Innokin Shines At The New Vapourcore Camden Vape Shop In London

Innokin Shines At The New Vapourcore Camden Vape Shop In London

Vapourcore have opened a great new vape shop in Camden where you can find all of the latest and greatest Innokin vaporizer kits as well as a very eye-catching Innokin LED sign right over the door!

Visit Vapourcore shops in Holland Park, Earls Court, Willesden and the superstore in Park Royal and try out all of the best Innokin devices including the Adept and Zlide, the Gala and many more!

Vapourcore provides the best e-liquids, the greatest hardware and excellent customer service. Their goal is to provide the information, guidance and products to help smokers switch to vaping easily and affordably. They are going to open these boutique stores over 30 in London by the end of 2020.

From The Vapourcore team: “Most of our staff are vapers who used to be smokers – so we know what it’s like to quit smoking! All our staff are passionate about getting people off cigarettes and we know how important the right setup is to making the switch. From our sales assistants and store managers to our Customer Care team, our staff are full of vaping expertise and knowledge. Ask us anything you need to know!”

Big Congratulations to Vapourcore on the opening of the Camden shop and to their continued success and growth. 

The Innokin Adept – Compact, Durable and Smart MTL Box Vaporizer.

The Innokin Adept – Compact, Durable and Smart MTL Box Vaporizer.

Enjoy easy, unbeatable MTL with the Innokin Adept and Z-Coil (Zlide/Zenith)!

Designed for real life, the Innokin Adept is a smart and durable vaporizer with a long lasting 3000mAh battery and 2Amp quick-charge.  Rated IP67 dustproof, waterproof and shockproof the Adept powers through drops and accidents that break other vapes.

Amazing flavors, easy! The Adept is paired with the Z-Coils and Zenith/Zlide tanks to create unmatched flavors from your favorite eliquids. Innokin Z-coils are part of the Platform System and are designed in collaboration with vaping greats Phil Busardo & Dimitris Agrafiotis. The Zenith, Zlide and Z-Coils are the #1 choice worldwide for MTL vapers who enjoy the quality and convenience of pre-built coils.

More convenient, the Adept automatically detects and sets the wattage range for Z-Coils and other MTL coils. Simply attach your favorite Z-Coil (Zenith/Zlide) and push the select button to cycle through four optimized wattage levels on easy to see LEDs:


The Adept’s long lasting 3000mAh internal battery charges fast with 2Amp microUSB quick charge. The Tri-Color LED clearly displays battery level and the Adept is always ready with ‘vape while charging’ technology.

Safety is always priority and the Adept’s on-board protections include: over discharge, overcharge, over voltage, short circuit protection, overheat protection, high resistance protection and cut off protection.

Built from a tough zinc-alloy with a rubberized finish, the Adept is ergonomic and comfortable to grip and available in six durable soft-touch finishes: White, Black, Purple, Sky, Ocean and Forest Camo.

Initially available in three regional kits:

· Adept – Zlide – International Edition. Z-Coils. 

· Adept – Zlide – Italian Edition. Child-resistant tank. Z-Coils. 

· Adept – Zenith – French Edition. Z-Coils.  

Durable, Intelligent, and long lasting; enjoy the very best in MTL Vaping with the Innokin Adept.

Contact your local Authorized Innokin Vendor for more information or visit the Innokin store locator @ to buy the Innokin Adept today.

The Innokin JEM-Pen AIO Vaporizer Kit.

The Innokin JEM-Pen AIO Vaporizer Kit.

Enjoy amazing vaping at a great price with the Innokin JEM-Pen!  

Designed for convenience, quality and flavors the JEM-Pen is easy to fill and vape. Simply twist the top open to fill the integrated 2ml tank, the drop shaped windows clearly show the eliquid level. Click the power button 5 times to power on the JEM-Pen then push the button to vape and enjoy.

Powered by JEM Coils at an optimized 13W, the JEM Pen creates amazing flavors with every delicious puff.  The JEM-Pen includes a JEM 1.6Ω coil and one extra JEM 2.0ΩCeramic coil which create incredible flavors from your favorite eliquids.

Built with high quality stainless steel, the JEM-Pen is a slim AIO Vape Pen with a 16mm diameter that stands 129.5mm tall.

Designed for a full day of great vaping, the 1000mAh internal battery is charged at .5A via micro-USB and the Tri-color LED clearly displays the current battery charge level.

Safety is priority and the JEM-Pen is built with a full range of internal safety protections including: Over-discharge, Overcharge, Short Circuit Protection, Overheat protection, High Resistance Protection and Cut-Off Protection.

