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CoolFire Mini / ACE Kit

The Cool Fire Mini packs 40 Watts of precise output and a real 1300mAh battery into an ergonomic shape that is only 63mm tall and designed to fit perfectly in your hand!

General Details

CoolFire® Mini / ACE (America only ) Vape profile

The Ultra-Compact upgrade to the internationally bestselling Innokin CoolFire Vaporizer is now available for order in 5 beautiful brushed metal finishes.

The CoolFire Mini packs 40 Watts of precise output and a real 1300mAh battery into an ergonomic shape that is only 63mm tall and designed to fit perfectly in your hand!

The new curved button design is more comfortable than ever and the bright OLED clearly displays all important vaping information.

The high quality stainless steel 510 threading and gold plated spring loaded connector pin are perfectly compatible with all standard coil and tank systems.

Charged via Micro USB the CoolFire Mini can be vaped while charging so you’ll always have power and the CoolFire Mini has integrated overheat, over-discharge and charging safety protections.


Technical Info
Technical detail for CoolFire Mini/Ace Vape:

Operating Voltage: 3.0V‐7.5V
Operating Wattage: 6.0W‐40W
Battery: 1300mAh
Standby current: 100uA max
Maximum output Wattage: 40W
Maximum output Current: 14.5A
Maximum output Voltage: 7.5V
Clearomizer Resistance: 0.2Ohm (minimum)
Charging: Micro USB DC 5V/1A

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CoolFire Mini /ACE review

  1. Hi , I have just purchased the Coolfire Mini .
    Im a first time user and seem to be struggling with settings .
    When i take a draw the vap is really harsh and makes me cough .
    I use e-liquid with nicotine . Can you suggest anything .Please .

    • Hi Chris,

      I would recommend lowering your wattage by a few watts, opening up your atomizer’s airflow more, and lowering your nicotine percentage in your eliquid. Any of those methods will reduce the harshness you’re describing. Hope this helps!

    • Hi, always wait about 5 minutes once you filled your eliquid with any NEW COILS. Once they are soaked aka absorbed the liquid, it should be fine with a smooth tasting vape.

      If not, your COIL is probably defective and needs replaced.

      IndieAuthor Lady vaping 5 years this July 2018.

  2. How long should the battery last on these as I’m having to charge mine every day. And I do turn off when not in use aswell

    • Hello Denise,

      The CoolFire ACE is equipped with a 1300mAH battery. This is on the smaller side of batteries and as such it’s not uncommon to have to recharge it once or twice a day depending on your usage.

  3. I cannot open the tank on my brand new cool fire mini..
    Can someone please help?

  4. Hi, I am inhaling but I’m struggling to such alot in and it gets very hot. Any advice.

  5. Hi, The slipstream tank that comes as standard is not great to be honest. Could you advise what other models of tank/clearomizers can be used with this device? It’s actually putting me off using my cool fire mini at this point…Thanks

    • Hi Laura,

      We offer many tanks to choose from if the Slipstream is not to your liking. For flavor, I would recommend the Crios. For big clouds, I’d recommend the Scion. Thank you!

      • Hi Frank,
        Maybe you can help, I have the Cool Fire Mini, I even bought the recom-coils when I ordered.
        I rarely use it while i am at work because of my job. But I do what too point out the Tank> Out of the box it started too pop and crackle when I took a hit, , but I thought it was the first time firing it so it didnt really bother me. It continues too do the same thing, Ive even tryed to change the volts setting but that didnt help, Ive even changed coils and it still happens, My son has the same Mod but use’s the Baby beast and that tank works fine on mine.
        I really like the tank size because its not big- I would like too change the tank but dont know what too choose and I dont want a huge tank, what do you suggest ” something small would be nice”

        • Hey Al,

          Thanks for reaching out to us, hope I can help.

          The crackling and popping you describe is fairly normal behavior for any cotton based coil system in a vaporizer. The sound is from dried e-liquid being heated up and vaporized. It happens most often when first vaping because e-liquid has been drying on your cotton for longest at that time.

