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OCEANUS & SCION Kit - Innokin


Vape the Innokin OCEANUS with upgraded 20700 batteries for More Power! More Amp! More mAh!

General Details
Vape the Innokin OCEANUS with upgraded 20700 batteries for More Power! More Amp! More mAh!

Compact 110W single 20700 Battery mod

MODP Boost (20%+Power for 2s) +2Amp Quick Charge

Scion tank delivers amazing flavor and huge clouds up to 200 Watts.

E.U. (TPD): iSub VE Sub-ohm Tank (2ml) with 60W coils.

Available in 5 colors (White, Rose Gold, Black, Purple, Grey)

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  1. I saw a review on this and would love the rose. Great design and package presentation. Finally a higher wattage within a sleek styling Thank you.

  2. this looks cool,for those that dont want to use TC theres not a bunch of menus that you never use.simple, powerful and small.I think this is my next mod

  3. How much broo.. ☺

  4. Hi – just taken delivery of the oceanus kit – the quick start card refers to a user manual – where can I find the manual please?

  5. Brilliant bit of kit. MODP is a brilliant setting to play around with to get a lovely cool but flavoured vape. Just a shame about tpd regs as the scion tank suits the mod 100% and even though the isub is a quality tank. It cant handle 100w like the scion and the added rba would have been sweet too. But oh well i bought it for the mod and i couldnt be more pleased with my purchase. Just hope it lasts as long as my cool fire 4 has (still going strong, only used for work now)

  6. This device is not firmware upgradeable? Like.. Just incase you deside to improve on the existing one… ?

  7. I recently purchased this mod, however I am having difficulty finding the Scion coils in stock on the web. Is there a reason for this? Where does Innokin recommend purchasing these coils?

  8. I purchased an Oceanus innokin two weeks ago. In total, i have purchased several other vaping devices to include two firesticks (both died with in 4 months), three target mini’s (two died, 1 with battery issues in 1 month and 1 wherein the circuit board on the second month…the third has lasted 8 months), and one smoke AL85 (which within the first month, the battery shut off randomly despite having changed the battery 3 times). By far the Oceanus has far exceeded my expectations regarding power, usability, size, battery life and reliability. I hope it continues to function correctly, if so, I will be sticking with this device in the future (and buying a second one just to keep at work). I would also like to add that I was happy to have received two batteries with the newly purchased device. So far I have had the best experience with this device.

    • Hello Lyn,

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Reliability, safety, and functionality were the main points of development for the Oceanus. I’m glad to hear it’s satisfying your needs and hope it continues to do so for years to come.

  9. I am going to get this mod for my wife, she dosnt like large drip tip do you have a smaller one or is the large the only tip for the tank.

    • Hi Dave,

      The large tip is unique to the tank. So, you can use this mod with any 510 compatible atomizer, and one specifically that has a smaller tip that will suit your wife. Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks for supporting Innokin.

  10. How much does this kit cost in Germany?

  11. Is this team better than MVP4? does it work best with SCION?

  12. Its a fantastic vape, the only downside is that the iroar display screen is already poping off after 1 day of using it. It has never been dropped so i dont see why it would be falling off.

  13. I had this unit in Silver (Wish it was white) however the button already had the paint come off? How can I repair this? I know mechanically I am sure I can take it off, however I can not find a replacement anywhere.

    Also do they have and skin or covers to help protect the unit from scratches? It looks to nice.

    • Hi Brian,

      Outside of repainting the button yourself (which I do not recommend), there’s not much you can do. I believe there are plenty of third party skins out there, you could even make your own, however we do not make any official cases or skins for the Oceanus at this time. Thank you for your support!

    • I bought mine in black and I had the same thing happen. I picked it up to use it one day pushed the button and when I took my finger off the button the finish pulled up and seperated from the button along the one edge. On the second push it basically peeled off completely. Now I have a mod that is all black except for a silverish button.

