The EZ.WATT is amazing! It’s an unbeatable kit, premium quality and beautiful! It’s Easy to operate and Great to Vape.

General Details
Vape the best of both MTL & DTL with the compact Innokin EZ.WATT Vaporizer!
The EZ.WATT is amazing! It’s an unbeatable kit, premium quality and beautiful! It’s Easy to operate and Great to Vape.
Do you enjoy puffing on incredible flavors with just the right amount of nicotine? Attach and vape the Endura T20S Tank with a Prism S coil for an unbeatably flavorful MTL puffing experience.
Looking for an amazing deep direct lung hit? Swap on the SlipStream tank and select 30 or 35Watts for big clouds and huge intense flavors. The bestselling Slipstream tank features full airflow control, top fill and an advanced top-down coil swap system.
It’s easy for anyone to vape great! Simply hold down the select and power button to cycle through 3 optimized wattage levels and press the Select button to choose from Low or High. The bright three color LED clearly indicates the current wattage level (13 – 14 / 15 – 18 / 30 – 35).
Quality you can trust! The EZ.WATT has integrated safety protections and is backed by the Innokin 90 Day limited warranty.
Innokin EZ.WATT Starter Kit

Operating Wattage: 13W-35W
Battery Capacity: REAL1500mAH
Maximum Output Current:13.5A
Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5V
Clearomizer Resistance: 0.2 Ohm (min.)
Charging: Micro USB DC 5V/1A


1x EZ.WATT Mod
1x Prism T20S Tank (0.8ohm)
1x Spare Prism S Coil (1.5 ohm)
1x Spare Drip Tip
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x User Packet
Colors Available : Red&Black Crackle,Black,Gray,Blue,Red,Purple

User Manual
  1. When will the EZ Watt be released? Which site will have it first?

    Also, are there any differences between this version of the T20 tank and the version included with the original Endura T20?

    • Hi J,

      Thanks for your interest in the EZ.WATT! I am unsure which site will have it in stock first, but I’d personally suggest and

      The tank provided with the EZ.WATT kit has more airflow than the T20, and is designed to work well at wattage ranges slightly higher. Hope this helps.

  2. I would like to check your item EZ.Watt. i need 10 samples of EZ.Watt and 5 Pack of Coils . We are based in London Uk and we are wholesellers. Please give us the price ASAP.

  3. Hello,
    Are T20 coils compatible with the new T20s?

  4. Mark - September 24, 2017 at 10:46 pm Reply

    We have just got our first stock of the EZ Watt kit today and I have to say its about at perfect as you could possible get for a beginner. The thing is tiny! I believe the T18 is probably one of if not the best selling ecig in the world but I believe this might just become the new best seller. Thanks INNOKIN !

    • Hey Mark,

      That’s awesome! We’re extremely happy to hear your thoughts on the EZ.WATT and I personally share the same feelings you have towards it. We hope it helps beginner vapers worldwide get an easy, satisfying experience. Thank you!

  5. I would be very interested in reviewing this for new vapers attempting to switch from smoking.

  6. Guide says press 0 + PWR to “cycle” through wattage. How is that different from changing the wattage via 0? Also, is there a way to chk battery life without plugging it in?

    • Hey KAP,

      In order to cycle through the 3 wattage settings, hold the wattage button at the button, then hold the fire button. Once you’re on your desired level, let go of both buttons. You can then press the wattage button to cycle between the high and low settings for the level you’ve selected, indicated by the brightness of the bottom LED.

      When you press the fire button while it’s turned on, the color of the button indicates what level the battery is at. Green for high, yellow for medium, and red for low. If it’s blinking red, it needs to be charged as soon as possible.

      Hope this helps you.

  7. The extra coil with the starter kit wont fit into my tank why?

    • Hi Samuel,

      Make sure the flat sections of the coil are properly lined up to the flat sections of the coil hole cut-out on the T20. If they are both properly lined up with each other, the coil should press right in.

      • Hi,

        I bought this vape a few weeks ago and have just gone to change the coil for the first time and am having this same problem. I lined the flat cutout sections up perfectly and it still wouldn’t fit.

