Kroma-A & iSub-B Tank Kit

The ultra-compact and ergonomic Kroma-A vaporizer has a maximum output of 75Watts with 2amp micro-USB quick-charge! Paired with the iSub-B with Plex3D coils you’ll enjoy more flavors and a greater number of puffs per charge.

General Details
Experience more flavors and puffs with the Innokin Kroma-A & iSub-B vaporizer kit!

The ultra-compact and ergonomic Kroma-A vaporizer has a maximum output of 75Watts with 2amp micro-USB quick-charge! Paired with the iSub-B with Plex3D coils you’ll enjoy more flavors and a greater number of puffs per charge.

The iSub-B is the first Innokin iSub tank powered by advanced Plex3D Coils with 3D mesh which use less power to deliver bigger flavors and clouds. Plex3D Coils advanced coil design with ‘Micro-Grooves’ increases the surface area and produce amazing flavors at 30 – 55Watts.

Plex3D Coils rapidly heat up and cool-down faster than traditional coils, extending coil life and the organic cotton and wood pulp wicking improves eliquid coil flow and boosts flavors. Crafted with high quality stainless steel and Rainbow tinted Pyrex Glass, the iSub-B twists to open and features automatic flood prevention when filling.

The Kroma-A high quality 24mm threading is compatible with all 510 tanks and the iSub-B features a replaceable 510 Resin Drip tip.

Initially available in 3 stunning finishes: Gunmetal, Stainless Steel and Rose Gold.

Vape the Kroma-A + iSub B Tank Kit with PLEX3D Coils today and enjoy more flavors and vape!

Kroma-A-iSub-B Poster
Kroma-A-iSub-B Poster


Kroma-A Mod:

  • Ultra-compact, ergonomic ‘grip’ design.
  • 6 -75Watt output with Temperature Control
  • 2000mAh internal battery with 2Amp microUSB Quickcharge
  • Vape while charging
  • Integrated battery safety protections

iSub-B Tank:

  • Plex3D Next Generation 3D Mesh Coils
  • Easy ‘Twist to Fill’ with automatic flood prevention
  • High quality Stainless Steel with Rainbow tinted Pyrex glass.
  • Resin 510 replaceable Honeycomb Drip-tip


  • 1x iTaste Kroma-A Mod
  • 1x iSub B Tank (0.35Ω Coil)
  • 1x PLEX3D Coil (0.35Ω KAL)
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Vape Band
  • 1x Spare Glass
  • 1x Spare O-Ring Set
  • 1x User Packet (Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Warning Booklet, Battery Warning Card)



  1. Hi I’m purchasing an innokin cool fire ultra 150 would I be able to use the zenith tank with it ?

  2. Hello I’ve recently purchased an innokin endura t20 s
    Lately I’ve kept it on kitchen surface and 3 times it vaped on its own like the button as been pressed have you heard about this or could you tell me why this as happened thankyou

    • Hi Antony,

      The fire button may be damaged or dirt may be behind it. Using a compressed air canister, gently blow a stream of air behind the fire button to dislodge any dirt or debris that may be causing the button to stick. Also, it could be worth replacing the pod as it may be causing a short.

  3. Hello:

    I just received my Kroma-A Zenith vape machine and when I plug it into charge after a few hours, it still only shows HALF CHARGED…I have charged this overnight until the red light turns off and it only shows half. How do I fix this?

    • Hi Justin,

      To confirm, you own the Zenith kit, not the iSub-B, correct? I would recommend using the vaporizer until the LED flashes red, indicating a low battery charge. Then, fully recharge the device and see if the battery meter is properly gauging the charge. If not, I would use the firing button LED as an accurate indicator of battery life instead of the meter. The meter can be inaccurate at times depending on usage and charge habits.

  4. I have the Kroma-A Gunmetal and using SS316L coil in the iSub-B. New coils always read at .50 ohms, very consistent. TC at 40 watts & 435F. Does good initially, but lowers wattage too quickly; goes from 40W to 12W almost immediately. If I take a few hits to heat coil & raise resistance, and have mod re-read coil at .51 ohms, it works great; goes from 40W to 20W then to 12W. Have used this technique on every coil & with different PG/VG ratios. Experimented with a .49 ohm initial setting (put coil in cool temp front porch room to lower initial resistance) and vape was harsh. Seems to be a touchy TC curve for the SS316L. Also noticed that coils get used fairly quickly as compared to T20S coils for loss of flavor & burnt taste; maybe SS316L needs more cotton.

  5. Hi, Looking to buy the Kroma A rose gold in your UK site, but it does not show it available. Please advise where I can get it in UK.

  6. Hi. I just bought the Kroma-A iSub kit for my husband, who is kind of new to vaping, especially a digital one like this. Is there a recommended setting for the device, or a guideline to use? We found some videos online, but no one really specified how to have the settings.
    Thanks, in advance!!

    • Hi Kristin,

      Thanks for picking up a Kroma-A and iSub B kit!

      Assuming you’re using the Plex3D iSub coil, start at 30w in WATTAGE or POWER mode. It may be represented as a (W) symbol. Make sure your airflow is fully open on the tank, and let the coil soak up with juice by letting the tank sit for a few minutes after filling the tank. If you need more power, push the power up in increments of 3w at a time. Do not go above 60w. Let me know if you need any more help!

      • Hi, Frank. Thanks so much for that – he says it’s working a lot better for him. But, we do have one other question – the battery doesn’t seem to last that long. He charges it until the light turns green, and then unplugs it and uses it. Then, after a couple of hours it’s dead again and has to go back on the charger. We had thought that it should last at least a little longer than that. Did we get a defect, or does the battery not actually last that long?
        Thanks, again!!

        • Hey Kristin,

          That’s great to hear! The battery needs to sit on the charger longer than when it initially turns green. The LED indicator should turn off when the battery is fully charged. Green only indicates a charge above 50%.

          Hope this helps!

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