          A smaller tank that would work well with the CoolFire Mini is the Zenith D22 tank. We actually have a kit for it that comes with another CF Mini if you want two setups.

          Thanks for your support and happy vaping!

  6. Hi i can not seem to type my security code into the site. Any help on how i can do it?

  7. Hi everyone I bought this Cool fire mini and it will not charge up. I’ve took it bk to where I bought if from and they will not swap it any help where I can get help

  8. what size replacement coils do I need to get for this? The ones I got off amazon don’t fit.


  9. Hola, necesito el manual en español, seria de gran ayuda. Gracias

  10. I will need to buy some extra coils soon, I bought some Innokin Slipstream Kanthal BVC Coils when I purchased my vape but the country I’m in now doesn’t seem to stock them. I have looked on this website for recommendations of which coils to use, can some let me know if I can use any other coils, please

    • Hi Nick,

      If you have a Slipstream, you’ll need Slipstream coils for it. Use to find Slipstream coils at an online retailer and see if they’ll ship to your country.

  11. I’m looking for something like this, that you can MTL vape on. Can you do that on this or is this only DTL?

    • Hi Dorothy,

      You can MTL vape with the CoolFire ACE, it just requires a MTL specific atomizer. If MTL is specifically what you’re after, I’d recommend the EZ.WATT! It’ll save you a bit of money too :)

  12. hi, i have 2 x Cool Fire Minis and i love the little things… can the battery be replaced on these? and if so, what size please?

    • Hi Don,

      I would not recommend replacing the batteries on the CoolFire Mini. Instead, practice healthy battery habits. Charging before a battery reaches critically low voltage is vital, as is reducing the amount of time you vape while charging.

  13. Hi i purchased the coolfire mini and love it. But everywhere i read it says i should use a 1.7 ohm coil upwards but ive been supplied with 0.8 ohm coils? Would you advise i purchase a 1.7 ohm for my next coil?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Lewis,

      You can use both .8ohm and 1.7ohm coils on your CoolFire mini. If you want a mouth to lung style of vape, I’d recommend the 1.7ohm. For direct lung drags, go with the .8ohm coils. Hope this helps.

  14. The tank is firing boiling liquid into my mouth hot enough to burn my lip! I have set the settings as recommended. It’s spitting so badly I can’t use it as it’s dangerous.

  15. Bought my cool fire mini a few weeks ago, recently it has stopped working. I have charged it fully using the supplied cable and when I try to fire it the led flashes along with the battery indicator, which i beleive indiactes that the battery capacity is lower than 3.3v, is there an easy solution to this?

    • Hi Paul,

      First thing you should do is let it sit on the charger for a few hours. It’s possible the battery needs to trickle up to a higher voltage level to start charging quicker. If it doesn’t start holding a charge after you’ve done this, it’s likely your battery is defective. Since you’ve purchased it fairly recently, it qualifies for our warranty program. Return it to the vendor you purchased it from and they should send you a replacement. Sorry about the issue and I hope it comes back from charging.

  16. hi i have just bought the cool fire mini for my wife she luvz it but would like a smaller nozzle is there any different size noźzles about

    • Hey Norman,

      The CoolFire Mini sports a 510 compatible drip tip atomizer. Give “510 drip tip” a quick google search and you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from. You and your wife can pick one out together :)

  17. Hi – I want to replace the liquid in my tank with a new lower-nicotine liquid. The tank is still almost full and I don’t want to wait for it to be empty to make the switch. Can I simply pour it out and put the new liquid straight in? Or does it need cleaning? The flavours are similar so I don’t mind them mixing too much.


    • Hey Alex,

      Yes, if the flavors are similar and you don’t mind mixing them, you can simply fill up the tank with your new e-juice. However, I do recommend cleaning your tank every so often to prevent your o-rings from getting flavor bleed.

