The First Pod Mod from Innokin: Sceptre MTL/RDL Pod Mod Launches

The First Pod Mod from Innokin: Sceptre MTL/RDL Pod Mod Launches

“Flavour rules! The Sceptre pod mod from Innokin delivers top of the line flavours and more power!” This is what was advertised by Innokin, but does their newest Pod Mod really deliver on these big promises?
I’ve been vaping the Sceptre for the last three weeks and there are some great reasons why I believe it’s a real contender for best pod mod of 2020.
With so many vape pod options available today what makes the Innokin Sceptre stand out amongst the crowd?
The Sceptre is compact and fits comfortably in my hand yet still has a 1400 mAh battery capacity, which is more than others in the same category. It is very easy to use, I can puff to vape or press the button and vape flavours hit almost immediately. The Sceptre also offers both MTL and RDL vaping with two different types of coils and airflow settings.
Before vaping the Sceptre I was familiar with MTL and DTL but I hadn’t really heard of RDL (Restricted Direct Lung). Innokin has marketed RDL as a way to get more flavour and clouds while using less power and less eliquid. I’m primarily a DTL vaper and I’ve found that the heat and flavour from the RDL coils hits a sweet spot. The MTL coils also deliver great flavours and are more suited towards Nic-salts and higher nicotine eliquids.
Sceptre pods are easy to fill on the side and leak proof. The pods are built with PCTG and the magnets on the bottom of the pods lock the pod solidly into place. The mouthpiece is comfortable and the overall design is stylish and comfortable to hold throughout the day.
I like that the coils are quite easy to replace and I can keep using the same plastic pod and not have to throw it away when the coil needs to be replaced. After connecting either the MTL (1.2) or RDL (0.5) coils and adjusting the airflow, the Sceptre automatically adjusts the wattage to the optimal wattage for the coil. This is one less thing to worry about, once the Sceptre is setup it’s good to go.
The Sceptre features wattage Boost Mode which increases the wattage for more heat and flavour. Boost mode is easy to turn on, just power off the device by clicking the power button three times then hold the button to cycle to Boost Mode. I’ve found I get more flavour in RDL on Boost mode and I like the extra heat so I’ve been using it more often.
The Sceptre has been designed with replaceable coils which help to reduce plastic waste and saves money because they are cheaper than replacing an entire pod. Coils are easy to replace just by twisting the base of the pod to open.
The coil life on the Sceptre is great as well, I’ve refilled the tank 10 times with ‘Deep Fried Ice Cream’ eliquids before the flavour started to change and I needed to change the coil. Sceptre pods are available in 3ml and 2ml for TPD and are transparent so it’s easy to see how much eliquid is left. I’ve kept an eye on eliquid in the pod and haven’t had a coil burnout yet.
Scepter pods are packaged with one 1.2 and one 0.5 coil and Sceptre MTL and RDL coils are available in packs of five.
Founded in 2011, Innokin is a pioneer in vaping and have created many vaporizers and vape technologies. The engineering and design teams at Innokin said they spent over a year developing the Sceptre and testing the coils.
After vaping the Sceptre for 3 weeks I can see why. Innokin is known for making quality devices and the Sceptre is definitely a quality built device. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the coil life and quality of the device and received a lot of compliments about the overall design.
From my experience the Sceptre is a top choice for vapers who want great flavours and a long lasting battery in a great looking vape.