  14. Will the tanks from my endura t22 fit on this?

  15. I’ve had my Oceanus less than a month and no matter what tank I attempt to use, I get the “check atomizer” message. All my tanks work fine on my coolfire iv. I’m very disappointed.

    • Hey there Alicia,

      I’m sorry to hear about your Oceanus giving you trouble. Luckily, as it’s only a month old, it’s eligible for our 90 day limited manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact support@innokin.com with proof of purchase and a brief description of the issue you’re having and they’ll help you begin the warranty process. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  16. Hi im thinking of buying one of these, can you charge the battery while its in the oceanus or should i buy a battery charger?


    • Hi there Nicola,

      The Oceanus offers USB charging, but it’s safer and easier to charge 20700 batteries with a separate charger. I’d recommend picking one up as they are quite handy.

  17. I bought an iroar Oceanus for my husband. He loves it, but we cannot find an atomizer/coils for it anywhere. I have called multiple vapor stores around us and no one carries it. We originally bought it from tobacco barn. We are in northern Utah.

    • Hi Corinne,

      The Oceanus can use any 510 compatible atomizer utilizing a coil above .1ohm. It is typically bundled with the Innokin Scion, which pairs very well with it. Your local stores should have plenty of 510 compatible atomizers and coils in stock.

  18. I purchased the Oceanus(mod only) and the Kroma A kit a while back and I must say Innokin has definitely done it again. I don’t use tc so the Oceanus is the perfect fit for me. And the Kroma A is a perfect pocket mod for short trips out and about. Running the Crios tank on the Oceanus is great. There’s only a couple of things. One I wish you had a bubble/fishbowl replacement glass for the Crios to up the juice capacity. Two….I don’t know why it happened but the finish came off the firing button on my Oceanus. I went to use it one day and the finish on the button just pealed right off. I could understand it maybe slowly wearing off from use. But it came loose inthe center of the button and when I pressed it again it peeled off along one side and then it completely peeled off. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a way to fix this?

  19. Hi Frank I am trying to find a new glass tube for my Innoken Oceanus please help.

  20. I was searching for a mod without TC that was capable of higher wattage. I was so glad to find the Oceanus. I hope it lives up to Innokin’s good quality. I still have 2 SVDS and an Itaste VTR that are all over 4 years old and still working. I have just moved on to higher wattage devices. Looking forward to receiving my Oceanus next week.

    • Hey Karen,

      That’s awesome! I think you’ll be more than happy with our Oceanus. Based on the feedback we’ve received so far, most people are loving it, and really enjoy the 20700 battery system and form factor.

  21. Where can i get this with the upgraded battery? Online

  22. I bought this model about 2 weeks ago. The battery is always dead, and I am only vaping a little before work, a few puffs at lunch…but it just always seems to be dead. Also, I’m experiencing the coils burning out after a couple days, and it leaks. I tried to fix it before I left for holiday, took it apart, filled it up, and when I came back all the juice was leaked out of the vape. What do I do??

    • Hi Marla,

      First, I would recommend changing the juice you’re using. If your juice is high in artificial sweetener, it will make your coils burn out quicker.

      Second, I would recommend buying a separate charger to charge your 20700 batteries for the Oceanus. It will provide the best charging experience for you.

      If you’re still having troubles with these changes, please contact our support at support@innokin.com for more help, or potentially a warranty replacement. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!

  23. Recently purchased the Oceanus(about a week ago)….Love everything about it except the battery life. The compromise for me is that Innokin supplies two batteries with the purchase. Recently experienced the check atomizer warning but can’t find any info on what I should be looking for. I know Innokin is all about safety which I appreciate. Any suggestions or ways to reset the mod?

    • Hello Peter!

      Check atomizer will typically happen from a shorted coil. I would recommend replacing your coil to see if the issue goes away. If not, please respond and I’ll help you further troubleshoot. Thanks!

