5ml Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass Tank with matching Delrin mouthpiece.

Integrated PCB safety and charging protections. Recharged by Micro USB.

Replacing coils is quick and clean with the No-Spill Coil Swap System.

To download the ENDURA T22 Complete Vaping System pictures, click here http://imgur.com/a/SUd4y


Endura T22 Vape Mod review

  1. I purchased a T22 yesterday at the advice of a sales assistant at the vape shop. She put it together for me and filled it. I started vaping it 10 minutes after and it wasn’t as good. My vapor starter kit that I’ve been using for the last year or so was giving me much more vapour.. When I got home I noticed that e liquid was leaking from it quite alot. I figured that that couldn’t be right, so I checked the instructions which explained the exact way the assistant had assembled it at the shop. I emptied the tank and had a closer look. No seals were in place on the T22 and all the contact points were metal to metal (which were obviously going to leak) I read the instructions again and nowhere in the instructions did it say anything about adding the o rings. I found them in the box underneath the stickers and eventually worked out which were needed, put them on, refilled and the difference was clear straight away. Much more vapour without any leaks. If I had been new to vaping I wouldn’t have known. I had checked out some youtube reviews for the T22 and they had assembled it the same way as the shop assistant and described on the box. They also said you have spare o ring seals. They aren’t in fact spares but need to be put on before use. The only spares I was left with were the two smallest rings for the drip tip. Hope this helps.

  2. What do I do if the red light just comes on when I try and use it? Is it broken? Please help

  3. I have been using Innokin products, exclusively, since the original MVP due to the performance and quality. I have recently purchased the Endura T18 and the Endura T22. By far, my favorite devices to date. The only issue is, the T22 charge indicator light does not change. The button has lot green since I received the unit. This has not impacted the excellent performance of the device, so I haven’t been to concerned; however, I have to remember how long is been since I charged it, or risk the battery dying on me during the day. When charging, the light never cycles through, either. It remains green until I unplug the device. Again, I love Innokin products, and am not complaining. I just wanted to raise the issue as an FYI, in case there is an issue with the product, at large. Thank you.

  4. Had the T22 for a week now and it is great! I’ve stopped smoking tobacco thanks to this device. Is it possible to get spare tanks for the T22 or will the i sub tanks fit? I can’t find T22 tanks anywhere.

    • Hi Blemmy.

      We do not currently offer our T22 tanks separately, but we are discussing it for the future. Thanks for supporting us!

      • I got a tank separately from Mtbakervapor and I am so pleased with it, it works in all my mods at 14-15 watts with no leaks at all, I am about to get some more, the coils last a good two weeks! I finally found a tank that works and does not leak. Thanks Innokin. If you would do a tank using this format but with sub ohm coils would be fantastic.

      • I broke my T22 tank, is there a replacement or compatible tank you offer?

    • Blemmy – FastTech has the T-22 (and T-18) tanks separately as well as the full kits. I was so tickled to find them – now I have the spare T-22 sitting atop my Cool Fire IV and they are both happy (and me, too). Yeah, I’m an Innokin ‘fan girl’ for sure! Good luck & Vape On!


  5. Got the T18, then the T22 and am very pleased, the coils last a long time and I have had no issues. I would like to know how you know when the coil needs changing, because the vapour is still good, but it becomes hard to draw, is this right?

    • Hi Lynda!

      It will become slightly harder to draw, and you will notice a significant drop in flavor. When you start tasting a slight burnt taste, it’s time to replace the coil. Thanks!

  6. I received my t22 the other day and used it for the first time last night. I let the liquid sit for 5 minutes, as per the instructions, but from the very first hit there was a burnt taste and the tip got very hot after drawing on it for only 2 seconds. This didn’t seem right, so I turned it off and left it overnight. This morning the first two hits were fine, but after that it had the same burnt taste and the heat problem. I believe there may be something wrong with my unit. What can I do about this? I purchased my unit online at DirectVapor.com. Please help.

    • Hi Lydia.

      Did you fill the tank up all the way? It’s important that all of the cotton is soaked before your first draw. If that doesn’t help, try replacing your coil. Burnt taste is entirely dependent on the coil, so your unit is fine :) You can find 5 packs of our Endura coils for less than $10 online.

      • just bought a 5 pack of coils for endura t18 t22 compitable 3 out of 5 were faulty from amazon.
        any links to go the the original site to get the original coils.

