How much do you know about vaping?

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E cigarettes, also known as vapes, have been used for more than 15 years and millions of people around the world believe that vaping has helped them quit smoking. Vaporizers allow users to inhale nicotine in a vapour rather than in the tobacco smoke produced cigarettes. Using an e-cigarette is known as vaping.

According to Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, after a complete review of all the peer-reviewed science on vapor products, nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and vapor products are at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

Vaping does not produce tar, or many other toxic chemicals, which are produced by burning cigarettes. Governments have studied vaping extensively and are endorsing the use of vaporizers in their tobacco harm reduction strategies and public health initiatives.

Public Health EnglandPublic Health England: “Vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking and switching completely from smoking to vaping conveys substantial health benefits. E-cigarette use is associated with improved quit success rates over the last year and an accelerated drop in smoking rates across the country.”

Health Canada: “Quitting smoking can be difficult, but it is possible. Vaping products and e-cigarettes deliver nicotine in a less harmful way than smoking cigarettes. While evidence is still emerging, some evidence suggests that using e-cigarettes is linked to improved rates of success.”

New Zealand Ministry of Health: “Quitting smoking can be tough. Vaping is a way to quit cigarettes by getting nicotine with fewer of the toxins that come from burning tobacco. You get to stay social, spend less, and once you’ve quit smoking you’ll feel better for it.”

Is Vaping Dangerous?

Avoid black Market THC-Oil! The FDA has strengthened warnings to the public to stop using THC-containing vaping products and any vaping products obtained off the street or from unlicensed dispensaries. The NYDOH (New York Department of Public Health) identified unregulated black-market cannabis-containing products as the likely culprit and are warning consumers about the dangers of these products so that they are fully informed about what products to avoid.

Black market THC products may contain Vitamin E Acetate which has been linked to the recent illnesses in the USA.

Nicotine eliquids and vaporizers do not contain Vitamin-E Acetate.

America Food and Drug Administration: “FDA Warns Public to Stop Using Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC)-Containing Vaping Products and Any Vaping Products Obtained Off the Street”

Share #Stoptober and help your friends and family quit smoking! Launched in 2012, Stoptober is a 28-day stop smoking challenge from Public Health England. The event is based on evidence that shows that after twenty eight days without a cigarette smokers are as much as five times more likely to give up smoking for good.

The UKVIA has launched their Fact or Fiction campaign which helps to educate the public and raise awareness about the benefits of vaping and the importance of smoking cessation. Following a series of scare stories and misinformation published in the UK and on international media, the UK Vaping Industry Association has taken the unprecedented step of running a national media advertising campaign to counter this narrative and provide UK vapers with the reassurance that they have nothing to fear from vaping products bought from responsible retailers in the UK.

Together with international vape associations, including the UKVIA, VTA, CVA, VdeH and ECCC, Innokin has launched a London bus campaign to help raise awareness of the benefits of vaping and help YOU and those you care about quit smoking!

As part of this vaping awareness Innokin is giving away 10 pieces of the Adept! The Adept is a compact, durable and smart MTL Box Vaporizer, featuring a long lasting 3000mAh internal battery with 2Amp microUSB quick charge. Unleash the full potential of Innokin’s bestselling Zenith (Z-Coils) with the Adept and enjoy quitting!

From all of us at Innokin, Thank you to everyone for sharing your vaping success stories! We very much appreciate reading your story and your success and kind words are an inspiration to all of us!

Congratulations and thank you to the 10 winners of the Adept kit!

  • Robert Willbourne
  • Lisa MacDonald
  • Danielle Little
  • Vickie Terry
  • David Smith
  • David Dixon
  • Raissa K.
  • Bridgette Suzzette Byrd
  • Vaporhands
  • Michelle McGarrett

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Thank you again for sharing your story!

How to enter?