  24. I purchased the Oceanus a few months ago and whilst initially impressed with it, have found a few faults. The black finish to the trigger button has scratched away whilst in my pocket (coins being the offending items) leaving the silver colour exposed on half of it.

    Also I have found that the magnets on the battery cover have fallen out and this the battery cover is no longer secure and is a menace to put back after switching the batteries. I’m a little disappointed as the other innokin products I have used over the years have been excellent.

    • Hey there Rob,

      I’d recommend using super glue or a similar adhesive to keep the magnets in place. It’s an uncommon issue, but can certainly be fixed rather easily.

      The paint on the firing button is exposed to the oils on our fingers often as well as whatever is in your pocket. I’d recommend storing your Oceanus in a place where it cannot rub or scratch against other things.

      Hope this helps.

  25. Hi, my Oceanus keeps saying check atomizer regurlary during use. I’ve clean the points and they seem fine what else could be wrong?

    • Hey Josh,

      In a scenario such as this, it sounds like the coil of your tank is the culprit. Try replacing the coil and see if that gets rid of the check atomizer warning. Thank you!

  26. Although I’ve been a vaper for 4 yrs. I’ve only recently had an interest in Innokin. I’ve followed P. Busardo for years & already knew he speaks highly of you but one thing prevented me from looking further into your products; internal batteries in vaporizers. The thought of having to throw away a mod after battery has been depleted is just not acceptable for me as I take very good care of all my electronics & expect them to be useful for many years. When I saw reviews of Oceanus having a replaceable battery it immediately got my attention. I love the sleekness, the simple menu (I’m a low watt MTL vaper) & battery size. The fact that 2 batteries are included is brilliant.

    I have been enjoying Oceanus from My Freedom Smokes for a few weeks now. I understand why buttons are recessed & wattage can only be changed by holding button which apparently some reviewers do not realize you’ve done as safety measures which I appreciate. I recently received your new Ares RTA which is now on Oceanus. I have some ‘high end’ products & the Kabuki tank looked fantastic on Oceanus. I’ll be comparing Ares with Kayfun for a few weeks as I have been comparing Oceanus with Provari Radius.

    I have no issues with power button or battery life.

    • Hey Harro,

      Thank you for the mini-review and I’m glad you’ve decided to finally pick up one of our mods! I hope your Oceanus brings you many reliable years of use to come. The Ares is great too- Phil is top notch :)

  27. Hi Frank,

    Have my Oceanus+Scion kit for a few months now and I am really impressed… simple, effective, stylish and fit like a glove. love everything about it!!!

    Also have a Crios, but what tank would you recommend for a low wattage mtl?

    Keep up with the good work

  28. Hi Frank, I’m having issues with my Oceanus not reading my coils correctly. It sets the ohms much higher than my actual coil. For example, using my Nautilus X with a 1. ohm coil, the Oceanus will show a reading of 2.4, 2.6, 2.9, even 3.1, all different readings each time I press the power button. Same with my Cleitus 0.4 ohm, it will read all over the map with each power button press.

    Another issue is that The Oceanus now reads “check atomizer” many times per hour. I have to unscrew the tank, press the power button, then screw back in and hope it works. Sometimes it doesn’t and I have to unscrew the tank several times. I have replaced all coils several times, cleaned out the contact with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. I’ve done all the things I’ve seen you recommend for others before commenting here.

    My Oceanus has been awesome for nearly 3 months now, and I have 7 days left til the 90-day warranty runs out. Hoping to be able to fix it or replace before the warranty runs out. Thank you for your help.


    P.S. I really love my Oceanus and don’t want to give it up. It really is one of the best, most beautiful, and best-engineered mods out there.

    • Hey there Ben,

      It sounds like a height issue with the 510 connector. Some atomizers have really long male 510 pins that can cause this issue over a short time. You can try gently pulling up on the 510 pin of your Oceanus with tweezers or pliers wrapped with tape if you want to attempt to fix it yourself. However, I would highly recommend opening up a warranty claim before your 90 days expires so you can get a replacement guaranteed. Please email us at support@innokin.com with proof of purchase attached and you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll get a replacement.

