Zenith Videos

July 31 2019

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Zenith – Part 1 – Intro & Contents

In this video Phil Busardo introduces the Zenith and goes over the contents of the kit.

Zenith – Part 2 – Operation

In this video Phil Busardo goes over basic operation of the Zenith atomizer including:

– Setting up for initial use.

– Filling.

– Working with the airflow controller.

– Replacing the coil.

– Cleaning.

Zenith – Part 3 – Troubleshooting

In this video Phil Busardo goes over basic troubleshooting with the Zenith including:

– Flooding

– Dry hits


Sean MacMillan Posted on6:50 pm - Aug 7, 2019

Thank you, this is the atomizer I have been waiting years for. If I had any gripes at all, it would be for a larger tank. However, as easy as you have made this to refill, not a major deal. Just getting ready to try out my new second zenith.

Daniël Posted on10:50 am - Aug 17, 2019

Ik gebruik de zenith cleromizer 2ml met plexxus coil en als ik een poosje hijs dan gaat hij zwaarder hijsen, ik gebruik vloeistof van 70pg 30vg.
Kan het aan de eliqiud liggen of wat dan ook..?
Graag hoor ik van jullie.


Daniël vd Wal

Yves Bernier Posted on6:07 pm - Sep 8, 2019

I bought your Vape platform Siri’s and have only used it for a little while. Now for some reason I keep getting check atomizer message and it won’t work So what do I do next Thx Yves