  • How has vaping helped you? Were you a smoker? Comment below to share your story for a chance Win.
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Here is the story from Lan:

From Ian Gaston:

Good morning; a little history about myself prior to my message. ( do hope I don’t bore you)

I am 67 years old and started smoking cigarettes (approximately 10-15 per day) in 1970, when I was 20.
Had my first TIA (mini stroke) in summer of 2009, after returning from holiday, taking my 3 elderly children and families ….where my wife and I paid for the complete holiday. (One last treat)
Ended up in hospital, off work for 4 months to recover. ( it was not the shock of the Visa bill arriving after the holiday). But….as the consultant explained…years of smoking cigarettes.
Never heeded his strong advise, still smoked and “ bang” took another mini stoke 5 years later. Lying back in the hospital bed the same consultant looked down at me and said “ don’t I know you?”….returned his question

with mumbling as I had caused damage to my brain and speech for the second time. “Didn’t I tell you 5 years ago that cigarettes will kill you”
Purchased a basic vaping pen, and from there progressed to many vaping mods, tanks, atomisers etc over the next 4 years. Still vape MTL 12-15 Watts and not into big clouds. Have tried good and bad, leaking tanks as well as cheap mods.
ANYHOW…just purchase the Innokin Zenith tank, and I have got to say WOW!
It is absolutely brilliant and easily the best tank EVER for mtl vapers. ( still love vaping)
I would like to thank your company along with all employees for this product, please take a bow, well done and congratulations.
P.S. I am a very fortunate individual, having made a great recovery and never felt healthier and fitter, as my family will testify… children grandchildren NONE of them smoke!

Kind regards. Ian


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Robert Willbourne Posted on10:26 am - Oct 21, 2019

I am now 68 and have been vaping for 5yrs. I was a smoker from the age of 13 so had a bad 50yrs of the nasty stuff going in my lungs and body. As I got older I found that I could only sleep if I was sitting up as I would be coughing from the minute I laid down. Every year I would have at least 3 chest infections and now have COPD. Once I started vaping it all started to ease off and found that within a month I was able to lay down to sleep. I have not had a chest infection for the last 5 yrs, not once. Vaping has given me a new lease of life and I have not only recommended to others have successfully converted a number of smokers to vape.
Thank you to the vaping industry for extending my life expectancy. Your heroes in my eyes and will be forever grateful.

Rick Roy Posted on1:20 pm - Oct 21, 2019

Vaping saved my life. Unfortunately my wife has been battling stage four cancer and this has given me alot of time hanging around the cancer center and the chemo ward. Vaping could have saved so many of these people’s lives but unfortunately people believe the untrue news and avoid it.
Education is what will open people’s eyes. All governments need to get behind this ASAP.

Oleksandr Bogachuk Posted on1:25 pm - Oct 21, 2019

I met vaping a year ago. My wife told me that there is such an interesting thing as an electronic cigarette. I agreed and tried. The first vape was a clone bought for “three pennies.” It was a disappointment, and the first lesson: you need to buy only original devices! Today a year and a half has passed. Cigarettes are not my friends, I now understand that cigarettes lied to me, and made a bad smell and yellow teeth. Now I smell like fruit and sweet pastries with custard. Thanks to vaping, which makes our life sweeter!

Kevin Hallman Posted on1:42 pm - Oct 21, 2019

My name is Kevin Hallman and I live in North Carolina USA. I started smoking when I was 8 years old and stealing cigarettes from my older brother. I smoked cigarettes for 24 years before I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and the doctor said I needed to quit smoking. I tried everything I could think of to quit smoking. I tried patches, gum, lozenges, therapy, even hypnosis. Nothing worked and I thought that smoking cigarettes would kill me. Which really scared me because I am a single dad with a 6 year old. I did some research and read that vaping was better for me than smoking but, I wanted to find out for myself. The first day I walked into a vape shop a year ago and bought my first mod I was able to put down the cigarettes. Today I feel so much better i have more energy, i can actually breathe and i am actually doing things i never thought i would be doing again. I am going to the gym, playing basketball or riding bikes with my son, even being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breathe. My doctor has even commented on how good I am doing and also told me my chest is clearing up from the tar and carcinogens from years of smoking cigarettes. My cancer is also in remission and I owe it all to vaping. Without vaping I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am or might not even be here at all.

Camille Posted on1:44 pm - Oct 21, 2019

I’ve been a smoker for about 15 years and although I’ve tried the first ecig back in 2012 I didn’t like it and kept getting back to cigarettes. I really discovered vaping in February 2018 with the wonderful Zenith and after about a year of both vaping and smoking I ended up dropping the cigarette completely. It’s been almost 8 months now and I couldn’t be prouder 😊 I breath better, I taste food better, I feel more energetic and I’ve stopped feeling awful about smoking and ruining my health. Nothing but benefits from making the switch and I don’t see why a smoker wouldn’t give vaping a shot. It is soooo worth it 👌

Jose Fernandes Posted on1:57 pm - Oct 21, 2019

I smok for 42 years and starting vaping 5 years ago and now I Vape without nicotine. I only vape flavor fruits and desserts.Now my life is much better. I am very happy because now I know I will live much longer. All smokers should some day be vapers :That’s my best dream!!!

