MVP4 Kit – A Better Vape Experience
MVP4 Kit - Innokin

Vape your way with 100Watts of Real vaping output and Power Up with a 4500 mAh battery that vapes for days that can CHARGE your mobile phone and favorite electronics!

General Details
Legendary Power, Upgraded!

REAL big 4500 mAh vaporizer and POWER BANK

Vape your way with 100Watts of Real vaping output and Power Up with a 4500 mAh battery that vapes for days that can CHARGE your mobile phone and favorite electronics!

Powered by an AETHON microchip, the MVP4 has advanced and easy to use Temperature Control (SS316L, ni200, Titanium), anti-dry Hit technologies coils and integrated charging and over heat safety protections.

The high quality 510 stainless steel threading and gold plated connection pin connects perfectly with all the best Vape Tanks including the Axiom, iSub series and more.

The large, bright LED screen clearly displays important information (Wattage, Battery Level) and the durable design and finish will stand up to all the drops that daily life throws at you.

Charge twice as fast with 2Amp microUSB Quick Charge and you’ll always have power to vape and charge your mobile phone or other electronics!

Big real vaping power, on the go! Power up your 2017 with the Innokin MVP4!


User Manual
  1. Does the MVP 4 have stealth mode? I really liked having a screen on my MVP 2 that only lit up when I needed it to. I love my MVP 3 pro and my Coolfire 4 TC 100 but wished I could turn the screen off on them..

    • The screen turns on when you hit it, and turns itself off after a few seconds. You can also turn the screen on yourself….

  2. Hey Mike, the MPV4 to my knowledge does not have stealth mode. The Coolfire Ultra is out now 4000 mAh battery though so 500 mAh down but it does vape up to 150W. I finally have a Internal battery that can handle my TFV8 Cloud Beast.

  3. can the itaste vv battery be ordered online?
    sandra mcnulty

  4. I really enjoy my vape

  5. I’m having a very hard time finding coils for my MVP4 Vaporiser & Power Bank INNOKIN 6-100 4500 mAh 2 Amp Quick Charge. If there is anyway that you can help i’d appreciate. Thank you Geralyn

  6. Just got my MVP 4 and am liking it with one exception. Unlike the MVP 3, the action button has no “click” to it so it’s difficult to know if it’s being pressed and I tend to press down too hard on it to make sure. Otherwise, it’s working great.

    • Hi Gil,

      Thank you for the feedback and I hope you enjoy your MVP4!

      • Frank. I have a question. Why does my MVP4 turn itself on when I turn it off? I do this so it doesn’t fire at work and it still turns on in my pocket when I turn it off.

        • Hi Daniel,

          Some MVP4 units have particularly sensitive buttons, so if you’re moving about a lot or if your pockets are tight it’s possible your fire button is being engaged. The best way to prevent any misfires would be to remove your atomizer separately while it’s in your pocket.

  7. Can someone tell me on the innokin itaste mpv4 what buttons do you use to change the coil form
    02 to 0.4
    I tried changing it but when i press the button nothings happening. Help!!

    • Hi Lisa.

      I assume you’re referring to the ohms of the coil. In this case, they cannot be changed by a setting or button press on the device. If you want a .2 coil, you’ll have to put a .2 coil in your tank. Same goes with a .4 and all other ohm ratings. You can find the ohm ratings on the box of your coils, or etched onto the coils themselves.

  8. Im looking to purchase a mvp4 but wanted to know if theres still an issue with atomizers not sitting flush.? Any feedback welcome.

  9. I tried everything the MVP 2.0 allowed me to quit after 20 yrs 2 packs a day and it lasted me a few years very durable… in a class of its own at least from the hundreds I’ve wasted and broke there like tanks they are tuff the batteries are awesome hands down the best investment and life saver I’m really looking into the MVP 3 or 4 I know it’ll be worth it good job Innokin

    • Hey Chris,

      Thank you so much for the amazing feedback! We are honored to have helped you quit, and hope you pick up an MVP4 soon! Please let me know what you think of it if you pick one up.

