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At Innokin Technology. we want to make sure you have a 100% authentic e cigarette made following the high standards of our quality control manufacturing process. Each product you purchase from an Innokin supplier comes with a unique authentication number which can be found on the packaging or user manual.

To purchase real Innokin products, we strongly recommend you purchase from a Authorized Innokin vendors.

Please enter your Unique Identification number below. If you did not receive a authentication number with your new Innokin electronic cigarette, please return your device to the retailer immediately.

Please scratch the silver stripe to reveal the Unique ID Code.

Please enter the full ID code into the field to verify that your Innokin device is authentic. Note: the code requires capital letters, and no spaces.


The Innokin iTaste VV4 , iTaste MVP3.0 , iTaste MVP3.0Pro , Cool Fire IV Advanced Personal Vaporizers has an easily accessible unique ID on the board for easy product authentication.

To verify Innokin Technology Personal Vaporizer please:
1. Power OFF the device .
2. Hold  the Power button , “+” or “-” buttons simultaneously for more than 5 seconds .
3. Enter the Unique Authentication number (  without spaces ) in the Authentication field.


Authentication Code

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