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How to Vape if You’re a Flavor Chaser

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang
Jan 4, 2022
How to Vape if You’re a Flavor Chaser

Most people switch from smoking to vaping for essentially the same reasons. The most important aspect of vaping is that it represents an opportunity to substitute an incredibly harmful form of nicotine consumption with another form that has no tar or carbon monoxide. The other primary reason why so many people switch to vaping is that doing so can result in significant savings. In most regions, vaping costs far, far less than smoking.

If you’ve been vaping for a while, though, chances are that you haven’t thought about cigarettes in a long time. The fact that vaping presented an alternative way to get your nicotine was the thing that originally encouraged you to switch, but that’s probably not the reason why you’re still vaping today. In fact, it’s likely that you rarely think about nicotine at all.

So, what’s the thing that’s kept you interested in vaping all this time? The answer is flavor. The flavor is what keeps you coming back – and if there was anything that you could do to enjoy even better vape flavors, we bet you’d try it. If that statement rings true to you, this is the article that you need to read. Are you a true flavor chaser? We’re going to explain what you need to do if you want to enjoy the best vape flavors with every puff.


Choose the Right Hardware for the Best Vape Flavors

If you want to enjoy the best vape juice flavors possible, the first thing you need to do is choose the right hardware for flavor chasing – and the first step of that process is choosing your preferred inhaling style. We’ll describe the benefits of each inhaling style and suggest a few vaping devices that might appeal to you for each of the three styles. Note that many of the devices on this list have adjustable airflow settings and multiple coil options, which allows you to try multiple inhaling styles with one device.

As you shop for a new vaping device, one thing to consider is that some devices have unique features developed with the specific purpose of enhancing flavor quality. With the Innokin Sensis and Sensis EZ, for example, we pioneered a new feature called Coil+. When you enable the Coil+ feature, the device runs at low power for a fraction of a second after each puff. The gentle heat encourages e-liquid to saturate the coil’s wick, ensuring that you’ll enjoy the best possible flavor every time you vape.

Mouth-to-Lung Inhaling

The mouth-to-lung inhaling style gives you a very refined flavor because your device’s narrow mouthpiece directs the vapor straight to your tongue. MTL inhaling is also a good choice if you enjoy a strong throat hit or like the slightly peppery flavor of a higher-nicotine e-liquid.

Best Mouth-to-Lung Vape Kits for Flavor Chasing

Vape Kits

Direct-to-Lung Inhaling

The direct-to-lung inhaling style gives you a very bold flavor because your device’s powerful atomizer floods your mouth with vapor. DTL inhaling is particularly popular with people who prefer sweet e-liquid flavors because this inhaling style works best with low-nicotine e-liquids that produce little to no throat hits.

Best Direct-to-Lung Vape Kits for Flavor Chasing

Sensis EZ MVP Ajax Proton Mini

Restricted Direct-to-Lung Inhaling

The restricted direct-to-lung inhaling style limits vapor production slightly, but it provides many of the benefits of both the MTL and DTL inhaling styles. Because the RDL inhaling style tends to work best with e-liquids that have moderate nicotine strengths, you’ll enjoy larger clouds than what you’d get with the MTL inhaling style while still feeling a little throat hit.

Best Restricted Direct-to-Lung Vape Kits for Flavor Chasing

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Make Sure You’re Using the Best E-Juice Flavor for Your Taste

Although choosing the right vaping hardware for your taste is an important part of flavor chasing, it’s wise to remember that your vaping device is only half of the equation. The e-liquid is the other half. You should never forget that your vaping hardware doesn’t create flavor – it only expresses the flavor inherent in your e-liquid. In other words, no amount of tinkering with your vaping setup will ever fix an e-liquid that you don’t already love.

If you want to chase flavors and enjoy your experience to the fullest possible extent, you should be using an e-liquid that you truly like. Until you find your ideal vape juice, you should focus on that rather than tweaking your vaping hardware for better flavor.

How do you find the e-liquid that has the ideal flavor for you? The answer is that you should never stop experimenting until you discover it. Maybe it’ll turn out that the best vape juice flavor for you is something that has a tobacco or menthol flavor and captures the assertive throat hit of smoking a cigarette. On the other hand, you may find that you prefer a sweeter e-liquid with a dessert, beverage, or fruit flavor. There are many hundreds of different e-liquids in the world today, so you will definitely find a flavor you love as long as you never stop experimenting with new products.


Configure Your Vaping Device for the Best E-Liquid Flavor

Once you’ve chosen your ideal vaping device for flavor chasing and selected an e-liquid that you love, the final step in your quest for the best vape flavor is to configure your hardware for that goal. One of the most important things to remember about flavor chasing is that great vapor production and great flavor usually don’t go hand in hand. A vaping device that’s designed for maximum cloud production always has very open airflow, which means that much of what you’re inhaling is air – which has no flavor – rather than vapor. To enjoy the best possible flavor, you’ll need to adjust that balance slightly.

How to Choose a Vape Tank for Flavor

If your vaping device doesn’t include its own tank or pod system, you’ll need to select a vape tank designed to maximize flavor quality. The most important thing here is that you should choose a tank offering adjustable airflow. Having a tank with adjustable airflow is the only way to change the ratio of air and vapor that you inhale when vaping, and you’ll want to do that when you set your vape tank up for the best flavor.

The other feature that you’ll want to look for when you buy a vape tank for flavor chasing is mesh coils. Because a mesh coil has a very high surface area for the mass, it’ll have a very quick ramp-up time and will deliver enormous clouds at the touch of a button. Learn more about the benefits of mesh coils.

How to Configure Your Vape Tank for Flavor

When you initially receive your new vape tank or vaping device, it’s likely that the tank’s airflow vents will be fully open because that’s the correct setting for maximum cloud production. As we explained above, though, configuring your tank for maximum airflow often means that you’ll inhale more air than vapor. To maximize the tank’s flavor quality, try closing the airflow vent slightly to restrict the volume of air that you inhale.

The other thing to remember as you configure your vape tank for flavor is that your tank might have multiple coil options available – and some of those coils may be optimized more for vapor production than flavor quality. It’s wise to try every coil available for your tank until you find the one that you enjoy the most for flavor chasing.

How to Configure Your Vaping Device for Flavor

After you’ve adjusted your tank’s airflow collar to increase the flavor intensity, you’ll need to lower your device’s wattage slightly to compensate for the increased heat that your tank’s atomizer coil will generate. Finding the ideal wattage will require a bit of experimentation because the air that flows through your vape tank doesn’t just increase the volume of the vapor clouds; it also helps to keep the coil cool. Decreasing your device’s wattage helps to prevent the increased heat from causing the coil to burn out quickly.

The final thing to consider as you configure your vaping device for flavor is that you might want to try using your vape mod’s temperature control mode rather than vaping in wattage mode. To do that, you’ll need to install a stainless-steel coil in your vape tank. A stainless-steel coil will work for temperature control mode, but kanthal coils work in wattage mode only. Many vape tanks have stainless-steel coils available, so trying temperature control vaping is as simple as installing a stainless-steel coil and switching your device to temperature control mode.

The reason why you may want to try your mod’s temperature control feature is that temperature control mode allows you to set a temperature limit for your vape coil, thus keeping the coil cool while you use it. This is an area in which the subjective preferences of different individuals come into play. If you find that you prefer the flavor of vapor clouds that are warmer and more intense, you’ll probably want to keep your device in wattage mode. If you prefer a vapor that’s cooler and smoother, though, you should definitely give your device’s temperature control mode a try.

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang

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