iTaste MVP 3.0 PRO

With an awesome maximum range of 60W of vaping power, the MVP 3.0 Pro fires a full range of tank resistances, has extremely durable standard tank threading and a legendary capacity for resilience.

General Details
The iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro is the newest premium high powered vaporizer, available today from Innokin Technology.
Our teams of expert engineers and designers have packed the MVP 3.0 Pro with the most advanced integrated vaping technologies to create the perfect full size, high power e-cigarette.
With an awesome maximum range of 60W of vaping power, the MVP 3.0 Pro fires a full range of tank resistances, has extremely durable standard tank threading and a legendary capacity for resilience.
The large bright OLED screen clearly displays all important information and the menu is quicker and easily accessed with three sturdy buttons.
With 4500mah of battery capacity you will be vaping for days between recharging and the MVP 3.0 Pro continues to function as a portable mobile and electronics charger with an integrated Micro USB cable! When you need real power your MVP 3.0 Pro will be there for you.
The MVP 3.0 Pro Vapes Perfectly with the iSub to give you precise control for perfect flavors and unbelievably huge clouds.
The MVP 3.0 Pro is available in Silver, Black, Pink, Blue and as well as an exclusive new MVP3PRO Premium Gold Edition.
The Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro is your #1 choice in a full size high powered vaporizer. Why?

The Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro is:

  • Ultra-Powerful! Fires 6-60W! / 3-9V with a Maximum Output of over 17.5Amp!
  • The Longest Lasting: 4500mAh hour battery!!!
  • Sleek Finish: Initially available in the Silver, Black, Pink, Blue and a Premium Gold Edition.
  • Intelligent: Vape Timer, Puff Counter, Integrated Short Circuit protection, Left/Right Screen Orientation, 15 Second cutoff & more.
  • Precise: RMS DC current accurate to a power deviation of 0.5W and fires from 0.2 – 3.1Ohm.
  • Easy to use: 3 Buttons for Total, Precise, and Comfortable Control.
  • Always Ready: Charge the MVP 3.0 Pro with a standard micro usb cable and vape at the same time with Innokin’s ‘Vape while charging’ technology.
  • Trusted and Powerful: If you need to vape or need more time on your phone – always have power with the Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro.
  • Unique: Every iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro has an easily accessible unique ID on the board for easy product authentication .
  • Maximum connectivity is made possible with the High Quality Flush 510 Stainless Steel Threading & Spring Loaded Gold Plated Positive Connector Pin. A top quality Ego adapter is also included. The Innokin MVP 3.0 Pro has Total Tank Compatibility and vapes well with all major, standard 510/Ego ecig/vaporizer tank systems.
Technical Info
  • Operating Voltage: 3.0V-9V
  • Operating Wattage: 6.0W-60W
  • Battery : 3.7V 4500mAH (16.65WH)
  • Standby current: 200uA max
  • Maximum output Wattage: 60W
  • Maximum output Current: 17.5A
  • Maximum output Voltage: 9V
  • Clearomizer Resistance: 0.2 Ohm (minimum)
  • Charging: Micro USB DC5V/1A
  • OUTPUT Port : DC5V/1A
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  1. My MVP 2 and 3 have been tanks. Innokin has incredibly durable and sturdy products, which is why I have waited until they release a temperature controlled mod to buy one.

  2. l Stroud Thank you Innokin Technology for supporting CASAA and our rights to vape. I am a proud owner of the original MVP which still works, 3 MVP 2s and 2 Cool Fire 4’s. I love all my Innokin products and would love to add this beauty to my Innokin family. Jennifer Honeycutt Conley Alley Lynn Mitchell Cristobal Santa