Jose Fernandes Posted on1:59 pm - Oct 21, 2019

I smok for 42 years and starting vaping 5 years ago and now I Vape without nicotine. Now my life is much better!!!

ani.thing Posted on5:26 pm - Oct 21, 2019

For 3 years no cigarettes, i feel better 👍

Sergio Teixeira Posted on7:00 pm - Oct 21, 2019

I met vaping a year ago by a friend.
I started with vape 10-11 months ago. I’ve smoked for 28 years so far and tried to quit a few times with no result.
Now with Vape I feel much better and healthier.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Barbara Škerjanc Posted on7:57 pm - Oct 21, 2019

I first met electronic cigarettes 3 years ago and bought myself a starter pack. Because the sellers did not know how to advise them properly, I soon abandoned vaping, because all the liquids were suffocating me … I wanted to sell the starter pack, and luckily noone asnwered, until last November when I picked up my vape again and gave it another shot. I made this decision mainly from a financial point of view, but when I came across a saleswoman who knew how to advise me and sold me the right liquid, I never lit a cigarette again, and it has been so for almost a year. In addition to the phenomenal flavors to choose from, the main advantage is that I no longer have a morning cough, and the pleasant smell also brightens my mornings. Anyone who chooses to quit smoking or to withdrawal from nicotine I highly recommend an electronic cigarette. 🔝🌬🌬🌬❤️💙💜 #Innokincares #vapingmatters

Paul Hinterberger Posted on4:13 am - Oct 22, 2019

I got hooked on cigarettes as a teen. Continued to smoke a pack a day for 22 years. Every winter I had chronic bronchitis and asthmatic symptoms the last few years I smoked. I could barely run around with my children without having a coughing fit. One day I decided to visit my local vape shop because nothing else helped me to quit. Bought my first vape kit and the transition to vaping was great. Been smokefree for 3 years now. My lung function is better than ever. I can finally play sports with my boys. Vaping has truly saved my life. I have even converted a few more smokers to vaping. If your trying to quit smoking, I highly recommend vaping. It is soo much safer than combustible tobacco. #INNOKINCARES #vapingmatters

Lisa MacDonald Posted on6:49 am - Oct 22, 2019

I love telling people about my switch from smoking to vaping. I had a very long and impossible to beat addiction to cigarettes. I tried every single cessation product, a multitude of self-help books, meditation, hypnosis, aversion therapy and you name it. Nothing worked. I watched my father die of lung cancer and my mother die of complications related to COPD. It was terrifying and heartbreaking, but even that did not work. And one day, after doing yet another search online, I found a product unlike any other I had ever come across.

The device I found myself staring at was an e-cigarette and I was completely intrigued by the idea that nicotine could be delivered through inhalation just like a cigarette except that I would not be inhaling smoke or the byproduct of combustion, but I would be inhaling a warm vapor cloud.

After doing a little bit of research, I bought my first kit. What I foubd was that the vapor, combined with flavors and the nicotine was actually soothing and while I did still experience some withdrawal from the many other chemical agents in tobacco that have been used to enhance the addicting qualities of nicotine, the withdrawal was nothing I could not handle.

I have absolute control over what goes into my body. I can control the temperature and even the density of the vapor cloud my device produces. I LOVE that. No more wondering what exactly is in the product that I have in my hand because there are quite a few companies willing to provide safety data sheets on their flavors.

I feel a thousand times better, feel like every day is my birthday and revel in the fact that I am no longer producing noxious fumes and potentially poisoning anyone around me as well as myself and the environment. That is a HUGE bonus.

Craig Dewar Posted on10:07 am - Oct 22, 2019

I stopped smoking on 28 September 2017 as part of the Stoptober campaign in the UK.

I smoked for around 25 years on roughly 15-20 cigarettes or rollups a day.

I tried many times to quit by using gum, patches, lozenges, and tabs but none of that worked, I always returned to smoking within a few days.

In September 2017 I decided enough was enough and it was now time to get serious and just do it.
Iwent to my local pharmacy and bought myself a small Starter kit on offer for £10. It included a battery, atomiser, charging cable and a 10ml bottle of 12mg blended tobacco flavoured eliquid. I actually liked the flavour of that liquid better than cigarettes and so I noticed straight away that I had no need to smoke a cigarette.

