JEM/Goby Kit

Compact, Stylish, Easy to Use, Superior Mouth-to-Lung Flavor Delivery

General Details
Innokin JEM/Goby Starter Kit

Compact, Stylish, Easy to Use
Superior Mouth-to-Lung Flavor Delivery
Super Easy 5 Level Wattage Adjust (10W, 11W, 12W, 13W, 13.5W)
1000mAh Internal Rechargeable Battery
2ml Tank-TPD Compliant
Convenient Top-Fill
1.6 Ohm Coil
Adjustable Airflow Control


1x JEM Battery.
1x JEM Tank.
1x JEM Coil.
1x Micro USB Charging Cable.
1x Quick Start Guide.
Colors Available: Black,Red,Blue,Purple,Grey.



Review Videos
JEM/GOBY review

  1. When do know and how often do you change the coil

    • Hi Alan,

      When your flavor quality starts tasting a bit “burnt” or you notice a drop in flavor quality overall, it’s time to change the coil. With heavy use, I recommend replacing the coil once a week, or once every two weeks with moderate use. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I am a UK based reviewer With 43% USA watch time and I would like to review and advertise your products “for free” Can you contact me at
    Social Media accounts
    Instagram: peteonvaping
    Facebook group:
    Many thanks

  3. Hey Guys,
    We are selling around 1000 Justfog kits a year
    We are thinking about replacing the Justfog J-Easy Q16 kit, for the Innokin JEM.
    But we can’t seem to find replacement parts like glasses, tanks and driptips.
    Can we order them directly from you guys?
    Our wholesale company that we are using now is Grey Haze from the UK.

    Kindest regards,
    Marco Sanders
    Impuls Vapeshop

  4. Please improve the coils as 1 day a coil lasted me and its full of burnt taste, 4 layers of cotton is not enough or try improving the cotton thanks, the cotton seems to dry out quickly and stops soking up liquid and I’m using non premium oils not high augers thanks

    • Hi Connor,

      Thank you for the valuable feedback and suggestion. I recommend keeping the tank topped off as often as possible to extend coil life if it seems to be drying out on you.

  5. Dear Frank,
    Do you have replacement Coils for Innokin JEM/Goby?
    Please guide me from where I can buy them.


  6. Hi,

    after 23 years of smoking I switched to vaping with the Endura T18 within 1 day and it was quite easy with the Endura! This was unbelievable, thank you Innokin!

    Is the vaping experience with the Jem/Goby identic to the T18? I ask, because to me it is less ciga-like on the T20 and T20-S. I’d like to have a second device comparable to the T18.

    What’s the difference between the Goby and the Jem Version?

    Greetings from Bavaria!

    • Hello Christian,

      Wow, that’s fantastic to hear! Congratulations on the switch!

      It’s not identical, but it’s similar. Both systems are designed to have tight, warm draws, similar to the cigarette. I very much enjoy the Goby.

      Goby & Jem are only different in name. The Goby is for our United States customers, and the Jem is worldwide.

      Thanks for your support and happy vaping!

  7. Hello, I have been smoking for nearly 20 years and am on week two of no smoking thanks to you guys. I had a little hiccup to start with with a different brand but then I found you guys and it’s been like heaven, so thank you very much

  8. I purchased have the Goby version. It worked perfectly until I changed out the installed Coil. I Installed the coil provided in the kit. It doesn’t seal, it leaks profusely out of the bottom of the tank. It gurgles with e-juice. I made sure zero juice entered the stem. I don’t know if an o-ring fell off, or? I am very frustrated, I have had it for 4 days, now I am not able to vape with it. Please advise.

    • Hi Kim,

      It does sound like you misplaced an o-ring when you swapped out coils. Your Goby kit should have provided you with a bag of spares- check the top and bottom of the tank for your o-rings and make sure you replace them if they’re missing.

      • I stared at the close up photos of the Goby. The bottom o-ring that is over the metal piece that hovers the coil, visible to the eye, it was missing on my tank. I messed with it so much, I can’t recall if I purposely removed that o-ring and then forgot to put it back. I put it back, hopefully the right way, smaller lip is to go up or down?

        I filled the tank, so far so good. It originally was leaking juice through the vent holes. Then whatever I did, it stopped, and began pouring out the bottom of the glass. Tipped sideways to charge, all the juice leaked out, this continued. Driving me crazy, lets hope this replaced O-ring is the correction.

        It was working GREAT upon using first 3 days. No complaints, I was very pleased with the Goby. My losing an o-ring would def make this unoperational. *Error by Operator*. I do not want to deter anyone from buying it. It met my expectations and more, when it was fresh out of the box. I am taking my time here, it’s fully charged, new primed coil, I am vaping away … and NO LEAK !! fingers crossed this was the missing seal. Thanks’ Frank

  9. Hi I have purchased the Jem in New Zealand. Great size. Very compact etc well done. But the lightness if it has caused it to fall over many times thus I have smashed the glass and am now using the replacement glass from kit. Do you supply just the glass by themselves. Cheers Llew

  10. I just received this starter kit, I really dislike the tank, are there any tanks that are interchangeable with the battery? My tank is leaking like crazy exactly as the reviewer above mentioned. I only took it apart one time to fill with ejuice before it started leaking…I can still see my orings attached as when it arrived.

