MVP4 & SCION Tank Kit – A Better Vape Experience
MVP4 & SCION Tank Kit - Innokin

MVP4 & SCION Tank Kit

General Details
Innokin MVP4, Legendary Power, Ready to Rock 2017!

REAL 4500mAh & POWER BANK , Supports 2A Quick Charge

Get ready for more! Vape your way with 100Watts of Real vaping output and Power Up with a 4500 mAh battery that vapes for days that can charge your mobile phone and favorite electronics!!

Powered by an AETHON microchip, the MVP4 has advanced and easy to use Temperature Control (SS316L, Ni200, Titanium), anti-dry Hit technologies coils and integrated charging and over heat safety protections.

The high quality 510 stainless steel threading and gold plated connection pin connects perfectly with all the best Vape Tanks including the Axiom, iSub, Crios ,Ares and more.

The large, bright LED Screen clearly displays important information (Wattage, Battery Level) and the durable design and finish will stand up to all the drops that daily life throws at you.

Charge twice as fast with 2Amp Micro USB Quick Charge and you’ll always have power to vape and charge your mobile phone or other electronics!

Big real vaping power, on the go! Power up your 2017 with the Innokin MVP4!!

High wattage Subohm tank system……the SCION!

Designed for vapers seeking terrific flavor AND deep, rich clouds……the SCION is sure to please! The SCION’s perfect airflow design allows users to experience the best of both worlds.

Manufactured with only top quality stainless steel, pyrex glass, and a threaded wide-bore delrin drip tip, the SCION is built to last.
The best part is…….it’s also extremely affordable!

Crafted by vapers for vapers, the SCION will exceed expectations while providing THE superior vaping experience.

Review Videos
MVP4 Scion kit review

  1. I just purchased a MVP4 with the scion tank and it makes a lot of noise when I puff, it sounds like popping and crackleing. And why does it seem like it leakes? I’m new to this cuz I’m quitting smoking after 37 years of smoking. I have had two smokes in the last week. Thank you

    • Hi Curtis,

      Crackling and pops are normal on the first drag or when eliquid has dried on the cotton.

      For leaks, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot:

      1. Check all o-rings and seals and verify they are present, undamaged, and correctly placed.

      2. Do not overprime your coils or overfill your tank.

      3. Fill your tank with the airflow closed.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Do you sell replacement glass for the scion tank

  3. I recently bought an MVP4 Scion kit and was wondering if you have any suggestions for where to get a case. I’ve searched online and have been unable to locate any.

    • Hello Addy,

      I do not believe Innokin offers official cases for the MVP4. If there are cases out there, they are likely third party unauthorized products. You can contact our support email at and request to see if they offer silicon rubber cases for the MVP4. Hope this helps.

  4. My MVP4 is not firing and the display is showing H8HW210CIP39OE ? It’s charging, telling me to push the button three times to unlock, but it will not work.

    • Hi Peter,

      That message is the device security code to verify that it is an authentic Innokin product. I recommend blowing some canned air into the buttons of your mod to clean them. Let the mod fully charge afterward, and then try turning it on with the standard 3 quick presses of the firing button.

  5. how do u charge the battery/

  6. My mvp 4 stopped charging. Flashes RED, YELLOW, GREEN, RED, RED then stays solid red.

    • Hi Richie,

      I’d recommend trying multiple different chargers and charging cables to rule out the issue of it charging. Keep it on the charger for a few hours to see if it begins to hold a charge.

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