Kroma-A & Crios Kit

The Innokin Kroma-A - 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design, fitted for maximum grip.

General Details
Grab the Ultra Fast power of the Innokin Kroma-A! The next generation upgrade of the internationally bestselling Kroma vaporizer!

The Kroma-A is an ultra compact rapid response vaporizer with 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design

Enjoy amazing, full flavored clouds the way you want with the precise 6-75Watt output for the best of MTL and DTL vaping!

The upgraded flush 24mm 510 connection is a perfect fit for all popular atomizers.

Vape with confidence with the easy to use Temperature Control(SS316, ni200, Ti) with dry-hit protection.

The Kroma-A has a real internal 2000mAh Li-Po battery with 2amp microUSB quick-charge! Always be ready with Innokin’s ‘Vape While charging’ technology.

Available in 5 new stylish and long lasting color finishes (Black, White, Blue, Red,Green).

The Kroma-A international edition includes the amazing Crios Tank! The Crios tank delivers huge flavorful clouds at 55W with an upgraded, easy to top-fill, design.

Available in Europe with the Axiom 2ml TPD compliant tank and coil system.

Experience a world of difference and upgrade your vape with the Innokin Kroma-A!



  1. where can i buy the coils? looking at, cannot find coils for sale

  2. I bought a t18 vape pen and the battery keeps blinking to three colors when I charge it but then it keeps blinking red it will not charge what do I do to fix this can you please guide me through this so I can have my vape pen back this would be very helpful please get back to me as soon as possible sincerely Laura

  3. my t18e is not working as before
    have chabged my coil
    very weak when i inhale

    • Hi Patrick,

      I would recommend leaving it on the charger for a few hours, cleaning the threads of both the T18 and the atomizer, and making sure the coil is fitted in as tight as possible.

  4. I love the kroma innokin really stepped up there game I really tip my hate to u guys

  5. Love the flush 24MM 510! Finallly! Will we see other higher power and larger battery size mods coming out with this feature? Maybe an MVP5??

  6. Where can I get the other drip tips I’ve seen reviewers using.

    • Hi Shawn,

      The Crios comes with a 510 drip tip adapter, allowing you to use any 510 compatible drip tip of your choosing. There are many drip tips for sale out in the world, you can find them at practically any vape shop or online. Thank you!

      • I saw some tips that the reviewers said were from Innokin/made specifically for the Crios tank the don’t need the adapter. Those are the tips I was referring to. Also the regular opening for the drip tip. Is it an 810 size. I have a 510 tip on my Crios now and I have to say I prefer the amount of airflow and vapor I get with the ULTEM tip,it’s just that it sits a bit low for my personal taste. I have seen 810 tips that are a bit longer/higher and are just as wide open as the ULTEM tip. Would an 810 tip fit? Also will there be a fishbowl style glass and build deck available for the Crios like you have for the Scion? I think adding some things like that would be awesome for the Crios. Other than those couple of ideas and the presonl preference on tip I love this mod and tank. I also have the Oceanus mod as well and absolutely love it. Before switching to the Kroma-A and Oceanus I was using the SD20 you make(love that one too). But I’ve gone from MTL style to a more DTL style and the Kroma-A,Oceanus and Crios tank work absolutely great for me. I would recommend your products to anyone I know who’s just starting to vape or has been vaping a while. Now all you need is a dual 20700 style of the Oceanus for the power chasers out there.?

  7. How do i buy the product there is no button

  8. Excellent job with the Kroma-A kit. The mod build is high quality, and looks great. The 510 is much improved, well done there. The Crios tank is my favorite Innokin tank, and my favorite tank period. It’s a really excellent tank. The coils are great, havent changed mine yet (it’s been a little over a week), Overall just a really superb kit, I highly recommend it.

    • Hello Justin,

      Thanks very much for the great feedback. The 510 improvement was extremely important to us as well as keeping the overall form factor and aesthetic of the Kroma, but improving upon it. Thanks for supporting us and happy vaping!

  9. Hi, I bought a iTaste Kroma kit from a verified vendor and have been experiencing issues with the Slipstream tank. Every time I fill the tank, I’m getting excess liquid sucked through the mouthpiece which goes onto my lips, or goes into my mouth. Other times, I’m experiencing a burbling and watery hit, where the coil is “flooded” with excess e liquid. How can I fix this? I’ve changed coils, tried different juice ( I always use max VG), changed o-rings…etc. Sometimes the liquid is hot and it burns my lips, not to mention I’m wasting tons of expensive juice. My evaluation is the the coil isn’t vaporizing the liquid fast enough. Does the Crios Tank experience the same problems as the Slipstream Tank? Have these problems been fixed or addressed?

