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Pocketmod Kit - Innokin

Pocketmod Kit

2000mAh internal rechargeable battery, 2ml TPD compliant, Unique cap design to keep the mouthpiece sanitary

Innokin Pocketmod Starter Kit

2000mAh internal rechargeable battery
2ml TPD compliant
Unique cap design to keep the mouthpiece sanitary
Square shape, elegant and fashion
Easy to carry
Super easy to use, both MTL& DTL available
Premium rubberized finish, soft touch


1x Pocketmod (0.35ohm Coil Pre-installed)
1x Extra Coil 1.2ohm
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x Lanyard
1x Quick Start Guide

Colors Available: Blue,Red,Grey,Purple,Black



  1. Very nice…I like this one very much and I think my customers will like it too.

    The name of my store is RSQ Vapors (Ready Set Quit LLC). We have been in business since 2012. We have a store in North Port, Florida US and In Port Charlotte Florida US.

    Please send me information on MOQ and price, also cost of replacement coils.

    Thank you,
    Cathy Restivo

  2. Volume pricing?

  3. Hi, is the Pocketmod refillable with your own liquid??? Thanks

  4. hello i need your price list please i am whoelsaler in israel and whant push your brand

  5. can the normal slipstream coils ie 0.8 ohm be used in the pocket mod?

  6. I am very interested in this product but there is no price on the information. It would be good if besides the information you put next to it the coils and the price of the coils that are to be used with this product. Can I purchase this when it becomes available direct from Innokin as my usual supplier does not have it on their web.

    • Hello Lesley,

      Thank you for your suggestions and considerations! To contact one of our expert sales representatives, please email us at sales@innokin.com. We do not sell individual products to consumers but if you are interested in wholesale please talk to us. Thanks!

  7. I am considering buying the Kit Pocketmod Innokin. However, I don’t know which liquid I should order with it. Does the Pocketmod only accept certin liquids or can I just go and buy any e-liquid ?

  8. Does the rubber seal/o-ring inside the tank need to be removed? I saw a review and they had removed it.


    • Hi CD,

      The o-ring is meant to be kept in place, fixed to the bottom of the tank. If you have issues getting it to seat properly, press it down firmly with one of the provided coils.

  9. Hi !I have bought this and I am very pleased with it!Love Innokin and lost my Coolfire mini.
    Anyway still have some spare coils 0.3 from Coolfire and was wandering if it will work with the Pocketmod.For some reason I find them better then the ones that I have on Pocketmod
    (Better flavour).Thank you!
    Kind regards!

  10. I purchased the Pocketmod about 6 weeks ago and I really like it. However, it just stopped working. It is fully charged and when I press the button to inhale the green light blinks and nothing happens! I’m really upset about this because it’s pretty new and now I can’t use it. Any idea what is wrong with it and how to fix it?

    • Hi Marie,

      Sounds like the coil needs to be replaced. All coils will stop working eventually. Please replace your coil and see if it returns to normal.

      • I changed the coil several days before this happened. I did change it again and it worked but when I tried to inhale it tasted so burnt that it made me choke! Not sure what to do now…

        • Hi Marie,

          From what you’ve told me, it sounds like your second coil was defective, and your third coil wasn’t primed well enough. Make sure to prime every new coil with a drop or two of e-liquid through the top of the coil and one drop on each cotton port on the sides of the coil.

  11. Had mine for a few days now, I use it purely for mouth to lung vaping.

    Really impressed, small, compact, good flavour from the 1.2 coils. Perfect for my needs

    Keep it up Innokin!

  12. I bought one a few days ago but am a bit confused about charging. Do I stop charging when the tank lights up green, or will the green tank light go out when its charged? Also should the unit be turned on or off when charging?

  13. HI,Could you please tell me just the weight of the Pocketmod and The Pocketbox please?Are they lighter than the Kroma A ? Love Innokin products.Thank you.

  14. There is a rubber “cap” inside the tank in the botom. Can i remove it? What is it’s purpose?

  15. Bought a pocketmod last week and used it for a few days and all of a sudden it has stopped working. The green light blinks when I press the button to vape. Switched coils for brand new ones 3 times. Primed them for 10 mins each time, charged device, cleaned tank etc without any success. Disappointed as it’s very good when it works and the build quality is excellent.

    • Hey Frankie,

      Sounds like you might have a defective mod. Luckily, we offer warranty support for all manufacturer defects. Please contact your vendor and have them exchange your Pocketmod via our 90 day warranty service. You can also contact us directly via support@innokin.com, but please note there may be a delay in replies and service due to the Chinese New Year. Sorry for the trouble and hope you’re back to vaping soon.

    • I have bought one last week also, i was amazed how good it is, im a vaper with 0 nicotine and this cigarette gives me the best flavour. But after second charge ive noticed the green ligh blinking, no responding at all. Very dissapointed, ive contacted the seller and i hope ill get another one soon. Plus theres another problem, is leaking even if the cap is on and i have it in my purse. Lucky me, ha?

  16. Question, was the Pocketmod made/marketed for ladies? I realize it can be used by any sex, but it has a striking resemblance the traditional cosmetic lipstick.

  17. I got a pocket mod. It works great but has one major design flaw…why was the coil designed with the wicking holes so high. The Wick intake hole only goes down half way…meaning once the tank is half empty, the wick is not absorbing any oil and dry/burn hits occur. Are Innokin aware of this flaw? and are they going to manufacture coils which address this major problem ? If not for this problem, the pocket mod would be a great device.