Available in five beautiful finishes:  Stainless Steel, White, Black, Blue, Pink, Cosmos, the JEM-Pen is the best choice for an affordable and easy to use Vape Pen that delivers a great vaping experience.

Easy to vape and designed for flavor, the Innokin JEM-Pen is a great vape for smokers and vapers.   

The Innokin JEM-Pen, great vaping satisfaction at an amazingly low price.

Contact your local Authorized Innokin Vendor for more information or visit the Innokin store locator @ to buy the Innokin JEM-Pen today.

GoMax Multi-use Disposable DTL Tank

GoMax Multi-use Disposable DTL Tank

Go for Maximum Flavors and Clouds with the Innokin Multi-use GoMax DTL Tank!

Engineered for flavors! Power up with the GoMax DTL tank and get more flavors from Plex-3D Matrix coils. The advanced grid design of Plex-3D Matrix distributes power evenly and heats ultra-fast for more intense flavors and clouds.  

The GoMax DTL tank has a 24mm diameter with a large 5.5ml capacity that features a slide to fill top and silicone seal. Turn the bottom adjustable airflow ring to focus on flavors, clouds or a great mix of both. The GoMax standard 510 connection works great with any (60-80W) adjustable wattage vaporizer.

The GoMax Multi-use DTL tank is made with food grade PCTG plastic and available in four great colors.

The Innokin GoMax multi-use disposable tank is the affordable choice for those who love flavorful and convenient DTL vaping.  

Catch the Innokin Endura T18 II Bus in the UK this VApril!

Catch the Innokin Endura T18 II Bus in the UK this VApril!

Innnokin T18II Bus

Starting April 8th, be on the lookout for the Innokin Endura T18 II Buses in London, Birmingham, Manchester etc. seven cities.

The Innokin Endura series is well known in vape shops and now Innokin is bringing it to the streets! The Endura T18 II kit is made for smokers and this great kit is now being advertised on the sides of buses in the UK throughout April.

Innokin’s mission is to help smokers switch from smoking and our Endura series of internationally bestselling ecigs are designed to give smokers the best possible vape experience. Optimized for flavours, vape the Endura T18 II and tune your perfect puff with easy to adjust wattage and airflow.

The UK is a leading proponent of tobacco harm reduction and electronic cigarettes and Innokin is honoured that our vaporizers are loved across the UK. Every success story is important and we hope that this April a record number of smokers will switch to vaping and stop smoking

Founded with the goal of helping smokers around the world Innokin is a proud supporter of VApril; a month long campaign organized by the UKVIA to educate smokers across the UK about vaping and the benefits of making the switch from smoking.

Be on the lookout for the Endura T18 II buses, take a photo and win! Visit our Innokin Facebook and Instagram for more information and a great giveaway to involve more smoking switch.

Thanks to all of our partners and friends in the UK and we hope that VApril encourages more smokers to quit smoking. We’re here for every smoker and looking forward to hearing more success stories this VApril!

Join the contests and win with Innokin!

Innokin T18II Bus UK

Innokin T18II Bus UK

Innokin has Won Two Ecigclick 2018 ‘Best-of’ Vape Awards

Innokin has Won Two Ecigclick 2018 ‘Best-of’ Vape Awards

Ecigclick has announced the winners of the top Vape devices of 2018 and Innokin won, twice! Innokin is very proud and honoured that the Endura T18 won Best E-Cig Kit for Beginners and the Zenith won Best MTL Tank!

t18 zenith

The annual ‘Best Of’ Vape Awards are held by Ecigclick, one of the biggest and best e-cigarette review sites in the UK with a growing following from the USA and Europe.

This annual award is voted on by vapers online and gives an opportunity for vapers from around the world to let others know their top rated e-cig products and related items in the vaping world.

Held every year since 2013, the annual Ecigclick Awards have fast become one of the most popular online ‘vaper voted’ awards! Innokin has won every year and we are very happy to have won again in 2018!

From all of us at Innokin, we would like to thank Ecigclick and all of the vapers who voted for Innokin and chose the Endura T18 and Zenith!

The Innokin Endura T18 Vape Pen is the ultimate smoking alternative vape starter kit that delivers a superior experience in a compact, durable and affordable all in one kit. Now Innokin has released the upgraded T18 II. This next generation Innokin Endura T18 II vaporizer kit gives vapors the freedom to easily tune heat and airflow to create a personally perfect vape experience.

t18 t18II
Innokin Endura T18 Innokin Endura T18 II

The Innokin Zenith atomizer was the result of close collaboration between vape superstars Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, and Innokin. Our goal was to create an easy to use mouth to lung (MTL) replaceable coil-head atomizer that delivers superior flavours and a great vaping experience!