      • I’m having a similar problem Lydia I purchased the T-22 on Monday and I’m on my second coil already. I primed it Monday evening and never tried it until Tuesday morning and it was amazing for about 4 draws and then it started to taste burnt. I thought that was odd but changed out the coil anyway, only to have the same thing happen.
        Anyone know why this is? I’m not made of money and now my vape has no coils and idk what I’m supposed to do with a vape I can’t use.
        Really regretting my purchase

        • Hi Amanda,

          In this circumstance, I recommend getting your T22 exchanged for a new one from your vendor, as it could be outputting too much wattage and thus burning your coils quickly. We cover our products from factory defects with a 90 day warranty. If your vendor won’t help, please fill out the form found here: http://www.innokin.com/support/

          Apologies for the inconvenience and hope we can get you back to vaping asap!

  7. I purchased the t/22 b/c I wanted something to just grab and go while out in public instead of my bigger devices. I couldn’t wait to get it. Had it for awhile now and am using it less and less. Wondered why b/c wanted to like this so much. Realized #1 it reminded me too much of smoking ( GREAT for anyone that wants that real tight pull or for the beginner ) # 2 fact it becomes hot very quickly — no air flow and no choices to get any. Believe me I absolutely love the simplicity of this device, but here is my question is there anyway for me to just get a little airflow? I’m no big cloud c. or even close& 95% of my gear is innokin and I want to be able to use this out in public—a lot less noticeable . What about those tips I’ve heard about that had air flow in them? Would they be an easy op? Do you sell them? btw the tips that came with it are long gone. the 1st one kept falling off the 1st day and lost it. The spare didn’t last long either so had to replace anyway. I find that when I have the t/22 people will approach me more and ask questions than say when I have my cool fire plus. So I would like to try to find an easy solve. Thanks Innokin for being there for all of us that want a healthier way of life!

    • Awesome post George!

      You could try curbing when you take a draw. To curb, open the side of your mouth slightly while you take a drag. It will help cool down the vape.

      Thank you for supporting Innokin!!

  8. I recently purchased the new T22 because I loved the concept of easy. I have been vaping for two years and stick to an organic VG only juice, which tended to get too thick for my old ego titan. I received my T22 in the mail and instantly loved it! I have been using for two weeks and love the easy of it, pass through charging, not a lot of replacement parts, tons of vape. The only issue I have is the leakage. I get leakage under the tank which has to be cleaned out ever five or six hits and wastes a lot of juice. The retailer told me to be sure and keep the tank at least half full to keep “vacuum” and prevent leaking, but this does not seem to make a difference. Any one else solve this issue?

    • Kerri, it sounds to me like one of your o-rings is bad. Have you tried replacing one or more of those? Just a thought, you probably already have it sorted by now, but just in case, I thought I would reply.

  9. what viscosity eliquid is recommended for the T22 ?

  10. I just received my T22 – my first vape kit. It would be nice if the user manual had setup instructions.(unless I missed them in there) Do you have instructions on this site?

  11. Loving my new T22 but I do wish you sold replacement/additional tanks. It says it has a 510 thread but can I just use any other tank? I thought I read you should only use the kit parts for this one.

    • Hi Sam.

      You can use other tanks on the T22, but the T22 fires at a fixed voltage. Make sure whatever tank you’re using on the T22, that the coil resistance is between 1.4 and 1.6 ohms for optimal performance. Thanks!

  12. I have been using the T22 for a few weeks now and have a question regarding charging. the manual is a little confusing in that in one place it says that when the green light is on it is fully charged, and in another place it says the when the green light is on it is nearly fully charged. which is correct?

    if the green light indicated nearly fully charged, then how does one when it is fully charged?

  13. I’ve recently purchased the T22 and am very happy with it. The question I have is about charging. My unit does not seem to go to yellow but straight to red. How long does it take to fully charge? By the way this has helped me to quit smoking completely. Thanks for your help.

    • Awesome to hear John! The yellow indicator should appear during about 50-25% of the battery’s capacity. On a standard 1A charger, it should take about 2 and a half hours to fully charge.

      Hope this helps!