A month later in October 2017 I bought myself a bigger vaping box mod kit thingy. It was an Innokin Smartbox kit and then I started experimenting with that and all the different tasty and enjoyable flavours of eliquids. It then became apparent I was starting to get used to this lifestyle change.

By November 2017 I then bought yet another new vape kit and from there my vaping journey progressed.

The Innokin Kroma Zenith Platform Series kit was the kit that got me 100% off of the cigarettes.
It just works with no fuss and I’m still smoke free.

To me vaping is a miracle cure and it’s the only thing that actually stops me from picking up a cigarette and puffing away my life. I have no intention of smoking again.

Vaping is a life saver and a great harm reduction method. It is even becoming a recommended smoking cessation by medical professionals here in UK.

Those who still smoke should just switch to vaping. It saves lives, becomes a way of life and well, you will love it. I can smell better, taste my food, walk up hills without having to stop, my skin is glowing, I no longer smell of stale smoke and overall I feel a whole lot healthier.

I’d like to thank Innokin and everyone who has supported me through my quit and especially want to thank the Vape Community and Vape YouTubers.

Vaping is the present and the future.
Choose life and make the switch.


Amy Jones Posted on4:13 pm - Oct 22, 2019

Vaping changed my life! I started when I turned 18 as a hobby. I had lots of fun trying different liquids and starter kits. When I turned 19, I started using vaping as a serious way to quit smoking which I’ve managed to completely do now! That year I ventured more towards sub ohming and big mods, definitely experimenting a lot more. Now I’m 20 and vaping is my JOB! It’s the best job in the whole world, I’m the manager of a vape store (we stock lots of your lovely products) and get to help people every single day on their vaping journey! So yeah, vaping is a massive part of my life!

Alexander Zeini Posted on5:32 pm - Oct 22, 2019

I smoked for 9 years, after 7 years of smoking I tried many times to quit without success, sometimes I quit for three months but started smoking again. Four years ago I saw some fellows in the park holding something looks like metallic dildos and blowing good smelling clouds, I didn’t ask them then about what they use but checked the web and found some information then digged dipper and ran into a vape forum where I found a lot of information then got my first vape device, after I tried it I quit smoking after then. It was exactly what I need, blowing clouds and get my nicotine portion without any burning process.
After converting to vaping I felt much better, I smell better, breath better, I don’t need to go out to the balcony to smoke in winter so I get ill less.
I consider that I still addicted but vaping isn’t the same as smoking, for sure it much less harmful. I believe since researches and fats, all of them says that vaping is safe enough, my lung test says that too. And I don’t believe all dirty propaganda on national and other channels that been payed by tobacco companies that lost and still losing costumers and money. If government cares about people health they should announce vaping like official and better alternative for smokers, then spend some money on real long term research about this great cure “Vaping” instead of spending it on false articles.

Danielle Little Posted on6:19 pm - Oct 22, 2019

The innokin Zenith/coolfire mini is the actual device that is saving my life! I had tried several other vape products to try and end my 30+ years of smoking cigarettes with no luck! I’m thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY that I tried the Zenith because I have finally put down the cigarettes for good! Since vaping, I no longer deal with the horrible smell, but better than anything else is that I don’t wake up coughing up a wad of crap every morning anymore. I’ve quickly become a huge advocate for vaping and have given away several devices to friends and family to help anyone I can feel as great as I do now! Thank you innokin. I Will always be a loyal fan.

    Danielle Little Posted on11:59 am - Oct 31, 2019

    I’m not sure if you guys will see this, but I just wanted you to know if I’m blessed enough to win from this entry, I 100% plan on gifting the Zenith to my neighbor to get her started on this wonderful vaping journey!!!

Rafique Rashid Posted on10:49 pm - Oct 22, 2019

I had smoked for 50+ years and getting very unfit and unable to complete any exercises that I took part in. I had heard #InnokinElectronic made e-cigarettes, I decide to give this a try. I have been Vaping for 5 years+ and have enjoyed giving up smoking getting healthier and able to join in and complete any exercises I now take part in.
I love it, Vaping has helped me get fitter and healthy.
Thanks for this amazing opportunity



Andrew S Posted on1:22 am - Oct 23, 2019

vaping really changed my life, when using cigarettes, I often felt chest pain and were not healthy, the other side effects of smoking that I felt were yellowing teeth, dull skin. now i have vaping which i feel healthier and safer and no longer feel pain in my chest, with vaping i am not afraid my body smells of cigarettes anymore and also does not hurt my chest anymore. also by vaping my family no longer inhales the evil cigarette smoke that I smoke. thankyou vaping!