    • Hi Brian,

      No, the Crios does not experience the issues you are listing. The Slipstream shouldn’t either. Let’s troubleshoot some solutions.

      First, make sure the tank is completely dry of all e-liquid and water before filling it up. “Watery” hits should never happen unless the tank was wet before filling, or if your e-liquid contains a large percentage of water in the recipe.

      Next, don’t overprime your coils. If the coils are oversaturated, it could cause the burning/spitting liquid you describe.

      Lastly, make sure the tank’s airflow is closed after you fill it. Wait a few minutes before your first vape (while also opening the airflow back up). Let me know if any of this helps. Thanks.

  10. hi guys,

    i just bought innokin kroma from OL shop
    and i have several questions regarding this mod

    what kind of khantal wire i should use to getting 0.8 ohm and for the best result vape time ? eg: khantal A1 24 or 22 ?
    if i use fast charger adapter, it is safe when i use LG or samsung fast charger adapter?

    • Hi Jon,

      If your charging adapters are 2A or below, they are perfectly fine for charging your Kroma-A.

      In regards to building coils, it’s much more complicated. I would recommend watching a coil building guide on Youtube to get started. A good rule of thumb is to start with 28g wire. 22 and 24 are a bit thick. Thanks!

  11. Really love this mod despite the ridiculous new tpd tank size. I worked my way through the 0.5 ohm coil that’s included now I’m on the BVC 0.65 ohm coil and really love the flavour I’m getting off the tank now at 50watts however I can’t find these coils anywhere. Could you help please before this coil dies and I have to go back to the ones with less flavour. Thanks

  12. Ive recently purchased the kroma A with the Axiom tank. Love the feel and weight of the mod. Except I am experiencing some difficulties with it. I’m getting a lot of excess e liquid coming from the drip tip and a lot of crackling. Also seems to overheat really easily after just one take. Disappointing, but hopefully can be resolved as I really like the outfit.

    • Hi Mike,

      The first thing I’d do would be to replace your coil. If that doesn’t help at all, check your juice. The thinner your juice, the more likely you’ll have cracking. The liquid you describe on the drip tip is likely condensation. Be sure to use juices that aren’t high in artificial sweeteners as they will destroy coils fast and give you a fairly bad vaping experience overall. Hope this helps.

  13. I recently just got the kroma a kit I really like it but I have noticed that when I fill the crios tank I get a lot of juice coming out of the airflow after about 20 minutes.

    • Hi Chris,

      Try closing the airflow control ring while you fill your Crios. Also, be sure not to over-prime your coils as this can cause flooding and leakage. Just a few drops on the top and one on each cotton port on the sides should be enough.

      If you’re still having issues, replace your coil.

      Thanks and hope this helps.

  14. Hi there I bought my first ever vape and it happened to be this one. It is brilliant but because I am not too sure what is normal and what is not, is the crackling noise okay? I feel if I inhale too hard/for too long, it will get really hot and start crackling noises. Does that mean that I need to increase the voltage? It was all set up in the shop by an experienced member of staff. Vaping experience itself has been brilliant, haven’t had any cigarettes since buying it!

    • Hi Ellie,

      The crackling is completely normal. Crackling generally occurs when eliquid has dried onto the cotton in your coil. No need to change your voltage or wattage. I’m glad to hear that it’s helped you quit cigarettes! Keep it up and happy vaping!

  15. Thank you for your reply. I’ve been trying to look up some information about seeping as well. It comes from the connection point just above the airflow holes and its only a dab but enough to make fingers sticky and massively disturbs my ocd ? what should i check? Im too scared to make it worse (tried unscrewing, wiping and screwing back on)

  16. My T18 stopped working properly so fillowed advice from this page and changed the coil. Now it still doesn’t charge properly and the suction is very weak, a lot of smoke but no pleasure. Even though it is charged whe a take more than one puff the red light comes on. Why not happy. I e only had this a year.

    • Hi Mary,

      The T18 is designed to be a beginner device to get you familiar with vaping. It is not designed to last forever as it has an internal battery. All internal battery devices will eventually stop being able to hold a charge. I recommend replacing your old T18 with a new, potentially more advanced device- might I suggest the Kroma-A?