  14. I purchased 2 innokin Endura T22’s about 2 weeks ago for my husband & I to quit smoking. The charge light never turns yellow on either unit, it just goes from green to red. Today, as I was about to leave the house, my unit went red, so I charged it. I also replaced the atomizer, it wasn’t tasting good. Not even an hour later, it went green. I tried to use it & the light went from green to red & the unit would fire. I tried the atomizer on my husbands unit & it wouldn’t work. I tried his on mine & it wouldn’t work. So. I changed out the atomizer on mine & used his, worked fine. But, my unit still will not fire. It turns a steady red when I try to use it.
    Since I’ve just quit smoking, I’m in a bad place.
    I’ve emailed the online store I purchased my unit from, then came here to see what I can do. I’m very new to all this & at a loss.

  15. I bought one about a month ago. Was working fine until the other day. It was dying, so I plugged it in and let it sit for a few. Tried to use it plugged in and the light just blinked red. Left it on charge for like 5 hours. Came back and light was green. Tried to use it and light just blinks green. I thought the coil may be bad, tried it on another battery and works fine. Any suggestions?

  16. I just got my second T22 today. I cannot get a good hit off of it, it does not seem to have airflow. The tank is full (not over filed) and the washer is in place. Any suggestions?

    • Shortly after this first post I tried replacing the coil which has not helped. Still looking for help with this.

  17. Really nice piece of equipment and provides a very enjoyable vape.My question is where can I get a spare battery? Searched high and low on the Internet for a genuine Innokin but no success.

  18. Hi, I’ve had my T22 for a couple of weeks now and am very happy , it’s doing everything it’s supposed to so far . Great batt life and full flavours.
    My question is , can I buy another tank or 2 separately ? Or are there any other tanks from other devices that are compatible?

  19. I’ve just purchased a t22. I chose the silver one. Opening the box yesterday on arrival, everything in the kit seems OK except for the fact that the spare drip tip is black instead of silver. I’m referring to the cylindrical spare driptip not to the flat one which, as it seems, is always black.

    Is that normal or should the replacement driptip be a silver one (then a possible mistake could have been made when assembling the kit) ?

    Thank you for your answer and sorry for the approximate English

  20. I love every Innokin product I have purchased. I learned early in vaping that you GT what you pay for. I love the quality of your products. Just got the T22 and it’s wonderful. I hope eventually you will sell the T22tanks separately.

  21. Hi

    I bought a replacement T22 tank, for the “just incase I drop the first one moment”, and I am not sure where to go from here.

    When I fill it to approx 1/2 full, and then try to use it, it pops when I draw, but every couple of pops when drawing, it shoots a load of liquid into my mouth. Its disgusting!

    What am I doing wrong? Or is it just a rubbish tank I have?

    • Hello Tracy!

      I would recommend filling the tank all the way to the top at first to avoid popping and eliquid spit-back. Our quick start guide included in the T22 box covers this. Be sure not to get any eliquid down the main chimney of the coil and let the tank sit for a few minutes before taking your first drag. Thank you!

  22. Hi,
    Wich one is the difference between the coil for endura t22 and iclear30s?
    Can i use iclear 30s coil for my endura t22?

  23. when i press the vape button it just flashes green and i get no vape?

    • Hi Luke. It sounds like you have a short in your coil. Please try replacing the coil and let me know if that fixes your issue. If you need any more assistance, please respond to this comment. Thank you!

  24. Hi,
    I would like to know how long approximately is the battery life in endura T22. I got my T22 couple of days ago and i haven’t needed to charge it yet. The light show green but I’m afraid that the device will stop working middle of day.

    • Hello.

      I believe the T22 lasts about 10 hours on average with fairly heavy usage.

      The battery life ultimately depends on how often you use it, but it should get most people through an entire day no problem.
      The light should become red when it needs to be charged.

  25. Hi how long does the t22 battery last for before it dies

  26. Bought my T22 last week haven’t Puff a cigarette since I believe this is a great product battery lasts me two days no problem ..I have noticed that I often have to disassemble clean and reassemble more than I’d like due to liqued build up around bottom if thank and tip ….I do how ever hope to get a a more premium product in the future hopefully you guys here at innokin thank you for my first week off cigarettes after 13 years smoking I’m now vaping ….thank you

    • Hi Aaron,

      Congratulations on your first week! It’s great to hear that our T22 is helping you kick the habit and leading you towards a better quality of life. Thanks for supporting Innokin and good luck to you!

  27. I picked my T22 yesterday, and I plug it in for charging and follow the instructions and the unit will not turn on.
    What do I need to do?