      I have not heard of the Oceanus suffering from this issue so it sounds to me that you got pretty unlucky. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  29. Hello,

    So I have been using the oceanus for about four months now, and I absolutely love it! I recently starting using the build on deck feature which is great! It gives great flavor and clouds! The only thing is I’ve seemed to have lost or misplaced the screwdriver that came with the kit to replace the coils, so I ordered a rebuild kit that came with similar looking screwdriver, but unfortunately it is just a little to big. So is there any way I could get the size of that Allen screwdriver to order the correct one.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Bobbie,

      Happy to hear you’ve been loving your Oceanus kit! Sorry to hear you have lost your screwdriver. Please contact our support department at support@innokin.com and request the sizing for the screwdriver in the Scion kit as I am unsure of the size myself. Thank you!

  30. Hi I was wondering if I could use my 24mg nicotine e liquid on my Oceanus? If so what wat range should I use? Would you recommend watering it down with nicotine free e liquid?
    Cheers thanks so much

    • Hi Michael,

      You can use 24mg e-liquid with your Oceanus, but if you plan on using that e-liquid with the Scion, I would recommend against that, as the throat hit would be extremely harsh. For e-liquid with high nicotine concentration, I recommend a mouth to lung atomizer, like the Innokin Zenith, Ares, or anything from our Endura line of products.

  31. Hello Frank,

    I’ve had my Oceanus for about 2 weeks now and love the device! Sleek looks, great ergonomics!

    But I do share an issue with another poster, battery drain!!! I have it paired with a uwell crown 3, .25 ohm coil rated at 80w-90w. I run it at 83 watts and the battery literally drains as I take hits!?

    The batteries are new as they came with the mod and charged on a nitecore d4. I love the mod and planned on using it as my daily. Please help!!!


    • Hi Michael,

      What you are describing is known as battery sag, or voltage sag. This is when a battery is used to its fullest capabilities for a short amount of time and shows a temporary low voltage amount during use. The batteries supplied with the Oceanus are pushed to their limits if they are regularly vaped at 90w. The same issue appears in anything powered by rechargeable Li-on batteries. If you are unhappy with the overall battery life, I would recommend purchasing a few new cells.

  32. Will my isub S tank fit this?

  33. I purchased two of the Oceanus/Scion kits, one in steel grey and one in purple. We love the power and simplicity of operation. We also love that the kits came with two batteries each. The paint job on the purple mod however is peeling off of the buttons and all of a sudden after 3 months keeps saying check atomizer. The steel grey mod is still going strong though.

    • Hello Henry,

      Thanks for your support and good to hear the grey is going strong. I would recommend giving the purple 510 connector a thorough cleaning. Please make sure not to overtighten atomizers on any Innokin device as this could damage the 510 pin and cause the check atomizer message.

      We offer a 90 day warranty. If you’re still within that period, please contact us at support@innokin.com. There may be a delay in response due to the Chinese New Year. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  34. I am running my Oceania at 40-60w will that hurt anything….. was told need up around 90w but new to camping and that is kinda harsh

  35. Had a problem and needed a warranty fix since December and the only responses I’ve gotten is the site is being fixed and to try and contact again shortly….it’s now February. Via FB contact, through the site, and email. Not quite sure what the issue is? Even sent pictures of receipts so just as long as everyone is aware.

    • Hi Kate,

      All Innokin staff have been off from the 7th to the 25th due to the Chinese New Year which is a large part of why you haven’t received many responses yet. Expect to hear from us while we catch up over the next week or two. Thank you!

  36. Great mod, been using it for a long time. The weird thing is, recently, my batteries have started to die faster, and they’re perfectly fine, the wattage is fine, I just don’t know where the battery issue is coming from.

