Innokin Pod System Redefined EQ

Innokin Pod System Redefined EQ





  1. Hi just a quick question about the Innokin EQ Pod System, when is this device out in the UK market please? also what will its price in Pounds be?

    • Hi Asi,

      Unfortunately I do not have the answers you’re looking for at this time, but I can tell you the release is coming up. Please subscribe to our email newsletter to get the latest updates regarding product releases and promotions. Thank you for the interest!

  2. sharon a grigsby July 11, 2018 at 7:20 pm Reply

    When will these be available in the US?

    • Hey Sharon,

      Appreciate your interest! As of this time, we do not have a solid release date to share, but rest assured that we’re working to get the EQ out as soon as possible to our dealers and into everyone’s hands! Thanks for your support! Subscribe to our email newsletter to know when our latest products have released.

  3. Can you send me more detail of this device? What is your release schedule


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  5. My biggest issue with the salt nicotine is that the devices have not been reliable and efficient , as I have been using the products for 5 months now I have gone through many types of systems and nicotine salt and a couple e liquids- necessity is the mother of invention so I started doing my homework – what I have distilled it down to is the coil and the liquid and the voltage i.e. temperature – no one seems to get it up to par for the nicotine salt – I think it is the high level of nicotine that is killing the coils so fast – I went through a coil in about 3 hours today – it might be the room temperature as well I have an inkling – I’m just kind of perplexed as to how to go about getting a reliable , efficient and satisfying routine for my e cig / vape / nicotine salt routine save for buying and testing every device that comes out which is what I’ve been doing – I appreciate that you guys are making a point to address coil life and you appear to be taking pride in your engineering in that your goal is a not just good but great customer end user experience – I am definitely interested in giving your product a go – I hope this doesn’t seem like a rant – I just want it to be as easy and hassle free as it was to buy a pack of cigarettes – thanks for your help and patience

  6. Can you comment on the draw of this? I would like something that’s similar to the airflow on a cigarette. A lot of these pods from other manufacturers are far too loose for me to take a full mouthful you know what I mean?

    • Hey Eric,

      The airflow is pretty tight on the EQ. Vaping mine now, I would compare it to most atomizers with the lowest airflow setting available, specifically the Zenith on one airflow hole if you have tried that.

  7. where is the boostmode?

    • Hi Wolf,

      To enable boost mode, make sure the device is off, and press and hold the button. It will cycle between a white and red led: to enable boost mode, let go of the button when the led is red. Thanks!

  8. margaret mahoney July 25, 2018 at 6:15 pm Reply

    I am so excited about trying Innokin’s EQ pod system.Quick question for you.Can i use regular e juice in the EQ and what ratio? Is 70VG 30PG too much?Thank you for thinking of safety first and taking your time to come out with great products.I trust Innokin.

    • Hi Margaret,

      We’re happy to hear about your excitement! You can use regular e-juice, yes. 70VG/30PG should be just fine! The only thing I think worth mentioning is that max VG (typically 90% or higher VG) e-juice might be a tad too thick for the pods, which could cause wicking issues. Stick to 80VG/20PG or lower for best results. Happy vaping!

  9. I just purchased the EQ and I have a question the manual didn’t cover. When charging the device, how do I tell when charging is complete? Will the indicator light turn a certain color or will it simply turn off? Also, is it safe to charge the EQ by plugging the usb cable into my computer?

  10. I have been using your EQ pod for a few days now and I have to say that I am not getting much flavor or vapor from the pod it came with. Could the pod be defective? I am using a 70pg/30pg mix. Does this pod require a higher vg or nic salts to function properly? Most reviews I have read say the flavor from this device is pretty good….I am not experiencing that at all. So far, very disappointing.

  11. How many pulls will it take to fully battery to be discharged with a standard ways?

    • Hi Ozgur,

      It’s hard to say as every person vapes differently, and the boost mode will not last as long as regular mode. But I would estimate a few hundred puffs at least.

  12. Is this Vaporizer available to purchase yet? UK or US? Thank you!

  13. What is the símbol in pod? That molecule

  14. Yes I love the pod!

  15. Could you tell me why 0.5ohm is correct for nicotine salts? At least 1ohm is recommended, why is this pod used to vape salts?

    • Hi Alan,

      Ohm readings on their own don’t tell much of the story. It has more to do with the power output and airflow combination factored in with the ohms to get an idea of how something vapes. With the tight draw, Plexus coil system, and a solid amount of power, it provides for a great nic-salt experience on the EQ.

  16. I think the device is very well constructed. I have had this device for about 1 week and i have had 2 pods that the flavor wasn’t there and didn’t seem to wick very well even though I have been running 50/50 salt nic e-liquid. I am going to try my 3rd pod now and will let you know what happens.

    • Hi Brad,

      Try a few primer puffs when you initially fill. Gently inhale through the pod before actual actuating the fire button and vaping. It will help the wick soak in juice quicker and hopefully improve your flavor. Your juice can make all the difference as well- try a different flavor out.

  17. Hello, can you confirm if the eq pod works at 2.55v in normal mode and 2.8 in boost? What do you base on that temperature is good for nicotine salts?

    • Hi Alan,

      I am not certain of the exact voltage levels myself. You’d be better off emailing us at for more information.

      The coil structure, surface area of the wick, tightness of draw, and power all play a factor in how the EQ performs well with nic salts.

  18. Please let me know, will the EQ work with oils? Thanks in advance!

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