Kroma Vape System

The Innokin Kroma Vape System – 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design, fitted for maximum grip.

General Details

Kroma® Vape System profile

The Innokin Kroma Vape System  – 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design, fitted for maximum grip.
The Innokin Kroma Vape System is powered by the smooth precision of 75Watt Aethon Temperature Control Chipset (SS316L, Ni200, Titanium) with dry hit prevention.
Durable inset Stainless Steel 510 threading reduces the height even further when using the Innokin SlipStream 2ml tank and the included adapter allows the use of all 510 atomizers.
The high quality bright OLED clearly displays all important information and the power and ‘+’ – ‘-‘ adjustment buttons raise or lower temperature or watts in .5 increments.
The Kroma is extremely compact, fast and powerful with an internal 2000mah battery with 2Amp MicroUSB Quick charge and Vape while charging technology.

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Technical Info
Technical detail for Innokin Kroma Vape:

Battery: 2000mAh
Maximum output Wattage: 75W
Maximum output Current: 35.5A
Maximum working Current: 27.5A
Maximum output Voltage: 7.5V
Atomizer Resistance: 0.1Ω (Minimum)
Temperature Control Mode: Ni (0.1-0.2 Ω), Ti (0.1-0.5 Ω), Stainless Steel 316L (0.2-1.0 Ω) coils are recommended.
Important: Temperature Control is only available with T.C. compatible coils.

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iTaste Kroma Vape System review

  1. Nice looking set up! Are there any plans for more coil options? I’m looking for a device about like this to carry to work. I have a pretty physical job and now the 510 connection on my Coolfire 4 TC 100 is loose from being stressed in my pocket with a tank on it. I was wanting an all in one device to prevent this from happening again at work. This looks like it would work great for that. The coils look like they are designed for a direct lung vape. I prefer MTL especially at work for juice consumption and battery life.

    I have really have only ever used Innokin mods and would like to stick with Innokin on this purchase as well ?.


  2. I gotta say you did a great job on this mod 100% dope I would love to see how this mod performs vape on fam……

  3. I recently bought this vaporizer to help me quit smoking and so far so good. From the time I bought it I haven’t had 1 cigarette. So thanks for that Innokin but I do have a request. Like the other guy said, I also have a physical job but the vaporizer in my pocket isn’t very practical. It’s high quality has weight to it and it tends to get knocked around more than I’d like. Fluff, dirt, dust, and whatever else in my pocket also ends up getting inside of it. My request is that a custom holder be made with belt loops. This would keep it vertical at all times. If made right the spout would be covered and be much more convenient on a belt than in our pockets. The price for me at least is really irrelevant because it would be a must have. I hope you consider this seriously as I do believe it would be a valuable accessory. Thanks for listening.

  4. why am i gitting spitting it is burning my mouth and lips witch makes it very hard to enjoy this please help

    • Hi Eileen,

      It sounds like your coil is oversaturated, or you’re vaping at a wattage too high. Dial down the wattage by about 5 to 10W and replace the coil and see if this helps.

  5. Hi, I’m new to mod set ups as I’ve always used simplistic pen styled vapourisers…

    I am using a 50/50 liquid blend & the 0.8 ohm Kanthal coil that came in the box at 20w.

    I’m getting a LOT of spitting when using the mod. Is this because I should be using a higher VG eliquid or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help


    • Hi Matt,

      Either the coil is over-saturated from too much priming, or the eliquid is too thin. When you prime your coil, only 2-3 drops on the top will suffice, just be sure to wait a few minutes after filling your tank to vape. 30PG/70VG is a universally great experience in our modern tanks.

  6. I have got one of croma kit & looking to replace a tank on this , which other tanks I can use with this base. Please guide.

    • Hi Kunal,

      Using the provided adapter, any 510 threaded atomizer is compatible with the Kroma. Thanks!

      • Hi Frank,

        I badly need the 510 adaptor that comes with innokin as mine seems to have been lost/misappropriated/stolen.

        Your website is only shipping to USA and I happen to be in India. Could you please help me source it especially coz I have bought products from China earlier too but can’t find this particular item.

        Secondly I happened to drop my lift sta an hour or so earlier and the glass is broken. I bought it only a few days ago and was absolutely loving the lift and using my drop rda on top of it.

        Will I have to buy the whole device itself?

        I request other posters here to pass on any leads if you have them for buying the kroma 510 adaptor or getting the lift sta or its glass.

        Thank you for your help.

  7. Its a great mod, worked perfectly…..for about 4 months,
    now the LCD screen has completely died. i can no longer see the battery life, what coil settings or temperature its running at.
    really not happy that this has happened after only 4 months.

  8. Just got a kroma within a few days I can’t smoke it anymore, message keeps coming on screen every time I press the button to take a smoke and it says TOO hOT, anyone please let me know y and how can I get it to work I need to vape

    • Hi Gio,

      I recommend replacing the coil in your atomizer, and make sure your Kroma has cooled off. You should only get a too hot error if you are chain vaping at very high wattages.

      If this doesn’t help, please contact our support at for further help. Thank you.