    • Hi Adam,

      Over time, it’s normal for a rechargeable battery to lose capacity after many charge cycles. That’s one of the main benefits of a mod that uses external batteries! Once your battery performance starts lacking, you can replace them instead of replacing the entire mod :)

  37. I’m not gonna replace anything, I’m just gonna stop using it. I honestly don’t need it now. I’ll find someone to give it to. :)

  38. In the kit with the Scion tank there is an rta deck. Can that be purchased through Innokin? I saw in your store you have the bubble glass,but I was unable to find the rta deck. Every website I’ve looked at either doesn’t sell them or they are out of stock.

    • Hi Shawn,

      If what you’re looking for isn’t currently stocked at our webstore, you will unlikely find it for sale elsewhere. I’d suggest giving asking our support email (support@innokin.com) to see if they could provide a spare for you. Good luck!

  39. Bought this kit 4 weeks ago… Love it!!!
    Do yourself a solid and put on the bubble tank and use the rta deck. Great vape and outstanding flavour. I am using .1 ohm koiler coils in the rta and this is the best tasting tank ever!!! Better than my dripper! Mod is very easy to use and very tough. Another fantastic innokin product!!!

  40. Hi, received my new black innokin oceanus mod today, batteries that came with it needed charging so I decided to plug in the usb on mod and after 2 seconds of charging it stops charging altogether, to be precise it stops charging as soon as the screen turns off. Have tried a different usb cable, outlet and adapter still the same.i also tried charging a 18650 battery with the adapter and still the same. Help would be appreciated thanks

    • Hi Romeo,

      Very strange issue- are you sure it stops charging, or just that the battery level indicator doesn’t immediately change? Do you have an external battery charger to test your cells with?

      • Hi Frank
        As soon as I plug in the usb cable on mod the battery bar on screen shows its charging but as soon as the screen turns off the charging stops. As mentioned above in previous message have tried 3-4 different cells but unfortunately it does the same thing. All cells charge with a external charger

  41. Having a similar problem as Romeo. Fully charged batteries no mater whether charging in mod or charged on external charger show as low charge. The external charger and another mod that used 20700 batteries both show the batteries at full charge. Seems like the voltage meter on the device is out of calibration, unit will only allow a few puffs before it flashes red and will not vape anymore.
    What now?

  42. I’ve had one of these since October last year and is for me the best device I’ve used. However, recently I’ve had ‘Check Atomizer’ issues several times a day plus the resistance reading has become inconsistent. I’m using it with a Zenith tank with .8ohm coils and the resistance will frequently switch to 2.5ohms and scorch my throat. Not nice! Is there a fix for this? I realise it’s out of warranty but would like to continue using it. Thanks, Pete.

    • Hi Pete,

      Aside from making sure your 510 connection is clean, the only reason this would occur is from improper connection of the tank 510 pin to the mod. If you’re willing, you can attempt to pull up on the mod’s 510 pin gently to see if it will help establish better contact with the tank. If the connection is stable, your ohms should also be stable.

      • Hi Frank,
        Thanks for the prompt reply. I did try what you suggest: pulling up on the 510 pin with tweezers but it didn’t make any difference to the leaps in resistance reading. I did drop it a couple of times so maybe it’s that? I may just get another because it feels so great in the hand! I’m using my MVP4 now which is good and solid but less comfortable to hold for me. Thanks again.

  43. Hi wonder if you could inform me what by pass on the screen means, I cannot find reference to it in the user manual.

    • Hi Richard,

      By-pass mode means you’re getting power straight from the battery without any power regulation. This means that you’ll always be getting the maximum amount of voltage the battery can supply, which means your vape experience will changed based on battery level. I suggest looking into an Ohm’s law calculator to help figure out what is best for your situation.

  44. With it showing by pass is it safe to use?

    • Hi Richard,

      By-pass mode is safe to use on the Oceanus, just be wary of your coil and ohm’s law. You might get burnt hits if your ohms are too high or your battery is very charged.

