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July 31 2019

Innokin/Platform ZLIDE Atomizer – Part 1 – Introduction

In this video Phil Busardo introduces the ZLIDE atomizer and looks at the kit contents.

Innokin/Platform ZLIDE Atomizer – Part 2 – Usage

In this video Phil Busardo talks about the basic operation of the ZLIDE including:

Setting up for initial use.

Changing the coil.


Working with the air flow controller.

Changing the glass and cleaning.

The child safety feature.

Innokin/Platform ZLIDE Atomizer – Part 3 – Troubleshooting

In this video Phil Busardo discusses potential issues when using the atomizer including:



Dry Hits.

Seal and o-ring locations and maintenance.


Carrie Posted on9:45 pm - Aug 19, 2019

Waited a week for my T2 Torx screwdriver to arrive, could not find it anywhere in my city. Have not been able to us my vape for 8 days now. Still unable to get the screws out. Very frustrated with this tank. Please advise.

    innokin Posted on6:29 am - Aug 21, 2019

    Please contact our vendors for help

David Carpenter Posted on5:15 am - Sep 3, 2019

Honestly this thing is awesome. I appreciate the videos and the extra parts that came with it. The personal note and coil information was also helpful. As someone just getting involved with vapes I appreciate all the extra information and recommendations. Though a lot of it’s common sense I still found some good and useful information in these tutorials. The product is a great quality and the packaging superb. Honestly dont change a thing. I was very impressed especially at the price point. My good friend who uses open coil vapes (and everything else) actually enjoyed the Adept with the Zlide to the point of going to get one himself. Thank you for making this.

David Evans Posted on2:55 pm - Sep 20, 2019

Would you ever consider a rebuildable coil for the Zlide? I love the tank, I own 5 of them, but due to using Nic Salts I am going through my 1.6 coils every three days using RY4

Darren Posted on2:51 am - Sep 27, 2019

I would love to see a RBA coil especially MTL developed for the zlide and although the coils are of amazing quality some people (myself included) like to have that choice ni,ss,ti etc. This is by far the best MTL tank on the market well done great teamwork (T2 torx that is needed for proper disassembly should have been included) oh and different coloured glass replacement’s please

Teo Posted on3:32 pm - Dec 20, 2019

Come on guys the atomizer its awesome, no lick, easy to use ,everything great,only one thing only one ,make better taste coils ,come on guys you can do it ,I love it but I need better taste coils ,with love from Greece 😊

Ian Leahy Posted on12:29 am - Jan 1, 2020

Zlide lid wont open to fill

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