        Going to take it to the shop i bought it from and see if they can assist/supply me with another coil that does fit.

        The extra coil does look slightly wider than the one that was in it originally so may be something you should look at?


        • Hey Sammy,

          Thanks for the heads up. The spare coil should be exactly the same shape and dimensions as the one that comes with the EZ.WATT. Please let me know what your shop says- ask for a spare pack of coils if possible.

  8. Hello.

    Does anyone know if it turns itself off on its own and if it does how long does it take?

    Thanks 😉

  9. Hello

    I have been using the EZ. WATT for 3 weeks now after having smoked 25+ cigarettes a day for 30 years !! I feel healthier and wealthier, and would recommend to anyone. Thanks guys, best wishes Mark.

  10. We have recently purchased these little jewels and are just loving them. We quit smoking almost 4 years ago (pack a day for over 57 years) using the pen style devices; we were always having to replace the coils after about 3-4 days of using 100% VG. We are using the EZWatt, .8 at the lowest wattage and are now are getting 2 weeks off of a single coil. Large quantities of vapor and satisfying flavor. They do tend to flood when first refilled but we are able to overcome that pretty easily until the excess is cleared. Working our way down to lower levels of nicotine will be easier using these devices. Thanks so much.

    So glad we found these. Most of us are not experts on devices, but this device is so easy to use, reliable and sturdy, you can’t go wrong.

    • Hi Winnie,

      That’s excellent to hear! Congratulations on 4 years without going back after 57 years of smoking, that’s an amazing accomplishment. You are the exact kind of vaper we made the EZ.WATT for :) Thanks for your support and keep on vapin’!

  11. Great work you guys are doing here to improve the life of smokers in general. Hats off to you guys 💪👌

  12. I just bought one of these, filled it up ready to use but it appears to leak from somewhere around the base of the tank or the threading. I cannot see a clear guide on here to show me where the O-rings should be on the fittings to check that one has not fallen off – any help?

    • Hi Alex,

      There should be two primary large o-rings at the base and top of the tank. It’s also possible that your coil is causing the leak; swap it out and see if the leak subsides.

      • I agree it would be useful to have a diagram of where the o-rings go. I got my new innokin today and on assembling, the o-ring fell out. I put it where `I thought it went but now I have vape juice leaking all over the place :(

  13. I just purchased the EZ Watt system – charged it for an hour and a half and can’t get the thing to work! I tried clicking 3 times to turn on but no luck! The light continually blinks RED when I try to put it back on the charger. I’m using the supplied cable and preinstalled coil. What the heck is going on? Did I get a defective device?

  14. is this device regulated?
    Is this an upgrade from the T20S?

  15. Will the T20S tank be available separately or is there and equivalent that you would recommend?

    • Hi Joseph,

      Give our Zenith tank a try! It’s a mouth to lung tank with topfill and adjustable airflow, as well as fantastic flavor! It’d work great with your EZ.WATT. Thanks!

  16. Hi,
    For how long should the EZ.WATT battery conected to a proper charger for a fully charge?

  17. Hi guys!!!!!first and foremost,thank you for this amazing little bit of kit which has probably saved my life!! I been a real heavy smoker for probably 30 years.i needed to stop but I had the “fear”! Having visited my local vape shop (vapemeister Bangor co.down Northern Ireland) they highly recommended I try this! I deliberated for few weeks and finally treated myself! I have now been totally cigarette free for approx 12 weeks now and will never smoke again! I LOVE my ez watt!so easy to use and so versatile! Although I do have 2 queries,if I want to use the higher power do I need a slipstream drip tank for use with more powerful coil and can u supply one to me over here in northern Ireland?and also I prefer the drip tank with removable mouth piece but I foolishly cross threaded it one night in the dark,is it possible to get a replacement???? Apart from that I can honestly recommend this fantastic vape to the max! Thank you Innokin!!!!

    • Hey there Alan,

      Congratulations on quitting!

      For higher wattage, the Slipstream can work, but I would recommend the Crios or Axiom instead.