    • I have trouble with my atomizer sitting flush also. And, can the same tanks/coils be used with the MVP4 that I use for my MVP3?

      • Hi Melody,

        Any 510 compatible tank that uses either Kanthal, Stainless Steel, Nickel, or Titanium coils are compatible with the MVP4 at 100 watts or under.

        Some atomizers have tall 510 pins that will prevent a flush fit on the MVP4.

  10. What is the charge output rated at? By volts and amps?

  11. Hi Innokin, I recently bought a MVP 4, where does the battery vent? I ask becauce I have a silicon bung in the USB port, the big one not the micro one, should I remove it or is it alright to leave it in?? Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Greg,

      In the extremely unlikely event that the battery in your MVP4 vents, the USB port is likely to be the best place for it to vent. If this concerns you, I would remove the bung, however I really wouldn’t worry too much about it.

      Thanks for supporting us :)

      • Hi again Innokin, thank you very much for your reply, just for the record I own many devices, including the Provari P3, the MVP4 is my fave of all time, and at the price point I can’t believe that people have to think about buying one, one last thing what does MVP stand for?

  12. Just got the MVP4 with Scion tank and I love it!! I have been vaping for 10 days and I have been using chewing tobacco for 15 years and I am now 10 days tobacco free. I have tried a bunch of box mods and tanks my brother in law had and they don’t even compare, AND he spent more money on his set up than I did!! Needless to say my brother in law just ordered the same kit he was so impressed. This thing is amazing and I am so happy I picked this kit.

    • Hey Ben!

      That’s fantastic news! Congratulations on your first 10 days tobacco free! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying our MVP4 and find it to be a good value. Thanks so much for the kind words, thanks for supporting us, and I hope you keep up the tobacco free streak! Good luck on happy vaping.

    • Hi there, I am so far enjoying my MVP 4, but I am having some trouble with my Uwell D1 leaking through the 510 connection into the mod. I don’t think it has been a large amount, since it is only the condensation from the tank. The mod itself seems to be operating fine. And I have been removing the liquid from the connector with a paper towel when I notice it happening. Should I be concerned about the mod short circuiting?

      • Hi Henry,

        E-liquid shouldn’t cause any issues in regards to short circuiting, however the condensation caused by vaping could potentially be an issue. Make sure you keep your mod dry and clean to keep it operating properly for years to come. Thank you!

  13. I am having problems with 4 month old innokin mvp4 reading coils very “off”??? It doesn’t matter what type of coil as I have a kanger subtank, baby beast and a uwell crown (all in watt mode-never use temp control mode). Device only just started this a week ago, guy a my ecig store says to “update” by plugging device into my computer?? Will this fix? It’s very strange as every time I hit fire button, ohm’s read waaaaaaaay off-I mean like, up to 3.09ohm’s!! Which is impossible since it’s a “sub”-meaning-less than zero ohm battery and tank(s). I love this device and hope you can offer help to fix ! ????

    • Hello there,

      No, the MVP4 does not offer updates. This sounds like an issue with your 510 connector. I recommend you clean out the threading and the 510 pin as best as you can. Make sure there’s no dirt, debris, dust, etc on the connector. This could cause the ohm readings to be inaccurate.

    • I am currently having the same situation with my MVP 4. Its causing the product to get really hot and drain through the battery in very little time. I’ve contacted Innokin Support, but since I have had it for more than 90 days, they have not been very helpful. Its a shame.

      • Hi Chris,

        Unfortunately, once you are past the 90 day window, your warranty is expired and the best we can do is repair or replacement at a cost. Did they offer a repair or replacement service for a fee?

  14. Tyler Darlington August 8, 2017 at 1:36 am Reply

    how do you select “new coil” on the mvp4?

    • Hello Tyler,

      Unscrew your atomizer and screw it back on. This should bring up the new/same coil screen. Select “New” with the wattage up and down buttons, it will be flashing when it’s selected. Then, press your fire button to confirm. Thanks!