Michelle McGarrett Posted on1:42 am - Oct 23, 2019

Been vaping for a year, I smoked for over 20 years breath, feel and smell better, my son and daughter actually started vaping before I did, I use to tell them vaping wasn’t good for them, my son explained what all was in eliquid and that cigarettes had shoo many chemicals in them. So I finally gave it a try, I started on salt nic , but finally switched to 3 mg and now I go between 0-3 mg or I mix them together.
I tell everyone I meet that smokes that they should already try vaping..
Thank you innokin for emperor you do for the vaping community.

Vickie Terry Posted on8:37 am - Oct 23, 2019

I’m a mother of 4 and 42yrs old I started smoking at 16 stealing cigarettes from my moms open packs laying around the house, but after seeing my family members especially my mother suffer horribly from cigarettes and my own recurring bronchitis and sinus & chest infection and trying to quit on my own with zero success a friend from work gave me his old kit and said please just give it a try, it took a year but I final did it and never looked back been vaping since, vaping save my life my kids can enjoy a healthier mother so thank you #innokincares & #vapingmatters

Vlad Posted on10:06 am - Oct 23, 2019

Started smoking when I was 13. At 42 I was smoking 40 cigs per day. Heart problems showed up. Tried Vaping and never looked back. 45 now and I feel twenty years younger now. I can Have sex three times in a row now like when I was 20. Thank You Hon Lik. You are my Hero.

Daniel RM Posted on3:03 pm - Oct 23, 2019

Thank you very much for the amazing opportunity! 👍😀 I started vaping to try to quit smoking after many many years…and in only 3 days I stopped smoking completely! I couldn’t believe how fast and good it worked 🤩👍😀 And after that, I never looked back, it was the best decision ever cause I feel much better 👌👌😀

Branden Bear Keller Posted on8:20 pm - Oct 23, 2019

I stopped smoking cigarettes about 4 years ago thanks to vaping. Having flavor options was the number one factor in my decision. Since I have quit smoking I have noticed an improvement in my overall health, food tastes better, I don’t offend people because of stinking of cigarettes, and I save money. Switching to vaping from cigarettes was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. I owe it all to companies like Innokin. Thank you!

Vaporhands Posted on3:04 am - Oct 24, 2019

first when I heard the term vaping felt strange, what is vape, but after my second child was born, and I decided to try to quit smoking after more than 15 years of consuming conventional cigarettes
coincidentally there was an office friend who used vaping, so I began to ask what vaping was like, what was felt and how was it used
I tried to find all the information I needed on the internet, finally I decided to switch to vaping
at first it was difficult because I had to coiling, wicking, and also buying ejuice where the shops that sold equipment were still small, but my determination remained unanimous. after 2 months of using vaping I finally stopped completely from smoking. and until now I have been uncomfortable with the smell of cigarette smoke, not afraid anymore to hug my child after returning home, if in the past must have changed my clothes first because my clothes smelled of cigarette smoke.
and the most taste is when I wake up, the breath feels lighter than when smoking first and certainly, my house smells LOL
and starting there people around me have started to switch to vaping, starting from my relatives and my closest friends. I always tell them about the dangers of TAR, what is TAR and what kind of TAR is it, I show them the video and they end up throwing cigarettes.

Nik Posted on2:55 pm - Oct 25, 2019

I’ve been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 15 years.
I read up on e-cigarettes online, bought a device and haven’t touched a cigarette since (5 months now).
At this point even the smell from burning tobacco is really hard for me to be around.
Haven’t had any cravings for a cigarette either although I guess I was lucky and managed to find some flavors that I liked right away.
Recently I got into DIY with e-juices and a rebuildable tank which makes all of it really really cheap and I’m really enjoying it as a sort-of hobby so far as well.

Craig Austin Posted on10:22 am - Oct 26, 2019

Has been the best way for me to give up smoking. After years of nagging off kids and numerous failed attempts at quitting vaping is the one that helps

    Stephen Wahl Posted on12:30 am - Oct 29, 2019

    Cant wait to win I would be excited

Chris Umbarger Posted on4:52 pm - Oct 28, 2019

I have been smoke free for 4 years now thanks to vaping & flavors. I smoked 1.5 packs a day for 20 years of “full flavor” cigarettes.
I am now healthier than I have ever been, and have a chance of not dying from my smoking past. No other methods to quit smoking worked for me, but vaping allowed me to quit immediately with no side effects.