      We sell replacement drip tips on but currently only offer products to the United States. I would get in touch with your local vendor to see if they have any replacement drip tips available for you. Thanks for the love!

      • Hi Frank. I’m a new user trying to get as much info as I can into vaping. In reply to the advice you gave Alan on your web page you say – Looking for an amazing deep direct lung hit? Swap on the SlipStream tank and select 30 or 35Watts for big clouds and huge intense flavors. The bestselling Slipstream tank features full airflow control, top fill and an advanced top-down coil swap system. – But here you are giving different advice. What gives?

        • Hi Johnny,

          The Slipstream tank can handle lung hits, but we have other atomizers that produce more vapor, and can handle higher wattages. The Crios is also a more recent atomizer which offers a better experience in my opinion. Full disclaimer, many of the suggestions and advice I provide here is based on my opinions and experience. Product information pages are also rarely updated, and some information can become outdated eventually.

  18. Also I should add the packaging,instructions and accessories (coils,rubber rings,spare drip tank top were sooooo cool too! It is also very compact,discreet and light but even on lowest setting it throws out mega clouds of my fave flav!!!!

  19. Hi guys!!! I would just like to thoroughly recommend the ez watt to anyone!thanks to this amazing bit of kit I am totally cig free for approx 12 weeks now,which is some achievement considering my near 30 year heavy smoking habit! I totally LOVE my ez watt! Everything about this product ouzes quality! Packaging, lightweight,discreet, powerful, adjustable,smooth,hassle free vaping and the battery lasts forever! I was recommended this by my local vape store in Bangor Co.Down and I am very happy! Do I need a slipstream drip tank for using more powerful coil? Thanks again Innokin!

    • Hey Alan,

      Congratulations on being 12 weeks smoke-free and happy to hear you love your EZ.WATT! The EZ.WATT was designed to go hand-in-hand with the T20-S tank. If you want to experiment with other atomizers, make sure they operate at a wattage between 13 and 35 watts, and use kanthal coils.

      Much love! Thanks for your support and keep it up!

  20. I have recently purchased a EZ WATT & it has broken within a week. I emailed “support” and have not gotten a response. I will not be recommending or rebuying.

    • Hi Beth,

      I am sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, a few defective products will slip through the cracks in any mass produced product. Our support team should get back in touch with you soon. Try sending a followup email.

  21. My daughter has an EZ.watt innokin design that has started to leak at the top of the spacer ring that attaches the coil to the battery. Is there a fix, she couldn’t see any ‘O’ rings in the spacer.

  22. Hi,
    I am now on my third Ez Watt, and it has now died. The first one lasted about 6 days before it kept shutting off, and would not restart unless plugged in, if only for a few seconds. Then it would not charge at all. My local Vape shop replaced it at no charge, that one only lasted about 3 days before it did the same thing. My local shop replaced it again. The manager said I shouldn’t let it charge overnight, that is killing the battery. I found this hard to believe, but I only charged it for an hour or two at a time, kind of a pain. It seemed to work, until I feel asleep last night with it charging for 6 hours, and sure enough it is doing the same thing. I cant believe that you cannot leave this charging overnight. I purchased your MVP when it first came out, and I have left it charging for days on end, and it still works. Please tell me there is some other issue at work here.

    • Hi Dan,

      You should never charge a vaporizer overnight. That is a fire hazard- this goes for any rechargeable product. In regards to your EZ.WATTs, I would replace the charger and charging cable you are using to charge them. They should not be malfunctioning like this, and for it to happen the exact same way for 3 of them straight leads me to believe it’s your charging method.

  23. I am confused as to what I might be doing wrong. I use the supplied charging cable, and plug it in. Maybe I’m a bit daft, but how can I screw that up. Please let me know what I might be doing wrong. I really like this unit, and I want to make it work.