When do you love a vape product? I mean REALLY love a vape product.
I remember the first vape product I loved. It was the first product I used that allowed me to quit smoking. True love at the time, but now a past distant relationship.
What about now? For me? For you?
Do you love a product when you look at it?
Do you love a product when you use it?
Do you love a product when you work with it? Maintain it? Set it up?
People love things for their own special personal reasons and in their own special personal ways.
When we were designing the Zenith, we had several goals in mind. The obvious one was vape quality. But the other was ease of use. We wanted to create a tank that was going to be your daily driver, and if you were going to drive it daily, it better be easy to use!
This led to the tank you see today, the Zenith. The Zenith also gave birth to the Zlide and the Zenith Pro. Believe me, it is not done having babies yet!
I can tell you that I use the Zenith daily. I use it because I enjoy the vape it produces. I use it to not smoke. I use it because I love it.
When I love it the most is not only interesting, but it also tells me that we were successful in the creation and design of this tank.
When you use vape gear, unless it’s pre-filled or disposable, it will require some amount of maintenance. It is that maintenance you want to make as easy as possible for a more enjoyable vape experience and for a tank you will continue to use and enjoy.
With a refillable tank that uses replaceable coils, there are two bits of maintenance you must do over and over. The first is filling. The second is changing the coil.
It is during those two times when I love the Zenith the most.
Filling the Zenith is quick, easy, and a joy to do. Twist the cap to expose the fill port, fill it with e-liquid, and twist it back to close. Yes, I love it every time I fill it.
I may love it even more when it comes time to change the coil.
As you can imagine, I’ve changed one or two coils in my time.
Coil changing usually involves a bunch of paper towel, e-liquid on your fingers, and a bit of a mess. Not so with the Zenith!
You unscrew the base, pull out the coil by the 510 connection and toss it in the trash, prime another coil, place it back in the tank, screw the base back on, and you are good to go.
Not only do you have a fresh coil, but you also have a fresh 510 connection as well.
You can do this with no mess, no e-liquid on your fingers, and no need for paper towels.
Yes, I genuinely love the Zenith every time I vape it, every time I fill it, and every time I change the coil.
So how do I love “Z”? Now you know the ways!

Pod System 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Get Started

Pod System 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Get Started

Let’s talk about Pod systems, why are they so popular and what is the right one for you?

What Is A Pod System?

So, firstly, let’s discuss what a pod system is for those who may not know. If you’re unsure what a pod system is, it is a particularly compact vape device that uses vape pods rather than your traditional atomizer. That being said, an atomizer and pod are pretty much the same things, but with pod systems, they’re designed specifically for the device to give you an extremely compact setup. Pod systems have been on the market for quite a while now, but the reason why we’re seeing more and more taking over the market is that we now with the introduction of nicotine salts. Nicotine salts give you a much more smooth mouth-to-lung vape as compared to its freebase counterpart, however, opinions differ as to which gives more of a natural ‘Cigarette like’ hit.

Pod System - Gala
Pod System – Gala

Who Are Pod Systems for?

Pod systems are a great way to start vaping as there really isn’t too much you have to learn to get started. Different types of pod systems will be made up differently too, such as our I.O pods, they are a simple all in one, (AIO) you simply discard after the coil has finished, fill a new one and hey presto! Other pod systems such as our Podin pod are a little different, the coil can be replaced on these, keeping the pod.

How Do You Use A Pod System?

You just fill up your pod, insert it into the device, and take a puff. Most pod systems are draw-activated meaning you don’t need to hold down a button for it to start vaping, such as our I.O, Gala & Podin* – The Podin however can be both draw-activated or button activated for your preference! Withdraw activation you just start inhaling and the coil will automatically fire which is great if you’re making the switch from smoking. Now, these pod systems really don’t output a lot of vapour. They are meant as a nicotine delivery system rather than a cloud chucking machine. But, because they don’t output as much power, you’re going to be saving a lot of juice using a pod system. A 60ml bottle of e-juice could actually last you months in a pod system! 

Are there any cons of Pod Systems?

Now, where pod systems tend to fall short on are the coils and versatility. When your coil burns out in your (Aio) pod, there’s no way to replace it other than replacing the entire pod and pods are generally more expensive than regular coils for a tank. That’s where things changed with the Podin, meaning you can now replace the coil itself, meaning more cost-friendly to the customer as well as less plastic waste with discarding the pods!

With that being said, pod systems are amazing for an everyday vape to bring with you on the go. – (especially those that come with a lanyard!) I usually leave my more advanced setups at the office or at home and use a pod system vape when I’m out and about. 

What sort of E-Liquid should you use with pod systems?

Well, Pod system wicks are usually very small and this meaning that if you use a juice with a higher VG content, it might have a hard time keeping up which might result in a burnt hit. Pod systems shine with thinner e-liquids and luckily, now, with the popularity of pod systems, there are many E-liquid manufacturers creating more pod friendly juices!

Overall view

In short, pod systems are extremely easy to use system that attracts people with that compact factor and provides a vape extremely similar to a cigarette which is ideal for those switching from smoking to vaping. But with the small size, comes a smaller tank capacity with a built-in coil that can’t be removed (For some), It is now becoming more popular and more common for pod systems to feature a replaceable coil, but this will vary from system to system. If you’re looking for a new, portable vape that lets you stealthily vape or a newcomer to the vaping industry, I’d highly recommend a pod system to begin with or for on the go.