    • Hey Kerstie,

      Technically, any 510 threaded atomizer will work on the Goby, as long as the coil in the tank you choose works well with a 10W to 13.5W power range, and isn’t below 1ohms. Hope this helps!

  11. Jem stopped working when pushing the button to activate the coil flashes green light instead of activating the coil what does flashing green mean?

  12. I got mine out the box popped my fave juice in and it’s spitting in my mouth and leaking all out the air holes. I went from the t22 which was spot on perfect. I’m gutted as love my t22 have got my boyfriend, mum in law, brother and two friends all on the t22. Best thing I ever did. Not sure how to fix this issue on my new one. Tyia

    • Hi Gem,

      The first step I’d take is making sure all of the o-rings are present and in place. Then, make sure the coil isn’t flooded- be lenient with how much you prime a coil before vaping as it can cause leaking and spitting.

      Finally, if neither helps, replace the coil. Hope this helps!

  13. I have a Member which keeps leaking thru air vents after approximately 1 week of use, my retailer finally replaced the tank, which sadly done the same thing
    I would appreciate any advice to rectify this problem.
    Thank you

    • Hi Lynn,

      A few suggestions for you-

      1. Always fill the tank with the airflow closed off.
      2. Do not overprime your coils.
      3. Use a thicker juice (recommended 70VG/30PG)

      Hope this helps!

  14. I bought the innokin jem 3 weeks ago, it worked fine but now the air flow does not work even though you can change it, it seems to be blocked so i am not getting the vape experience i require, it is so hard to pull and tank gets quite hot immediately, i have tried to clean it but no change, i am so frustrated as i am new to vaping and not getting a very good experience, please help otherwise i feel i want to go back to cigarettes, these vapes are not cheap. Frustrating vaper.

    • Hi Enid,

      It sounds like something is wrong with your tank, or an o-ring is blocking your airflow somehow. Replace the coil and ensure your o-rings are in present and in their proper place. You should have a spare pack of o-rings in case they are missing. If you need more help, let me know.

  15. I purchased the Goby starter kit one week ago, I’ve taken it back to the shop I bought it from 4 times, the owner can’t seem to stop it from leaking. In one week I have wasted 1/2 of a bottle of juice from the leaking. This morning he replaced the O-rings…’s still leaking. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Joyce,

      Make sure the airflow is closed when the tank is filled. Otherwise, if the o-rings are properly installed, the tank should not leak. You could try using a thicker juice as well as replacing the coil to remedy the issue.

  16. Hey I’m on my 2nd Jem in a week. 1st one had to be replaced as it leaked from the air vents badly. This was on a new purchase fresh out the box an set up, I added my liquid an let it sit. Returned to an empty tank. Vents were sealed and from inspection after leak all o rings are present and intact. 2nd replacement has done the exact same thing. Funny thing is my girlfriend has the same machine only difference is colour and hers is working perfect. Both were set up the same day. ??

    • Hi David,

      Make sure the coils are properly seated and only fill up your tank when the airflow control is completely closed off. This should help with your leaking issues. Thank you!

  17. I have a Jem purchased at the end of April. Working fine for 2 weeks until it started flashing green and not firing up. Fully charged. Brand new coil and all O rings replaced today. Connected fine. Cleaned and air dried. No leaks. Basically I have tried everything and now I have no working vape. Can you suggest anything else to get this firing up?

    • Hi Lizzie,

      It seems you have gone through the usual troubleshooting steps. At this point, the best help I can offer is our warranty service. You’re still within warranty, so please contact us immediately at with proof of purchase & a brief description of the issue and they’ll help you get a replacement as soon as possible. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

  18. Hi I need new glass vials for my jem does anyone know where I can find them in TORONTO yonge eglinton area.

  19. I’ve read all the posts here about the GOBY. I wish I could’ve given my six years of vaping experience to those who had problems.
    90% of bad leaks are from seals either not in place or not in place correctly. The other 10% of bad leaks would be from coils, + (coil seals) and/or manufacturing.
    A first timer wants to just pick it up, and vape. And that’s the way it should be. When I started out with the EVOD batteries and tank, I immediately learned how to rebuild and wick the coils. The hobby part of vaping helped keep the monkey off my back.
    This is IMO,,,,
    After using the GOBY for 3 days, I AM IMPRESSED. Five of Five Stars.
    Very sleek / small battery with wattage control. The five different setting actually produce a change up in the vape hit. The Tank is very impressive. Has a very nice air flow ring which works smoothly and precisely. The Tightest draw mimics a cigarette, and the open draw is like a baby sub ohm tank. LOL !!!! The Tank & Coil works well on the taste and cloud production. ( Will have to see how a rebuilt coil works.)