    • Hi Diane,

      Check your charging cable or adapter. If you have tried multiple charging methods, please return it to your vendor and have it replaced with a new T22.

      If they won’t accept your return, contact us via our support email: support@innokin.com. They can assist you further.

      Thanks for supporting us!

  28. How do i get replacement coils for my T22?

  29. Hi, brand new to vaping, love my T22 simple and satisfying. I am using 100% VG which apparently is very sticky. What is the best way to keep my T22 and tank clean?

    • Hi Samantha,

      After filling, a quick wipe with a paper towel should do the trick. When you want to swap flavors, run the tank under warm water for a few minutes, being careful not to loose any o-rings or gaskets, and let it air dry before refilling.

  30. Hi I have just purchased the T22 tank and was wandering if I can use it on my smok variable mod that I have, if I use it at the regulated 14W?

  31. Hi all. I’m a big fan of the T18 (I have two) and also have a T20 (Working out the kinks on that one. It’s a gurgler). I recently purchased a T22 and have been using it for a few days.
    Based on reviews I thought the T22 would hit like the T18. Instead there seems to be noticeably more power and it’s burning juice at a much higher rate. Is this normal? It’s not altogether bad, just different and unexpected. Is this normal? Any help is appreciated.

  32. how many hits or fires can i get out of a T22, Considering you get 20 drags out of a ciggie x 30 ciggies = 600 drags, can this unit fire for 600 hits or much longer

    • Hi Greg,

      The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on user. For most, a full tank of T22 will last them about 300-400 drags. So you can think of each bottle of 30mL of eliquid as the equivalent to 6-10 packs of cigarettes depending on use. This is in no way scientific and is just a guess.

  33. Negative all round experience. I am new to vaping but after 24 hours of using this product and the lack of support from Innokin, i find myself reaching for cigarettes.

    I bought this believing that as a “starter kit” it would contain everything i needed to get started.

    It doesn’t. There is no wall charger. Not only that, the instruction booklet goes on to say that only specific types of charger are suitable. Would it really have hurt them to include one? I had to buy one.

    Next up there are items in the box which are not referred to in the manual. I cant tell you what they are because i don’t know because they aren’t referred to in the manual.

    I emailed Innokin who haven’t bothered to reply.

    So i charged up the device until it went green and is therefore according to the manual “fully charged”.

    I went away for an hour or so and plugged the device back into the charger to make sure it was fully charged. Despite not having used the device in the interim period, the red light came on to indicate that it wasn’t fully charged.

    I charged it up once again and in less than 5 minutes the light returned to green.

    Then i added the juice. The instructions say not to add liquid to the airflow hole. So i was careful not to do so. The instructions also say not to over tighten. Not to over tighten what?

    The instructions also tell users not to over-fill. But they don’t specify how much is ideal or how much is too much.

    Then the instructions say to wait 5 minutes before using. To be on the safe side, i waited for 2 hours.

    Then i tried the vape.

    The thing made a noise like a crack pipe and the part between my lips got really hot. I coughed and spluttered the vapour out. I tried a few more times, puffing more gently but i got the same result.

    Today i am going to audition for the part of Darth Vader in Star Wars because i appear to have the breathing to a tee.

    It’s very possible i have done something wrong but there is nobody to help.

    • Hi there.

      The T22 is compatible with 5V/1A wall chargers, and USB 2.0 ports. Many phone chargers will work but NOT if they are 2A.

      Fill eliquid into the tank until it passed the topmost section of the outer glass, then stop. Overtightening refers to tightening the tank too hard onto the device. If you tighten it too much you could damage your 510 pin and destroy the device.

      It’s normal for a new/unused coil to crack at first. Coils have to break in over a few hour period before vaping at their best. If this is your first vaporizer, you may cough or find it hard to inhale due to not being used to it. Having poor lung function would add to this if you’re a current or ex-smoker.

      Also, eliquid is very important. Be sure to use a nicotine amount that’s right for you, and I would personally suggest a thicker juice rather than thinner. Good luck!

  34. Hi.

    Can you advise what PG/VG ratio you recommend for use with the T22. I have been using 50/50 but recently changed brands of juice which is 65/35. The first tank I used this with also using a new coil resulted in the coil dieing straight away with low levels of vapour and a strong burnt taste. I did let the coils soak for a few minutes before using it. I replaced the coil and did a mix of 75% of my old type juice with 25% of the new juice and the coil again burnt out. The new juice is thicker than the old but I did not think that the 65/35 would do this to the coil. After all a 65/35 mix is a fairly standard mix.