  17. Hi I have the krona-a when I vape I get the full taste of the fluid is this normal ????

    • Hi James,

      This is not necessarily normal or abnormal. This can happen when a coil has sat in e-liquid for a while without being vaped. The juice coagulates onto the cotton and causes it to be more “liquidy” than normal drags on the first drag after some time has passed.

  18. Hi what is the best vape juice for the kroma

    • Hello Rico,

      That’s a very subjective question for which I do not have an absolute answer to. My best recommendation is to go to your nearest local vape store and taste test a lot of flavors to see what you like. Then, request it to be mixed in a high VG percentage (something like 70% or higher), as higher VG eliquids tend to vape better while using a sub ohm atomizer.

  19. My Kroma-A didn’t come with a manual, is there somewhere I can download one?

  20. I bought a black tank from migvapor to use with my Kroma. When I put the tank on the Kroma it reads “check atomizer”. from what I have read it may be an ohm issue. Whats going on?

  21. Is the innokin kroma the same size as the innokin kroma-a ??

  22. I have just ordered a Kroma-A starter kit, should be here in a few days. Started with the T-18, then went to the T-22 which is a superb starter. I’m quite new to all this. Can’t wait to get the Kroma-A. Couple of questions. Went to the user manual site you gave, and they have the original Kroma manual, but not the Kroma-A. I’m sure I’ll get one with the starter kit but wanted to get ahead of the game a little.

    Also, I see you mentioned the Crios BVC replacement coils and I found them ok. What material are they made of so that I can set the mod on the correct setting? And the Slipsteam coils, is kanthal nichol based?

    Can you also explain briefly how to prime a new coil, just so I’ll get it right.

    And, finally, what settings should I use starting out for the mod. I just ordered a special deal of several e-juices but they are all 50/50. It was before I read the blog about using high VG. I used to order high VG, but read that 50/50 gives better flavor.. Hope I don’t have a problem with the 50/50. Any input would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Robert

    • Hi Robert,

      Both coils you mentioned are made of Kanthal and as such you should only use them in wattage mode.

      To prime a coil, carefully dab one to two drops of e-liquid onto each cotton hole on the sides of the coil. Once you see the cotton has soaked up the e-liquid, carefully drop 2-3 drops of e-liquid onto the cotton that directly contacts the coils through the top. Be careful not to oversaturate the coils as this can cause leaking.

      50/50 should not give you any issues. If you’re using the .65ohm Crios coils, start them off at 35W, gradually going up a few watts until you’re comfortable with the temperature and flavor. Hope this helps :)

  23. Hi just bought the kroma-A still getting used to it. Adjusting the controls. Is it possible to get the temperature below 150C it,s it bit too hot on the lips.

    • Hi Adrian,

      150C is the lowest temperature the Kroma-A can operate it. Lower than that, and the coil wouldn’t produce any vapor.

      Make sure the airflow on your tank is opened up, it will cool down the vapor dramatically. Hope this helps you.

  24. I have the innokin kroma slipstream with 2ml capacity tank. Is there a larger tank that is compatible?

    I do not mind if the diameters do not sit flush with one another. I just need another bigger tank.


    • Hey James,

      The Kroma-A is compatible with all 510 threaded atomizers that work well with 75W and below. The iSub S, Scion, and iSub Apex 5mL are all large mL capacity tanks from Innokin that are fully compatible with your mod.

      Thank you!

  25. Hi there,

    I just bought a Kroma-A recently and I think the setting may be wrong with the Crios coil. I understand it should be on W setting at around 35W initially. Can you advise how I factory reset the device or change the setting? I press + but it isn’t doing anything. Also are here any other settings I need to change when using the Crios coil?


    • Hi there Chris,

      You should be able to freely adjust the wattage on your Kroma-A by pressing and holding down either the + or – button for a few seconds. Once the wattage number starts flashing, press the + or – buttons to adjust the wattage respectively.

      35W is a good setting to start at with the Crios. You can work your way up from there a few watts per adjustment until you hit your sweet spot.

      Let me know if you need any more help. Thank you!

  26. Is it ok to vape at 14 watts or should the lowest be 35watts

    • Hi Enze,

      It depends on your atomizer. Some coils just won’t produce any vapor at 14w. It’s all about finding the right settings for you- everyone has varying preferences and vaping habits.

