August 25 2017

Shenzhen, China, August 23, 2017– Innokin Technology Co., Ltd. will be attending the Electronic Cigarette Convention (ECC) Expo in Ontario, California, USA from August 25th-27th at Booth #909 in the Main Hall. It will be announcing some of its technological advancements in the field of battery safety, helping the disabled, and creating the best experience to help people quit smoking.

“This has been a critical year for the e-cig industry. Since we have been always focusing on safety as our greatest priority for consumers, it has essentially helped us lay the foundation for all the regulations now being presented by the FDA, UL, and other government-imposed regulations.” –James Li, President & CEO

With the many regulations coming to place, conventional manufacturing methods and product releases have affected not just the U.S. retail market, but also the country with the largest export volume of e-cig hardware in the world. Having the long-term plan of sustainability years before regulation, Innokin has been driving its direction of product engineering towards manufacturing safe products to help create a marketplace, free from danger, for consumers world-wide. Now this year, Innokin will be showcasing and releasing news highlighting some of its developments.


These are the five highlights you should be looking forward to at ECC 2017:


Taking fast-charge to a whole other level, Innokin has designed a battery technology that allows a full charge in just 5-minutes from empty to completely full. This produces a one-hundred-time faster charging rate than a standard 1.0A charge on lithium batteries. Not only does this battery tech make charging lightning fast, but it is much safer than traditional batteries and will not explode.


Considering every aspect of the market, Innokin has designed an e-cig system specifically to assist those that are visually impaired. It will help those who cannot see a screen to receive the same information through a bone transmission sensor and alert the user of pertinent information giving feedback. This is a break-through technology in this industry!


Although Innokin hasn’t been a long-time manufacturer of DIY products, they have also developed the Windstorm Technology System, which was released with the Thermo RDA. This system provides a cyclone-effect inside the chamber without moving parts to cool the vapor when vaping low-resistant builds and provides an anti-spit back mechanism.


The Scion Tank, one of the most affordable sub-ohm tanks on the market right now, will be getting an enhancement that will feature a push-cap design for quick and easy refilling, removable 810 drip-tip bore, increased juice capacity and a custom/DIY coil design that will be interchangeable between both versions. This Scion coil has a static pre-built coil allowing users to simply change cotton like an RBA but they won’t need to change the coil when switching flavors. This will help reduce consumer costs for anyone who changes flavor often.


The best-selling MTL product technology by Innokin is the Endura T-series Kit which is paired with the Prism Tank. This product is one of the best starter kits on the market for flavor. Always seeking to improve, Innokin has done countless research and development tests with only one goal in mind; optimizing the flavor experience in mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices. At ECC, you will find these advancements through the Prism S (0.8 ohm) coil installed with each Prism T20 S Tank which is currently paired with the Innokin EZ.Watt Kit and Endura T20 S Kit.

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