    • Hi Terry.

      My personal suggestion with the T22 would be 30PG70VG. If you’re having wicking problems, poke about 2-3 very tiny holes into the cotton near the bottom of the coil. Also, stay away from e-liquids high in artificial sweetener.

  35. The T22 is a great unit,,had this unit for 1 week and have given up smoking,,, using the vented tobacco and vanilla 12mg vape liquid,,,, battery life around 2 days while using up around one and a half tanks of liquid on one charge,,,great product, however there are two issues, the yellow light does not come on when it is getting low.on charge. I have found out the lights go from green to red and the unit just shuts down, there is no Waring on battery life so you can place it on charge,, the manual says there is a yellow light for low battery condition but this function does not work,, also it has been stated that you can use the device while charging, this cannot be achieved,, difficult if you are hanging for a cigarette as you have to wait 2 hours to charge,,apart from this a great unit,,, to avoid shutting off will need to put on charge every day and a half despite the green light being on,,great vapor clouds and flavour, very happy with performance,

    • Hi Greg,

      The passthrough functionality of the T22 should work fine as long as the battery isn’t low on charge. Try vaping while charging when the battery is above at least 40%.

  36. Hi there, the Endura is a nice device, however I. Getting leaking issues onto the 510 connector, after the second coil change I noticed liquid in the connector, o changed the black O ring that goes between the coil and the tank and the leak has stopped,,,itje old O ring was not right with the coil bit when I replaced the O ring was tighter and is not leaking,, it seems that the O rings deteriorates quickly, is there after market O rings available, as there seems to be a tolerance issue,,, at this rate o will need to change the O rings every 3 coil changes, I am using 30 PG and 70 VG, the unit is only 4 weeks old,, what can be done about this as the black replacement O rings are not available in Australia, do I need to purchase replacement O rings from engineering suppliers,,,I have used my last ring so I will not be able to use it after another 2 coil changes as it will start to leak again

  37. Hi, I use the innocent wrap around t22 about 4 months and I wonder if it has a yellow light when the battery voltage drops, my going from green to red when it goes blank and where the black ring is going.

    • Hi Igor,

      I don’t entirely understand your statement I’m afraid. If you’re wondering if it should have a yellow light, then yes, it should transition from green, to yellow, to red. Thank you!

  38. What is the maximum coil ohm resistance that can be used in the T22 and the T18? I can’t find this information anywhere. I would like more vapor, without the burn / heat.

  39. my t22 is giving me a burnt taste, even with a new coil!! I’ve had it 10 months or so, please help

    • Hello Gavin,

      A quick and easy way to improve the flavor of your T22 tank is to use a small needle to poke holes into the cotton juice ports at the bottom of your coil. Make sure the holes are not too big or deep as this can flood your coil. The idea is to open up the cotton wicking to absorb more e-liquid and improve overall flavor by poking small wicking holes. Don’t go overboard as this can destroy the coil. I would recommend about 2 holes at maximum. Let me know if this helps, if not I can assist you further. Thanks.

  40. I just received my Endura 22e today. I filled it with a juice that is 80%PG and 18mg nicotine as I’m a heavy smoker. I’ve been vaping about 2 years now on and off and have found this type of juice is preferable. But in this set up it burns my lips and there’s no temperature control.

    What would you suggest to get a strong, flagourful vape that doesn’t burn my lips?


  41. I bought MY itaste sd20 2months ago at The huff and puff in Bay st Louise MS. loved it. Well now its leaking and i see a crack on the inside glass tube. i want to buy a new tank unit its a prismt22. where can i find it?

  42. Had my T22 for about 6 weeks and really like using it. I have one main problem which is leakage. I get a lot of leaking where the tank meets the battery and have to unscrew the tank and clean it all up at least 4 times a day. The juice leaks into the airflow which causes a lot of gurgling and I’m wasting a lot of juice through the leaking.

    It seems that the coil does not fit quite as snuggly as it should (to me). I have tried a few different coils and they are all the same. I’ve tried a thicker juice but it makes no difference.

    Is there anything I can do?