  18. Hola alguien que pueda responderme? Necesito ayuda, no puedo abrir el tanque de mi coolfire mini, es como si saltara la rosca cada vez que lo quiero abrir. O sea giro pero queda siempre en el mismo lugar, es la primera vez que me pasa esto. Ayuda y gracias

    • Hola Tobías,

      Supongo que te refieres al tanque Slipstream. En ese caso, intente usar guantes de goma de látex y gire la parte superior del tanque en sentido antihorario. Los guantes deberían ayudarlo a tener la fuerza suficiente para aplicar torque a la parte superior. Espero que esto ayude.

  19. Hi, I have one of these already, but am looking to get a larger capacity tank – are there compatible larger capacity tanks , that work at the 30w range?

  20. Just bought cool fire mini yesterday, after use once time, i try to remove slipstream for put oil, NO way, i can’t remove the tank. I bought the product in smartshop in london and no possibility to Go back in this shop, How can i use the warranty ?

    • Hi Thomas,

      The tank should screw off in a counter-clockwise manner. Try wearing a pair of rubber latex gloves while unscrewing to increase your grip and torque.

      If that doesn’t help, you can begin your warranty by sending us an email to Include a brief summary of the issue and proof of purchase.

  21. Hi can i used salt e liquid with this device what do you recommend vv\ww should i vape it on i read throw the other comments for question that was already asked.

    • Hi Joe,

      For salt based e liquid, I would recommend the Innokin Zenith tank paired with a Kroma-A.

      You can use salt based e liquids in the slipstream however. I’d start them off at 18 watts.

  22. I baught an innokin slipstream coolfire mini today and its spitting boiling liquid into my mouth and onto my lips, it is horrible and now im scared to use it, ive played with all the setting as it says and no luck. Please can you help

    • Hi Bekki,

      Check your wattage setting and make sure it is at an appropriate level. For the standard Slipstream coil, I recommend starting them off at no more than 20 watts. Spitting can also be an indication that the coil is flooded from over-priming. It’s worth draining the tank out and re-filling to prevent spitback.

      Hope this helps.

  23. Hello,

    Will your box mods like the cool fire mini work with a 510 thread oil cartridge?

  24. Hi there

    I’m new to vaping and when I press the button its spurting the e liquid high into the air. Why is this happening


    • Hi Gill,

      Sounds like you’re vaping at much higher wattage than you should. What coil are you using, what is your wattage setting, and what PG/VG percentage mix is your e-liquid? I can better help with more information. Thank you!

  25. Iv just got this innokin mini but I’m struggling going from an ecig with a smaller mouth piece can I change the mouth piece on this somehow or am I being stupid ? Also very new to Vaping

    • Hi Sarah,

      Most atomizers use 510 drip tips which are swappable with many different tanks on the market. Have a quick google search of 510 drip tips and see which ones you like :)

  26. My cool fire mini is coming up with check atomzer what does this mean please?

  27. I have gone threw 2 of these and neither of them will charge at all

    • Hi Matt,

      What type of charger are you using? It’s very odd that 2 of them have not taken a charge. You may be using a charger with too many amps.

      • Matthew Tomanski May 23, 2018 at 1:19 am Reply

        The white charger that came in the box and I believe a 1 amp wall charger the manager of the vapors store gave me never plugged a cell phone charger into it

  28. I’m using the Coolfire Mini with the Slipstream tank. I recently purchased 0.5 coils instead of the 0.8 ones I usually use but am struggling to find out what the recommended wattage range is for the 0.5. I tried at 25W but got a burnt taste. Also, are the 1.2 coils compatible? I can’t see why not but vendors suggest they’re only for the pocket mod.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Mia,

      If you’re getting burnt taste at 25W, try starting out at 18W, then gradually increase your wattage over a few hours to a level you’re comfortable with.