  3. I have just bought my first MVP-3Pro/gold and the new cool fire yesterday. I had the eleaf 50 watt and it started giving me concerns so I went to these instead of another eleaf. Ok– first off I mainly use the nautilas. TANK with the 1.08 coils and normally VAPE at 9.5 watts or 4.2 volts– with the eleaf 50 watt I could go a GOOD TWO DAYS VAPING HARD.. Some may say I VAPE CRONIC and too much ( if you can VAPE too much ) going through 5-8 mL a day. With that being said, I expect the MVP 3-pro to at least last the same amount of time…. After I have fully charged the mVP 3 pro it’s already down a quarter of the way today with 152 puffs counted so far? Now…. I’m not sure if this is because it’s my first full charge or in fact it will last two full days yet. But so far I like them both. The MVP 3- pro is a beast I will say. Being use to the eleaf 50 watt but to me it seems very well built and I do love the added functions it has where the eleaf doesn’t. Like the puff counter, that I like. I’m not much into charging other devices I bought for battery life only! I run the Atlantis 2 also so I will soon see how this battery compaired. The cool fire feels great in my hand and not such a brick. Same great features as the MVP3-pro which is amazing on this little guy. I have not started using the cool fire yet so I’ll be back to update and tell you guys how they stood up! And just to let you know WHY the battery life is so important to me… I’m 60 years old with numerous health problems and I have quit the analog cigs on 9-11-2015– so I’m a newbie!! I’m terrified that I will get off on the road and the battery will die and I’ll go straight to a cig store!!! I CANNOT DO THAT. THAT IS JUST NOT AN OPTION FOR ME ANY LONGER IF I WANT TO LIVE TO SEE MY BIRTHDAY IN JULY!! So it’s not for blowing big clouds or running big mega tanks or to keep up with the jones’ if you know what I mean. I’m in it strictly for the length of battery time I have and enough power to run either of my tanks. I will add that the Atlantis 2 TANK I use because of the flavor it throws out which is quite good. But the nautilus tank is my favorite of all the tanks I’ve tried so far. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
    Happy Vaping to you all,

    • Kathy, I applaud you for quitting smoking (that’s what I’m in the process of doing, too). My solution is to always have ‘backup vape mods’ with me. I absolutely love Innokin’s T-18 (I now own three of them) because you get a nice mouth-to-lung or direct lung hit off of them. The batteries last at least a day, usually longer because I’m rotating them. I found a wonderful tank that works beautifully with the MVP 3 Pro – it’s only 1/3 the cost of the high-dollar tanks. It’s a GS V-Core III and the coils are under $8 for five, as well. It is not sub-ohm but that isn’t a biggie for me. It makes great clouds and is very reliable (no sputtering, spitting or leaking on any of the three I own and love)… so I may not ever bother with the Nautilus or the Crown even though they are highly touted.

      Hang in there & vape on!

  4. My mvp 3.0 pro is making a buzzing sound while the screen is on..Is this safe to keep using ?? Its a slight buzzing sound..

  5. Hi,

    Firstly I would like to say your product is solid as a rock. I run it with an Atlantis 2 and it does everything on the tin and more. Battery life is awesome. Easy to use. Charging port in ideal place.

    My one only gripe and hopefully someone will be able to advise me on this. When the inbuilt grey micro usb charging lead is plugged in there is a faint high pitched whining that I can hear when its quiet. This stops as soon as the grey cable is unplugged, not a massive problem as it still functions as entended but when its unplugged there is a gap where it used to be.

    Still give the product 9/10.

    Many Thanks

  6. Absolutely an amazing mod! Well built like a tank, amazing battery life, and just all around a great mod. I recommend this mod to everyone.

  7. Just a great VV Mod. I had the previous model and it outlasted everything else I had. Of course when the PRO came out, I had to get it!

    This thing is indestructible! Well built with high quality. I never have to worry about it breaking or malfunctioning.

    It’s also very powerful. With the ability to do sub-ohm, it really handles anything you can throw at it.

    The battery is huge. I use my vape all day, and a full charge will last me three days before having to recharge.

    Great product, thank you.

  8. Enjoying the MVP 3 Pro. Great mod.
    Question for the gang at Innokin.
    Can you get some silicon wraps in the works ? This mod is alittle slippery. Ended up sticking a few small circle velcro tabs on the mod to help my butterfingers.
    One other idea is creating a better grip exterior to a already fanstastic product.
    Thanks Innokin ,, keep up the good quality work,,

  9. Hi There, i have purchased the Itest MVP3.0 Pro and after couple days it been stop working it suddenly not functioning even the led and screen is off.
    Would you please advice me if i can return it or getting another one instead?


    Bilal Tememi

  10. Will not charge. This is the second one I have had that has had this same issue. The charging port connector breaks off inside due to poor soldering.

