Kroma Vape System

The Innokin Kroma Vape System – 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design, fitted for maximum grip.

General Details

Kroma® Vape System profile

The Innokin Kroma Vape System  – 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design, fitted for maximum grip.
The Innokin Kroma Vape System is powered by the smooth precision of 75Watt Aethon Temperature Control Chipset (SS316L, Ni200, Titanium) with dry hit prevention.
Durable inset Stainless Steel 510 threading reduces the height even further when using the Innokin SlipStream 2ml tank and the included adapter allows the use of all 510 atomizers.
The high quality bright OLED clearly displays all important information and the power and ‘+’ – ‘-‘ adjustment buttons raise or lower temperature or watts in .5 increments.
The Kroma is extremely compact, fast and powerful with an internal 2000mah battery with 2Amp MicroUSB Quick charge and Vape while charging technology.

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Technical Info
Technical detail for Innokin Kroma Vape:

Battery: 2000mAh
Maximum output Wattage: 75W
Maximum output Current: 35.5A
Maximum working Current: 27.5A
Maximum output Voltage: 7.5V
Atomizer Resistance: 0.1Ω (Minimum)
Temperature Control Mode: Ni (0.1-0.2 Ω), Ti (0.1-0.5 Ω), Stainless Steel 316L (0.2-1.0 Ω) coils are recommended.
Important: Temperature Control is only available with T.C. compatible coils.

Review Videos
iTaste Kroma Vape System review

  1. Nice looking set up! Are there any plans for more coil options? I’m looking for a device about like this to carry to work. I have a pretty physical job and now the 510 connection on my Coolfire 4 TC 100 is loose from being stressed in my pocket with a tank on it. I was wanting an all in one device to prevent this from happening again at work. This looks like it would work great for that. The coils look like they are designed for a direct lung vape. I prefer MTL especially at work for juice consumption and battery life.

    I have really have only ever used Innokin mods and would like to stick with Innokin on this purchase as well 😀.


  2. I gotta say you did a great job on this mod 100% dope I would love to see how this mod performs vape on fam……

  3. I recently bought this vaporizer to help me quit smoking and so far so good. From the time I bought it I haven’t had 1 cigarette. So thanks for that Innokin but I do have a request. Like the other guy said, I also have a physical job but the vaporizer in my pocket isn’t very practical. It’s high quality has weight to it and it tends to get knocked around more than I’d like. Fluff, dirt, dust, and whatever else in my pocket also ends up getting inside of it. My request is that a custom holder be made with belt loops. This would keep it vertical at all times. If made right the spout would be covered and be much more convenient on a belt than in our pockets. The price for me at least is really irrelevant because it would be a must have. I hope you consider this seriously as I do believe it would be a valuable accessory. Thanks for listening.

  4. why am i gitting spitting it is burning my mouth and lips witch makes it very hard to enjoy this please help

    • Hi Eileen,

      It sounds like your coil is oversaturated, or you’re vaping at a wattage too high. Dial down the wattage by about 5 to 10W and replace the coil and see if this helps.

  5. Hi, I’m new to mod set ups as I’ve always used simplistic pen styled vapourisers…

    I am using a 50/50 liquid blend & the 0.8 ohm Kanthal coil that came in the box at 20w.

    I’m getting a LOT of spitting when using the mod. Is this because I should be using a higher VG eliquid or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help


    • Hi Matt,

      Either the coil is over-saturated from too much priming, or the eliquid is too thin. When you prime your coil, only 2-3 drops on the top will suffice, just be sure to wait a few minutes after filling your tank to vape. 30PG/70VG is a universally great experience in our modern tanks.

  6. I have got one of croma kit & looking to replace a tank on this , which other tanks I can use with this base. Please guide.

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