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Innokin Plex Tank

Innokin Plex Tank2

Innokin Plex Tank

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Innokin Plex Tank Quick Guide




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  1. Looks nice but you really need to make the fill hole bigger. Could you do something similar to the zenith tank lid?

  2. When can I buy this tank?

  3. Will the plexus coil ever have a TC version released?

  4. It’s listed as a 2ml/4ml, how do I change it to 4ml? Also how do I change out the fill seal?

  5. Does the Plex tank fit a cool fire 4

    • Hi Andrew,

      Technically they are compatible as they both use a 510 connector, but I would not recommending using the Plex on the CoolFire 4, as the CF4 does not have enough power for an adequate vape with the Plex tank. Hope this helps!

  6. What is the best recommended tank for the cool fire 4

  7. Can I purchase replacement glass for the Plex tank?

  8. What do I need to do to get parts for the scion2 Plex tank? I need new glass. Yes I dropped it!

  9. I just purchased but have not received Plexis quad coils. What I want to know do quad coils exist? I can’t find it anywhere, only triple plexis coils.

  10. I need a replacement mouthpiece for my Plex tank. Where can I get one please.

  11. What method should I use to break in the Plexus Coils. i.e. What wattage should I start them at and how gradually should I increase the wattage on my Proton?

    • Hi John,

      I tend to start my Plexus coils at around 65W and then gradually increase in 5W increments over 15 minute periods. Make sure the coil is primed well before use. Enjoy your new Proton Plex kit!

  12. Hello guys, I’ve had my Plex tank for around 6 weeks and have found an issue with the fill hole seal swelling up, stopping the lid from sliding closed again.
    I have a seal but I don’t know how to replace it. Can you help? It’s driving me mad!

  13. How do I replace the white seal where you fill liquid in the top of the tank? A spare seal came with the tank but no tool to take the sliding part of the top off from the top itself.

    • Hi Jay,

      You have to approach the replacement from the bottom side of the sliding section, not through the top. Use tweezers to pull out the damaged seal and press the new seal in firmly into place. Slide the top section back and forth gently a few times to make sure it’s not catching. If it is, don’t force it as you’ll damage the seal; go back and push it deeper into place. Hope this helps.

  14. Can I have a list of compatible coils please. The two types of mesh coil provided didn’t last long. 6ml of juice on the scion coil. Used a further 6 coils and different juice, primed and left the tank full for 30mins. The coils really don’t last that long. Cleito and falcon coils last longer and give a better vape.

    • Hi Mike,

      All Scion coils and Plex coils are compatible with the Plex tank. You’ll find lots of different coil options, including single coils, plexus coils, and triple coils.

      Apologies for the issues you’ve had with the coil longevity. I’d recommend using a juice with little to no artificial sweeteners to maximize the lifespan of your coils. Thanks and have a good one!

  15. I am still new to vaping going on 3 weeks. Started with the endura and just bought the plexus and proton. I live it but every time I fill it the first hit I always get a mouthful of juice. I try to fill it as slow as possible. Any tips you could give me. I use the triple coil on a curve starting at about 97 watts and drop a watt every half second and it is amazing. Only complaint I have is the filling of the tank. I have tried leaning it and everything.

    • Hi Kevin,

      What’s happening is when you open up the top cap to fill, the vacuum inside the tank is breaking, causing the leak. This can be alleviated by closing the airflow control at the bottom completely when filling. Glad you’ve been enjoying it otherwise and hope this helps you!

  16. Will this fit the riptide

  17. He comprado Kit Innokin Proton Plex. Y trae los 2 tanques de 2 ml., porque no trae ninguno de 4 ml.?

  18. Hi, what is the difference between the isub b tank and the plex tank and which one is better?

    • Hi Craig,

      The iSub-B tank is lower power than the Plex. As they both use PLEX3D technology coils, they are fairly similar in performance, but the Plex has a clear direct-to-lung style of vaping where the iSub-B can be used more as a DTL/MTL hybrid. Thank you!

  19. Is there any RBA for the plex tank?

  20. Hi how do I change the white seal in the slider top?

  21. I’ve been using the plexar for a few days now but it seems to leak a lot through the air flow holes.
    I waited until my liquid needed topped up took it apart changed coil and now it isn’t working.
    When I push the fire button it doesn’t seem that be doing anything to the tank and the fire button is blinking red.

    I’ve tried my old zennith tank on the plexar device and it’s working so I know it’s not the battery. It is definitely the tank but I have no idea why it isn’t working.

    I haven’t seen any other comments with people having the same issue.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Sorry to hear about the issue you’ve been having with your Plexar kit, and the Plex tank.

      For the leaking issue, there’s a few steps to fix or alleviate leakage:

      1. Fill the tank with the airflow control ring completely closed. Keep the ring closed for a few minutes will the tank is left to stand and absorb e-liquid.

      2. Use thicker juice. 70% VG is our recommendation for the Plexar kit.

      As for the blinking red error, that could be caused by a number of things, most commonly a coil short or issue with your 510 connector. Unscrew the Plex from the Plexar and inspect the threads of both the tank and battery. Check for damage, denting, or dirt. Wipe both threads clean with a cotton swab lightly soaked in isopropyl alcohol and let dry. Then, carefully attach the Plex back onto the Plexar while making sure not to torque the tank down too hard, as this could damage the 510 pin or threads. Check if the blinking issue persists. If it does, replace the coil, as it could have an internal short or wire failure. Also worth mentioning to make sure your Plexar is properly charged up, as the Plex uses a lot of power, and could be blinking red from voltage sag.

      Hope this helps, let me know how it goes!

  22. I just started vaping a month ago and bought the Proton Plexus kit for that. So far, I love it!!! I learned my way throu the settings experiencing with different eliquids and both, the single and the triple mesh coils. And 2-3 weeks ago I’ve just found my sweet spot in Wattage mode.
    The only issue I’m having is that the fill cap doesn’t stay in place. It’s kind of loose and slides too easy. So easily that when I have it in my pocket it opens just with the movement and makes a mess. I had to put a vape ring on it to keep it in place, but I have to clean it every time I refill because of the leak it has.
    I tried dismanteling the cap, cleaning, replacing the filling seal and reasembling, but it only closes tight a few days and then starts to become loose again. Any tips or suggestions on how I can fix this? I didn’t try to replace the filling seal by the extra one that comes with the kit. Could that be a solution? Thanks!

    • Hi Diego,

      On the top of your Plex tank, you should see two very small screw heads. I believe these are sized Torx T3 or T4. If they loosen up over time, it will make the detent action of the top fill open more easily. Tighten them up and you’ll require more force to open the top fill. Hope this helps, and thank you for the support!

  23. Hi there, I have a innokin riptide crios, and I broke the glass on it and it’s impossible to find them online and no shops in Ireland have them. So I went into a shop and asked the guy if there was a tank that would be better and he recommended this one.
    However the Ecig will not work now and I’m starting to have a lot of trouble with the innokin brand.
    Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi Paidi,

      The Riptide kit is meant to be used with the Crios tank, specifically with the .25ohm coils. You’ll want to take a look at the Plexar mod if you want a similar form factor and experience to the Riptide while also using the Plex tank. You’ll need a different battery to properly utilize the Plex tank. Hope this helps.

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