David Smith Posted on7:34 pm - Oct 28, 2019

I stopped smoking on Jan. 17th 2015. I did so after spending about 3 months researching what Vaping was and how to do it. Back then we didn’t have all the fancy mods that are out now and I wanted to know about how the devices worked inside and out as well as what was contained in the ejuice. Once I felt comfortable, I made the switch. I started out using tobacco flavored juices, and a vape pen and atomizer. The juice I used as 18mg/ml (this blows my mind now thinking about it as I use 6mg/ml now). Here’s the thing, though. Even with that high level of nicotine in my ejuice, I STILL had withdraws from cigarettes. But I refused to go back. I stuck it out and about 3-5 days later it was over. Now I can’t even imagine smoking, and to be honest, the smell of cigarette smoke actually turns my stomach. Make the switch. You’ll be so glad you did. If the health benefits aren’t enough, think about how much you’ll save. I was spending $5/day smoking, sometimes more. That’s $150/mo Now, my 2-3 coils($8-$12) and $40 worth of juice is all I spend. You got this!! Make the switch!

Chad Beaver Posted on11:54 pm - Oct 28, 2019

I smoked cigarettes for 20 years. I was sick of smoking cigarettes and being out of breath all the time, smelling like an ashtray, and it was so expensive. My parents both quit smoking with vaping so gave it a shot and haven’t looked back. It’s been almost 5 months and havent felt better! The only thing I regret is I wish would have started sooner!

Lee Getman Posted on6:24 am - Oct 29, 2019

I started smoking at 13. I was a two pack a day smoker. My mom passed away from COPD and she never smoked a day in her life. She got it from second hand smoke. When she passed away I hit a very low in my life and turned to drugs. I was at rock bottom when I came across a indoorsmokers video about vaping. I wanted to not only stop smoking but to also get off drugs. I went that day and got some juice and a MVP skull Itaste mod and have not smoked since. I not only stopped smoking but also got clean off of heroin. So vaping truly saved my life. As of August 13th 2019 I was 5 years smoke free and sober. My life has been amazing since. So thank you to you and all the other amazing vape company’s that help save lives everyday ❤️❤️

Dhiemas Muhammad Ridho Posted on4:37 pm - Oct 29, 2019

My vaping short story”

hello friend .. I have been vaping for 2 years and I am OK, I was a smoker at first but not too often, but cigarettes really hinder my activities, starting from running and playing futsal my chest feels tight. and I often experience coughing when running, I’m very restless! I really want to stop smoking, but my environment does not support them. They are active smokers and long story short, there is one of my friends carrying an electric vape and fruit liquid. I am very curious because the smell is delicious and not spicy in the eyes, you know cigarettes are very spicy in the eyes because of the burning of tobacco and an unpleasant odor, after I find out more deeply about vape and its side effects, I began to dare to try it and very different from cigarettes, and the taste is very good, while the cigarette tastes bland and hot is very different from the vape! daily activities of the body feels better and for sports, my breath is very good not feeling tight and coughing again. many victims died from smoking 🔥. vaping is proven better than cigarettes and finally the Indonesian state is officially legal and my life has now changed because of vape ❤❤❤❤

David Dixon Posted on1:45 pm - Oct 30, 2019

I had been a smoker on and off for over 20 years, I kept going back to smoking as the current stop smoking aids were ineffective for me.

I found vaping and have never looked back! It’s turned in to a full on obsession and hobby for me, there’s so much choice for all types of ex-smokers, it’s truly amazing!

I’ve not once felt the urge to go back to smoking during the last 5 years of vaping, I cannot believe any government would want to ban them or flavoured juices. There’s plenty of flavoured alcohol out there that the “kids” drink but no one is having those banned! And why? Because they make so much money in tax on the sale of alcohol. All I see is big tobacco are losing sales and the government are losing tax revenue so they are trying to ban vaping for their own greedy ends.

We have to fight this to the death, and if people go back to smoking, that’s what will happen, more deaths linking to traditional smoking.