  15. I just bought my mvp4 today, so far I like it, my question is, does the 4400mah battery have a memory

  16. Loving my MVP4 but for one annoyance… It keeps getting turned on in my pocket, then burning coils.
    Is there any way to increase the number of button presses required to turn off and on? I never had this problem with previous products that needed 5 pushes.

    • Hi Tony,

      No, unfortunately there is no way to increase the number of presses to turn your MVP4 on. The MVP4 will only turn on with quick consecutive presses, however. I would recommend changing the position you put it into your pocket as the fire button should not be getting pressed that often.

  17. I am using the mvp4 with a kylin rta but lately it’s been turning it self off and ideas please

    • Hi Richard,

      I would check your coil, as it could be causing a short, which can turn your device off. Make sure all coil leads have proper contact with your deck posts and that the coil is operating above .1ohms.

  18. I am using the MVP4 and it turns on and tell me to “click 3 time to turn on” and I press the power button 3 times any ideas why this is not working ?

    • Hi Thomas,

      The MVP4 is turned on with 3 quick clicks of the firing button. This is normal operation for all Innokin products. Make sure to press the button 3 times quickly for it to turn on. Let me know if you need more help.

  19. I bought the MVP 3.0 pro 2 years ago & quit smoking within a couple of days. I had previously smoked for 20 years. This mod is absolutely indestructible, I work in construction & my mod has been through hell & still preforms like a champ. Most solid mod on the market! I love the long battery life & durablity but after 2 years of heavy use the battery life is not what it used to be. Is the MVP 4 made to the same high standards as my MVP 3.0 Pro? If so, where can I order one?

  20. I just bought 2 mvp 4 to replace mvp 3s that I’ve had for 2 tears love them. 1 mvp 4 works fine the other give supuratic ohm resistance numbers with 3 different tanks. The bottom of the box gets hot when firing. Sometime the display shows it heating up but it’s not getting the coil. I have cleaned and checked the connection. This is less than a month old mod. I’m worried it has some sort of internal short. I have been using innokin mods for 4 years and this is my first real issue. How do I return it for warranty?

  21. Thanks for responding. :)
    That’s a shame, but nonetheless this is still a great product.

  22. Hi,
    I am from the US as I am going on vacation where there is no USB available for me to charge my Innokin MVP4.
    I am looking for a wall adaptor to charge my mod. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • Hello Laura,

      The MVP4 can be charged with a wide variety of chargers that are easily found online at large e-tailers, such as Amazon. Plug your usb cable into a wall adapter and then plug the wall adapter into the wall. Make sure the wall adapter you purchase is compatible with a USB connector as well as the wall outlet in the country that you will be visiting. Thanks.

  23. How do i change the Fahrenheit setting ?

    I have the mvp4 with the 2ml isub v tank .

    It’s stuck on 50w and 360F (SS mode) ,not sure this is the best setting for it.

  24. hi,I bought the MVP4 like 2 week ago I use it daily I have the Isub V tank on it however the screen has just turned black and doesn’t turn on I’ve lefted it to charge for a good 5 hours now and nothing’s changed what’s happening anyone know?

  25. Do you have a vaporizer that will: Vape flower?
    Vape cannabis oil?
    Vape e-juice?
    Does the MVP4 have airflow control? My concern is that my “basic”
    $20 vapepen when using the 510 thread cannabis oils(c02 extracted)
    Burns my lungs and makes me cough. Will the MVP4 provide the coolest,
    Strongest vapor with big clouds of vapor? Thank you for taking the time to help me.

    • Hi Stuart,

      We recommend only using Innokin products with e-liquid. The MVP4 is a 510 compatible mod and thus can use tanks/atomizers that have adjustable airflow. What you’re asking has more to do with the atomizer you’re using rather than the mod. The MVP4 can provide up to 100W of power to any atomizer of your choosing. Thank you!

