Plexar & Plex Tank Kit

Innokin is proud to introduce the Plexar high-powered pen style vaporizer kit, powered by Plex3D 3D mesh coil technology! With 100W of maximum output and a replaceable 20700 battery, the Plexar is Innokin’s most powerful pen style vape to date!

General Details

Innokin Plexar Vape Kit

Innokin is proud to introduce the  Plexar high-powered pen style vaporizer kit, powered by Plex3D coil technology!  With 100W of maximum output and a replaceable 20700 battery, the Plexar is Innokin’s most powerful pen style vape to date!

Optimized to vape with Scion Plex3D 0.14Ω (60-100W) Kanthal coils, the Plexar will bring your vape experience to the next level!

Advanced Plex3D Coil technology with ‘micro-grooves’ uses less power for more puffs per charge and delivers maximum flavor and clouds. Plex3D coils are made with Eco-friendly Wood-pulp which wicks faster for enhanced flavors.

Ultra-fast! The Plexar instantly delivers a burst of big flavors and clouds with the push of a button.

The Plexar is ergonomically designed, fits easily in your pocket and features a comfortable high-quality firing button. Crafted with copper, the Plexar has a 25.6mm diameter and stands 149mm tall.

Easy to use! Simply attach the Plex tank, fill it with your favorite eliquid and get ready to experience amazing vaping with the press of a button. No adjustment required!

The Plexar 20700/18650 replaceable battery can be recharged with an external charger or by using the included micro-USB (18650 Battery Adapter included).

The Plex Tank features is easy to top-fill with full adjustable airflow and is available in 4ml and also TPD compliant 2ml. The matching 810 Honeycomb Resin drip-tip is replaceable for even more customization.

Simply unscrew the bottom cap and swap in a new battery, or plug in the micro-USB cable to charge the replaceable battery at 1.5A. Featuring ‘Vape while charging’ technology the Plexar will always be ready to vape!

The Tri-Color LED shows the remaining battery level (Green, Blue, Red) so you know how much power you have left and when it’s time to recharge.

Safety is essential to great vaping and the Plexar has a full range of safety protections including overheat, charging, short circuit and over-discharge.

Enjoy more flavors and clouds from your favorite eliquids! With the Innokin Plexar it’s easy to enjoy a powerful vape experience!

Available in 4 colors: Black, White and Grey and Army Green. Contact your Innokin sales representative or email for more information about the Innokin Plexar.

*The Plexar is designed to only vape with Scion Plex3D 0.14Ω (60-100W) Kanthal coils. Innokin recommends only using Scion Plex3D 0.14Ω  Kanthal coils with the Plexar.

PlexarInnokin Plexar

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Plexar (5)Plexar (6)
Plexar (7)Plexar (8)Plexar (9)

Key Points:

  • Powerful Pen Style Vaporizer Kit- 100W Maximum Output
  • Ultra-fast Firing
  • 20700 Replaceable battery (18650 Adapter included)
  • Plex Tank – Easy Top Fill (4ml and TPD 2ml)
  • Scion Plex3D 0.14Ω (60-100W) Kanthal coils
  • Plex3D Next Generation Mesh Coil Technology with ‘micro-grooves’
  • Eco-friendly Wood-Pulp wicking
  • Tri-Color Battery Capacity LED
  • Micro-USB 1.5A Charge
  • Safety Protections

  1. Are these coils compatible with the Scion II tank?

  2. Hi I have just purchased your endura T18E having found the security code on the back scratch off the gray covering to reveal the security code I did as the booklet instructed me to do goto your site I.e. I entered the code, and pressed the button but it came up with the security code does not match our database. The security code is AY031 1949 49686 8385 can u please let me know if this is a fake product or it is not a fake product and if it’s not please register this item with yourselves.

    Thank you

    Mr L. Hart

  3. When will the Plexar kit be available?

    • Hey Bill,

      The Plexar kit will be available hopefully shortly! I do not have a release date to share with you at this time, but make sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to be up to date on future release dates and availability. Thank you!

  4. I know it says the Plexar is designed to use the .14 Plex3D coils, but is there any reason why you shouldn’t be able to use the .13 and .15 Plexus coils?

    Also, does this thing hit at 100W on a full battery, and go down as the battery level goes down?

    • Hi Aron,

      The coil structure matters beyond just the ohm level. We only recommend usage of the .14 Plex3D coils with the Plexar. Use other coils at your own risk- the Plexar fires at a hot 100W off a fresh charge into the .14 Plex3D coil.

      I believe it does mimic a mech mod in that the wattage lessens as the voltage lowers. I will have to verify this once I get a hold of a sample. Thanks for your interest!

  5. Hey guys I bought this today I’m just wondering am i able to use my falcon tank with this

    • Hi Paul,

      The Plexar was designed to work well with the Plex tank and Plex3D scion coils. Using other atomizers is possible, but you may experience undesirable results based on the ohms and wattage requirement of those other tanks. We recommend to stick with the Plex.

  6. Hello!

    Are thinner drop tips available. I can’t get used to the wider drop tips. previously had t18e

    • Hi Sharon,

      Yes, the Plex tank is 510 drip tip compatible which means it will fit any 510 drip tip on the market. There are thousands of choices online- just search “510 drip tip” and shop away! Thanks!

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