Innokin Proton Plex Kit

With three new colors and the new Plex tank, this will be a sought-after kit in shops and stores! Choose from new Red, White, and Blue colors. 

General Details

Innokin Proton Plex Kit

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With three new colors and the new Plex tank, this will be a sought-after kit in shops and stores! Choose from new Red, White, and Blue colors.

The PLEX kit includes the newest coil, the 0.13 ohm Plexus, which also fits the original SCION and the SCION II. The triple-core Plexus has three coils instead of one to give you better flavor, enhanced vapor production, and greater longevity.

The Plex tank comes equipped with a beautifully color-coordinated Resin drip tip—and to top it off, literally, the Plex tank also features a refined retractable top cap.

Kit Includes
1x Proton Mod
1x PLEX Tank (0.13ohm coil)
1x Plexus Scion Coil (0.15ohm)
1x Micro USB Charging Cable1x Spare Glass
1x Spare O-ring Set
1x Vape Band
1x User Packet (Quick Start Guide, QR Card, Warranty Card, Warning Booklet, Battery Warning Card)
1x Spare Glass
1x Spare O-ring Set
1x Vape Band
1x User Packet (Quick Start Guide, QR Card, Warranty Card, Warning Booklet, Battery Warning Card)

Quick Guide

Innokin Proton Plex Kit Quick Guide

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Innokin proton_plex_guide2

Innokin proton_plex_guide3

Innokin proton_plex_guide4

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  1. Hello,

    Is there any information when the new kit will be available from Chinese distributors?

  2. The Description says it’s a 1.3 ohm coils where the images and product contents say it’s 0.13 ohm. Should I assume that the 1.3 ohm is a typo?

  3. Hi
    When this kit be available in uk

  4. What are the primary differences between this and the Proton kit – looking to buy on or the other and cant decide!

  5. Where to i find firmware updates for the proton if available?

  6. Hello Frank,

    When will the shipping to Europe be available on the Innokin store site?

  7. Can i use the SCION RTA COIL with the Plex tank?

  8. What materials are the coils made from, in the kit? Just bought mine and I’m wondering whether to set it to stainless steel or another material.


  9. Hi my question is can I charge the batteries in the mod or is it advisable to charge the batteries in an external charger ?

    • Hi Ben,

      You can certainly charge your batteries via the micro usb connection in the mod. However, for best results, an external 18650 charger is recommended- it will extend both battery and mod lifespan.

  10. Hi,

    Bought this in the UK. Was really excited to receive this product and test it out because of all the good stuff I read about it. What I did not know was batteries are not supplied. I found out they take 18650 batteries and when I tried the two I have they did not fit. And I already ordered some the day the product arrived when I found out Innokin don’t bother telling you batteries are not supplied. Moreover, I don’t even know if they’ll fit because the other ones I had did not fit. Also the snap fit for battery housing is loose. I would like a replacement first of all. And secondly which batteries should I buy? I look forward to your response.


  11. How do I update the firmware on my Porton 2? Cannot find any information anywhere

  12. I got the proton mod and had to get a replacement because the battery door would always pop open. I received my replacement today and every time i set the mod down it turns off, the batteries are really loose inside as well! Come on Innokin, this mod is a POS

    • Hi Kerri,

      What batteries are you using? You might need longer 18650s to ensure a stable connection. It sounds like a tolerance issue between the battery contacts and your batteries. Try button top Samsung 18650s.

  13. the price is not the same.. i opened heaven gifts.. the 1st proton mod version is named proton express higher price than 2nd version of proton mod named proton plex.. i talking about mod only not the kit.. my question is.. what is the differnce of the two mods ..

  14. Hello,

    Love my new Proton mod, slight rattle on side panel but I will fix that myself.

    Is there a full user manual that I can download? Id like some more information on the wattage mode curve feature.


    Tony, Bosh.

  15. Hey, just bought the proton in rainbow white from an eBay seller .. I checked the scratch code on the box with innokin dot com & it said it’s genuine but when I tried to scan the QR codes on the back of the warranty card it says invalid codes .. why is this?
    Can you also tell me where I can get case & screen protector please?
    I love this mod, the clouds & flavour are insane you nailed it Innokin!

  16. I would like to raise a formal complaint please, can I ask for the complaints procedure please. and have both proven to be difficult to deal with and unhelpful, so I want to escalate the issue please.

    Thank you.


  17. Hi, I just bought a proton innokin vaporiser and I am very new to this whole scene, liking it so far have definitely cut down on regular smokes down 1/2 pack / day.
    my question is I have only used it for not quite a week but it started whistling what am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Sherri,

      Whistling can be caused by a number of reasons, usually your airflow control setting. Try adjusting your Plex tank airflow to see if it quiets the vape.

      In any case, whistling doesn’t have any negative affect on your vape, so no need to worry.

  18. A fabulous looking and awesome working device!! And the Plex tank with the triple plexus coil are just amazing in taste and flavor! Nice job Innokin

  19. Received my kit today haven’t tried it but looks awesome and will be a great upgrade from my coolfireIV 40w, but I do have a few niggles one is the fire button and the one opposite it have a lot of rattlie play in them and two on the plex tank the finish on the “cone” on top of the coil that directs the vape to the drip tip has a bad sand paper like finish with metal fragments which are not coming off easily but other then that it’s a great kit

    • Hi James,

      Firing bar rattling can be fixed by tightening the T5 Torx screw found on the top of the mod on the side of the firing bar. Make sure to only use quality torx bits as if you strip the screw or damage your mod this could void your warranty.

      Can you send us a picture of the issue with the Plex tank? You may be eligible for a warranty exchange. Send us pictures and a brief description of the issue to for further help and assistance. Sorry for the trouble.

  20. hi can you give us the link of firmware update for innokin Proton , because i didn’t find it in you website


  21. Hi,
    I’ve had the Proton for a couple of months and I love it!
    My only issue is with SS TC. Any ETA on a firmware fix?

  22. I bought this mod about a month ago and having nothing but trouble with the coils

    • Hi Craig,

      Sorry to hear that. Which coils have you been using? The Plex is compatible with all Scion coils as well as the Plexus coils, which have been very well received by the vaping community. If you haven’t tried the Plex with the Plexus coils, I’d recommend them. You can find them on our webstore at or through any of our authorized dealers online and in-store. They are long lasting, taste great and make big clouds.

  23. My friends has bought the plex kit and it’s amazing however there is one big problem ! Every time he unscrews the base to change the coil it stucks up with the chimney instead of the base !! Why does that happen ?? I never had this problem with my scion 2

  24. Can please let us know if INNOKIN is a US company or Chinese?
    Is the design done in US?

    • Hi Isam,

      Our primary headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China. However, we do have a studio in California USA, which has been apart of many of our designs, including the Proton, EQ, BigBox Atlas and more.

  25. Hi, I love the kit, especially the ease of use, responsiveness, firebar and plexus coil.
    However, the battery door is a bit too loose. It won’t make sufficient contact. When I apply pressure on the bottom while holding it or on the top when it’s standing upright on a flat surface, it will make contact and boot. As soon as I let it go it’s dead again. I have tried some different battery brands (Sony, LG) but note no difference.

    • Hi Michael,

      From my understanding, your issue is from the battery terminals not making proper contact with your cells. Could you try button top 18650 batteries to see if this alleviates the issue? You can tighten the top plate of the Proton with a T5 or T6 torx screwdriver. Please be careful not to damage the screw or slip and scratch your mod. Hope this helps.

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