Coolfire Z50 vs. Kroma-R: What is the difference?

Coolfire Z50 vs. Kroma-R: What is the difference?

Many people have questioned these two similar style devices and asked “What’s the difference?”

So here it is!

The Coolfire Z50 is the next generation in the internationally bestselling line of Innokin Coolfire vaporizers, & The Kroma-R is our new 80w ‘Hilt-Styled’ 18650 Vaporizer.

Wattage Range

One of the main differences between the Coolfire Z50 and the Kroma-R is the wattage range, The Coolfire Z50 has a wattage range of 6w-50w, whereas the Kroma-R has a wattage range of 6-80w. As well as the variance in wattage range the Kroma-R is also equipped with different modes such as soft, normal, and boost modes. Advanced users will love the custom Curve (wattage over time) function and Bypass mode with the Kroma-R, which emulates the output of a mechanical mod. Both devices are equipped to be ultra-fast firing, with the Kroma-R fire button being integrated into the beautifully designed OLED screen. The Coolfire, however, is more of a simpler, ease of use device with fewer settings and simple button operations meaning it is perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of all these different settings.

Both of these devices can are great for big cloud DTL vaping with the Ajax tank or enjoy intense MTL flavours with the full line of Z-coils and Platform series tanks. 


Another very noticeable difference between the Coolfire Z50 and the Kroma-R is the battery. The Kroma-R is a single cell replaceable 18650 device – (Battery not included), allowing you to carry spare batteries with you if you require them. (Please always practice battery safety and carry spare batteries in correct protective sleeves or boxes) The Coolfire Z50, however, houses an internal 2100mAh battery, rechargeable via micro USB (Located on the side of the device for convenient charging). You should never leave your device unattended when charging and always ensure you are charging your device with the correct charging equipment and cables.

Other Features worth mentioning:

The Coolfire Z50 also has a super handy on/off switch located at the bottom of the device which will ensure safety against accidental misuse. The switch is small enough and designed well that it won’t be accidentally switched whilst in your hand but still easy enough to switch on and off when needed. This is great for carrying your devices in your pocket or bag without worry of the fire button being pressed enough times by accident that it switches the device on or fires it when in your pocket or bag.

Both devices are made with top quality materials and have many safety features integrated to give you the best and safe vaping experience.

Both devices are shaped to fit comfortably in your hand with their ergonomic comfort designs, however, the Kroma-R is noticeably more in hand comfort-focused designed, with perfect curves to fit your hand even down to thumb placement and also the grip panel which not only aids with in-hand comfort but also works as an anti-slip. Both devices are also available in a range of finishes so you can have the right style for you.

Which to choose?

So, that being said, what device would we recommend for you? The Coolfire Z50 may be recommended to either new vapers, or to those who do not want the hassle of more advanced settings, a simple yet sleek device. Those who want a simple, easy and satisfying functional vaping experience with intense flavours from the Zlide tank and simple operation, also for those who are more on the go and again, with the on/off switch would benefit from that safety feature, and the Kroma-R, would be recommended to both, beginners and more experienced vapers or those who may like to take advantage of curve, normal, soft or boost modes and more of a tailored vaping experience.

Both devices can be purchased as the kit alongside our ever-popular Zlide tank and used with our whole range of Z coils, however, they are also compatible with sub-ohm atomizers such as the Ajax or our MTL RDA the Ares 2. So no matter what your vaping preference, or even if you enjoy both MTL & DTL then one of these devices would be great for you!

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YES! Well… No. Ok… how about a definite Maybe.
One of the questions I received most often is, “What is the best X?” You can insert numerous things in X; atomizers, devices, liquids, pod systems, etc.
There is simply no way for me to answer that question.
One way I used to demonstrate this was to ask a crowd of people to raise their hand if they preferred tube styled mods over box mods. People raised their hands. I would then ask the crowd to raise their hand if they preferred box styled mods over tube mods. Different people raised their hands.
THAT is why there is no best. There is no best atomizer, device, pod system, or liquid. There is only what is best for YOU!
It is up to you to figure out and know what the most important features and qualities of any vaping device are. You learn this through experience and by using different products.
But what if you do not have the experience? What if you have never tried or built a rebuildable atomizer? We were thinking about YOU when we designed the original Ares and now the Ares II!

We wanted to make the Ares as easy to build, wick, and fill as possible.
We wanted to give you all the tools and build materials you would need to get started.
We wanted to give you after sale support with the video tutorials you can find on the Innokin website or by scanning QR code card that comes in the box.
We wanted to give you additional support on the Platform Facebook group where people will answer your questions and we do additional tutorial and live interactive videos.
We want the Ares II to be your first rebuildable atomizer!
And if you do know how to build and you have experience, we wanted to make sure the Ares II had the vape quality you were looking for with some unique fine-tuning adjustability.
With the Ares II we listened to our user base and addressed issues found in the original design.
• We improved the top cap and seals.
• We added the ability to replace the top cap fill port.
• We improved the bottom seals and added a .8mm airhole for a tighter draw.
We also made some changes.
• We added the mouthpiece child safety lock that will also keep the tank closed in your pocket or purse.
• We increased the height of the liquid barriers to keep the cotton off the airflow and help prevent leaking.
• We made the bell threading go all the way around to make cotton placement easier.
• We added detents to the main AFC to make air hole selection easier.
But perhaps one of the things we are most excited and proud of is the CAFC or Cross Airflow Control under the coil. The first of it’s kind! This, when used in combination with the main AFC or Air Flow Control on the outside of the tank gives you an endless combination of airflows to experiment with.
It gives the user the ability to change the pattern and air velocity hitting the coil from underneath to tune the atty to their favorite flavor or their favorite draw. It does this without having to change inserts and without having to remove the coil.
When thinking about purchasing an atomizer, there are many factors to consider. What factors are most important to you?
1) Flavor
2) Throat hit (should you want it)
3) Vape quality
4) Build quality
5) Looks
6) Ease of building
7) Ease of wicking
8) Ease of filling
9) Kit contents
We’ve tried to balance the Ares II to address all these factors and we hope for you, the Ares II IS the perfect atomizer.

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Next-Gen CoolFire Z50!

Next-Gen CoolFire Z50!

Order the next generation Innokin Z50 today and enjoy the newest and best CoolFire Vaporizer!

The CoolFire series is loved by millions around the world and the Z50 is truly exceptional.

Designed for real life; the Z50 is easy to use with great buttons and a bright OLED screen.

Ultra-fast! Click the button and vape up to 50 Watts of power nearly instantly.

The Z50 is a compact 2100mAh battery, charged via microUSB with proven integrated safety protections.

The solid 510 connection is compatible with all the best 22mm and 24mm tanks including the Zlide, Zenith and Zenith Pro. Enjoy the best flavors from all of your favorite eliquids with the entire range of Z-Coils!

Built with top quality components and backed by the Innokin Limited Warranty, the CoolFire Z50 is the best in class.

Available in 5 high quality finishes (Pink, Gray, Black, Blue and Silver) the Z50 is fantastic!

We’re looking forward to hearing from CoolFire fans and vapers your feedback about the Z50!

Enjoy the very best in vaping with the Innokin CoolFire Z50.

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