RipTide & Crios Kit – A Better Vape Experience
RipTide & Crios Kit - Innokin

RipTide & Crios Kit

3000mAh internal rechargeable battery, 2ml/4ml capacity, Constant fixed wattage output

General Details
Innokin RipTide Crios Starter Kit

3000mAh internal rechargeable battery
2ml/4ml capacity
Constant fixed wattage output
Rubberized finish, soft touch


1x RipTide Battery
1x Crios Tank 2ML/4ML (0.25 Ohm coil pre-installed )
1x Extra Coil 0.25Ohm
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x Quick Start Guide
Colors Available: Black, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue



  1. Could you send me a price list because Innokin is the best only small company do rate Innokin

  2. Can you buy crios coils from you

  3. Please send me a price list for your starter kits /juice w nicotine .

  4. hello
    Could you send me a price list I am interested maybe in larger amount of different vaporizers

  5. Is any of your suppliers currently selling the RipTide Crios?

  6. When is the Riptide going on the market. I absolutely have to have it! God, I love Innokin!!

  7. Hi. Im dying with anticipation! When will i be able to purchase a riptide in Australia?

  8. Where can i buy this

  9. How can I subscribe to your email newsletter so I can be up to date with upcoming product releases

  10. Hello,

    Great little vape, this. Especially love the Crios! I have two questions though:

    1. Does the riptide support fast charging (what current will it take?)
    2. How could a 2ml tank be converted to 4ml?


  11. Is there any plans to sell the coloured tanks that come with the riptide seperately? I can only find crios tanks in plain black or plain silver

  12. How do you take the coil out of the riptide?

  13. I honestly am never one to complain but I’d recommend staying away from this product I bought on last month and it’s caused nothing but problems. Coils getting jammed, glass as fragile as a prawn cracker and coils burning out within a day and a half! Very poor for £40.

  14. Bought one of these about 2 months ago, was great when I first got it but the problems didn’t take long to start.

    Same issues as above, coil jamming, glass as fragile as anything, coils burning out by the next day!!

    Definitely not worth £40.

    I still have the packaging it came in but I can’t find the warranty anywhere, is there anything you can do about this?

    • Hi Simon,

      We offer warranty service for 90 days after purchased from an authorized dealer. Please contact the store you purchased it from our email our support team at with attached proof of purchase and a brief description of your issue to begin the warranty process. Sorry for the trouble!

  15. Hi there, why can’t I use 0.65ohm coils on the Riptide?

  16. I’ve only had mine for two weeks now. It won’t turn on no more. Tried charging but all I get is the three flash lights. Please help.

    • Hi David,

      Replace the coil in your tank and try a different charging cable/adapter. It may be a simple fix. If that doesn’t help at all, return it to your vendor. Our products are covered through a 90 day warranty provided you purchased it from an authorized Innokin dealer. Sorry for the trouble!

  17. I have this about 5 months, in a beginning was really good but now coils burning in 3-5 days. I got another riptide but coils still burning quick.

  18. Hi. I have this kit for a month now and have only used one type of juice since new. I love the dtl vape and even the feel of the device. I do have a few issues though. The lifespan of the coils seems eratic at best. Anything from a day to a week but usualy 2 days and coil is burnt. So with that in mind i have two questions.
    1. Why are the coils rated 30-50watts when the battery puts out a constant 68w. Could this contribute to my coil issue??
    2. I have read articles where you advised only the crios tank to be used with battery and then later said that the scion or scion 2 will work.
    So if i get a scion tank and use the .15ohm plexus 60-100 watt coils will i get longer lifspan but same vape experience.

    • Hi Matthew,

      It’s true that different tanks CAN work on the RipTide, but it was optimized for use with the Crios. The Crios .25ohm coils can handle the RipTide power unless you keep the RipTide fully charged consistently.

      The Scion plexus coils will not get enough power from the RipTide as the battery drains.

  19. When can i find riptide in italy?thanks!

  20. Nkosinathi Mashele February 1, 2019 at 9:52 am Reply

    It’s impossible to buy crios riptide, 0.25 ohm coils in south africa.
    Even the stores on your store locator don’t have, i’ve been looking for 2 weeks now.
    Is there an online store you guys have ?

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