Proton Kit

Innokin Proton is a 235-watt high-performance box mod with a first-of-its-kind joystick-style selector and 1.45” TFT color screen display which supports 6 colors.

Unlike anything you’ve seen from Innokin, every component, texture, and material of Proton underwent a complete design overhaul to bring you not only the high quality you expect from Innokin but the innovation factor that stems from its namesake as well.

General Details
Innokin Proton Kit

Change begins from within, some of the most prominent feature of Proton include a brand new 235W chipset, a large and ergonomic side fire panel, and a first-of-its-kind joystick-style selector. Simply move the button left or right with your thumb to adjust your wattage.

Additionally, the 1.45” color screen display (TFT) allows you to choose among 6 colors for your preference, and the onboard memory bank functions allow further customization of your vaping experience.

The kit comes complete with the new SCION II, featuring a sliding top-fill cap and a brand new coil option, the Plexus coil. The Innokin Plexus Coil is composed of a whole KAL panel with aligned holes. This kind of structure guarantees  excellent stability and durability. Thanks to the outstanding structure, its resistance is constant, which can bring you stable great flavor. With higher wattage, it delivers stronger throat hit.




In short, the Proton is all about customization and user experience. It’s quality made affordable.
Innokin Proton. Fundamentally Different.

Kit Includes
1x Proton MOD
1x Scion II tank(0.36ohm installed)
1x Plexus coil 0.15ohm
1x Spare Glass Tube(5ml)
1x Extra Drip Tip
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Spare O-rings Set
1x Vape Band
1x User Packet(QR Code, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Warning Booklet, Battery Warning Card, Stickers)

Specs And Details
Sprecs And Details

Product Dimensions: 85*44.6*29.6mm
Minimum / Maximum Wattage: 6.0W–235W
Minimum / Maximum Voltage: 0.0V–9.0V
Temperature Control range: 150℃–315℃/300℉–600℉
Maximum Charge Current: 2A
Maximum Output Current: 40A
Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.05ohm – 3.5ohm

1.45″ TFT Color Screen Display
Joystick Selector Button
Side-Panel Squeeze Fire Button
6 Color Display Themes
Individual Cell Battery Life Indicator
Stainless Steel 510 Threading
Dual 18650 Batteries

Firmware Upgradeable
Preheat Function
Adjustable Memory TCR
Temperature Control Suite
Ni200 Nickel, Titanium & SS316L Support
Material and Mode Selection
Low resistance protection
Dual Circuit and Reverse Polarity Protection

Quick Guide
Proton KitProton KitProton KitProton Kit

Review Videos





  1. When is this available in the UK please?

  2. Looks fantastic terrific specification

  3. How much. I don’t even have a Dealer price yet.

  4. Also why not use 20700 batteries. I have the Oceanus and they are ok batteries

    • Hi Michael,

      In a high wattage device like the Proton, we feel confident that 18650s will be safe to handle the require amp load of the maximum potential of the Proton. Remember to buy your batteries from proven sellers and ensure they can handle the load of the device you put them in. Thanks!

  5. just wanted to know when the proton kit will be avaible for sale

    • Hi Josh,

      The first orders for our distributors should be fulfilled within the next week or two, so keep your eyes out for stock at your favorite authorized Innokin dealer! Thanks for your interest!

  6. Innokin does it again with their new Proton! The innovation from Innokin does not stop. They continue to bring high quality products to the Ecig Community. Innokin leads the industry with innovation, quality, quality control, creativeness, new technology, and outstanding people. Be sure to stop by for a complete review of Innokin’s Proton, as soon as I am able.

  7. Looks pretty cool. I was wondering if there is a way to lock the joystick button so the mod isnt continuously changing wattage on accident.

  8. This looks like a beauty but performs like a beast! This one is a home run!

  9. Absolutely Stunning! I entered your contest and would love to have one of these beauties in my hand. It looks amazing. :)

    • Hey Karla,

      Thank you for the kind words! We’re very proud of the Proton and hope it exceeds all expectations. We set out to provide a truly innovative mod that tickles the fancy of both enthusiast and casual vaper alike.

  10. So excited to try this new device. I’m especially interested in what kind of flavor this new coil structure will produce!

