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Tony Alvarez

Hey! Tony here, American living abroad in China working for what I think is the best vaping company in the world! I have worked as a content writer and copywriter at Innokin for about half a year. I believe that vaping is essential for people who want to stop smoking. We need to raise awareness of the negative effects smoking causes and inform people that there are better alternatives out there. If you have any questions about Innokin or need general advice just message me at

Vaping Devices

These Might Be the Best MTL Tanks to Choose in 2023
Tony Alvarez Jun 27, 2021
MTL tanks (mouth-to-lung) come in all shapes and sizes. They are by far the most common types of ...
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Along with Innokin

Innokin Partners With One Tree Planted: One Day, One Tree
Tony Alvarez Apr 3, 2021
Innokin, a global player in the vaping industry, announced a partnership with One Tree Planted to ...
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