Innokin Zenith

Innokin Announces First Vape Mod to Be Certified by UL Labs

Innokin Announces First Vape Mod to Be Certified by UL Labs


Innokin is very proud to announce that the Innokin Kroma-A and Zenith kit is the world’s first vape mod that has been certified by UL Labs with the UL8139 standard for top quality manufacturing and safety excellence.

UL is the world leader in setting manufacturing and safety standards and the UL8139 certification is the first international standard for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.  UL helps companies demonstrate safety, confirm compliance, enhance sustainability, manage transparency, deliver quality and performance, strengthen security, protect brand reputation, build workplace excellence, and advance societal wellbeing.

As a pioneer and international leader of vaporizer design and manufacturing, Innokin has worked closely with UL to develop the high standards of the UL 8139 certification. Innokin engineering and marketing teams provided UL with key information about vaporizer design, manufacturing, quality control, usage and safety testing for the UL8139 standard.

Through our work with UL Labs, Innokin vaporizers are manufactured with higher production standards to deliver better, safer experiences that enable smarter choices and better lives.

The Innokin Kroma-A and Zenith kit internal battery vaporizer with quick charge technology is paired with the Zenith MTL tank to deliver a superior MTL vaping experience.

Innokin’s commitment to providing vapers around the world with the best quality vaporizers is at the core of our company vision. Our engineers will continue to work closely with the team at UL to push for higher industry standards in manufacturing, operation and safety.

To view the Kroma-A & Zenith Kit UL8139 vaporizer please visit:

Innokin_Kroma-A_zenith_kit(UL Version)


E501845-20181216-Certificate of Compliance

Click To Download The Certification




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Tout a commencé en 2009 dans un bus à Shenzhen, avec la rencontre fortuite des deux cofondateurs d’Innokin, James Li et George Xia. James travaillait dans l’industrie des vaporisateurs personnels depuis 2006. Il était en train de vapoter l’un des tous premiers modèles de cigarette électronique quand George lui a fait part de sa volonté d’arrêter de fumer. Tout au long du voyage, ils ont échangé sur la cigarette électronique et son potentiel formdibale pour aider les fumeurs du monde entier. Les dés étaient jetés, et James et George ont commencé à recruter des professionnels pour les rejoindre dans cette formidable aventure. Innokin a été officiellement enregistré en 2011.


Innokin a été fondée autour des principes d’innovation, de recherche et d’amélioration constante de l’expérience de vapotage. Nous sommes fermement convaincus que ce sont là les véritables moteurs de notre industrie. Le développement d’une technologie de vapotage plus sûre et plus intelligente est une autre de nos priorités. Depuis le début, notre objectif est de créer d’excellents vaporisateurs qui aident les fumeurs du monde entier à faire la transition vers une alternative moins nocive et à cesser de fumer.


C’est le désir constant de faire mieux qui nous anime. Nous travaillons dur car nous sommes vraiment persuadés que nos produits peuvent aider les fumeurs à quitter pour de bon la cigarette. Mais Innokin, c’est bien plus que de simples produits : nous avons conscience de faire partie d’une vraie communauté. Nous soutenons les acteurs du vapotage du monde entier qui se battent pour la recherche, l’éducation et la sensibilisation du public. La vape est un mouvement international dont nous sommes très fiers de faire partie.


Des équipes d’ingénieurs, de concepteurs et de spécialistes du marketing travaillent en étroite collaboration pour créer chaque appareil Innokin. Toutes nos équipes utilisent des lignes de production et de fabrication de dernière génération, couvrant une superficie totale de plus de 10.000 mètres carrés. Nous disposons également d’un atelier de 100.000 niveaux pour l’assemblage des bobines et des réservoirs. Cet atelier a obtenu la certification GMP820, de niveau alimentaire et pharmacetique. Certifiée ISO14001 et ISO9001, notre gamme de produits est testée par les meilleurs laboratoires aux États- Unis et en Europe. Nos produits sont assemblés sur le site et les équipes de contrôle de la qualité inspectent et testent nos appareils avec la plus grande attention afin de garantir à nos clients une expérience de vape vraiment unique.


