Kroma-A & Zenith Kit

The Kroma-A is an ultra-compact rapid response vaporizer with 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design Enjoy amazing, full flavored clouds the way you want with the precise 6-75Watt output for the best of MTL and DTL vaping!

General Details
The Plexus Z Coil:




Kroma-A + Innokin Zenith Tank Kit:

The Kroma-A is an ultra-compact rapid response vaporizer with 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design

Enjoy amazing, full flavored clouds the way you want with the precise 6-75Watt output for the best of MTL and DTL vaping!

The upgraded flush 24mm 510 connection is a perfect fit for all popular atomizers.

Vape with confidence with the easy to use Temperature Control(SS316, ni200, Ti) with dry-hit protection.

The Kroma-A has a real internal 2000mAh Li-Po battery with 2amp microUSB quick-charge! Always be ready with Innokin’s ‘Vape While charging’ technology.


The Innokin Zenith atomizer is collaboration between Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, and Innokin. The goal was to create an easy and intuitive to use mouth to lung (MTL) replaceable coil-head atomizer.

The Innokin Zenith will be available in both 4ml and 2ml TPD compliant versions.

The Innokin Zenith features an easy top fill twist design that will automatically shut off the liquid flow when filling in order to prevent flooding and gurgling, an adjustable airflow, and an easy and clean method to replace the coil.

There is also a QR code on the box that will direct you to tutorial videos that will help you in filling, cleaning, replacing the coil, and working with the tank in general.



1x Kroma A battery

1x Innokin Zenith Tank (0.5Ω Plexus Z coil installed)

1x Extra 1.6 ohm coil

1x Extra drip tip

1x Extra O ring pack

1x INNOKIN Vape Band

1x Micro USB Cable

1x Quick Start Guide


Colors Available: Pulple, Blue, Red

Tutorial video

Zenith – Part 1 – Intro & Contents
In this video Phil Busardo introduces the Zenith and goes over the contents of the kit.

Zenith – Part 2 – Operation
In this video Phil Busardo goes over basic operation of the Zenith atomizer including:
– Setting up for initial use.
– Filling.
– Working with the airflow controller.
– Replacing the coil.
– Cleaning.

Zenith – Part 3 – Troubleshooting
In this video Phil Busardo goes over basic troubleshooting with the Zenith including:
– Flooding
– Dry hits

Kroma-A & Zenith Kit – Part 1 – Intro & Contents

Kroma-A & Zenith Kit – Part 2 – Using The Kroma-A & Zenith Kit

  1. Hi,

    I have the Kroma-A + Zenith Tank. Where can I get the 0.5Ω Plexus Z for this? are they available yet ?

  2. How do I order one of these purple platforms? I’m interested.

  3. Will this work for dtl?

    • Hi Joseph,

      The Zenith tank is a full-flavored mouth to lung vape. You can get a lung hit utilizing a carbing method, but I’d recommend one of the Scion tanks instead if DTL is what you’re after. Thanks!

  4. Super keen to tryout the new plexus z coils

  5. Love and use my MVP 2 to this day, with i-clear 16 tank, feel Innokin makes the highest quality products for the price, great value!

    • Hey there Paul,

      Talk about an oldschool combo! Great to hear your setup is still going strong to this day! Thanks for being a fan for all these years, and hope we can keep you a fan for years to come!

  6. This is the perfect combination of tank and mod for MTL’ers specially when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to build. I have had good history with my Innokin products and your track record can’t be beat, imho!

    • Hey Yvonne,

      Thanks so much for your support and kind words! We truly appreciate all of our fans <3 Please let us know of the kit if you pick one up! Thanks again, and happy vaping!

  7. pick my wife’s name

  8. Where can I purchase these in Canada? Need that blue kit!

  9. Hi. I love this kit and especially the new colors.

  10. Charlotte Lovell June 20, 2018 at 6:22 am Reply

    Embarrassed today but never built my own does it come with instructions?

    • Hi Charlotte,

      This kit does not require any coil building. If you need help building coils, I’d recommend scouring Youtube. There are hundreds of very helpful coil building guides out there to help you figure it out. You will need a few tools and materials to get started as well, so expect to invest a few bucks as well.

  11. Hi

    When will the plexus z coil be available in the UK?