  26. Somebody I know has two of the MVP fours one of them has all the sudden just started not charging. Is there a switch on this mod like there was on version 2 to determine which way it is either charging or discharging?

  27. I had issues with ohm going from .6-1.10 using Kanger sub tank on MVP 4 which I didn’t with MVP3 but switched to a Crown 3 and it stays at .28 which is great but i have to set at 80w vs 40w. Advice to anyone using a Kanger Tech subtank with .5 coils is to switch to an Uwell Crown 3. Never had a bad taste hit since I switched

  28. Does aspire nautilus / nautilus mini work on this mod?

  29. Hi! So the last couple times I’ve bought a coil for my mod and changed it the coil instantly burns, and both times I changed the coil I started at 60 watts until I gradually bump that up. How can this be prevented?

    • Hi Alyssa,

      What coils are you using on your MVP4? 60W could be too high to start with. I can’t give you a solid answer unless I know the exact coil you’re using, so let me know and I’ll follow your request up.

  30. I have used the MVP models for 4 years now and I really like them. I have an mvp4 that I just bought a few months ago and the button has always been difficult to press and never had a click to it. My others lasted over a year each before the charging ports ended up disconnected from the board which is understood with how many times I plug it in and out of the charger. A week ago my mvp4 started having the button pressed by itself. My battery would be laying on the table and I would hear the crackling, burning sound and when I looked at it the light would be on like the button was getting pressed. I then have to fiddle with the button to get it to go off. Now I have to press the button even harder to get it to work and the button has fallen out once on me. Is there any way to fix the button?

  31. Will the MVP4 work with Innokin Prism T22? It has 1.5Ω Japanese Organic Cotton Coil

  32. I’m interested in purchasing the MVP4. I’ve been told by a few people that if I do, to get a Cleito 120 tank. Sounds like big cloud and big flavor. Has anyone else done this?

    • Hi Ron,

      The Cleito tanks use 510 threading which are compatible with the MVP4. Be careful with any atomizer to not screw them onto your mod too tightly as you can damage the mod’s 510 pin. Happy vaping!

  33. Can I use a 5.3V 2.0A wall adapter to charge my Innokin MVP4?

  34. Hi I have the mpv4 had it 5 weeks and the battery lasts about 8 hours from fully charged

  35. Hi, can you tell me how to change the temperature reading from fahrenheit to celsius?? There is nothing explaining how to do this in the manual!

  36. I have been getting an issue where the screen flickers and the fire button flashes in unison with the battery indicator, my troll tank is the only atomiser that I own that does not produce the issue, any ideas?

  37. i have the innokin MVP4 and it doesn’t seem to be holding a charge anymore Ive had it for around 6 months . i charged it throughout my work day (10 hours) and it never seems to go beyond a qtr of “charge” ,ive used various leads and wall sockets all with the same result .. the battery changing animation is there but as soon as i remove the lead it drops back to the ” Quarter charge ” mark

    i love the tank and need to know if the battery has gone after 6 month as it will determine if i replace with another mvp4 or try something else. Please help

    • Hi Mark,

      It sounds like the battery has been weakened somehow. What kind of chargers are you using with the MVP4? 6 months is not typical lifespan for the MVP4, it should last you a year at least.

  38. I’ve just ordered the Digiflavor Siren v2 24mm tank and I’m looking to pair it with an Innokin mod. I understand from online reviews of the tank that it has a slightly longer 510 pin than normal. Which Innokin mod will it sit flush on? Also, I don’t want overhang so the mod must take 24mm at least. I’d like one with a built in battery and battery life is important to me. I only vape in VW mode and never above 15W, usually around 12W.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Vik,

      To avoid potential 510 issues, I’d recommend the Oceanus. 24mm atomizers will be flush and you can vape it at 12-15W no problem. The battery is removable but you can still charge it internally. Hope this helps!