What Pod System Is Right For You?

Deciding which Pod system is right for you is purely be down to why you are looking for one.

For a smoker switching to vaping, but, doesn’t like that vaping doesn’t quite feel like smoking, I would highly recommend the I.O, similar in size and draw. For more information see here:

For someone looking for a Pod system for on the go, there’s no pod better suited than the Podin. The Podin even comes with a lanyard that doubles up as its charging cable! Find more information here:

For a perfect night on the town Pod system it definitely has to be the Gala! With an LED Light show and lanyard it’s perfect for nights out! For more information see here:

For all other pod systems be sure to check our PODS tab on our website!

Psst, we very well may be adding to it soon.


The Innokin CoolFire IV – What makes it a classic?

The Innokin CoolFire IV – What makes it a classic?

The Innokin CoolFire IV has proven itself to be a staple mod in the industry throughout the years, catapulting the CoolFire line of vaporizers to the spotlight. A bestseller since early in its inception, it offers everything you need to get a quality vaping experience in a relatively compact, affordable, yet advanced package.

The CoolFire IV is equipped with a standard 510 threaded connector, fitting almost any atomizer you can imagine on the market. With an operating wattage range of 6 to 40W, and firing coils as low as .2ohm, it’s a great choice for those primarily looking for MTL (mouth-to-lung) style vaping, with an option to get your feet wet in the world of sub-ohm vaping too. Typically, the CoolFire IV is commonly paired with one of our popular line of MTL/sub-ohm styled tanks, the iSub or iSub-G. Both are fully compatible with our iSub line of coils, offering lots of varied vaping experiences from full MTL style coils to DTL (direct-to-lung) dense sub-ohm coils.

Made with simplicity, style, and your safety in mind, the CoolFire IV comes fully equipped with built-in protections and convenient features, such as:

-Over-Discharge Protection
-Short Circuit Protection
-15 Second Puff Safety Cut-Off
-Low Voltage Warning
-”Vape While Charging” Technology
-Puff Counter
-Manual On/Off Switch
-Variable Voltage/Wattage modes

The CoolFire IV comes standard with an attractive brushed metal finish as well as the  tactile “CoolFire IV” badge. With 8 different color options to choose from, there’s bound to be a color that’s right for you!

Finally, the CoolFire IV is backed by our limited 90 day manufacturer warranty and industry leading customer support. It’s no wonder the CoolFire IV is a time-tested classic!

Need help with a question or troubleshooting an issue with your CoolFire IV? Look no further! Here is a list of potential fixes you may need in case you run into a problem.

Q: My CoolFire IV is not turning on or responding to any button presses.
A: Ensure that the physical on/off switch located on the bottom of the device is switched to “On”, then click the main firing button 3 times rapidly. If the switch is set to on and the device is still not responding, plug the CFIV into a quality wall 5V/1A wall charger, as the battery may require a higher level of charge.

Q: My CoolFire IV screen shows “Shorted” or “Check Atomizer”.
A: Replace the coil in the tank you are using with your CoolFire IV. Make sure the coil ohm is higher than .2ohms, and that the 510 threaded connector of both your CoolFire IV and tank are clean and undamaged.

Q: Should I use Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage modes?
A: Variable Voltage used to be a common sight in the vaping world. Nowadays, this mode has generally been replaced entirely by Variable Wattage, which gives you a more specific level of control to the power delivered to your tank. If you’re not already used to Variable Voltage, we fully recommend using Variable Wattage instead.

Q: What wattage should I use with my tank/coil?
A: Please refer to manufacturer recommendations of the coil you are using with your CoolFire IV. If you are using an Innokin tank, we laser etch recommended wattage ranges on our coils and also provide said ranges on coil packaging.

For the full CoolFire IV user manual, click this link:

For any other issues you may have, you can always contact us by emailing our support team at for more assistance. 

Vaping is 95% Less Harmful than smoking

Vaping is 95% Less Harmful than smoking

Is vaping safer than smoking? How do we know? Are some vaporizers and eliquids less harmful than others? In this blog we answer these questions and give you 10 Tips to Vape in the least harmful way possible.

When we started Innokin in 2011 our mission was to help smokers and their families. Now in 2020 we have both clear scientific evidence and the support of governments that vaping electronic cigarettes is less harmful than smoking.