  45. Does it also take a 21700 battery?

  46. Is it possible/safe to use an 18650 battery with an 18650 adaptor in the Oceanus?

    • Hi Kristina,

      I don’t believe it would be an issue as long as the cell was an authentic 18650 that can handle amperage loads of up to 30A. Thanks!

      • Thank you very much for your reply. I am enjoying the Oceanus very much. I have been using Innokin products for quite a few years now and they have always been very reliable and pleasurable to use. Currently I am also using the Proton/Scion 2 kit and Kroma-A/Zenith kit. All are excellent. Thank you.

        • Hey Kristina,

          That’s wonderful to hear. We value our loyal customers greatly and love to hear any feedback given. We’re trying our best to satisfy all kinds of vapers at reasonable prices and with better after sales service than other manufacturers. Thanks again for your support and vape on!

  47. Do you know if Innokin is working on a new single battery mod? I like the look of the Oceanus, but it’s pricey where I can find it a year after release. I’m looking for a single 21700 mod for my Scion II tanks. The Kroma-A I’m currently using just doesn’t cut it.

    • Hi Aron,

      Rest assured that we have tons of new products in the works and are gathering feedback and constantly improving our designs as they go through the pipeline. While I cannot verify at this time that such a product you’re looking for is on the horizon, I would be very surprised if we didn’t have a new offering like that soon.

      The Proton might be a good suit for you, even though it uses 2x 18650.

      • I bit the bullet and bought a couple Oceanus mods to replace my Kroma-A’s. They feel real nice in the hand. Heavy. One think I noticed is running them at 60W is very weak compared to the Kroma. I have to bump it up to 65W to get a similar vape to the Kroma at 60W. Do you know why that is?

        • Hi Aron,

          Thanks for picking up the Oceanus! The power inconsistency is likely due to the ohm reading of your coil and how clean the 510 threading is. Both mods should supply the same amount of power at the same setting, so definitely check your 510 connector and make sure it’s clean. Hope this helps.

          • I’m not sure how else to get in touch with you so I thought I’d just reply here.

            I used my Oceanus last night before bed with a half full battery, now picking it up to use it this morning it’s dead. Swapped to a full battery and still no response.

            Do you have a firmware update utility for this mod? I’ll be super bummed if it doesn’t work because now I’m without a regulated mod to use.

            • Hi Eric,

              I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your Oceanus. There are no firmware updates to the Oceanus, however we may be able to troubleshoot the issue.

              Are your battery contacts clean within the Oceanus? Make sure you’re solidly pressing the fire button 3 times to turn the mod on.

              If it’s been purchased within 90 days, you’re eligible for a warranty replacement. Please email us at support@innokin.com.

  48. I bought my Oceanus in February and it’s been fantastic. The problem now is it’s showing ‘check atomizer’ and no matter how well I clean the screw fitting and change tanks it still won’t work. Any other advice.

    • Hi Steve.

      You may have an internal short within your 510 connector. As it’s out of warranty, I’d recommend having it repaired. It may need cleaning on the inside or some new solder as it could have come loose. The gasket holding the 510 pin could also have been damaged to dislodged. We sell spare parts on http://www.innokinstore.com if you require any. Hope this helps.

  49. I keep having issues with the like screws on the bottom of the base loosening!! I’m constantly having to tighten them throughout the day, to where they are basically stripped and can barely be tightened. Are these tiny screwed replaceable somehow?!! Anyone else having this problem???

  50. I’ve had the same issues with the bottom screws constantly coming loose. Finally they just fell out and I lost the bottom plate. Is there any way to get a replacement bottom plate and associated screws?

    • Hi Will,

      Sorry to hear about the screw issue. You can contact our support for specialty replacement parts. Please email us at support@innokin.com at your earliest convenience. Keep in mind that as the Chinese New Year holiday draws near, response times will slow down. Apologies for the trouble.

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