  39. I just purchased the new innokin mvp4 and I was wondering which tank you would recommend besides the scion. I don’t care for the plastic drip tip. Any suggestions??? I’m big on flavor not smoke production

  40. This mod is hard to beat. I was a smoker that turned to vaping to quit. I started with a Smok stick and quickly grew tired of how warm it got and no battery indicator.

    I tried several mods at a B&M and the MVP4 is what I left with. It was a bit more expensive than others I tried but worth every cent.

    It’s easy to use, has a battery that lasts forever, doesn’t feel cheap or fragile, and runs nice and cool at 50 watts, and the internal battery saves money and aggravation.

    I have purchased 3 as gifts this year for family members so hopefully they wind up as ex smokers like I did.

  41. This has been a hug disappointment.
    The power button has gone bad. It first seemed ok when I received it. The power button wouldn’t fire every 3rd time or so. I thought this might be an issues with the tanks I was using as they would short of over tighten.
    I tried to return it to place of sale but was over the 30days.
    I have since been looking for a warranty return in the US………..never found one
    The power button no longer works at all.

    I loved the item when it did work.
    This is my 3rd MVP and the MVP 2 and 3 were great.
    I am now back to my MVP 3
    GL with your 4s could be an amazing product.

    • Hi Michael,

      I believe I responded to you on another comment.

      Very sorry to hear that! Have you tried contacting our warranty and support email? You can reach them anytime at Attach proof of purchase and they’ll replace any device with manufacturer defects within 90 days. Apologies for the trouble and thank you for supporting Innokin!

  42. I have been a fan of Innokin since 2015 when I bought my first box. It was an mvp 11 watt box. That is what got me off of cigarettes. Since then I have bought a cool fire 4, then the mvp 3.0 pro and then the mvp 4 when it first came out, I also bought a cool fire 4 tc. I still love my mvp 4!! My mvp 4 is my primary and my cool fire 4 tc is my back up for when I need to charge the mvp 4. I look forward to the next mvp product!! Because I’m ready to buy it soon as it comes out!!! Innokin makes the best and most durable devices!! Any chance of a date on a release of a new mvp product???

    • Hey Steve,

      Loving the enthusiasm! Thanks for being a fan and great to hear our products helped you quit smoking! Unfortunately, I cannot give you a release date or any information regarding a future MVP mod, but I share the same hope as you, it’s one of my favorites as well.

  43. Had MVP’s since 2.0! Since then I’ve had the MVP 3, 3Pro and now I’m using the 4. All of this models have given me the same issue…..the resistance is bouncing around erratically. Seems to be a lot of people online experiencing the same problem. I am out of warranty and had this device for about 9 months. Do you have any advice because with this problem happening once again on my third wattage control mod, I may have to move away from innokin, despite my reluctance.

    Please help.

    • Hi Mick,

      Resistance fluctuation is usually caused from the 510 connector being damaged, dirty, or from physical abuse of the mod. I recommend cleaning your 510 threads of both your MVP and tank thoroughly. If that doesn’t help, try gently pulling up on the MVP’s 510 connector pin, and only use tanks with regular length male 510 connectors.

  44. Can the mvp 4 be charged with a charger that outputs 3 amps or will it overload it

  45. Hi

    Couple of questions as I’m considering an upgrade

    1. Will there be a pro version of the MVP 4?
    2. I have a wall charge adapter throwing out 2.4A – would that cause damage or allow fast charge?
    3. Do you have a newsletter?

    Love Innokin products

    • Hi Ian,

      1. Don’t believe so
      2. Probably too high- keep it to 2A and lower
      3. Yes! Visit our main page ( and sign up for the newsletter with the pop-up header.

      Thanks for your support and vape on!

  46. MVP4, got massage “Shorted”, how can we fix it

    • Hi Yoshi,

      Here are some troubleshooting steps to take-

      1. Replace your coil. This is very likely the cause of the issue.
      2. If the coil isn’t the problem, thoroughly clean the 510 threads on your MVP4 as well as the threaded male section of your atomizer.
      3. If you are still getting a shorted message, inspect the 510 pin on your MVP4. If it is pressed too far deep into the mod or damaged, you’ll have to have your mod repaired or replaced if it’s within the warranty period (90 days after original purchase)

      Hope this helps.