  27. Hello,

    I have just bought the kroma a kit with the m21 tank as gift to someone who has never vaped before. I have never vaped either. Could you run down what settings should be used and steps taken when first setting it up (such as coil selection, wattage, temperature?).


    • Hey Tom,

      Awesome to hear! I hope the lucky person you bought it for winds up loving it. For the M21, here’s my recommended settings:

      For the .5ohm coils, set the Kroma-A to Wattage mode, and start at 20W. Do not run these coils in temperature control mode. You do not need to sell a temperature setting for them. See how they like the coil at 20W, and either stay there or go higher. Don’t go past 35W or you risk burning the coil. Hope this helps!

  28. HELLO,I HAVE THE KROMA-A and can`t find a silicone case for it. do you know if they are made and where to find one? find many for kroma but not the A model..ty

  29. how can I keep my resistance the same it keeps going up and down all the time

    • Hi Heather,

      Jumping resistance is usually the cause of a bad coil. The only way to change resistance is to change the build of your coil. What atomizer are you using on your Kroma-A? In any case, I recommend replacing the coil to see if the resistance levels out.

  30. trying to get some help with a warranty return , my Kroma -A was not holding a charge for more than on hour of use, returned too your service center in Baldwin Park CA. and support is not helping out with the status of this here is the tracking number for my return
    Status: DELIVERED
    Delivered To: BALDWIN PARK, CA US
    Delivery Date: Mon 13 Nov 2017
    Delivery Location: OFFICE
    Signed By: NGUYEN
    Carrier: UPS
    Service: Ground Commercial
    UPS Tracking Number: 1Z6Y476A0346183388

    Maybe a phone number for the service center would be helpful

  31. With the innokin kroma-a. Does the fire light turn off when fully charged or just stay green

    • Hi Aran,

      By default, the LED indicator on all Innokin mods should turn off when the battery is fully charged. If it instead stays green, it is safe to assume it’s fully charged once it has been green for an hour or two. Thanks!

  32. My kroma a does not vape while charging, push button to vape and button just lights up the led screen and the led screen displays tempeture going up in celcius and then in farenhight.

  33. My thread has fallen off and when I try to add a new one the top won’t screw back on … please help ??

  34. I’m planning to buy a device having both MTL and DTL capabilities. After reading the specs I feel kroma a is an appropriate mod. But my query is how can I use it for MTL and DTL, do I need a different tank or do I need any different coils. If so then the tank which I get out of the box is capable for what, MTL or DTL?

    • Hi Omkar,

      The difference between MTL and DTL is dependent on your atomizer. Most atomizers aren’t capable of offering both MTL and DTL experiences. A great combo for the Kroma-A would be the Zenith or Ares for MTL, and the Scion for DTL. Hope this helps.

  35. I would like to know what metal the mod is made from

  36. I have just recently bought three Kroma-A, enjoying them, however… when it comes to coil change to unscrew the device to get the coil out, seems extremely hard to unscrew.. do you screw clockwise or anticlose. as unfortunately its sooooo hard to open I have to keep going to the vape shop to help me..
    (1) why are they so hard to open to change the coil? (2) is there a clear u-tube video on how to change the coil?

    • Hi Rose,

      You should be screwing counter clock-wise to get the base off, and then pull the coil out. What atomizer are you using with your Kroma-As?

      We will be offering help videos/gifs on issues like this in the near future.

  37. I having been using my Innokin Kroma device now for more than 9 months and I have really loved the experience. However it now does not seem to charge at all. What is going on?
    I took it to my local authorised vendor and he asked me to communicate directly.
    Is there a known problem with these devices?

    • Hi Rima,

      As the Kroma-A uses a built in battery, the charge life and usage is finite. However, 9 months is earlier than expected for the battery to fail. Try using different charging methods to see if the battery will trickle up to a usable voltage level. If not, I’m afraid the mod has been long out of warranty, and I’d recommend purchasing a replacement.

      Apologies for the trouble.

  38. Hi,

    Need a little help replacing the coil.

    After removing the mouthpiece (as i do when refiling juice), I cant seem to get the metal bit at the top of the tank to unscrew off, in order to get to the coil.

    Should I be using a tool of some type ?

    I’ve got two Kroma A’s and same issue on both.

    Appreciate any suggestions


    • Hi Chris,

      I assume you are referring to the Crios tank?

