Kroma-A & Zenith Kit

The Kroma-A is an ultra compact rapid response vaporizer with 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design Enjoy amazing, full flavored clouds the way you want with the precise 6-75Watt output for the best of MTL and DTL vaping!

General Details
Kroma-A & Innokin Zenith

The Kroma-A is an ultra compact rapid response vaporizer with 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design
Enjoy amazing, full flavored clouds the way you want with the precise 6-75Watt output for the best of MTL and DTL vaping!
The upgraded flush 24mm 510 connection is a perfect fit for all popular atomizers.
Vape with confidence with the easy to use Temperature Control(SS316, ni200, Ti) with dry-hit protection.
The Kroma-A has a real internal 2000mAh Li-Po battery with 2amp microUSB quick-charge! Always be ready with Innokin’s ‘Vape While charging’ technology.

The Innokin Zenith atomizer is a collaboration between Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, and Innokin. The goal was to create an easy and intuitive to use mouth to lung (MTL) replaceable coil-head atomizer.
The Innokin Zenith will be available in both 4ml and 2ml TPD compliant versions.
The Innokin Zenith features an easy top fill twist design that will automatically shut off the liquid flow when filling in order to prevent flooding and gurgling, an adjustable airflow, and an easy and clean method to replace the coil.
The tank comes with two different coils to tailor your vaping experience.
– One 1.6 Ohm Kanthal coil for a cooler vape at lower wattages.
– One .8 Ohm Kanthal coil for a slightly warmer vape and slightly higher wattages.
There is also a QR code on the box that will direct you to tutorial videos that will help you in filling, cleaning, replacing the coil, and working with the tank in general.

1x Kroma A battery
1x Innokin Zenith Tank (1.6ohm coil installed)
1x Extra 0.8 ohm coil
1x Extra drip tip
1x Extra O ring pack
1x INNOKIN Vape Band
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Quick Start Guide

Colors Available: black, white

Tutorial video

Zenith – Part 1 – Intro & Contents
In this video Phil Busardo introduces the Zenith and goes over the contents of the kit.

Zenith – Part 2 – Operation
In this video Phil Busardo goes over basic operation of the Zenith atomizer including:
– Setting up for initial use.
– Filling.
– Working with the airflow controller.
– Replacing the coil.
– Cleaning.

Zenith – Part 3 – Troubleshooting
In this video Phil Busardo goes over basic troubleshooting with the Zenith including:
– Flooding
– Dry hits

Kroma-A & Zenith Kit – Part 1 – Intro & Contents

Kroma-A & Zenith Kit – Part 2 – Using The Kroma-A & Zenith Kit

Review Videos
Kroma-A & Zenith review

  1. Where in the UK can i buy this as a full kit??
    As having trouble finding them both together


  2. Where can I buy in the USA

  3. I would like to purchase this in White. Can’t find it anywhere. Located in USA.

  4. Why do you all have to leave the littlte glass piece??
    If it gets dropped it breaks! This one cost $80! That’s a lot of money!! Thanks

  5. Exactly what I’m looking for at this time. Please keep me up to date.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Happy to hear you like the kit! Stay subscribed to our email newsletter to be up to date with all of our products. You’ll be able to purchase the kit from authorized Innokin distributors soon.

  6. When and where will this kit be available? I haven’t seen it even in pre-order status anywhere yet.

    Phil Corsi

  7. Hi Folks, just wondering if you have a release date for the Kroma-A & Zenith yet? If not, how do I subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates?


  8. I just got one of these this week and was super impressed with the packaging but that’s about the only positive thing i can say at the moment.

    I followed the very basic assembly guide only to find liquid pouring out from the base of the tank despite the base being firmly screwed into place. I had only used about 2ml of liquid in what is supposed to be a 4 ml tank

    There is basically no instructions included on how to optimize the units features such as
    – select coil
    – wattage
    – temperature cntrol

    Instructions tell you how to change the settings but for a beginner like me, i got no idea how the different settings impact output.

    I was so excited when i got my package. Now i am just bitterly disappointed.

    • Hi Chris,

      I am sorry you are disappointed with your purchase. When you’re first starting out, vaping can be quite daunting and confusing to learn, but once you’ve gotten the basics down it gets much easier to understand.