  12. What is the recommended wattage for the 0.5 ohm plexus z coil.

  13. I have been thinking that a mesh type coils would be great for this tank. I have a Kroma Platform with the Zenith tank. I can’t wait until I can order the Z coils.

    • Hey Carol!

      In that case, the Plexus-Z coils should really please you! Please do let me know what you think of them if you try them out. Thanks for supporting us!

      • Frank, so far I have used 2 of the Plexus-Z coils and I have to say that I’m very very disappointed with them. I get almost no flavor from these coils. The first one I though might have been a dud so I tried another. Used it for three days and still very very little flavor(almost no flavor).I just now put the .8 coil back in my tank and the flavor is much better already. I was hoping the Z coils would be a great flavor coil. So I won’t be ordering any more of the Z coils.

  14. Any plans for TC coils (MTL) in future?

  15. I already had the Kroma in white but had to get the new blue when it landed in the U.K. So far loving it and the new plexus coil

  16. Just ordered my Kroma with Zenith tank, but as a relative newbie and an avid MTL’er, can I get the plexus coils in 1.6ohm too, or is that a newbie question lol :)

    • Hey Mark,

      Congratulations on your purchase, and thanks very much for supporting us! Unfortunately, the Plexus Z-coils are only offered in .5ohms, but I think you’ll be very pleased with the performance regardless. Thank you!

  17. Is the KROMA-A iTazte compatible with disposable cartridges ?

  18. Plexus z coil are only 0.5 ohm?

  19. With 1.6 coils, can use nic Salts?

  20. Hey Innokin! Love your products. I finally got off cigarettes a couple of years ago with your T18, last year I made a slight upgrade to your T22, and now this year (after reading and watching lots of excellent reviews) I’ve upgraded to the Proton with Scion II. I love the mod! The tank is cool for sure – direct inhaling was a nice novelty for me. After a couple of weeks of it however, I decided to go back to MTL. I currently have my old T22 on the Proton, but I’m looking into buying a Zenith tank to replace it. They’re widely available here in NZ, but as yet, I’ve been unable to find the Plexus-z coils? The Zenith tanks here only come with the 1.6 and 0.8ohm coils. I love the Scion Plexus coils, so I’m really keen on getting some for the Zenith. Do you know when these will be available in NZ, and through which companies?

    Thanks for everything Innokin!

  21. Hello,

    Are there any differences in the new Kroma-A mod and the Kroma-A mod that was initially released with the Zenith besides color options?

    Are there any differences in the new Zenith tank and the original tank besides color and the option for mesh coils?

    Can the mesh coils be used in the original Zenith tank?

    I think the Kroma-A mod is quite good, nice job.

    • Hi Justin,

      The color options and Plexus-Z coil are the only differences with the newer kits.

      You can use the Plexus-Z coils in older Zeniths, yes.

      We appreciate the feedback! Thank you for supporting Innokin and happy vaping!

  22. Hi,what is the watt range of the 0.5 plexus z coils??i have the the znith tank,thanks!!!

  23. How do i clean the kroma-a zenith inside the tank

  24. I bought my Zenith Tank Platform Series and are amazed by how easy it is to fill and change out the coils. No flooding or gurgling at all. Wow what a great tank.
    Just need to know that you will still be selling the 1.6 ohm coils for this tank?

  25. Hi,

    I want to know whether CremedeVape authorized by you? It is the only site in the Uk which sell these new kits with the Plexus Z coil.

    Here is the website ??


  26. Hi would the zenith tank work on the proton mod?

    • Hi Richard,

      It certainly would! The Proton is capable of adjustable wattage all the way up to 220w, so any 510 threaded atomizer will work within that range. The Zenith works best between 15 and 20 watts.

  27. Hi! My brother just purchased me this kit to help in my endeavor to kick cigarettes.

    I’m absolutely new to this and am having a hard time finding the right setting to start on.

    What coil setting should I choose? Do I also have to choose a wattage as well??

    If you could just give me a noob setup, that would be fantastic.


    • Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for reaching out to us! That’s very kind of your brother. It’s a great step in the right direction to stop smoking!

      If you are using the Plexus Z coil, I recommend starting at 15 wattage. Only use wattage mode for the Zenith tank and Zenith compatible coils.

      So, to summarize in full-

      Wattage (Power) mode. Start at 15W. Go lower if you want less heat, higher if you want more. Do not go lower or higher than 5W from 15W.