Nos cigarettes électroniques VV, MVP et CoolFire 4 étaient parmi les premières de nos productions à traverser le monde entier. Nous avons pour elles un attachement tout particulier. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes extrêmement fiers de notre collaboration avec les experts du MTL, Phil Busardo et Dimitris Agrafiotis, qui ont créé célèbre Zenith Tank. Le Zenith est souvent cité comme le meilleur tank MTL sur le marché et notre collaboration avec ces deux grands gaillards n’est pas prête de s’arrêter ! Nous nous réjouissons également de vous présenter la prochaine génération de la série Endura : l’Endura T18. II est tout juste disponible et nous avons hâte de connaître l’opinion des vapers français !


C’est tout simplement incroyable. La vape a connu un développement impressionnant dans un nombre incalculable de domaines comme le design et la technologie. C’est le résultat des efforts continus de la communauté de la vape, des reviewers comme des anonymes qui alimentent les forums. Il y a plus de vapers que jamais et le taux de tabagisme diminue partout dans les pays où la vape est accueillie favorablement. Même si les défis à relever restent nombreux, la technologie évolue pour améliorer l’expérience et réduire les dommages potentiels.


Nous espérons que tous les fumeurs auront une cigarette électronique entre les mains d’ici à 2025 ! Les appareils seront alors en mesure de délivrer une dose parfaite à chaque bouffée, avec des saveurs époustouflantes dans un appareil qui se charge aussi vite que la lumière !


La France a une culture profonde du style mais aussi du tabagisme. Il faut un produit vraiment spécial pour réussir à convaincre un Français ! Quand un vaporisateur Innokin devient populaire auprès des vapoteurs français, c’est une vraie fierté pour nous.

Cette interview a été réalisée au mois de novembre 2018. Nous remercions les représentants d’Innokin pour la confiance qu’ils ont accordé et continuent d’accorder à Kumulus Vape.

Innokin brings unique battery technology to ECC California

Innokin brings unique battery technology to ECC California

Our world runs on power. Technology innovation is the proof of evolution that changes how we do everything. From the beginning, Innokin Technology has been a leader in developing various vaporizer technology for tobacco harm reduction. After years of research, it has made a breakthrough that will truly reshape the vaping industry. This technological advancement will not only be for vaping, but it can be used in many other applications across other industries that utilize rechargeable batteries.

Innokin’s battery technology will change the way we all vape.  It is proven to be faster, longer-lasting and above all, safer. This is the Innokin Energy System. A power solution that will not only improve the core of vaping, but contribute to sustainable energy solutions.

By pushing the boundaries of current rechargeable battery standards, it is capable of charging at a rate that is one hundred times faster than existing batteries. The battery is able to handle a high volume of power transfers because it has a uniquely built cell structure that is equivalent to the lifespan of one hundred traditional cells. This technology utilizes advanced chemistry within the cells, making them safer to use in sustained high-power applications.

Sustainable energy is the heart of our new world. Innokin’s energy technology will help create a safer smoke-free future for vaping and more. Contact for more information.

Innokin Establishes French Division to Provide Better Service

Innokin Establishes French Division to Provide Better Service

As a pioneer and leader in the development of vaping technologies, Innokin today proudly
announced the launch of Innokin France, which is dedicated to supporting vapers and retailers in

Innokin will soon celebrate it’s 6 year anniversary and with the adoption of the European Tobacco
Products Directive 2014/40/UE, Innokin is focused and committed to providing the French market
with the highest quality harm reduction and vaping products.

French vapers can now access, a website which introduces the full range of Innokin
vaporizers and tanks and provides support for all users and vape lovers.

A Business-to- Business website also opened today and is dedicated to French retailers:

“Innokin product’s quality, diversity and technologies show a unique expertise and a commitment to
all vapers and their vaping lifestyles. We are pleased to participate in strengthening Innokin’s
presence in France, enabling us to contribute to the French vaping revolution’’ said Olivier Vilain,
Innokin France Country Manager.

Press contact
Innokin France
324, avenue de Dunkerque
59130 Lambersart, France
Email :
Phone : +33 (0)7 87 53 65 79

About Innokin
Innokin is a pioneer and world leader in the design & manufacture of leading edge vape, ecigarette
technology and design including: magnetic connection, pen vaporizer cap, LED power
indicator, ‘Vape While Charging’, VaCaps Cartridge System, InnokinCell LiPo Vape Power System, RTC
(Reactive Temperature Control) Technology and much more.

Pioneer and world leader’s Innokin

The Innokin line of brands iTaste, iClear, iSub, CoolFire , Endura ,MVP are known for unique designs,
top quality materials, and long lasting durability. We are very proud to work closely with our friends
in the international vaping community to create legendary vaporizers that not only survive the rigors
of daily life, but also make it better.