      These are the settings I would recommend for you based on your hardware:

      Wattage mode (not temperature control)
      .8ohm coil
      15 watts of power

  9. looks great. If I wish to Turkey sending me a gift :)

  10. Would just like to say hi to all the good folks at Innokin.

  11. I was wondering where I could get the code for the Innokin Kroma-A Giveaway???

  12. miaoulis papamarkakis April 21, 2018 at 9:13 am Reply

    for better flavor resistance 1.6 or 0.8?thanks from greece.

  13. Should I charge my Kroma mod before the first use or just go ahead an use it out of the box? Also, which coil (1.6 or 0.8 ohm) is more suitable for 35-50MG Nic Salt?

    • Hi Tamer,

      You can go ahead and use it out of the box, just make sure to charge it once the battery LED indicator turns red.

      I would use the 1.8ohm coil with nic salt e-liquid. Hope this helps! Enjoy your Kroma :)

  14. Hi,

    I bought a Kroma-A & Zenith a few days ago.

    Using a 1.8 coil, the results till yesterday were brilliant.

    Whilst using the kit on 18W as suggested by the hardware & e-juice seller for the first 3 days all was brilliant, then all of a sudden out of the blue, the drag becomes super-heated, tasting burnt & burns the back of my throat.

    I remove the tank & refitted after replacing the coil, selecting ‘same’…. but the vap remains super-hot.

    I’ve watched the tutorials on without a solution.

    Is there a fault with how I’m using or a fault with the kit?

    I’ve cancelled my order for 2 more Kroma-A & Zenith till this problem is resolved.

    Hope you can help.


    • Hi Rob,

      Is there any chance your wattage setting was changed? Or that you happened to somehow change from wattage into a temperature mode? Both of those situations would cause sudden change in your vape quality and potentially burnt hits.

      Let me know what your current settings are so I may help you further. You should start coils a little lower than their intended value, so if you plan on vaping at 18W, start the coil off at 12-14W and gradually move the wattage up as you break in the coil.

      Make sure the coils are properly primed before first vaping as well.

      Finally, make sure you are in wattage only mode, as the kanthal coils used in the Zenith will not vape properly in any TC mode.

  15. I have been vaping since 2012. One week ago, I purchased 2, 1 black & 1 white, Kroma-A platform series with the Zenith tank. I vape strictly mouth to lung. This is the best kit I have ever used!! I love it!! Why is this kit so hard to locate. Every store i called did not have it in stock so I finally ordered online. Please consider producing this kit in more colors. I always carry 4 kits with me and have a different juice in color coordinated kits.
    I truly believe this kit could really help current smokers transition to vaping. Thank you again for producing such a great kit.

    • Hi Maryann,

      Thanks so much for all the kind words! What kind of colors would you like to see the Kroma-A and Zenith kits offered in the future?

      I have some good news for you! We are actually releasing new colors for this kit. Keep your eyes peeled for our newsletter for the latest update :)

  16. What is the difference between this one and the itaste kroma i have the itaste kroma with zenith using the 510 adapter but it doesn’t fits well it is working but i am afraid its not working properly cause the issue with 510 adapter

    • Hi Mark,

      The Kroma-A does not have a recessed tank slot which allows for better compatibility with most 510 threaded atomizers. It’s also bundled with the Zenith, which offers a very enjoyable mouth to lung vaping experience. Hope this helps.

  17. i’m curious as to why you don’t sell replacement coils for the Zenith tank on your own website. at least i couldn’t find any evidence you do.

    it seems the coils are now next to impossible to get via the retail market. my former go-to store VaporDNA is eternally out of stock of the Zenith coils, i.e., they simply don’t get them anymore. in fact, it appears that most of the “independent” vape shops are now partially or majority-owned by SMOK and/or other big Chinese mfrs. so it appears the Chinese companies are now trying to control both the manufacturing and distribution of pretty much all the hardware carried in vape specialty shops.

    non vape-specialty stores, the scattered “Smoke Shops” that you see in strip malls, well, i’ve yet to find one of them that’s even heard of the Zenith tank/coil, or of Innokin.

    my previous comment still applies. it’s getting harder and harder for MTL vapers, people like myself who are into vaping for smoking cessation, to find the hardware that works for us other than RTA’s. i have a source for top-quality juices, but the hardware is becoming increasingly elusive. by increasing their presence on the distribution end, the China mfrs are clearly targeting the youth market, essentially trend followers who suck down synthetic crap of unknown origin at high wattages just to make big clouds.