Why does the Royal College of Physicians in the U.K. state that Vaping is 95% safer than smoking?

Public Health England has stated that e-cigarettes are ‘95% safer’ than conventional cigarettes, given the reduction in carcinogen load.i PHE has continued to recommend to the British government and people that e-cigarettes are a less harmful method of nicotine delivery there is evidence that they are an effective smoking cessation tool.ii

Why are electronic cigarettes less harmful? They operate totally differently from a conventional tobacco cigarette. When a cigarette is lit the burning tobacco leaf releases smoke that contains tar and thousands of toxic chemicals. Electronic cigarettes, when operated properly, do not burn and tests have shown that they release a far fewer number of chemicals and in lower amounts.

In 2015 we wanted to find out for ourselves how much less harmful electronic cigarettes are than smoking. Innokin worked with the independent American lab Enthalpy Analytical to run analytical testing on our Endura T18 kit. We requested that the lab study T18s under normal operating condition and analyze the amount of specific toxins (aldehydes: formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein) and a list of metals that are present in the vapor.

The results of the testing clearly showed that, when operated properly, the amount of aldehydes and metals were far less than the amount found in cigarette smoke and also well below the exposure limits for these chemicals outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Kurt Kistler, a chemistry professor at Penn State and co-author of the study: “E-cigarettes include a huge variety of devices, power settings, wattage control, voltage control, and even temperature control” ran an independent study with Enthalpy Analytical and the analysis of vapor from five devices found far fewer toxins than in cigarette smokeiii.

The vapor from Innokin e-cigarettes is tested in Europe according to TPD testing standards before they are sold.

Why is this important?

Tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year. More than 7 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.”iv

Smoking kills. Many of us at Innokin are ex-smokers and we have family and friends who have suffered the ultimate price from smoking. We wholeheartedly believe that vaping technology can save the lives of millions around the world and prevent their loved ones from suffering emotionally and financially. Our teams at Innokin continue to design and manufacture high quality vaporizer kits that improve with every year.

Did vaping injure kill people in America in 2019?

Yes. More than 2500 Americans were injured and 51 killed by vaping THC with Vitamin E Acetate in 2019. The CDC stated that Illegal black market THC carts with the additive Vitamin Ev caused these injuries and deaths. The New England Journal of medicine study identified BAL fluid obtained from 48 of 51 case patients (94%)vi. From the CDC and NEJM statements it was THC carts with Vitamin E Additive that caused the EVALI sickness and deaths.

Are some electronic cigarettes are less harmful than others?

If the tank can be opened and eliquid added then it is an ‘open system’ vaporizer. There are many different types of ‘open system’ vaporizers, tanks, coils and eliquids. Choosing the correct vaporizer kit and liquid, and running the vaporizer properly is essential to minimizing harm.

What can you do to ensure your vaporizer is running properly? Here are 10 tips to minimize harm from vaping:

10 Tips on what can you do to ensure you are vaping in the least harmful way possible:

  1. Choose top quality eliquid from a trusted manufacturer.
  2. Buy eliquid and vaporizers from a trusted source.
  3. Nicotine is addictive. Start with low nicotine eliquid and only increase if necessary.
  4. Keep the eliquid bottle out of the sun and shake before using. Check the expiry date.
  5. Store eliquid properly and keep it away from children and pets.
  6. Lower temperature/wattage (MTL Vaping) produces less vapor and are less likely to burn a coil quickly.
  7. Keep your tank at least 1/3 full and do not vape if the tank is empty.
  8. As a coil is used the cotton and metal breaks down. Change your coils regularly.
  9. If a coil is burned it should be replaced immediately. Strong flavors may mask a burned coil.
  10. Use a certified wall charger when charging your device and never leave a device charging unattended.

If you are smoking please try to stop as soon as possible. Use any safe method that is recommended by your physician that works best for you.

If you are vaping then focus on stopping vaping by reducing the nicotine content of your eliquid. Be aware of the habitual triggers that push your brain into the desire for a puff. Vaping is not totally safe and there are still unknowns. The safest way is to stop smoking and vaping completely.

Your happiness and health are important! We absolutely love hearing all of the success stories from around the world from people who have quit smoking for good. Let us know when you have succeeded and stopped smoking (and vaping too!)

