Mobile Billboards

Nov. 26 to 30


Mobile Projections

Nov. 28 to 29


Bus Displays

Nov. 29 to Dec. 13

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards will travel throughout north and central London for four days, stopping in prominent areas to reach thousands of people each day.

Mobile Projections

Large mobile projections of vaping awareness messages will display impactful messages on iconic London buildings over two days.

Bus Displays

The "Why Smoke?" message, along with promotional displays for the brand new MVP Pod, will appear on five-hundred buses throughout the British capital for two weeks.

Giveaway time!

We are giving away two brand new MVP Pod devices to each winner—one for you, another for the person you want to encourage to quit smoking. There will be a total of ten winners!

How to enter:

Respond to ONE of the 3 points below.

  • Tell us a personal story about how you successfully managed to quit smoking.
  • Let us know what the Most Valuable Part of a vape is for you.
  • If you win, who would you like to encourage to quit smoking?


The contest ends on December 13th. Winners will be announced in this post. 

You don't need to sign up to join the contest. Simply comment with your Email and Name to enter.

Update: UK Limited Edition MVP Pod Winner Announcement:

We're so appreciative of all your participation! Thank you for answering our questions. It's great to read all your stories about How did you successfully quit smoking or your thoughts on the most valuable part of a vape. With that being said, a select few have been chosen as our giveaway winners. Let's congratulate each one of them! Once again, we would like to thank everyone who responded to us with your story. We hope that each of you can successfully encourage someone to quit smoking! 


  • Alicia Larson
  • Tone Jensen Larsen
  • Brian Jacobs
  • Stephen Stringer
  • Damir Drazenovic
  • Christina Lane
  • Glenn Kukan
  • Kevin Fleming
  • Chelsea
  • ben_01._

Each of you will receive 2 UK limited edition MVP Pods

Please claim your prize via email at alisa.xian@innokin.com. You have seven days to claim your prize.