  9. I got one and start to use it, however it shoot out the eLiquid from the mouth piece no matter what wattage or temperature i tried. Did I missed anything here? Thanks.

    • Hello Ken,

      It’s likely the coil has flooded with e-liquid. I recommend draining your tank and refilling it, this time making sure to not over-prime the coil with e-liquid. If this doesn’t help, replace the coil. Thank you!

  10. What other tanks are available to use with the kroma? I’m enjoying the kroma, but the I go through the eliquid kinda quickly.

    • Hi Maria,

      Provided you use the included 510 adapter, any tank with a male 510 connector will work with your Kroma. Make sure the coils you plan on using vape best within the wattage range of the Kroma. Thank you!

  11. I have just got the kroma after a few vapes it is getting hot on my lips and warm to the touch I have tried another coil in it and is still the same is there dotting I am doing wrong or a fault with the mod

  12. Hi I brought this yesterday and it is spitting hot liquid in my lips and blistered my lip. It keeps doing it even though the recommended watt for this coil is 20 to 35 its only been on 20 and still doing it. I turned it down to 15 and doesn’t seem to be doing it anymore but I am worried on keeping at 15 as it say the recommended watt should be 20 to 35.

    • Hi Zoe,

      No need to worry about using it at 15w. It’s important to not use a coil OVER it’s recommend wattage range, but under is fine.

      As for the spitback, it could be your juice, or it can depend on how long it’s been since you’ve last vaped. Sugars can dry on the cotton and cause cracking/popping/spitting upon first use after not being used for a day.

  13. I love my Kroma but I have a hard time finding new coils and would like to try different tanks on it but I have lost my 510 adapter. Is there any chance you could tell me where to find one or if you have any I can purchase? I have tried the 510 to eGo adapter but it isn’t tall enough to use the 510 threads and eGo tanks seem kind of weird on the Kroma mod. They work fine just kind of like having a 2 barrel carburetor on top of a top fuel dragster motor.

  14. love this mod but it’s kinda a hard to find the original coil for this slipstrim,,since this coil is not rebuildable type and i cannot do more whit it,so i just use another tank to vape,,,and btw can i use joyetech or cubis coil for this slipstrim tank?

    • Hi Johnathan,

      No, you cannot use the cubis coil in the Slipstream. The Kroma comes with a 510 tank adapter so that you can use any 510 threaded tank of your choice. You can also find our Slipstream coils on many online retailers.

  15. the tank sometimes gets stuck and hard to open… everytime i open it to refill e-juice or change atomizer, it’s always a nightmare….

    • Hi MZ,

      Be sure not to over-tighten your tank when refilling it or screwing it onto your mod. If you need help unscrewing it, try wearing rubber latex gloves. They will help improve your grip.

      • massive issues opening it to refill EVERY time which is once or twice a day. I know its a child lock but its ridicules I’ve checked if theres dirt in it etc – nothing. I have been using rubber washing up gloves – but its hardly appropriate out and about – look like a right idiot. Its really stressing me out Any other options available?

        • Hello Lola,

          If the child-resistant lock is proving to be too difficult for you to open, I would suggest either looking into a different atomizer, or unfortunately you’ll have to continue dealing with using gloves in public to open your tank. The only other alternative outside of having someone physically stronger than you opening your tank would be to carry a rubber jar or glass opener in your purse. That could help you get more torque on the atomizer without having to put on latex gloves in public. Hope this helps.

  16. Like others I have just bought one, followed the instructions for the installed coil, selected wattage mode and started at 20w going as high as 28w (instructions say 20-35w) and was experimenting with the slipstream. I left it for half an hour and when I went to use it again I got hot liquid and spitting/bubbly noises and little or no vape. I only have the spare coil left so what can I do with the current installed one if anything? Also, what am I doing wrong for this to happen?

    • Hi Steve,

      Spitting is typical when the coil is oversaturated. You either primed the coil too heavily, or the e-liquid you are using is extremely thin and is flooding your coil. Also, I would recommend that you close your airflow control ring while filling your tank as well.

      For clarification, what e-liquid are you using? VG/PG, nicotine percentage, and what brand is important to figure out what kind of performance you should expect.

  17. I have just bought it today but i don’t know how to fill it with the liquid, i tried to open it from the top but for some reason i coudn’t open it, do u have video which shows how to open it ?

  18. I bought a Kroma for my girlfriend on 8-5-17 and it was working great but last night it shut off and now it wont turn back on. It shows the hit the button 3x screen but no matter what you do thats all it will do.

    • Hi Kerry,

      Sorry to hear the issues you’re having with your girlfriends Kroma! We are more than happy to help you get a replacement. Please contact our support email at with a brief description of the issue as well as attached proof of purchase and we’ll begin your warranty process. Apologies for the trouble and have a great day.

  19. Just got my Kroma today!
    Best setting for my custom mix.
    Base: 30 PG / 70 VG
    Aroma: TPA RY4 Double
    Nicotine: < 1 mg

    Pre-Boost at 40 W, and 240 C, SS316L wire,

    Similar to Joyetech CuAIO but stronger less lasting taste of carmel,
    Nice work Innokin.