  47. Greeting,
    I’m new to vaping and have a few questions. Is there a list anywhere Showing latest and greatest back to older of the products you make and still support? I ask because after 40+ years of smoking I’m quitting and a friend got me an itaste MVP 2(I know very old, I’ve had it for a while, just wasn’t ready to try it due to a bad experience using another brand vape) and I love it and the functionality butt realize that I might want something a bit newer and the plethora of stuff out there is daunting. Sorta want to stick with something like the MVP, like the style, size, battery and ability to charge devices in an emergency. Is there anything currently like that? Can you interchange single and dual coil tanks? Are the tanks really pretty much only good for a couple of weeks. I’m not looking for massive volumes of smoke(like the sub-ohm stuff?) just something that generates smoke and has nicotine(at least till I cut it down to nothing). I enjoyed smoking for the most part and the MVP fits the bill. Been youtubing n googling looking at info so I have ideas just need a little more info. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    • Hi John,

      To answer your questions in order-

      1. Yes! Take a look at the MVP4. It should suit your needs well.

      2. You absolutely can with a variable wattage device, like the MVP4.

      3. Tanks can be “good” for a long time so long as you replace the coils once they taste burnt.

      4. The Zenith would be a good fit for a mouth to lung high nicotine vape. You can use the Zenith with the MVP4.

      Hope this helps!

  48. What is lowest wattage that it can go to.


  49. Just got my new MVP4 today.
    I had the previous model for more than 2 years and was still working great.
    Bummer part is, it fell off my buldozer when I wasn’t looking and got buried in dirt, or run over.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you in advance for the quality of my new mod.
    The old one went through a lot of abuse and just kept on working.

    • Hi James,

      That’s a great story about your MVP3 I presume. Sorry to hear it got lost, but thankfully it seems like it served you well in the end. I hope the MVP4 lives up to the expectation that your older MVP set. Happy vaping and thank you for your support!

  50. I just received my MVP4 and the OLED screen does not light up when switched on and atomiser attached. How do I turn this on so I can adjust the settings?

    • Hi Trace,

      Make sure that the device is charged and that you have pressed the fire button 3 times rapidly to turn the device on. If the screen does not turn on no matter what, you may have a defective mod that needs replacement. Contact us at to file a warranty claim if this ends up being the case. Apologies for the inconvenience!

  51. Hi, I am using an iSub G tank with a 0.2ohms coil on my mvp4, I believe the coils are stainless steel. My question is what would the optimal settings be?

    • Hi Paulo,

      Honestly, optimal settings are entirely your preference. However, I’d start at 30W and go up in 2W increments until you find your sweet spot. Hope this helps :)

  52. Love the MVP 4 and it was the reason why i started to vape again, i wanted that powerbank feature… Now, dont get me wrong i love this device, but Please make a mvp 5, you guys hit gold with the 4 but i think most are ready for that 5 and a 7000 mah battery.. I dont care if you put a $70 price tag on it…

    thank you for the MVP 4

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for the kind words and support! We know how loved the MVP line is and we are being extra careful and considerate for any future MVP release. We’ll make sure that future MVP releases will please :) Happy vaping!

  53. Hi, I just got 2 new MVP 4’s – I am trying to get it to behave like my 3.0 mod, but it just burns too hot no matter what I try. With variable voltage on 3.0 model, I would run it in that mode at 3.0V , with wattage always on 6.0W rendering me from 2.X – 3.2 or 3.3 tops….

    Now, with the “removal” of variable voltage, the lowest I can get it to burn is at like 3.8V, (In wattage mode, since voltage ‘mode’ is gone)…. Anyhow, this burns my cartridge and makes it taste horrible. You would not think 3.0 to 3.8 is much of a difference but it is.