Niki Metallinou Posted on8:14 pm - Oct 31, 2019

I start vaping because my father told me. He encouraged me to quit smoking, as I was an active smoker for 20 years.
I think as I have gave up smoking and I felt more healthy and also happy.
I enjoy the flavours, the smells , I also enjoy making coils , at first it was quite difficult but now it’s a piece of cake.
I think everyone should start to vape for a better quality of life .
We thank you innokin !

Kostas G. Posted on9:54 pm - Oct 31, 2019

I start vaping 10 years ago and quit smoking with it.Now have better heath an d am huppy with it.

Lisa Phillips Posted on1:51 am - Nov 1, 2019

Vaping has helped me cut down on smoking! I was smoking 2 to 3 packs a day and now I am down to 2 or 3 Cigs a day! INNOKIN is my go to for quality regulated products with informal reviews on a variety of products that I have turned to for curbing my nicotine addiction. This has saved my family money and put me into a healthy and wealthy remodel to my adult children and my grandchildren. I do not stink like a cigarette and am able to start working out and not out of breath. Thank you eight vape! My favourite flavors are custards and I have lowered my nicotine mg on each order! Litteraly hundreds up to thousands saved just this year alone!

Haroon Posted on4:02 am - Nov 1, 2019

I like it

Raissa K. Posted on12:14 pm - Nov 1, 2019

I smoked for 5 years from 20 to 25 years old, and quit because a friend introduced me to vaping. Other nicotine delivery methods weren’t for me, but with vaping I was able to actually see myself quitting. It was easier to substitute a smoke session for vaping!

In the beginning of this year I gifted my mom some disposable pods I had, to see if she became interested. She started substituting some cigarretes, and now she only uses the new refillable pod I gave her. Vaping saved my life and my mother’s as well.

Bridgette Suzzette Byrd Posted on12:17 pm - Nov 2, 2019

I know thousands of people say Vaping has saved their life, & I am one of those that truly can say without a doubt vaping has saved my life, & I can prove it with medical records! On Feb 2016 I had to have a surgery on my throat to remove over 11 nodules, this was my 3rd surgery to remove the nodules in just 2 years, but on this day 2/11/16, the surgeon told my family & I that if I didnt quit smoking ( after 43 years of smoking), that I would be dead in 6 months, & he couldn’t do anymore procedures to remove the nodules due to all the scar tissue from the procedures, so as we were on the way home my son ( who has never s.oked or vaped) pulled up to a vape shop & he went in & came back out with a bag filled with 2 different innokin vape devices 1 was a pen style the other a battery with tank style & 3 different juices, as he hands it to me he says mom, In a few months you will be a Grandma & I want you here to spoil my baby, so please try vaping, please! So I went home in excitement that I was going to be a grandma but in fear that if I didnt like vaping what would happen, I almost 50 could I do this! Well yes I did do it, & I haven’t touched a cigarette since, & I went for my check up on my throat 3 weeks later & the doctor was shocked, my throat was healed, & this time no scar tissue like I had before, I told him it was due to I quit smoking & vape, & I had 1 more check up 3 months later & no nodules NONE I haven’t had a not 1 nodule come back & my lungs look so good my regular dr told me, that my lungs now look like I never smoked at all! & get this both the throat dr & my dr now have info in their offices about quitting smoking & use vaping my regular dr gives a $15 gift card to a local vape shop to help the patient make the switch like I did! & I love sharing my story because I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for vaping & #innokincares, because the vape device I quit on was a INNOKIN & it was so easy to use, it was a great kit to make the switch, & I am now a grandma of 3, I haven’t had a cold, or any issues with nodules since 2/15 so If I can make the switch after over 40 years & 3 packs a day, I know anyone! So yes #vapingsavedmylife!

Natalia Tylina Posted on11:24 pm - Nov 2, 2019

Vaping hasn’t just saved my life but my husband and son! We all were smokers and decided to try to vape!! We were actually shocked how we got off the cigarettes 🚬 and live a better healthier life!! Thanks for all you guys do for saving lived every second

Ihor Posted on11:25 pm - Nov 2, 2019

I didn’t start out to quit smoking but my son wanted to show me a new store that just opened, he took me to a vape shop. We went in and I went to their tasting station, I tried a few flavors and left. I kept thinking about vaping and went back the next day by myself 1 of 2 (cont)

Evgeniy Turchin Posted on11:26 pm - Nov 2, 2019

I smoked cigarettes for 20 years. I was sick of smoking cigarettes and being out of breath all the time, smelling like an ashtray, and it was so expensive. My parents both quit smoking with vaping so gave it a shot and haven’t looked back. I haven’t smoked for 5 months!