If you have any comments or questions about this article, or would like to read about another topic, please share your ideas below. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Vaping is 95% Less Harmful than smoking – Paul Aaron Hare

Royal College of Physicians. Nicotine Without Smoke: Tobacco Harm
Reduction. London: Royal College of Physicians; 2016.






Your guide to the Innokin Proton Mini & Ajax kit; Setup and Beyond!

Your guide to the Innokin Proton Mini & Ajax kit; Setup and Beyond!

So, you’ve just picked yourself up an Innokin Proton Mini & Ajax kit; what next? First things first, have a look at our quick start guide. It has everything you need to know to get started with your Proton Mini.

proton mini manual

For first time or general use, follow these instructions:
1. Decide which Ajax Plex3D Matrix Coil you want to use. For a cooler, more controlled vape, give the .35ohm a try. For a warmer, more intense experience, start with the .16ohm coil. For reference, the .16ohm coil comes pre-installed in your Ajax atomizer.

2. Whichever coil you choose, it’s time to prime your coil. Priming your coil involves putting a small amount of your choice of e-liquid onto the cotton wick surface of the coil. We recommend one drop of e-liquid per cotton section on the sides of the coil. The top section of the coil should be “painted” with e-liquid alongside the cotton section of the coil. Roughly one drop of e-liquid equivalent is all that is necessary. Be careful not to drip e-liquid straight down the center, as this can cause leakage.

3. Tighten the tank up, close off the airflow control ring found at the bottom of the Ajax completely, and then slide the top cap open to fill your Ajax. Allow the tank to fill slowly and check for air bubbles appearing near the coil- this shows your coil is soaking up e-liquid and will be ready to vape soon. Once filled, allow your tank to sit in this state for a minimum of 5 minutes.

4. You’re all set! Turn the Proton Mini on with 3 quick presses of the firing bar and you’ll see the screen screen come to life. You can refer to the quick start guide for a visual guide to the main interfaces. If you chose the .35ohm coil, start at 30W and go up in increments of 1W from there until your desired performance. For the .16ohm coil, start at 50W and go up in increments of 1W until your desired performance.

Still unsure of a few things? Check out some common questions and problems you may encounter so you can be back to vaping in top shape!


Q: What is the recommended wattage range for Ajax coils?
A: .16ohm: 50-80W; .35ohm: 30-55W.

Q: My new coil tastes burnt or is harsh. Why?
A: High nicotine concentration and some added sweeteners in e-liquid can cause burnt taste almost immediately. Some flavors such as tobaccos and chocolates can taste burnt as well. Try a different e-liquid, lowering your wattage setting, opening up your airflow, or any combination of the three. If all else fails, replace the coil.

Q: My coil is spitting juice into my mouth. How can I prevent this?
A: This most commonly occurs when a coil is flooded. To prevent your coil from flooding, be sure to not “over” prime your coil from step 2, and use at least 50%VG e-liquid. Generally, thicker e-liquid can alleviate the chance of spitting and leaks.

Q: My tank is leaking from the airflow holes. How does this happen?
A: Sometimes, a spitting coil can progress into a leaky coil. Leakage from your airflow holes is a tell-tale sign you likely need to replace your coil. If you replace your coil and still have leaking issues, you may need to replace an o-ring in your Ajax. Check your kit’s box; there’s a pack of spare o-rings you might need one day!

Q: My Ajax is hot to the touch or to my lips. Is something wrong?
A: No! It’s quite normal for the Ajax, and even the Proton Mini itself to heat up a bit when in use. If it’s too hot for your comfort, try spacing out your inhales about 15 to 30 seconds apart. You may also want to slightly lower your wattage setting if you find this happening frequently.

Proton Mini:
Q: My screen says “Check Atomizer”. What’s wrong?
A: Your coil may be shorted, damaged, or used to the point where it needs to be replaced. If your coil is brand new, unscrew the Ajax from the Proton Mini and inspect the threads on top of the battery. If you see any dirt, dust, or e-liquid, clean it with a cotton swab and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.

Q: How do I customize my Proton Mini screensaver?
A: Check out our full instructions here:

Q: Which mode should I use: wattage, TC, TCR, curve, bypass?
A: For your standard Ajax coils, wattage is everything you need to get started. However, if you’d like a custom touch to your vape, a wattage curve can add that extra personalized touch to your experience. Make sure you stay within the recommended wattage ranges of your preferred Ajax coil. TCR and TC are NOT compatible with Ajax coils. Bypass mode should only be used by advanced users and is not recommended for usage with your Ajax.