    Is there any way to get it to burn not so hot? I admit I’m not a great knowledge about ohms and such, but still… why can’t I use the 4.0 the same as the 3.0? This makes me want to cry actually, as I love the new design… :(


    • Hi James,

      What tank are you using that can’t handle the lowest output on the MVP4? Basically all modern atomizer within the last couple of years should vape without it burning at the lowest wattage setting on the MVP4.

  54. I’ve tried my pre-loaded 510 cartridges (CBD), and my Vapedynamics Cerawax Tank, and I can’t get that thing to burn proper either. I guess never mind, I’m going to return them both and just buy more MVP 3.0’s. I strongly consider you put back variable voltage. Like I said, not everyone is using store bought tanks – some of use and make our own carts using things like these –


  55. I just bought the MVP4. It came out of the box with very little charge. After several hours charging it still isn’t fully charged. I started using it and it was dead within 20 mins. Is there a trick to charging it?

    • Hi Todd,

      Sounds like old stock. What vendor did you purchase it from? There’s no trick- it should charge up to full within an hour or two and last much longer than 20 minutes. Old stock can sometimes leave the internal battery on low voltage and cause issues like this. I’d return it and get it exchanged for a brand new one. Issues like these are covered through our limited 90 day manufacturer warranty. If your vendor won’t help you, please contact us at as soon as you can.

  56. Hello i’m french so sorry for my english.
    I have my mpv4 since 1 year . I’m looking for a protection silicone for my mpv4 but I don’t find it….. can you help me please. I really need it .

  57. Can this battery be used for tanks other than sub ohm tanks?

    • Hi Shawn,

      It sure can. Just make sure you use a comfortable amount of wattage for your tank so it doesn’t burn the coil. Higher than 1ohm tanks typically don’t need much more than 20W of power.

  58. What type of battery is in this? Is it a Li-Ion? or NiMH?

  59. Hi
    I have just purchased the INNOKIN MVP 4 KIT 4500 mAh Power Bank (Black) with ISUB V.E. Tank E-Cigarette, it says it has fast charging x2 but doesn’t say if I can plug into the wall socket or a USB computer outlet, it arrived flat and it has been charging for 5 hours now plugged into my PC.

    • Hi Mandie,

      Most USB chargers on computers charge at a .5A rate, which will take quite a while to fully charge the MVP4. You need a charger with 5V/2A output for the fast charging functionality of the MVP4. Thanks for your support and hope this helps!

  60. I bought a coolfire4 plus, 3 years ago, and from the day i bought it instantly quit a 25 year smoking habit, 3 years on the battery is still good, it shows no signs of wear and still works perfectly, and i carry it around with me everywhere using it daily, i have used everything from the original isub to rda’s to rdta’s, to tfv8 baby tank and it has been flawless, such a solid good quality mod, just got a mvp4 today wanted to go with innokin again for quality, first impressions are very good, keep up the good work and quality products :)

    • Hey Carl,

      Thanks so much for the kind words and sticking with us for all these years! Awesome to hear the CF4 Plus is still holding up after so long. Hope the MVP4 continues to impress you! Thanks for your support and happy vaping <3

  61. my mvp4 thinks its charging when its not, charging takes over 24 hours and lasts barely a few… coils burn out way fast.

  62. Does the MVP4 need to be unplugged when fully charged to prevent overcharging? Sorry for the ‘fat finger” on my last comment…..

    • Hi Jon,

      Not a problem. The MVP4 should stop charging once it’s fully charged, indicated by the LED switching off. However, it shouldn’t be left in this state for long as it could damage the battery or chip. Never leave a vaporizer charging unattended. Thanks Jon!

  63. I had one for a couple of years. I liked it, but bought a different model as it failed while on a business trip. I’d like to get another one. But don’t seem to see them listed anywhere. Is this a current model? I am specifically looking for the power bank feature. Thanks,

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