  11. Hi. Just wondering how long charging should take on the mpv 3.0 pro? I have put it on for its first charge. It’s plugged in to my MacBook Pro. It’s been 7 hours but the green light is still on. If I use a wall charger what specs does the wall charger need to be as far as amps and volts etc. So I don’t do any damage. Thanks.

  12. I got my new Itaste MVP pro 3.0 yesterday. I’very been charging since last night and it hasn’t charged. It stays on the red light.

  13. I bought my mvp 3.0 on 10-23-15.. As of last night it will not accept a charge, blank screen. I really thought this was of high quality, as it was not very cheap. However less then 3 months of non daily use and dead is unacceptable.

  14. I love your unit. I use my cell phone charger and haven’t had a problem the green light goes off in about 4 hours every night and have had it now for months. I was wondering what wattage to use to get the most out of a .5 ohm sub g coil. I was using it at 26 Watts but was thinking of dropping it down to try to get an extra day out of a coil. The coils are from you guys too. And I didn’t touch the battery settings I think its a0 I’m not really sure what they set it at. But it is on .5ohm. But I smoke a lot too. Thank you I just use my samsung galaxy s4 power cord and adapter has been working fine I have in the box the cord that came with it but the people that sold it to me at Boca Vapes said it would be fine to use my cell phone charger on that module and I haven’t had any problems with it every morning when I get up the green light is off and its fully charged so I’m just trying to figure out how to get the longest use out of a coil. Thank you

  15. I purchased my mvp pro 3 on Saturday and all was well over the weekend but now it won’t charge, i’ve tried different cables (the original one, plus 2 other USB cables) and usb ports on 2 different laptops and it still wont charge. When i plug it in the LED flashes red, yellow then green in quick succession, then flashes red then solid red, then after a few minutes the red LED goes off and it powers off. The LCD screen works but i guess this will soon become blank when it has no power left.. Please advise..

  16. January 25, 2016 at 8:18 pm Reply

    hi there,

    i recently bought a mvl pro 3 and am loving it i have to say. the only thing is the battery seems to deplete very quickly.
    What is the lowest I can run it down to? when it is fully charged it reads at 4.16 and i have seen others saying it should go to 4.18, is my unit functioning properly if it only charges to 4.16? (thats when the unit says it is fully charged)

    how low can it go before needing a recharge? would it be ok to keep using it as low as 3.5or lower?


    • Hello! What wattage are you vaping it at, and with what atomizer?

      The lowest voltage the battery should read is roughly 3.3V. Beyond that, if you are pushing high wattages, you will find you reach the cutoff sooner as you are requiring more voltage out of your battery at low capacities.

      Hope this helps.

  17. hi. any software upgrade?

  18. I purchased this box just under a year ago and up until just recently it has been an all star. Great battery, good quality, and I really like the look of it… and it’s a decent price. Recently though, the contact pin has gotten stuck and will not make a contact with a tank (I’m using the Uwell crown) There doesn’t seem to be much maintenance support after 90 days which would be my only complaint. The box still works well, it would be a shame to have to replace because a spring started to fail.

    • Hi Kevin,

      If you’d like, you could try to gently pry the 510 pin up with a small, flat tool. If it still works fine I would advise not to do this, but if you ever lose solid contact with your atomizer or get a flashing ohm readout, you could try this to see if it would fix it. Thanks!

      • Hi Frank,

        It looks like I’m just at risk of scratching the pin up when I tried that and the spring still isn’t returning, is there anyway I or someone else can replace the pin and spring itself? It isn’t under warranty anymore but if there is someone Innokin trusts to do a repair that would be great!

        Thanks for your response!

        • Hi Kevin.

          We do not offer repair services to out of warranty devices. That being said, there are other methods that could help fix your issue.

          A thin pair of needle nose pliers could get you decent grip on the 510 pin to pull it up slightly. I also believe there’s guides online on how to take apart your device and reach your 510 from the bottom- I am not personally recommending you do this but it is an option if you feel like it’s your best shot.

          There’s also always a shot at a local B&M being able to repair it for you.