  18. Is the pocketmod a fixed voltage? Also, I heard many people say the wicking in the coils is an issue? Will there be updated coils?

    • Hi Jason,

      The Pocketmod is similar to our SmartBox in that the wattage changes depending on the ohm of the coil you use. The low ohm Pocketmod coil is designed for DTL and the higher ohm coil is for MTL.

      At this time, I cannot comment on redesigned or updated coils, however I have not yet heard complaints of the wicking. What seems to be the issue?

      Thank you!

  19. Do you have to remove the rubber piece inside the tank before use? Thanks!

  20. Hi Frank,

    I just got my pocketmod; it’s a great device! However, I do notice some rough machining and overall finish quality.

    Is there anyway I can contact someone to discuss this quality? I can take pictures to show what I’m talking about.

    Other than that, I absolutely think this is a spectacular product and I wish innokin would continue this concept for future designs!


    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and picking up a Pocketmod! We would absolutely be interested in discussing product quality and seeing your photos. Please email us at info@innokin.com– there will be a delay in response time due to the Chinese New Year holiday.

      Thanks again.

  21. I have one and simply love it.
    Happens that my inside GLASS container is broken.
    where can I purchase a new one?

    • Hi Paulo,

      Sorry to hear about your glass breaking! How did it happen? We currently do not offer replacement glass with the Pocketmod as outside of physical drops and misuse, the glass should not break.

  22. Hello Innokin frank. I’ve just bought the T20. It’s great little vape. And overall. I’m currently doing the first charge through my laptop. It’s been about 1 hour and 45 mins so far. And the green light has not come off. Do you know how long it will take. Kind regards iain.

  23. Hello,

    I just have one question. Is it possible to use this device with airflow totally closed?

    Thank you.

  24. Hello, I bought the Pocketmod and I am very satisfied, but if the tank was 2.5 ml or 3 ml, it would be great. If they increase their capacity I would buy one more. Think about it, thank you.

    • Hi Fernando,

      Thanks for picking up a Pocketmod! We very much appreciate your feedback. Are there any other things you’d like to see in future iterations of the Pocketmod?

      • Hi Frank,
        Thank you for your attention. The Pocketmod has good battery life, the format with very good cover, and .. more 3 or 4mm in length or width would have a 3ml tank. It would be much better, for a spectacular product.
        Thank you.

  25. Hi i just purcharsed the pocketmod how long roughly does it take to fully charge it?

  26. Hola,
    Innokin Pocketmod : cuando debe cargarse la batería??, apenas se encienda la luz Roja??? o debo esperar a que se apague por completo???


  27. How do you know when the coil needs to be changed ?

  28. Is the new coil that came with the vape supposed to be a little loose. When I shake the coil I can hear it make a noise.

  29. Hi, what are the dimensions of this?

    I wish you guys would make this available in soft pink, similar to that of the Lady Q, instead of just the gaudy purple. With the lack of fashionable, purse-sized vape pens available, catering to women’s tastes for colours would certainly give you a distinct market advantage.

    I am considering buying the Lady Q over this simply because of the colour choice, despite knowing this will likely offer the usual high level of quality delivered by all Innokin products and a fantastic vape.

    It really hurts my soul to have to choose either fashion OR practicality. Why can’t I have both?

  30. I bought my pocket mod only a few days ago and its having issues its fully charged but won’t fire I’ve tried replacing the coil already and it has not worked. When you press the button to hit it all it does is flash red despite being fully charged. What do I need to do to fix this issue

    • Hi Kg,

      It sounds like you have a faulty unit. Please exchange it at your vendor for a new one or contact us at support@innokin.com for a warranty exchange. Please note that we are currently on holiday so you will have a slight delay in normal response time. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  31. Hi, I bought my pocketmod in September. I always have 2 mods on the go, so it was only being used half time. It totally died on me a few weeks ago. No lights whatsoever, including when I try charging it. I loved this mod, and it felt like a solid/quality unit. I would love to replace it with another one, but can’t justify risking the next one doing the same thing. Uggh mods that don’t last are making my vaping experience very frustrating. So disappointed :(

    • Hi Becky,

      Sorry to hear about the issue with your pocketmod. Luckily, we offer a 90 day warranty on all manufacturer defects and issues. If it’s been within 90 days since purchase, which is possible as you mentioned a September purchase, please email us as soon as you can at support@innokin.com with attached proof of purchase and a description of the issue. Our support team will work with you to get you a replacement or refund as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience and have a great day.

  32. This was a satisfactory product, while it worked. Last night, after cleaning the tank, putting a brand new coil and new fluid in it, I fired it and it wouldn’t stop. Unscrewed the cap so it wouldn’t burn the coil, and now it won’t turn on. Put it on the charger cable, the green light shows, but it still won’t turn on. No blinking or anything. I’m well past the 90-day warranty, so sending it back isn’t an option at this point. The only vape shop in my area is outrageously overpriced. So now I’m trying to figure out what to do, buy another product that I was moderately satisfied with or try to find a mod that is compatible with my old tank… How come products like this don’t have a year warranty for situations such as this?

    • Hi Kat,

      Apologies about the issue you’re having with with your PocketMod. Unfortunately, as you’ve mentioned, we are unable to provide warranty support or repair past 90 days of purchase. A year warranty is practically unheard of in the electronic cigarette scene outside of custom high end mods.

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