      Unscrew (counter-clockwise) the bottom of the tank from the chimney. This will allow you to unscrew the coil and clean your tank.

      • Thanks so much for your reply but I am still having no luck.

        It is a Crios tank. The tank unscrews from the main unit / battery pack ok

        The top mouthpiece comes off ok.

        What i am left with is the tank with the metal bit above the glass and the metal screw at the bottom. Neither of these pieces will unscrew in order for me to replace the coil.

        Is there something else I’m missing?

        • Hi Chris,

          Can you link to pictures of your tank? It would allow me to help you better if I can clearly see the situation. Upload them to and reply to this comment with the link.

  39. Thanks Frank,

    Finally got it. One finally unscrewed at the top and the other unscrewed at the bottom. Anyway – both coils replaced and raring to go again.

    Thanks for your help with this. Much appreciated

  40. BTW – my vendor sent me a great video link on replacing this coil

  41. Hi Chris, I replaced my coil and now my tank keeps opening up when full. I cannot get it stay sealed. My unit is only a couple of months old and I love it, but I cannot use it now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciative.

    Thank you

  42. Are we able to attach a different type of tank to the Kroma A??

    • Hi Nikki,

      Absolutely! The Kroma-A is 510 compatible, meaning any 510 threaded atomizer will screw onto the Kroma-A. Just make sure it works well with 75w of power or under! :)

  43. Hi
    I purchased the Kroma – A in February this year all was fine untill about 2 weeks ago, when I go to inhale it keeps flashing “check atominizer” and refuses to work, when I do manage to get it to work it will sometimes go from 55omhs to over 1.80. I have changed the coil and it is still doing it.
    Also it gets very hot when I charge and also hot when I use, to the point where I can not touch it untill it cools down.
    Can you recommend what to do next?

    • Hi Mel,

      It sounds like there is an internal short in your device. Please contact our support team at and request for repair service. You can also try bringing it to a local vape shop and have it repaired locally. Please discontinue use until the issue is resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  44. Hi, I’m fairly new to vaping and just bought a Kroma A with the Crios tank. It came with 2 0.65ohm coils, but at the time of purchase i bought a package of replacement coils. Later i noticed the new coils are rated at 0.25 ohms. Are these new lower rated coils ok to use? Do they require any special adjustments to the wattage? Thanks.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes, the lower ohm coils are fine to use, but will require more power out of your Kroma-A compared to the .65ohm coils and will likely be a hotter vape overall. Try starting at 40W.

  45. How long does it stay charged for I bought one and mine dies after like 2 hours after it’s fully charged?

  46. I am new to vaping and have recently bought a kroma a with axiom Atomiser and am experiencing what I would consider to be excessive cracking and popping which sometimes ends up with hot fluid on my lips and mouth. I’m using 70vg fluid. Can you please help me with a solution

    • Hi Steve,

      Crackling and popping is quite normal due to dried eliquid on your coil being heated up when you go to vape. However, eliquid spitting into your mouth is a flooding issue with your coil. Replace your coil and be careful not to prime it too much. Keep the airflow control ring closed while you fill your tank and let it sit for a few minutes before opening the airflow up and taking your first vape. This should reduce spitting issues.

  47. Hi, I’ve just bought myself a Kroma a with Axiom coil. This is the first mod I’ve ever used, only had vape pens before but I saw in the write-ups that this was a good intermediary one to get me started. But I am clueless – I started trying to figure it out, though wattage, voltage, etc, how the coil types differ and what the black Innokin band is for is a mystery really. I don’t know what settings are recommended for a 70% VG liquid. I only got it yesterday so last night I filled it letting the coil soak for a few minutes, realised in order to use it needed the airways open and got it working. I left it standing upright, airways still open to find this morning all the liquid had leaked out.

    I need an idiots guide really, can you help? I’ve watched a couple of videos but they do assume you’re an accomplished vaper – maybe one day hey?

    • Hey Sally,

      I’ll try to help as best I can!

      The black band is a “vape band”. It’s meant to be wrapped around the glass section of your tank for looks and to prevent your tank from shattering from a drop. Mods are tipped over often and that rubber cushion will soften the blow.

      All coils have a printed wattage range on them. 70% VG is standard for the Axiom- I’d try at 25W and go up from there.

      In regards to your leaking issue, it could be from the coil being too saturated. Try replacing it, and be careful not too prime it too much.

  48. I had one question can I add nic salt to the Kroma A

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