Have a bit more of an advanced issue? We’ve got your back.

-My tank is wobbling/seems unsteady when screwing in.
Your 510 connector is loose. This can be fixed by unscrewing the 4 T5 screws found on the top plate of the Proton Mini, removing the plate, and tightening the set screw found on the underside of the 510 connector. Be warned that this will void your warranty if you are within our 90 day warranty window- contact our support first if you are unsure.

-My screen is dim, flickering, or white.
Your screen connector has been damaged or disconnected within the Proton Mini. Contact your vendor for a replacement or our support line for help.

-The joystick does not click or refuses to move in a certain direction.
Attempt to clean the stick using a canister of compressed air with a thin nozzle. Blow the air at an angle so that it contacts the outside edge of the joystick.

-My Proton Mini will not charge, or runs out of battery very quickly.
Try troubleshooting your charging method by testing different USB cables and power adapters. The Proton Mini should be used ONLY with a certified 5V/2A or lower amperage charger. Be gentle when inserting the USB cord into your Proton Mini at all times.

At any time, you can contact us by emailing our support team at for more assistance. Even if you are outside of our 90 day warranty window, we will be happy to help you troubleshoot your issue as best we can.

Your guide to the Innokin Proton Mini & Ajax kit; Setup and Beyond! – Joseph Dalessandro

Coolfire Z50 vs. Kroma-R: What is the difference?

Coolfire Z50 vs. Kroma-R: What is the difference?

Many people have questioned these two similar style devices and asked “What’s the difference?”

So here it is!

The Coolfire Z50 is the next generation in the internationally bestselling line of Innokin Coolfire vaporizers, & The Kroma-R is our new 80w ‘Hilt-Styled’ 18650 Vaporizer.

Wattage Range

One of the main differences between the Coolfire Z50 and the Kroma-R is the wattage range, The Coolfire Z50 has a wattage range of 6w-50w, whereas the Kroma-R has a wattage range of 6-80w. As well as the variance in wattage range the Kroma-R is also equipped with different modes such as soft, normal, and boost modes. Advanced users will love the custom Curve (wattage over time) function and Bypass mode with the Kroma-R, which emulates the output of a mechanical mod. Both devices are equipped to be ultra-fast firing, with the Kroma-R fire button being integrated into the beautifully designed OLED screen. The Coolfire, however, is more of a simpler, ease of use device with fewer settings and simple button operations meaning it is perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of all these different settings.

Both of these devices can are great for big cloud DTL vaping with the Ajax tank or enjoy intense MTL flavours with the full line of Z-coils and Platform series tanks. 


Another very noticeable difference between the Coolfire Z50 and the Kroma-R is the battery. The Kroma-R is a single cell replaceable 18650 device – (Battery not included), allowing you to carry spare batteries with you if you require them. (Please always practice battery safety and carry spare batteries in correct protective sleeves or boxes) The Coolfire Z50, however, houses an internal 2100mAh battery, rechargeable via micro USB (Located on the side of the device for convenient charging). You should never leave your device unattended when charging and always ensure you are charging your device with the correct charging equipment and cables.

Other Features worth mentioning:

The Coolfire Z50 also has a super handy on/off switch located at the bottom of the device which will ensure safety against accidental misuse. The switch is small enough and designed well that it won’t be accidentally switched whilst in your hand but still easy enough to switch on and off when needed. This is great for carrying your devices in your pocket or bag without worry of the fire button being pressed enough times by accident that it switches the device on or fires it when in your pocket or bag.

Both devices are made with top quality materials and have many safety features integrated to give you the best and safe vaping experience.

Both devices are shaped to fit comfortably in your hand with their ergonomic comfort designs, however, the Kroma-R is noticeably more in hand comfort-focused designed, with perfect curves to fit your hand even down to thumb placement and also the grip panel which not only aids with in-hand comfort but also works as an anti-slip. Both devices are also available in a range of finishes so you can have the right style for you.

Which to choose?

So, that being said, what device would we recommend for you? The Coolfire Z50 may be recommended to either new vapers, or to those who do not want the hassle of more advanced settings, a simple yet sleek device. Those who want a simple, easy and satisfying functional vaping experience with intense flavours from the Zlide tank and simple operation, also for those who are more on the go and again, with the on/off switch would benefit from that safety feature, and the Kroma-R, would be recommended to both, beginners and more experienced vapers or those who may like to take advantage of curve, normal, soft or boost modes and more of a tailored vaping experience.