  20. After a bit of research I upgraded to a a cool fire 4. It’s so impressive how good this product is! The wife has just ordered a gold one! Thanks for an excellent product.

  21. I have misplaced my box and am wondering if there is a way to purchase the adapter so that I can use a bigger tank.

  22. I love this device,although after 5 months of use even when the battery is fully charged it refuses to fire stating that the battery is low. Any advice maybe how to reset or a software error or update?

  23. how can i open the top cap as i over tightened it and child proof system is stopping me from opening it, any suggestions?

  24. Jiravat Kuttiyanont December 18, 2017 at 5:31 pm Reply

    Hello there, I have been used this mod for some time now. Can I use any tanks or RDA with this mod and what is work best?

    • Hi Jiravat,

      The Kroma is 510 compatible, which means any 510 threaded tank will fit.

      The Ares and Zenith tanks are both great choices for the Kroma. The Axiom and iSub line works great with it too.

      For RDAs, the Drop RDA and Pulse 22 are popular choices.

      Hope this helps!

  25. Hi there, hoping to get some help. I just bought a Kroma and use Crios coils (they came with the device). I usually maintain a Wattage of around 23W as I don’t like the draw too strong. I starting getting a very harsh feeling after my draw on my throat and a burnt taste so I immediately thought it was the coil and so replaced it. The same thing is happening now with a new Crios coil. Can you provide some advice as to what this could be? Should I look to clean or change any other components? Thanks

    • Hi Chris,

      I would recommend opening up your tank’s airflow, and making sure it’s not obstructed in any way.

      A total cleaning of the atomizer is recommended as well. Let me know if this solves the issue.

  26. I’m at the end of my tether with this thing. Constantly gurgling and spitting at me and I’ve done everything to try and resolve it. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Changed the coil 3 times in the last couple of days, using a kanthan slipstream coil, using correcting setting, 28w, primed properly with a small amount of juice. Not over filling. I’m using 60:40 pg/vg juice. Any help appreciated as it’s driving me back to smoking which is so much easier.

    • Hi Daniel,

      The Slipstream can be a bit delicate in regards to spitting and leaking. 60pg/40vg is a bit thin as well which is probably making the problem worse. Try a thicker e-liquid.

      If that doesn’t help, you might just need a different atomizer that’s suited better to your needs. The iSub Apex would work great on your Kroma with the included 510 adapter, and the Apex is absolutely leak proof. Great flavor as well.

  27. I am new to vaping & cannot fault the Cool fire 4, i have not had a cigarette since i started to use this. Would recommend to anyone

  28. Hi I bought this a few months ago and it’s been nothing but amazing. But it seems to not work now after I charged it after using it. I hear the electrical but I can’t hear the mod firing. What do I do?

    • Hi Anthony,

      Have you tried plugging it into a different charging adapter? Can you elaborate what you mean by “hear the electrical”? Make sure the mod is on; press the fire button 3 times in rapid succession. Please follow up so I can better assist you. Thank you.

  29. Hi,

    Great little device, I use it when I’m out and about and don’t want to carry with me my bigger model. I own a firecool IV already and I have been really happy with your product. Could you please advise if you are planning to have or if you have already more tank to fit inside neatly like the original one?

    Thanks in advance

  30. Hi,

    I’ve had my Kroma for about 6 months with no problem but the last couple of times that I’ve had to refill I’m having trouble getting the cap off the tank, and now it’s completely stuck on. When I try to undo it, the cover over the air vents just spins. I’ve read on other forums that the tread on the screw top cap is thin and wears easily, is there a way of fixing this?

    Thanks :)

  31. I just got home with my mod (was the display model as I bought the last one.) I just finished unboxing it and there’s a metal half-moon piece about 1/8″ thick. I have been looking to try to find out what it is for; about the only place I see it would likely fit is the 510 and I wouldn’t be able to attach the slipstream (I love the tank and type of coil btw. A little low capacity IMO though.) I feel like an idiot for not already knowing what it’s for though

  32. I got this as a gift from a friend, and its been fantastic so far. Slight issue, I removed the coil to see how everything worked, since then, It hasn’t been working. it turns on just fine, I hold the power button and hear it working, but no vapor comes out. I put the coil back in, obviously, but I don’t know if I screwed something up

    • Hi Joe,

      Here’s a few tips to help you out:

      1. Make sure the airflow ring is open. If it’s closed, it will be very hard to vape properly.

      2. Ensure the coil is properly screwed in. It should be level with the glass tank and not crooked in any way.

      3. Make sure the mod is set to a high enough wattage to vape properly. I’d start with 30w.

      Hope this helps.

  33. Does anyone know why the tank doesn’t fits well in the itaste kroma? It’s working but i am afraid it can cause some issues.

  34. My unit keeps saying “too hot” what’s this mean?

    • Hi Kellie,

      It means there is a heat problem either from the coil ohm reading or from chain vaping the mod. When you see that warning, please let it cool off for a few minutes before resuming vaping. Thanks!

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