    I have had one small issue for a moment where there was no electrical connection from the GOBY to the Tank.
    Knowing the device was charged, and sending power to the tank, I looked to see if the tank coil was in all the way. When all reconnected, all worked fine. The negative contact of the coil can be tricky sometimes in contacting with the coil base. Which in turn makes contact with the batteries threaded 510 connection.

    I want to say wow to the fact that Innokin has not removed the problem issues or negative posts about the GOBY.
    Take time to know the simple complexity of the Battery & Tank and any problems, could be quickly solved…
    Remember that 90% of leaking tanks are due to seals.

    • Hi Gamu,

      Appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback on the Goby. Rest assured that we do not censor negative posts and try to help everyone regardless the issue.

      Thank you!

  20. I’m looking to find a spare battery for the Innokin jem in the uk? Any Ideas?


  21. I have bought a gem e-cig two days ago. I have charged it up and the led light is green, but it will not fire up at all. It is the first one I have used, so am unsure if I am doing something inncorectly??

    Kind regards

    • Hi Julie,

      Make sure the mod is turned on (3 clicks of the firing button) and that your tank is attached securely. If it won’t fire, you may have a short in the coil, in which case I’d suggest replacing the coil. Thanks!

  22. Hi, I bought a JEM in April & haven’t used it very much (maybe once a week) but went on holiday and was using a couple of times a day & it stopped working. I thought maybe it was out of charge but the light shows green immediately when I plug it in. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong?


    • Hi Beverley,

      The coil likely needs to be replaced, as a green light could indicate a short in coil or 510 connection. Make sure the threads of the tank and battery are both squeaky clean as well. Hope this helps!

  23. After 3 days my light is still green meaning it is charged, wanted to plug it just to make sure , and the light is red, what does that mean, I unplugged it just to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake , thanks for the answer

  24. I have recently bought one of these and they have been terrific, but i just changed my coil for the first time yesterday, and it still tasted burnt and i wasn’t nearly drawing as much spoke per puff as compared too when i first started using this vape….. Any thoughts on why this could be happening ?

    • Hi Zac,

      Did you prime the coil and allow it to soak up with eliquid before vaping it for the first time? It’s possible to burn the cotton of a new coil if you vape it too quickly after installing it.

      Try lowering your wattage a little bit as well, until the coil is broken in. Hope this helps.

  25. Is there a diagram with o-ring placement? my eyesight isn’t very good so I need to enlarge a diagram to see if all O-rings are in place.

    • Hi Don,

      Unfortunately not. However, you may have luck finding a disassembly video on YouTube. Search “Innokin JEM/GOBY kit review” to find videos that may be of help to you. We are working on a self-help service that will feature o-ring diagrams.

  26. Mines great but I haven’t used it in a few months and it’s started to make a weird noise, what should I do? Could it be just the vape getting used to being used again?

  27. Hi, can I use an iPhone charger to charge the JEM? Is it safe? How many amps its best to charge the battery?
    Thanks guys….

  28. What does it mean when the goby is flashing green? It is charged fully and there is a tank in there

  29. Hi,

    Please help in explaining some things, nothing is explained in detail. Like for example, how long to run the coils, I got mine friday and it is sunday today and it already tastes burnt. My aspire I get like 2 weeks, this does not seem right at all

    What kind of e-liquid options can I use, Nic-salt 50/50?

    Can I use freebase liquid with this coil?


    • Hi James,

      Average coil life varies greatly due to many different factors at play. Ejuice ingredients, length of vape, how often you vape, ambient temperature, the strength of how you inhale; it all can affect coil life. However, average tends to be 1-2 weeks, depending on usage. If your coil tastes burnt quickly, it is likely due to artificial sweetener ingredients found in your e-liquid. The sweetener sticks to the cotton wicking material, and rather than be vaporized like the rest of the mix, carmelizes to the cotton and eventually burns. We recommend sweetener-free eliquid for best coil lifespan. Hope this helps!

  30. I bought Jem starter kit 2 weeks back in Berlin. Have been absolutely satisfied.

    Now I need to replace the coil but am not able to do so. The coil chamber does not open. It’s too tight.

    I took it to 2 different vape shops and even they could not open it even with tools.

    I had to buy a other vaporizer – Eleaf MS Turbo

    Pls if you can can guide me how to open and replace the coil.

    I will be in Dubai this week and then I will be in Delhi, India. In case you have any service center in these places

    • Hi Sunny,

      Sorry to hear about the issue you’ve had with your JEM tank. Unfortunately, while we do offer a 90 day warranty service, it is not applicable to atomizers. The bottom airflow section should unscrew counter clockwise, which should open the tank from the bottom and allow you access to the coil, which also unscrews in a counter clockwise fashion. Hope this helps.

  31. Hi guys,

    There is no website to buy innokin from in Australia. I mean when I try to find stores in AU through your website, none of them are eaither working or having available products. Can you please name an authorised Innokin seller in Australia? Thanks

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