Kroma-A & Zenith Tank kit (UL Certified Version)

Innokin is very proud to announce that the Innokin Kroma-A and Zenith kit is the world’s first variable wattage electronic cigarette that has been certified by UL Labs with the UL8139 standard for top quality manufacturing and safety excellence.

General Details

Innokin Kroma-A  Zenith  Kit

*The Innokin Kroma-a Zenith Kit was certified by UL 8139 under 19W in wattage mode only.

The Innokin Kroma-A is an ultra-compact rapid response vaporizer with 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design

Enjoy amazing, full flavored clouds the way you want with the precise 6-75Watt output for the best of MTL and DTL vaping!

The upgraded flush 24mm 510 connection is a perfect fit for all popular atomizers.

Vape with confidence with the easy to use Temperature Control(SS316, ni200, Ti) with dry-hit protection.

The Innokin Kroma-A has a real internal 2000mAh Li-Po battery with 2amp microUSB quick-charge!


The Innokin Zenith atomizer is collaboration between Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, and Innokin. The goal was to create an easy and intuitive to use mouth to lung (MTL) replaceable coil-head atomizer.

The Innokin Zenith will be available in both 4ml and 2ml TPD compliant versions.

The Innokin Zenith features an easy top fill twist design that will automatically shut off the liquid flow when filling in order to prevent flooding and gurgling, an adjustable airflow, and an easy and clean method to replace the coil.

There is also a QR code on the box that will direct you to tutorial videos that will help you in filling, cleaning, replacing the coil, and working with the tank in general.



1xInnokin  Kroma-A battery

1x Innokin Zenith Tank (0.5Ω Plexus Z coil installed)

1x Extra 1.6 ohm coil

1x Extra drip tip

1x Extra O ring pack

1x INNOKIN Vape Band

1x Micro USB Cable

1x User Manual

Colors Available: Pulple, Blue, Red



  1. What is the best settings for using the zenith? I keep getting “check autimizer”. Changed the coil, and message goes. I’ve changed the coil 3 times. I have only had the vape for 3 days?

    • Hi Michael,

      Check atomizer means your tank is not making a connection with your mod. What mod are you using? The mod could be at fault, especially if you’ve replaced the coil and are still seeing the same message.

  2. What is the difference between the Kroma-A Zenith kit and the Kroma-A Zenith kit (UL Certified Version)? Were there any hardware, internal or firmware changes? I am curious since I just bought a Kroma-A Zenith kit last October and now it looks like there is a new model or revision but outside of the certification I do not see any differences listed.

  3. Hi!

    Quick question. I ordered one yesterday in my country. The Kroma kit. In the color black and white. But I can’t seem to find it on you’re website in this color.. Is that an older version? Am I missing out know (and I don’t mean just by color?!)

    Thanks for youre response in advance.

    Greets from the Netherlands

    • Hi Joost,

      There have been quite a few Kroma’s in the Kroma line over the years. The one you describe is likely the Kroma-A, which was bundled with the Axiom tank.

      The main difference between that Kroma-A and the one on this page is the bundled atomizer and the UL certification.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Hi there
    The kroma-A zenith that I have only used like a dozen times has frozen and won’t turn on. Is there a factory reset or something to try. Cheers.

    • Hi Dave,

      To power cycle the Kroma-A, hit the fire button 3 times rapidly to turn it off, then 3 times again to turn it back on. If it won’t respond to this, you will have to let the battery die on its own, recharge it, and then attempt a power cycle. If neither help, you will likely need a warranty replacement as there could be a problem with the main board, chip, or screen. In this case, contact our support at for help. Sorry about the issue!

  5. Which coil should I use with the Zenith tank if I want to use temperature control on the Kroma? I’m not sure what is interchangeable or if I need another tank to use use the TC mode.

    • Hey Joe,

      Unfortunately, there aren’t any coils for the Zenith that are compatible for temperature control mode. Make sure to use them in power or wattage mode only. If you’d like to use TC mode, you’ll need a stainless steel, nickel, or titanium coil with a different tank that offers those coil materials as options. Hope this helps!

  6. Cheryl stephens May 10, 2019 at 6:03 pm Reply

    Sometimes my vape only charges halfway even though I leave it plugged in overnight. Has anybody else had this problem?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I would check your charging source for issues. Try using a different cable and adapter combination to see if they are the cause of the problem. If you’ve ruled them out, make sure the USB port on your Kroma-A is clean, as dirt and dust in the connector could potentially cause issues.

  7. Nicholas W Jones May 16, 2019 at 2:45 am Reply

    What do you mean by power or watt?
    I’m going to assume im using it in wattage mode maybe this could be the reason the cheesecake e juice sucks lol while the three pound cake 3 juices taste great

    Also is this device able to use this tank iSub-B Tank?

    I would like to buy it looking for more ml

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Wattage, or power mode, is the “W” mode on your device. Devices with temperature control functions can also be run in “SS” (Stainless steel), “Ti” (Titanium), and “Ni” (Nickel) modes. Non-temperature control coils MUST be used in wattage or power mode only, such as the common kanthal coil.

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