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What Are the Most Popular Vapes?

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang
Aug 23, 2023
What Are the Most Popular Vapes?

If you’re new to vaping, buying your first vape kit isn’t going to be easy because no one person could possibly know everything that’s available. You’ll see ample evidence of that on this site and at any good vape shop. There are so many different types of vapes on the market today that confusion can set in very quickly if you don’t at least have a general idea of what you want.

So, are you browsing the vape kits that are out there and finding that they’ve all begun to look the same to you? One way to eliminate the anxiety about choosing your first vape is by considering what other people are using and buying something similar. In other words, you can simply buy one of the most popular vapes.

In this article, we’re going to describe the most popular vapes on the market and explain why people are buying those devices. By gaining an understanding of what others are using and why, it’ll be much easier for you to choose a vape kit that’ll make you completely happy.

These are the most popular vapes on the market in 2023.


Disposable Vapes

Most popular disposable vapes: Innokin Innobar 8000, Innokin Innobar 7000, Innokin Innobar 3500


A disposable vape is charged and filled before it’s packaged, which means that you can use it immediately after taking it out of the box. Cigarettes are ready to use as soon as you buy them, and only a disposable vape provides the same type of experience. Disposable vapes do have one downside, though, which is that they aren’t refillable. When a disposable vape is out of e-liquid, you have to replace it.

Why Are Disposable Vapes Popular?

Disposable vapes are popular because they are the simplest and most convenient vaping devices on the market – and in regions that don’t restrict the e-liquid capacities of pre-filled vaping products, disposable vapes can actually be quite affordable because of how long they last. The Innokin Innobar 8000 mentioned above, for instance, lasts up to 8,000 puffs. For most vapers, that’s enough to last a week or longer.

Who Should Buy Disposable Vapes?

You should buy a disposable vape if you’ve never vaped before and want to get started immediately. When you buy a disposable vape, you can remove it from the box and enjoy it right away. No other vaping product offers that level of simplicity.


Pod Systems

Most popular pod systems: Innokin Arcfire, Innokin Klypse Zip, Innokin Endura S1


A pod system stores its vape juice in a detachable plastic chamber. The pods are usually magnetic, so you can connect one by simply dropping it into the device. Pod systems come in two types: pre-filled and refillable. If you use a pre-filled pod system, you’ll discard your pod and replace it when it runs out of vape juice – and if you use a refillable pod system, you’ll fill the pod yourself with bottled e-liquid.

Why Are Pod Systems Popular?

One of the biggest reasons why pod systems are among the most popular vapes is because they’re usually some of the most stylish and modern looking vapes on the market. Since they’re so small and sleek, they catch consumers’ eyes. Pre-filled pod systems are popular because they’re often a bit more economical than disposable vapes in the long run, and refillable pod systems are popular because they give you an unlimited flavor selection; you can fill your device with any bottled e-liquid on the market.

Who Should Buy a Pod System?

A pod system might be a good choice for you if you enjoy the sleek designs of today’s disposable vapes but want a device that offers a larger flavor selection. Pod systems are also popular vapes for environmentalists. It’s common for disposable vapes to end up in landfills because recycling services aren’t available in many areas. When you use a pod system, you don’t have to worry so much about the waste you’re generating because you don’t have to buy a new device every few days. Pod systems and other rechargeable vaping devices can typically last a year or longer before their batteries stop functioning properly.


Vape Pens

Most popular vape pens: Innokin Endura Apex, Innokin Sceptre Tube, Innokin Endura T18X

Sceptre Tube

Vape pens are typically a little larger than pod systems, and they usually store their e-liquid in screw-on glass tanks rather than magnetic plastic pods. Because a vape pen usually stores its vape juice in glass, some people believe that vape pens provide the best flavor quality of any small vaping device. The most important benefit of vape pens, though, is that they typically have larger batteries and more powerful atomizer coils than disposable vapes and pod systems. That allows them to produce bigger vapor clouds and to last longer between battery charges.

Why Are Vape Pens Popular?

Vape pens are particularly popular among two groups of vapers. Some vape pen users are people who are completely new to vaping but don’t want to use disposable vapes or pod systems because their nicotine needs are higher than average. If you’re a heavier smoker, you’ll appreciate the fact that vape pens tend to offer superior vapor production compared to other types of small vapes.

Vape pens are also popular among those who have already switched to vaping and want to begin reducing their nicotine intake. Because a vape pen usually produces larger clouds than a disposable vape or pod system, using a vape pen may help you reduce the nicotine strength of your e-liquid without feeling less satisfied.

Who Should Buy a Vape Pen?

You should strongly consider a vape pen if you’re a heavy smoker and are buying a vape kit for the first time. Heavy smokers often buy vape pens because they tend to offer better vapor production than other small devices. A vape pen can also be a good choice if you’re already a full-time vaper and want to upgrade to a new device that’s more powerful but still very small and pocketable.


Vape Mods and Pod Mods

Most popular vape mods: Innokin Coolfire Z60, Innokin Kroma 217, Innokin Sensis EZ

Sensis EZ-3

Vape mods and pod mods are the largest vaping devices on the market, and they’re often a bit boxy in shape due to the size of the high-capacity batteries they hold. Because vape mods are so boxy, in fact, many people call them “box mods.” Because vape mods hold such large batteries, they can operate at significantly higher power levels than other types of vapes – often as high as 100 watts or more. Many vape mods are capable of generating room-filling clouds.

Vape mods are more complex than other popular vapes, so they’re typically not best for beginners. If you’re an experienced vaper who wants more performance, though, you shouldn’t let the complexity of vape mods put you off – you’ll get used to the controls and settings very quickly.

The difference between vape mods and pod mods is that a vape mod uses a screw-on glass tank, and a pod mod stores its e-liquid in a drop-in plastic pod. Vape mods and pod mods offer a similar level of performance.

Why Are Vape Mods Popular?

Vape mods are popular because they’re the most powerful vaping devices on the market. Having a powerful device allows you to use vape juice with a very low nicotine strength, which means that you’ll enjoy an extremely smooth experience with very little throat hit. Because your device will produce such large clouds, though, you won’t have to worry about being unsatisfied – you’ll still consume an ample amount of nicotine with each puff. If you currently use a smaller vaping device and find the high level of throat hit irritating, you’ll probably enjoy the smoothness of a vape mod.

Vape mods are also some of the most popular vapes on the market because many people simply enjoy using devices that produce enormous clouds. If you like watching the clouds waft across the room when you vape, there’s a good chance that you’ll like using a vape mod.

Who Should Buy a Vape Mod?

You should buy a vape mod if you’re an experienced vaper and have outgrown your current device. Maybe you’d like something that works with a wider variety of accessories, or perhaps you’re simply looking for something that offers a bit more power. A vape mod gives you the freedom to choose.

Do you enjoy mouth-to-lung vaping? You can connect a smaller tank to your vape mod and run your device at a low wattage. Since vape mods offer incredible battery life, you might go days without recharging your device in that case. If you want to chase clouds, on the other hand, you can connect a direct-to-lung tank to a vape mod and blow enormous clouds across the room to your heart’s content.

If you’re an expert vaper who knows exactly what you want, a vape mod allows you to tailor your vaping experience to your specifications. No other type of vape gives you so much room for customization.

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang

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