    • Hi Dirk,

      Are you frequently experiencing temperature changes? Leaks are more common during the winter as the temperate of your e-liquid dramatically changes from cold to warm, which can cause pressure and leak issues in tanks.

      If not, I would recommend picking up a new pack of coils from an authorized distributor. Make sure your current coil pack is authentic as well, using the tool found here: https://www.innokin.com/verify-device/

      • Hi. Thanks for your reply. I have just checked the authenticity of the pack of coils and it is a genuine pack of Innokin coils.

        I’m not experiencing huge temperature changes other than is usual for winter in the UK. It appears to me that the leak is due to there not being a sufficient seal between the coil and the tank.

  43. I purchased the Endura T22 from the vape shop in October 17. Since I have had it, it cuts out a lot and is blowing the coils. this is the second one I have had. Is there a guarantee on them and what will I need to do to get it returned ? I went back into the vape shop yesterday and they told me to contact you for some advice. I love this vape as I stopped smoking with this.

  44. Thank you innokin for a great MTL Vape. I am just about to pass my 12 month without a Ciggy. After trying a few other makes and struggling to find the perfect cigarette replacement, the Innokin Endura T22 is just perfect! Great draw, good taste and useable. I love the size of the Tank, it last all day and the coils are the most consistent and easiest to use I’ve found. I’m an ex 35 yrs smoker, 20 a day when I smoked the Ciggies. Can I ask if there is any other mod that takes the 18650 battery that the Prism tank is suitable for. I believe the Prism tank needs a non flush fitting to the mod due to the air flow required, hence the surface of the 510 fitting platform being sculpted. Please Innokin can we have an 18650 mod that this tank fits. It would be soooo much more convenient to “pop in” another battery rather than be permanently connected to a USB wire. Once again, best vape I’ve used. Look forward to your suggestions.

  45. I have the same complaint as Sean Brady . I purchased the InnokinT22 , the guy in the shop set it up for me and said i was ready to go. When i used my pen i would get a burning on my lips and in my mouth and on my tongue ( i use the ice blue juice ) and it constantly leaked on to the battery. I even gave up using it for a while and went back to cigarettes, but i gave it a good clean and refill and tried again and the same happened i am very disappointed with this vape pen and i hope that it hasnt caused any damage to my health.

    • Hi Karen,

      I would try replacing the coil in your endura T22 which can potentially fix the leaking issue. It’s possible the juice you’re using is too thin for the tank as well. I recommend 70% VG juices or higher for the T22. Hope this helps.

  46. I have both the T18 and T22 and love the batteries and tanks, but not the coils. Are there other Innokin coils I can use in both these tanks? I realise it has the purpose fitting bottom edge piece so I guess only Innokin could make them and of course they’d need to be suitable for 14 watts.

  47. I am a T22 user, I love the taste, it’s not too much of a cloud machine and because of it I haven’t had a cigarette for 18 months.
    I have 3 of them, each for different flavor eliquids. One battery is starting to act funny. I put it in the 1A output charger over night but when I went to check on it this morning the battery indicator light was completely off. I unplugged the cord from the battery and the light started flashing red and green and then stopped, if I touched the firing button it just flashed red and green a few times again and then doesn’t fire.
    What could be the problem? Is the battery just fubar at this point? My 2 other batteries I have had longer (they are 3,2 and 1 years old, the newest is acting up) and they still work very well.
    Best regards and many thanks for helping me quit smoking!

    • Hi Arnie,

      It’s possible the battery is “fubar” as you say, but I wouldn’t give up on it just yet. Try a different charging cable and adapter and tank to rule out your charging source and coil. If neither of those suggestions help, the battery may be damaged.

  48. When ever I plug that particular battery in, the indicator light blinks rapidly and then the light goes off completely and nothing seems to happen. But on the bright side, if I break a tank on my other two, I have a spare tank.

  49. Can anyone tell me what other tanks will work with the T22. I bought an T20s, and it fits but the light turns red when I try to use it. Is that because it’s the .8 ohm and not the 1.5?