      As far as airflow goes, that’s up to you. Change the ring and vape to see what your preference is.

  28. Where can I get the 1.6 z coil that came with my Innokin platform series?

  29. Just got my Kroma-A and J keep getting a message saying check atomiser and it seems blocked.

  30. Where can I find the QR code on the box you claim will lead me to tutorial videos? Because you i would like to know what to set everything on like watts voltage etc. Thank you

  31. What does DTL mean?

  32. Hi, I have the Zenith Platform Series Kroma A. I have stopped cigarettes and I love my machine. However. it has started randomly changing numbers on me and sometimes won’t turn off. I am having trouble finding out how to fix this. It also keeps changing to C and F on the machine instead of the W I was told to make sure was on the machine. I have only had it for 2weeks and 3 days and am panicking because I bought the machine out of town and they do not carry this machine in my area. I need help getting this fixed so I can continue to enjoy my vape.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for purchasing an Innokin product. I apologize to hear about the trouble you’re having with your Kroma-A kit. It does sound like something strange is going on with the chip. It may need to be repaired to replaced. Luckily, our products are covered under a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty provided you have proof of purchase. Please email us as soon as you can at with attached proof of purchase and a brief description of the issue you are having and we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Once again I am sorry for the hassle and hope you get back to vaping soon. Thank you!

  33. How do I turn the wattage down. The unit is at 600F and I can’t turn it lower. It is burning my e-liquid and I can’t even touch the tip to suck on it. What am I doing wrong? Tks

    • Hi Margaret,

      It looks like you have enabled temperature control mode, which is not supposed to be used with the Zenith tank.

      To return to standard wattage mode, hold down the power button and “+” button for a few seconds. This should bring you to a new screen where you can set the mode you’re in. You want to be set to “Power” or “Wattage” mode. Use the + and – buttons to cycle between mode settings. Once the Power mode is blinking (selected), press the fire button to confirm the change. Then, once the mode has changed, press and hold either the + or – button to adjust your wattage setting. I would recommend starting off at 15W. Hope this helps.

  34. Hi Guys, I’m a new Vaper and am using the Zenith tank. I was about to order the plexus Z 0.5 coils.
    Can I then use it for higher VG e liquids? Or I just use it at a higher wattage? I use it for MTL but want to get thicker clouds. Thanks!

  35. I’ve switched between several kits over the past few months looking for something to fit my needs – and between units that tend to leak, atomizers that burn out in 1-2 days, and poor flavor production it’s been an expensive and frustrating journey. I’m trying to keep costs down, meaning I was looking for a unit that doesn’t absolutely guzzle juice but wasn’t getting the full flavor I wanted out of the smaller devices I tried. I’ve only had the kit for a week now, but this seems to really fit the bill so far. I prefer a somewhat restricted direct lung hit vs mouth to lung as I know this unit was intended, and the pull on this fully opened is very nice for 3-4 second pulls. I like that the unit has some heft to it, everything about it has a real solid feel. No leak issues, great flavor and hopefully we’ll see some fantastic longevity from the coils but they seem to be doing well so far after 40-50 ml of fluid. I’ll come back and drop a reply when the plexus z coil gives out.

    • Hey Patrick,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts so far with the Kroma-A + Zenith kit! Our Plexus coil tech delivers longer coil life than typical coil structures, as well as solid flavor and vapor production. I’m glad to hear it’s been suiting your needs. If you have any feedback or suggestions for upcoming products, please drop us a line at or let me or any of our other Innokin team members know. Thanks for your support and happy vaping!

  36. Loving this. But… seems to have stopped accepting a charge. Have tried both via a laptop (Mac) USB port and wall socket. Plug it in and the big numbers flash, then the thing switches off. Leave it for a few hours, switch it on again but hasn’t charged. I can’t seem to find anything in the instructions so hoping for a bit of guidance. If it has any baring on electricity rating/voltage, I’m UK based but currently working Cyprus. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Steve,

      The Kroma-A can handle a 5V charging adapter with a rate of up to 2A. It sounds like the device recognizes that it’s plugged in, but the battery isn’t charging. In this case, you may have a faulty or damaged internal cell. If it’s been less than 90 days since your original purchase, you can open a warranty claim with our support team to have the battery or the entire mod replaced. Please contact us at with a brief description of the issue, attached proof of purchase and your warranty card if you’d like to go that route. Please keep in mind that we are currently on holiday for the Chinese New Year and as such support response will be delayed. Thank you Steve and apologies for the trouble.

