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Phil Busardo

A revolutionist? An advocate? A crusader? No, more like a regular guy with a passion for vaping and for helping others with vaping. That is where it all started and that is where it remains today. It is my goal to lead the adult smoker to tobacco harm reduction from vaping when all other cessation methods fail. To provide quality information that will help make educated decisions as to where people spend their money. To fight the anti-vaping agenda. And now, with the help of Innokin, to assist in the design of easy to use, satisfying products that can help smokers transition to vaping.

Behind the Product

The Zenith – How Do I Love “Z”? Let Me Count the Ways!
Phil Busardo Jul 31, 2020
When do you love a vape product? I mean REALLY love a vape product.
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Behind the Product

Ares II – A Perfect Mouth To Lung (MTL) Rebuildable Atomizer?
Phil Busardo May 19, 2020
One of the questions I received most often is, “What is the best X?”
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