  19. Hi. I bought an Innokin taste. Have used it a little but not at all for a couple of weeks. Tried to use it today and it is not vaporising. The coil area at the bottom of the tank is getting very hot. Changed the coil for a new one – no difference. Read the manual and can’t find any indication of what to do. It is charged and the display appears to be working as it should. What next please. It was expensive, i can’t afford to bin it.

    • Hi Janet. There are a lot of variables that go into play here. If you could answer these questions, it would let me assist you better.

      1. What atomizer are you using with your device?
      2. What airflow setting are you using with your atomizer?
      3. What voltage/wattage are you set at on your device?
      4. What resistance is the coil?

  20. Hi,

    Is this Temprature Controlled?

  21. I love this box and i was sorry to see there are no plans for future models. If thats the case though please work on a new box that has a battery life to match. I love the 4500 mah battery on this thing and the micro usb charging port on it too. I understand wanting to probably go more ergonomic and innovative than a box like this but it definitely has features worthy of being put into future mods

  22. March 5, 2016 at 10:18 am Reply

    Can I purchae a genuine battery replacement for the MVP 3.0 Pro?
    I found battery life to be absolutely amazing (3-4 days without charge) for the amount i puff, but 6 months on, I can only just about make it last a day now.

    Love the product though

  23. I have an MVP 3.0 and my wife has an MVP 3.0 pro. We are not happy with the mods. After a year they will not charge. We have the first MVP mods and they work just fine. These newer ones are great until they they get a year old then they won’t hold a charge.

    • Hello Richard.

      We appreciate your feedback. As with any lithium powered cell, over time the capacity will degrade depending on it’s health. With proper charging habits, one can extend the lifespan of their battery to 400+ cycles by making sure you charge the device often and before it hits critically low levels of power.

      The MVP 3.0 PRO pushes much higher power than the original MVP, and as such the battery is strained to a higher degree. We have taken note of this and find you will be pleased with further iterations of our MVP mod if you do decide to come back to them.

  24. I bought two of these a pink one and a blue one. The pink one was for my girlfriend and it works as expected but unfortunately the blue one does not. As soon as I open it gave me trouble randomly turns on and off. Does not read ohms correctly so therefor does not vape properly. I hope innokin will make this right. It is less than a week old and the store I purchased from said I would have to go thru innokin!

  25. I have a question for Innokin: I ordered a charger (USB port wall adapter) and it was listed as 5V/1.0Amp but when I received it, it is 5V/1.5Amp. I don’t want to cause issues with my MVP or my Cool Fires when charging, so I need to know is it safe to use the 1.5 amp charger since it’s 0.5 amps ‘stronger’ than the recommended 1.0 Amp. Thank you sooo much for answering this for me!

    Love Innokin!! ~Donna

  26. Hi frank I need a replacement tank for my itate pro and can’t seem to find any on your site please could you tell me where I can purchase thankyou

  27. I have been unable to use my innokin mvp pro. I just charged it and when I unplugged it my ohms was blinking and my wattage was all zeros. I have followed the directions in the instruction book and been unable to re-populate either one. Don’t know what else to do. HELP!

  28. My charge port quit on me. :{

  29. I really like and prefer the iClear 16b tank that I use on my MVP 2.0. But would like to upgrade the mod. Can anyone tell me if I can still use my 3 iClear 16b tanksI already have if I purchase an Innokin MVP 3.0?? Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Nikki,

      So long as you upgrade to a mod that is 510 threaded and wattage adjustable, you can still use your iClear 16b tanks. Please be cautious as these tanks require very low wattage or else you will burn your coils quickly. Good luck and thank you!

  30. Hello I am trying to charge my mvp 3.0 pro and i can see both a red and green light lit up but nothing else no screen will not power on. Is there a master reset or something?

    • Hi Danielle,

      Do you have any other charging adapters or cables to try? There is no master reset beyond clicking the fire button 3 times quickly to turn the mod on or off. How old is the device?

  31. I have the MVP 3.0 pro but is it usual to shut itself off when it gets to 2 bars of charge?

    • Hi Hadley,

      No, that is unusual. In my opinion, I would diagnose this issue as an inaccurate battery indicator. At 2 bars, the battery is likely very nearly dead and is turning itself off to avoid damage. Try charging it before it reaches that low on your indicator to address the issue. Hope this helps.

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