  24. Hello
    I have a innokin Ez.Watt and it don’t charge. I put it in the charge and the light on but then it turns off and does not charge. Untill the moment it charge very well and today doesn’t work.
    You could help? Thank you

    • Hi Filipa,

      I recommend trying a different charging cable or charging adapter. If it still doesn’t begin charging, your device may be defective. If you purchased it within 90 days, contact the vendor you purchased it from for an exchange, or email us at with proof of purchase and a description of the issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  25. Hi support,

    I got my ez.watt innokin from a vape shop and love it but the battery doesnt hold its charge, lasts about one evening of use then dies, twice its done this now

    What you guys recommend,


  26. I dont take one puff i take about 3-4 puffs on medium setting as i find it isnt strong enough or is it best to go on the high setting then i wont puff as much.

    And how long should i charge the vape stick for

  27. I brought one of those a few days ago and would like to know how long should the battery last as mine only last 4 hours before needing to be charged.

    • Hi John,

      It depends entirely on how often you vape and what wattage setting you’re on. The higher wattage, the faster the battery will drain. If you tend to chain vape, it will drain the battery quicker. I can’t give you an exact time period as it is all based on user to user usage, but 4 hours doesn’t sound out of the realm of possibility.

  28. hi support,

    can i get a bigger tank for this?

  29. ref EZ WATT : When charging battery red light comes on. But how do you know when battery is fully charged? Does the red light turn green or does the device simply switch itself off?

  30. I purchased my EZ Watt from Nashville Vapor on Charlotte Pike in Nashville TN 11 days ago and am happy with the performance so far. The starter kit I purchased came with an extra coil with a resistance of 1.5 ohms versus the installed coil of 0.8 ohms. Wondering why the difference, and what are the pros and con of 0.8 versus 1.5. With the same wattage setting, 1 coil will have higher volts versus lower amps or lower volts versus higher amps. I was also a little confused about the spare o-rings and where they are installed and how to tell if they need to be replaced. I too wasn’t clear on how to tell if the battery is fully charged. I assumed a red to green light means charged, but I’m hearing you all say that green indicates nearly charged, or sufficiently charged. One last question, There are 3 wattage tiers, 13-14, 16-18, and 30-35. I was recommended 13-14 or 16-18. When is appropriate to use the 30-35.
    Thanks for your thought on all this. Randall in Nashville.

    • Hi Randall,

      Thanks for picking up an EZ.WATT! I’ll be happy to help answer your questions.

      The difference in coil ohms leads to different vaping experiences. The lower ohm coil is capable of handling higher wattage loads without creating a burnt flavor. This means the coil produces more vapor, consumes more power, and can be vaped at higher wattages. With these coils, direct lung vaping is popular. The higher ohm coil is basically the opposite- it can only handle smaller wattage loads, produces less vapor, and consumes less power. Higher ohm coils are better suited to starter kits due to their low battery consumption and great performance of mouth to lung vaping.

      In regards to the o-rings, none of them should need replacement so soon. Inspect them every so often to ensure that they are properly in place and not torn or ripped in any way. If they are, please replace them with the provided o-ring kit.

      The 13-14 and 16-18 tiers are best suited for the 1.5ohm coils. The 30-35 tier would burn the 1.5ohm coil and be very unpleasant. The 30-35 watt tier however can be used with the .8ohm coil. It’s up to your preference to determine which coil and wattage tier you like best.

      With most Innokin mods, the charging indicator LED should turn off once the device is fully charged. When it is still charging and shows green, that means it’s got a high charge, but not quite full.

      Thanks for choosing Innokin and let me know if you need more help.

  31. Also forget to ask, what is the maximum suggested charging rate. My computer puts out 0.5 amps and my wall charger 1.0 amps. Is one better than the other, i.e. slower with 0.5 or faster with 1.0. Thanks again, R.

    • Hi Randall,

      Charging is faster with a higher amperage, so in this case the 1A charger will be faster than your computer. All of our mods come with charging voltage and amperage specifications in the manual or on the box, so please be sure to use the proper charging method when using Innokin products.

      For your EZ.WATT, either of your charging methods will work.

  32. hi,

    im using the 0.8 ohm coil and it works fine on the 13-14/16-18 settings but when i turn it to the 30-35 watt setting after a few puffs i get a burning taste, any reason why, do i need to get a less resistant coil like a 0.5


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