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Low-Nicotine Vapes: What They Are and How to Use Them

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang
Aug 4, 2023
Low Nicotine Vapes
Low-Nicotine Vapes: What They Are and How to Use Them

If you’re new to vaping, there’s a good chance that you use a disposable vape or pod system filled with high-strength salt nicotine e-liquid. That makes complete sense because you need to use an e-liquid with a high strength if you want to have an experience that feels like smoking a cigarette. You might assume that all people vape in much the same way as you – but in fact, a significant portion of the people in the vaping community prefer low-nicotine vapes.

You might be completely happy with your current vaping setup, but it’s possible that you’ll reach a point in the future where you want to get something a little different out of your experience. When you reach that point, you may decide that switching to a low-nicotine vape is the right decision for you.

So, why do people use vapes with low nicotine if doing so actually makes vaping feel less like smoking? Reading this article, you’re going to learn the answer to that question. You’re also going to learn what type of vaping hardware to use if you want to try low-nicotine vaping for yourself.


Why Do Some People Use Low-Nicotine Vapes?

The main reason why people use low-nicotine vapes is because they’ve been vaping for so long that throat hit is no longer a priority for them. New vapers often look for vapes that mimic the aggressive throat hit of a cigarette because they equate throat hit with a sense of satisfaction. When you’re new to vaping, it’s normal to want something that feels as much like a cigarette as possible because that helps you resist the temptation to smoke.

After you’ve been a full-time vaper for a while, though, you’re likely to find that cigarettes no longer tempt you as they once did. When you reach that point, you’re no longer really vaping for the nicotine and probably don’t actually need the throat hit anymore. In fact, it’s probably more accurate to say that you’re vaping for the flavor – and that’s exactly why low-nicotine vapes are so popular with experienced vapers. These are the three main benefits of low-nicotine vapes.

Low-Nicotine Vapes Are Best for Flavor

One of the interesting characteristics about higher-nicotine vapes is that the nicotine itself has a flavor. Most people find that nicotine tastes a little peppery. The peppery taste contributes to some e-liquid flavor profiles in a positive way. For example, fresh mango has a note that tastes a bit like pepper, so many people find that mango e-liquids taste best if they have high nicotine strengths. As you might imagine, tobacco e-liquids also tend to taste more realistic with high nicotine content.

With most sweet flavor profiles, however, the nicotine tends to cover the flavor of the flavor of the e-liquid. You probably wouldn’t want to eat a pepper-flavored candy or doughnut, so you may find that low-nicotine e-liquid does a much better job of delivering the experience you want from a flavor standpoint. In short, if you’re a flavor chaser, you should definitely try a low-nicotine vape.

Low-Nicotine Vapes Give You the Best Cloud Production

As we’ll discuss in greater detail shortly, the best type of vaping device for low-nicotine e-liquid is a powerful vape mod or pod mod because the fact that your device produces very large clouds compensates for the low nicotine content of your e-liquid. In that sense, low-nicotine e-liquid isn’t just want you want to use if your priority is flavor rather than throat hit – it’s also the best choice if you want to become a cloud chaser. People who use extremely powerful vape mods always use the lowest-nicotine e-liquids because the experience with a higher-nicotine e-liquid would be overwhelming and unpleasant with a powerful device.

Low-Nicotine Vapes Give You the Smoothest Experience

It's also worth noting that when you use a low-nicotine vape, you’ll feel almost no throat hit at all – and because of the almost complete lack of throat hit, the vapor is incredibly smooth. If you find it difficult to use higher-nicotine e-liquids due to throat irritation, you’re probably going to love using a low-nicotine vape because the vapor is so easy to inhale.


What’s It Like to Use a Low-Nicotine Vape?

Switching to a low-nicotine vape will change your vaping experience fairly significantly, and it’s important to understand how your experience will differ before you get started. Here’s what it’s like to use a low-nicotine vape.

Using a Low-Nicotine Vape May Mean that You’ll Change Your Inhaling Style

The most important thing to know about using a low-nicotine vape is that vaping devices optimized for lower-nicotine e-liquids are almost always designed for the direct-to-lung inhaling style.

If you’re currently using a small vaping device designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling, switching to DTL inhaling is going to be a major change for you. The reason why low-nicotine vapes are designed for DTL inhaling, though, is because inhaling directly to your lungs is the way to maximize your device’s cloud production – and big clouds are exactly what most users of low-nicotine e-liquid want. Although DTL inhaling might feel a bit strange to you at first, you’ll get used to it very quickly if you enjoy low-nicotine vaping.