Both devices can be purchased as the kit alongside our ever-popular Zlide tank and used with our whole range of Z coils, however, they are also compatible with sub-ohm atomizers such as the Ajax or our MTL RDA the Ares 2. So no matter what your vaping preference, or even if you enjoy both MTL & DTL then one of these devices would be great for you!

coolfire-z50-kroma-r-what-is-the-difference – Gillian McIntyre



YES! Well… No. Ok… how about a definite Maybe.
One of the questions I received most often is, “What is the best X?” You can insert numerous things in X; atomizers, devices, liquids, pod systems, etc.
There is simply no way for me to answer that question.
One way I used to demonstrate this was to ask a crowd of people to raise their hand if they preferred tube styled mods over box mods. People raised their hands. I would then ask the crowd to raise their hand if they preferred box styled mods over tube mods. Different people raised their hands.
THAT is why there is no best. There is no best atomizer, device, pod system, or liquid. There is only what is best for YOU!
It is up to you to figure out and know what the most important features and qualities of any vaping device are. You learn this through experience and by using different products.
But what if you do not have the experience? What if you have never tried or built a rebuildable atomizer? We were thinking about YOU when we designed the original Ares and now the Ares II!

We wanted to make the Ares as easy to build, wick, and fill as possible.
We wanted to give you all the tools and build materials you would need to get started.
We wanted to give you after sale support with the video tutorials you can find on the Innokin website or by scanning QR code card that comes in the box.
We wanted to give you additional support on the Platform Facebook group where people will answer your questions and we do additional tutorial and live interactive videos.
We want the Ares II to be your first rebuildable atomizer!
And if you do know how to build and you have experience, we wanted to make sure the Ares II had the vape quality you were looking for with some unique fine-tuning adjustability.
With the Ares II we listened to our user base and addressed issues found in the original design.
• We improved the top cap and seals.
• We added the ability to replace the top cap fill port.
• We improved the bottom seals and added a .8mm airhole for a tighter draw.
We also made some changes.
• We added the mouthpiece child safety lock that will also keep the tank closed in your pocket or purse.
• We increased the height of the liquid barriers to keep the cotton off the airflow and help prevent leaking.
• We made the bell threading go all the way around to make cotton placement easier.
• We added detents to the main AFC to make air hole selection easier.
But perhaps one of the things we are most excited and proud of is the CAFC or Cross Airflow Control under the coil. The first of it’s kind! This, when used in combination with the main AFC or Air Flow Control on the outside of the tank gives you an endless combination of airflows to experiment with.
It gives the user the ability to change the pattern and air velocity hitting the coil from underneath to tune the atty to their favorite flavor or their favorite draw. It does this without having to change inserts and without having to remove the coil.
When thinking about purchasing an atomizer, there are many factors to consider. What factors are most important to you?
1) Flavor
2) Throat hit (should you want it)
3) Vape quality
4) Build quality
5) Looks
6) Ease of building
7) Ease of wicking
8) Ease of filling
9) Kit contents
We’ve tried to balance the Ares II to address all these factors and we hope for you, the Ares II IS the perfect atomizer.

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Next-Gen CoolFire Z50!

Next-Gen CoolFire Z50!

Order the next generation Innokin Z50 today and enjoy the newest and best CoolFire Vaporizer!

The CoolFire series is loved by millions around the world and the Z50 is truly exceptional.

Designed for real life; the Z50 is easy to use with great buttons and a bright OLED screen.

Ultra-fast! Click the button and vape up to 50 Watts of power nearly instantly.

The Z50 is a compact 2100mAh battery, charged via microUSB with proven integrated safety protections.

The solid 510 connection is compatible with all the best 22mm and 24mm tanks including the Zlide, Zenith and Zenith Pro. Enjoy the best flavors from all of your favorite eliquids with the entire range of Z-Coils!

Built with top quality components and backed by the Innokin Limited Warranty, the CoolFire Z50 is the best in class.

Available in 5 high quality finishes (Pink, Gray, Black, Blue and Silver) the Z50 is fantastic!

We’re looking forward to hearing from CoolFire fans and vapers your feedback about the Z50!

Enjoy the very best in vaping with the Innokin CoolFire Z50.

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