    anyway, i’ve found that the wire gauge on the 0.8 Zenith coils is not thick enough for me. requires a higher wattage than what i like, so i need to get some of the thicker-gauge coils so I can burn them lower and get better flavor out of my expensive tobacco leaf extract juices.

    will you start carrying Zenith replacement coils on your own site? or is the life cycle of the Zenith coil already beginning to sunset in terms of your product marketing strategy? or, maybe you might suggest another convenient alternative for me to find the replacement coils?


    • Hi Tia,

      Fear not! The Zenith will be supported for a long time to come. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to stock standard Zenith coils on our site. We plan on offering as many products as possible on our site, and expect to expand to a worldwide shipping audience in the near future. Thanks for your support and happy vaping.

  18. Hi I’ve had the platform series now for about 1 month and today I replaced the coil and on the display it keeps telling me to check atomizer I have now been through 2 coils thinking it was a faulty coil but this does not seem to be the case, could you advise?

  19. Hossam Elmeligy July 9, 2018 at 4:24 pm Reply

    Hi how much this one I want buy it online I’m sorry in Iraq

  20. I need to know if / where I can buy just the kroma a mod?
    I currently have 8 zenith tanks and two mods.
    Would like to buy just the mod.
    Is this possible?
    Been hunting the web for a while now!
    Why doesn’t an Innokin vape band come in the box when I buy just the tank?
    I need a few of these.

  21. Loving the Zenith. Will Innokin be producing different coils that will be compatible? I.e. Lower than the 0.8 ohm coil?

  22. I own a new Kroma-A with Zenith tank. When the tank is tightened on properly the hair on my bottom lip gets pulled by the edge of the top fill slider. :(

  23. Where can i find a proper manual? I’m curious about all the settings (ti/ni/ss/…).

  24. I need a user manual. Vape shops guess most of the time or push certain products. Been there! I don’t want to blow up due to lack of knowledge and the kroma a zenith has come highly regarded on the internet. I can’t even find a download manual. Please help. Also I only set wattage according to coil. Do I need to set anything else? What wall plug in do I use? Is cell phone wall plug or tablet wall plug safe? I can’t see well enough to read what they say. Thank you so much for helping us older but still sassy former smokers.

    • Hi Cindy,

      Here is a link to the manual for the Kroma-A:

      The default Zenith coil should be used in wattage mode only. The power level is up to your preference within 10 to 25w. The Kroma-A is capable of up to 2A fast charging using a proper wall adapter. Please use only certified wall chargers from trustworthy brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Anker, etc. If you have a newer smartphone chances are the charger is fine to use with your Kroma-A. Let me know if you need any more help!

  25. my kroma a keeps displaying check atomiser

    • Hi Jon,

      Replace your coil, as it may be causing a short. If that does not help, clean the threads in your Kroma-A 510 connector as well as the male threads on your Zenith atomizer.

  26. I hadn’t used my krona a for about a month. When I tried charging it to use it again, it didn’t seem to charge properly. I don’t think it’s holding the charge. It says it’s fully charged for a short time and to press the power button 3 times, but it won’t turn back on.

    • Hi Duncan,

      If a rechargeable battery is left on low voltage for some time, it could trickle into extremely low voltages that may require much longer periods of charging to start holding a meaningful amount of charge again. Kind of a mouthful, I know. Basically, allow your Kroma-A to charge for 6+ hours straight to see if it actually starts holding a real charge. If not, the internal cell may be dead, in which case the mod will need replacement through our warranty service. If it’s been less than 90 days since original purchase please contact us immediately via Thanks!

  27. The temp on my itazte changed somehow and I need to know what temp does it need to be set at for an .8 ohm coil?

  28. Hello,
    this morning while going to work I start smelling the burnt stinky smell which occurs when the coil is burnt. In a bit of panic I took my Kroma-A+Zenith out of my jacket pocket and the tank was very hot and smelling of burnt. I double checked that it was actually in OFF state, so I’m wondering what happened? It is quite scary and I’m afraid to use the product again. The coil was a 0.8ohm just replaced yesterday.

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