  50. Hi Innokin, since my first Innokin vaping device – the Sedansa Lea – I exclusively bought products from Innokin. As an Austrian (EU) citizen I do have one problem I can’t overcome. My Endura T22 stopped working a few days ago (six months after purchasing). I need a replacement and need it fast. After watching some YouTube videos I decide to go for the Kroma-A with the Zenith tank and either the JEM/Goby or the EZ.WATTS. And probably a Endura T20S. What a disappointment! I couldn’t find one shop in Vienna where I can get at least one of them. Since online orders and shipment is prohibited in Austria I need an offline shop to go there in person and buy them. Online I found one Austrian shop where they sell the JEM but unfortunately not in the capital city Vienna. And for the JEM only it’s way to far to drive by train. Also a problem: recently I bought a Endura T18E for my sister and now I can’t get the replacement coils for it (only the Prism 18/22 but not for the TPD2 2 ml 18E). What can I do? Thanks in advance. R. V.

  51. Hi Innokin Frank, in some cases it may be true what we use to say in Austria; that no answer is also an answer. Austrian customers don’t seem to be as relevant for Innokin as those of bigger countries. I still don’t know where to get a Kroma-A and a Zenith tank in Austria. And Innokin has not offered any help or information so far. What am I supposed to do? Where can I purchase certain Innokin products in Austria? Meaning other than the Endura T18 and the T20 that two (!) shops in Austria offer.

  52. Please never stop selling your T22! It’s my absolute favorite. When I first began vaping I started with the T18 (which was excellent). I dropped it at some point when traveling and didn’t have access to any Innokin products. I tried two other popular brands and they didn’t compare. I couldn’t wait to get back to the USA so I could get another Endura! I love the extended battery of the T22 – which became my favorite. Your vapes are by far the best! I’m so glad my friend recommended my first Innokin.

    • Hey Sandra,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. We really appreciate your support! The Endura line is a mainstay for us- I wouldn’t be worried about it going anywhere. I hope we can continue to keep impressing you for years to come! Thank you again and happy vaping.

  53. Hi
    When I press the power button the light flashes green but doesn’t operate. It had been working fine til then. I’ve tried charging it but I still can’t seem to vape from it. What does the flashing light mean?

  54. tony.coombes85@gmail.com January 25, 2019 at 10:56 am Reply


    I have tried sending you a message via your website but I got an auto response saying it was not delivered for some bizarre reason, so here goes again!

    As mentioned in my previous message, I would like to contribute an article to your blog on UK and EU vape laws. I used to work for a vape shop in London some time ago and I have picked up quite some knowledge on the TPD laws. I have also talked about the vape laws in some other European countries (the ones I am knowledgeable about at least).

    I have saved the article in a word document on my G-Drive which you can access from here:


    Whilst writing this article, I contacted a couple of websites to get some references to substantiate the article and back up some claims with personal anecdotes. I am sorry but I did not have the time to get any images so it would be great if you could add some that you deem appropriate.

    Just in case you want to add a bio to the article, I have cobbled together this blurb about myself.

    Tony is a vaping enthusiast who is currently vaping Blueberry Donut by Marina Vape. Tony used to work for a vape shop based in Shoreditch, London. He enjoys attending vape expos and spending quality time with his wife Melinda, three kids and two dogs in the rural settings of Kent.

    I will write up a few more articles as and when I get some downtime at work – it is crazy busy after the festive season!

    Have an awesome day!


  55. I started with the T18, and have noe the T22 and have stoped smoking, yeey!
    But today, after 2weeks with the 22, it started leeking in the bottom, and noe im afraid to use it. I have clean it and all but there are still some juce down to the battery. Can u still use it, and how do i stop the leeking?

    • Hello Kate,

      Congratulations, that’s fantastic to hear!

      As far as the leak issue, have you replaced the coil, and checked for the opaque rubber gasket at the bottom of the tank? It’s possible it fell out during cleaning. If an o-ring or gasket is missing, leaks are imminent. Old coils can cause leaks as well. If you need a replacement o-ring kit, they can be purchased at our webstore, http://www.innokinstore.com. Please let me know if either solution fixes your issue!

  56. Have a Innokin T22 Starter kit. purchased on Nov 29th and today the battery will not charge. What do I need to do to have this replaced?



    • Hi Bill,

      Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with the T22 battery. If it refuses to hold a charge with multiple different charging cables and adapters used, then either the cell is dead or the charging circuit was damaged somehow. Luckily, we have a 90 day warranty that you’re covered under.

      Please contact our support email at support@innokin.com with a brief description of the issue and attached proof of purchase. Our support team will work you through the warranty process and get you a repaired or replacement device as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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