  11. 4 years ago my first “real” Vape mod was the Innokin Coolfire 4 40 watt mod. Since then I have become a high wattage VapeR and Innokin generally stayed in the 75 watt or below market…This new Proton mod looks awesome and I know it will be well built coming from Innokin. Will just the mod only without tank also be on sale?

  12. Hi, I recently picked up an Oceanus kit and I was wondering if the new scion will have a rebuildable deck? I would love to have the whole kit if so. If not will I be able to buy to mod separate?

    • Hello Detiny,

      The Scion II does not currently offer a rebuildable deck. However, the Proton will be offered as an express kit later on if you do not want the full bundle. Thanks!

  13. Please tell us when this beauty is going to be available for order… I’ve been holding out for weeks and i need a new mod as my old mod’s fire button is breaking, and dont want to have to order something else instead of this. Can you give us an idea of how long? One of the previous comments said keep an eye out in the new few weeks and that was from April 5th…

    • Hello Zach,

      Batches are being shipped out to Innokin distributors as we speak! Not much longer now before they will be available to order. Do let me know what you think of it once you pick one up :)

  14. Hey was wondering where I could order one of these right now?? I can’t seem to find anywhere that even has them in stock right now:(

    • Hi Peter,

      They are still on preorder and are shipping to authorized Innokin distributors worldwide right now! Expect to see them available for purchase in the very near future. Thanks so much for your support!

  15. When will this be available? Is it only for the UK? Or US as well? I’m in the US and really want one.

    • Hi Kaycee,

      The Proton will be available worldwide. It’s releasing extremely soon! Keep your eyes peeled for it to be in stock at your favorite authorized Innokin distributor. Thank you!

  16. When will this amazing piece be available for sale??

    • Hello Zach,

      Very soon! In fact, many of our authorized distributors are taking preorders. The Proton is sure to be a huge hit, and the first batch is likely to go fast, so don’t miss your chance :)

  17. Are the coils for the scion tank compatible with the scion 2 tank???

  18. is the Proton coming out on may21 ? and were cani preordered the proton mod kit

  19. Hi team.
    I live in oz and currently using the kroma+zenith which i love and cant recomend enough👌 have been researching for a while about a DL setup🤔 stumbled across a review about the new proton🖒 so i am going to stick with the brand i can rely on.. so soon as available in 🇦🇺 in gettin one🖒 cheers

  20. My last vape the 510 thread on the mod broke off because it was glued on. will I have the same issue with the Innokin Proton?

  21. Can’t wait any longer please hurry, and what batteries do you recommend for it?

  22. Will Sony VTC5a 18650 batteries be appropriate for this device?

    Nominal capacity: 2500mAh
    Rated capacity: 2500mAh
    25A max continuous discharge
    18mm diameter
    65mm length
    Nominal voltage: 3.6V
    Charge voltage: 4.20+/-0.05
    Cut-off voltage: 2.5V
    Flat Top

  23. When I was looking for info on the plexus coils all I could find was the .15 resistance so I was going to pick up a few of the Sony VTC5a batteries for the Proton because they should have the power to push the .15ohm Plexus coils to their limit

  24. Will this work with the iSub coils and tanks? I have a small stock pile of those and don’t want them to go to waste.

  25. I noticed on “My Vapor Store” and other vendors. The proton comes in both “black” and “gunmetal” color choices. I see the difference in color on the Proton mod, but in some images they both seem to come with a black scion ii. Other images seem to appear that the scion ii tank is in “gunmetal” (black/silver) which the scion ii doesn’t usually come in, which would be neat. What color of scion ii comes with the “gunmetal” proton mod? Am really wanting one and just want to be sure.

  26. Is there a white version coming out? I saw one in the initial pics of the announcement, for the Proton, on instagram.

  27. Will the bubble glass be sold separately? I bought the Scion II tank with Plexus coils hoping the bubble glass would be included but it wasn’t. Awesome tank and coils btw.

  28. Will a proton be available in a stand-alone model (not in kit)? And, if yes, where would I find one?

    • Hi Shane,

      Yes, the Proton will eventually be available as an Express kit (mod only). However, I cannot share any details in regards to the availability or release of the kit at this time. Thank you!

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