Using a Low-Nicotine Vape Doesn’t Mean You’ll Feel Less Satisfied

In vaping, there’s a relationship between the vapor production of your device and the ideal e-liquid nicotine strength that you should use. Generally, the more powerful your hardware is, the lower the nicotine strength of your vape juice should be. The reason for that is because you’re inhaling more e-liquid when you use a more powerful device. That’s exactly why switching to low-nicotine e-liquid doesn’t mean that you’ll have a less satisfying experience. Since you’re inhaling more vape juice with each puff, you’ll consume roughly the same amount of nicotine either way.

You Can Use Low-Nicotine E-Liquid with a Smaller Vaping Device

The final important thing to understand about low-nicotine vaping is that you’re free to use a low-nicotine vape juice with any vaping device. This article has focused primarily on the experience of using a low-nicotine e-liquid with a larger vaping device because that’s the type of hardware most people use when they vape at lower nicotine strengths. However, you can use low-nicotine e-liquid with any type of vaping hardware, including small vape pens and pod systems. If you prefer to use low-nicotine e-liquid with a device designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling – because you’re reducing your nicotine intake, perhaps – you can definitely do that.


What Types of Vapes Are Best for Low-Nicotine E-Liquid?

Although you’re free to use low-nicotine e-liquid with any type of vaping device, most people who use low-nicotine e-liquids prefer to use devices that offer larger cloud production. The two types of vapes that fall into that category are vape mods and pod mods. These are a few of the best devices for low-nicotine e-liquids that we offer here at Innokin.

Innokin ArcFire

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A tiny but mighty pod-based vape pen, the Innokin ArcFire truly sets a new standard for vapor production from a highly pocketable device. One of the few small pod systems on the market that works with sub-ohm coils, the ArcFire supports pods with coil resistances of 0.8 and 1.2 ohm. You’ll love the superb flavor quality and instant vapor production of our revolutionary new Arc Coil.

We designed the Innokin ArcFire from the bottom up to be one of the most convenient vapes on the market. The ArcFire eliminates the need for messy coil replacements since the pod has a built-in coil – so you’ll enjoy the fresh flavor of a new coil every time you replace the pod. The ArcFire also supports USB-C charging, allowing you to charge a completely dead battery to 75 percent in just 30 minutes.

Innokin Kroma 217

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Kroma 217-Aug-04-2023-08-54-24-4840-AM

Using a single 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery cell, the Innokin Kroma 217 provides up to 100 watts of power and can produce some truly enormous clouds. It includes the new Innokin Z-Force tank, which offers convenient top filling and features two coils with our unique DuoPrime coil technology. A DuoPrime coil features two mesh heating surfaces – one on the outside of the wick and one on the inside – to ensure that you’ll enjoy huge clouds and rich, full flavor saturation with every puff.

In addition to its incredible vapor production, the Innokin Kroma 217 also offers some convenience features that help to improve your vaping experience. The best of those features is the revolutionary Coil+ vaping mode, which automatically warms your coil at a low wattage between puffs to refresh the coil with e-liquid and prevent residue buildup.

Innokin Sensis EZ

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Sensis EZ-1

The Innokin Sensis EZ is the most advanced pod mod on the market, and you’re likely to love it if you’re currently using a pod-based device and want to upgrade to something that offers more power but still provides a familiar experience. The Sensis EZ operates at a maximum power level of 40 watts, but there’s something special under the hood of this device that makes it truly revolutionary.

The thing that makes the Sensis EZ truly unique is the fact that it offers a completely new vaping mode called FØ. In FØ mode, the Sensis EZ uses the Alternating Current form of power delivery rather than the Direct Current form used by most vaping devices. With AC power delivery, the Sensis EZ lets you select the waveform frequency of your choice, and you’ll find that it allows the flavors of your favorite e-liquids to come through more clearly than ever.

Innokin Sceptre Tube

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Sceptre Tube-Aug-04-2023-08-54-37-7830-AM

If you prefer to use a traditional pen-shaped vaping device rather than a boxy vape mod, we think you’ll love the Innokin Sceptre Tube. This device has a built-in 1,300 mAh battery for all-day vaping, and it offers two power levels of 18 and 20 watts to help you extract the ideal flavor from any e-liquid. Unlike many vape pens, the Sceptre Tube also offers fully adjustable airflow to ensure that you’ll always be able to enjoy your perfect puff.

Hemok Wang
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