      Please only use the .5ohm or .8ohm Slipstream coils with your Slipstream tank. Thanks for your support :)

      • Thanks Frank. While I was waiting I did a bit of playing around myself, a few pulls at 30W sorted it out and I was able to reduce the wattage after that with now issues. I’m assuming that despite priming etc it needed a bit more liquid pulled through It’s a great piece of kit, by far the best I’ve tried but although I’m getting the hang of this vaping lark I’m still no expert! So why shouldn’t I use the 1.2 coils when I can reduce the wattage to the correct range for them? I like the kit but am keen to reduce my nicotine intake and liquid usage but without losing the taste of the 6mg I currently use.

        • Hello again Mia,

          Glad to hear the burnt taste was sorted out! When starting off a new coil, you can do a few primer puffs to wick the cotton up quicker before vaping. Primer puffs are gentle sucks on the tank without engaging the fire button and keeping the airflow closed. It helps draw in e-liquid to the wick before your first vape.

          The Pocketmod coils, while Slipstream in name, were not designed to be used with the Slipstream atomizer. Use at your own risk. We only recommend using .8 or .5ohm Slipstream coils in the Slipstream tank.

  29. After only three months of use my Cool Fire Ace battery wont hold a charge for more than a few hours. I keep it set at its lowest setting and turn it off after each use. Is there a way to replace the battery without having to purchase a new unit?

    • Hi Brian,

      No, the battery in the Cool Fire ACE is not replaceable. It is normal for battery life to degrade over time. The best way to keep your battery healthy is to follow proper battery etiquette when charging your mod. Do not let your battery run till empty- always charge it before that point. Try to use the vape-while-charging feature as little as possible as this puts a large amount of stress on the battery. Hope this helps.

  30. I purchased this today and when using it all that’s happening is the fluid is going into my mouth and the fluid is very hot and burning me

  31. jorge daniel gonzalez garcia August 24, 2018 at 2:14 pm Reply

    Hello, some days ago my coolfire doesnt work well, when i turn it on, the batery goes donw sudenly, even when its have been charching the battery for so long. I have changed the “atomizer”, but it still no working. What i can do?


    • Hi Jorge,

      You are likely having internal battery issues. Either the cells are at a low voltage which is causing an issue with charging, or the cells have a lower overall capacity from prolonged use. Try a different charging method to rule that out from being the problem.

  32. Hi, Just received my Coolfire Mini today and was wondering if there is a need for an initial charge or is it good to go straight out of the box?

  33. Brought a Cool fire mini yesterday first charge lasted around 3 hours with very little use, the unit was on charge overnight and the same again very little use and needs charging again is this the normal battery life ?

    • Hi Fred,

      The CoolFire Mini used a small rechargeable li-on battery cell. It is not meant to be used as a primary vaping device as the battery life would be quite short. However, it should last longer than 3 hours with light use. Ensure you are using a quality charger with proper amperage and that the charging cable or charging port on the mod is not damaged.

  34. Hi Frank.

    Just purchased Cool Fire Mini and switching over from the T20s. I am using the T20s tank and .8 coils at the moment along with the slipstream tank it came with.

    The question I have is; in order to vape above sub 0mh, what tank and coil combo would be best for the Cool Fire Mini, T20 tank and coils or the T22 tank with 1.5 coils or the T18 with 1.5 coils?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hello Trent,

      Any combo you listed would suffice with the Mini, but out of your options I’d prefer the T22 tank with 1.5ohm coils, or potentially the Zenith D22 with the standard coil if you are open to purchasing another atomizer. Hope this helps and thank you for your support!

      • Thanks Frank.

        I actually want the Zenith D22 with the 1.6 Z coils, but they are unavailable in my country and the only Innokin dealer here says they will probably not get them in unfortunately. I can´t buy them from the UK or the USA Innokin sites so the above options are the only ones I have unless I use a tank from another company.

        I would use the T20s tank but we can only get the 0.8 coils here in Iceland, and I am after the 1.5 coils so it looks as if I am screwed.

  35. Can you Guys help i have the check atomizer problem but i cleaned iT and its fully screwed on what can i do

  36. Hi Kharis,

    Sounds like you purchased and express kit instead of a full kit.

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