  37. Dear Frank,

    I’ve Just got a Kroma A Zenith and am really enjoying it, BUT ! The usb chargers i have aren’t charging the battery! I can charge through my chromebook but can’t enjoy Vape whilst charging! Can you recommend a brand of wall plug that will satisfy my demands! ( by the way i live in the U.K!)

    • Hi Richard,

      Unfortunately, I am not too familiar with UK specific wall adapters, but you should look for 5V/1A or greater amperage adapter from a reliable brand such as Samsung, Lg, Anker, etc. Hope this helps!

  38. Hi All,

    I’ve been using the Zenith Tank (on a SMOK X-Priv Baby mod) for about 8 months and I love it, I switch between MTL (with the Zenith tank) and DTL (with the SMOK tank) vaping and the Zenith has been the best MTL tank I’ve used. I’ve now just received the Kroma-A Zenith Kit so I don’t have to keep swapping between tanks on my SMOK Mod.

    A few weeks ago, after reading/watching a lot of positive reviews/videos, I bought a pack of the Plexus-Z Coils for the Zenith Tank, as I had a high level of interest for combining the MTL style with a Sub-Ohm Coil. However, so far I’ve been left a little disappointed. The Plexus-Z Coils seem to burn out very quickly, sometimes after only a day or two of average use. I’ve been running at between 15W-17W with a fairly loose MTL draw (usually 3 airflow holes open). My style is to have 2-3 pulls in fairly quick succession and therefore firing for around 4-6 seconds at once before inhaling/exhaling. I’ll repeat this a couple of times over the course of 10-15 minutes. Think of it like taking a traditional “Smoke Break”. So I’ll vape like this on a morning with my coffee, then roughly every 1-2 hours throughout the day during “Smoke Break”. Then in the evening I tend to switch over to my larger SUB Ohm tanks and blow some clouds. This “Smoke Break” style has always worked well on the 1.6ohm coil and I could even “chain vape” safely without burning out the coil and I’d be getting a couple of weeks at least before I started to notice a change in flavour. But with the Plexus-Z coil, after a day or 2 of vaping in this same style, the coil starts to taste burnt and I start getting dry hits. The flavour also only seems to be there in full on a brand new coil but very quickly starts to fade.

    On the 1.6ohm coil, I use a PG60/VG40 or 50/50 ratio juice from Vampire Vape and Halo. With the Plexus-Z I have been using a PG30/VG70 ratio from Bakers Fog. My own theory is possibly the juice being too thick and therefore the cotton is not wicking quick enough, even though the coil is advertised with “Ultra Fast Wicking” as one of its key points. Being a Sub Ohm mesh coil, should a VG70 juice be suitable, could it be a bad batch? Or is there something else I could be missing/doing wrong? I’m not trying to “hot-box” anywhere with this coil, but I should be able to take a few consecutive puff’s every few minutes per 10-15 minute “vape break” and repeated every few hours?

    I am going to try some 50/50 ratio juice on another Z-Coil to see how this performs, but I was also hoping to get away from rattling through dozens of 10ml juice bottles for Sub Ohm vaping and save some more money with the short fills, which I can only buy in a lowest VG ratio of 70VG (in the UK).

    Apologies for the long post, but I wanted to convey as much info as possible to give the Plexus-Z Coil a good chance to defend itself against my poor experience so far with it, as it could be down to my choice of e-liquid, style of vaping or even my mod setup. Any thoughts or advice would be welcome.


  39. I have been using the Kroma A with plexus coils for over a year now after quitting the ciggies, I love the setup and the look however I also find its hit and miss with plexus coils burning out within sometimes a day or two. Today I just received a new tank I ordered online from VapeKing in australia and it chewed through 3 coils burning all 3 the tanks a dud as when I swapped back to old tank with 1 of the coils it burnt its all good again. I have complained to the online retailer but ai doubt they will do anything, aim now considering maybe moving on from Innokin and the Kroma A its really frustrating tbh.

    • Hi David,

      Sorry to hear about your inconsistent experiences.

      Try only using juices without artificial sweetener. Artificial sweeteners can stick and burn to the cotton wicking material quickly and cause poor flavor and lifespan.

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