Vladislav Serdiuk Posted on11:29 pm - Nov 2, 2019

I started vaping to try to quit smoking 5 years…and in only 1 day I stopped smoking completely! I couldn’t believe how fast and good it worked And after that, I never looked back, it was the best decision ever cause I feel much better

Uliana Kovaliova Posted on11:30 pm - Nov 2, 2019

I started using Vape in Sept 2016. Before that I was a heavy smoker, I could spend 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Now I feel dizzy if I smell the cigarette. Until now I have been free from cigarettes because of vape. And being free from cigarettes makes me feel fitter.

Elvira Kovaliova Posted on11:30 pm - Nov 2, 2019

I’ve been vaping over 10 years after smoking for 35 years. I had lung problems from smoking that completely disappeared. I have no health problems at all. I was one of the first people to use an MVP years ago!

Stanis Posted on11:31 pm - Nov 2, 2019

Vaping saved my life. My wife has stage four cancer and this allows me to spend alot of time at the cancer center and chemo ward. I see first hand the damage smoking causes. Education is key !

Romankov Posted on11:31 pm - Nov 2, 2019

I starts smoke when i was 12th years old. And till now i’m still smoke. I wish i can stop smoking. But i’m cannot. I hope i can get a special gift from u. To make me can stop smoking.

Michelle McGarrett Posted on4:06 pm - Nov 3, 2019

I started smoking when I was 15, (but did quit while pregnant with each of my children) I was smoking a pack to a pack an a half a day. I had the smokers cough and would get out of breath easily, but my son and daughter had quit smoking and started vaping, at first I was like surely vaping is not healthy for you, but my son would keep telling me that it’s way healthier then smoking and could name everything in a vape juice, but cigarettes has hundreds of chemicals. So in Sept 2018 I decided I would try vaping and I haven’t looked back, I love the flavors, I’m healthier I don’t have the smokers cough and I don’t smell nasty from smoke bor do my clothes or car, and I don’t allow anyone to smoke in my car.
I now promote vaping to others.
Thank you Innokin for all you do to help promote and teach others about vaping and the difference

Olivier Dumas Posted on10:28 am - Nov 5, 2019

Hi, I quit smoking 4 years ago thanks to many things.
First, I had a wonderful baby and I promised him I will quit smoking (he was so annoying about it!). Second, I was coughing all the time, my complexion was pale and climbing stairs was really a burden. But I was weak at that time, lacking willpower (I tried unsuccessfully several methods like patches, hypnotism, Alan Carr sessions…) to really get rid of this dangerous habit (I smoked for 20 years…).
And then, a friend of mine showed me a strange toy he was testing. It was an eGo, if I remember well, and he offered me to try it. Wouah! It was a revelation for me. I went/ran to a vape shop and bought a vape device the day after and I started that day my journey without tobacco.
It was amazing how easy it was for me to quit (no transition, no effort, 0 cig since that day), it was really a liberation. It was however a process of trial and error (like making really horrible DIY juices, having atomizers leaking in my pockets and breaking some mods) but I know I found my new addiction for the remaining many years to go (hope so).

Justin Reeves Posted on6:27 pm - Nov 5, 2019

I have finally quit smoking. It has taken many many years. From the time I had my first cigarette over two decades ago till this past year I have been a slave to tobacco cigarettes. I have tried lozenges, gum, patches, and cold turkey. Some medications cannot be prescribed to me due health issues. This is the first time since then I haven’t had a craving for tobacco and all their addictive additives. I have stepped down from 28mg nicotine to 12mg of nicotine. Innokin is the first of the vape systems that actually worked rather well for me. I have tried the vape pens and other systems but Innokin to me provided the comfort and full flavor I needed with the way they designed their tanks, as well as the strong system to deliver it. I can actually run again without having to stop after a couple of minutes to catch my breath. I can be active in my kids lives. Thank you Innokin for providing a quality product that is helping us break the shackles of big tobacco so that we can live longer, happier, and productive lives.

Lisa MacDonald Posted on7:26 am - Nov 6, 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for doing these giveaways and most importantly, thank you for giving us a platform that we could use to share our stories. I hope you plaster them all over London! I hope you plaster them all over the world, for that matter! I plan on wearing that shirt and cap to the polls!

Anthony l Scott Posted on6:58 pm - Nov 11, 2019